5 Brisbane Cooking Classes Any Budding Chef Needs to Try

5 Brisbane Cooking Classes Any Budding Chef Needs to Try

5 Brisbane Cooking Classes Any Budding Chef Needs to Try

Need some inspiration for your next dinner party? Immerse yourself in the aromatic experience of these Brisbane cooking classes and get creative with fresh produce as you try out new recipes! From cheese making and bread making to middle eastern cuisine and authentic Thai cooking, there’s a whole range of culinary classes for you to explore. Get creative in the kitchen and experiment with new flavours and ingredients and gain the confidence you need to create your own original dishes from scratch.

Cooking is a mindful experience and great for anyone who’s looking to cultivate a little calm in their life. By focusing on learning a new skill or recipe, you’ll get the chance to completely immerse yourself in the cooking process and let the world around you fall away. Cooking classes are also a fantastic opportunity to spend some quality time with loved ones as you bond over a new experience. Whether you’re looking for birthday gifts for your bestie or you just want some inspiration for your weeknight dinners, cooking classes are some of the best things to do in Brisbane.

Discover new cuisines and learn easy recipes at these five fantastic cooking experiences that will help you kickstart your culinary journey! 

For the vegans

Got some vegan friends coming over for a Sunday brunch? Equip yourself with some easy recipes that will really impress them thanks to Raw & Peace’s  raw vegan brunch cooking class in Brisbane! Go green for a day and spend some time with like-minded people learning new recipes and cooking tips that will enable you to create a delicious spread of plant-based dishes! 

Gain the confidence you need to experiment with a range of fresh produce to create seven vegan dishes from scratch. Discover new flavour combinations and learn how to create mouth-watering meals with raw vegan ingredients. From almond pancakes and breakfast tacos to cauliflower rosti and waffles, there’s a whole variety of raw vegan dishes for you to make in this cooking class! 

If you’ve never cooked vegan foods before, don’t worry. An expert will guide you through the whole process so you can make quality dishes with ease. You might even impress yourself too! 

Whether you’re searching for Brisbane workshops or date ideas to surprise someone special, Raw & Peace’s vegan cooking class is an experience you won’t forget.

Cooking classes in Brisbane

Make that bread!

Who doesn’t love to break open a fresh, crunchy loaf of bread? With lots of time to spare in lockdown, it’s no wonder bread making classes are booming in Brisbane! Leah Hutchinson’s  sourdough class is a fantastic way to learn how to make your own delicious loaf at home. 

Sink your hands into some soft dough and switch off from technology as you learn how to create that classic sourdough crust! Leah will also guide you through the step by step process of developing the bread’s structure and give you some special tips on how to flavour your bread too. Get in touch with your inner cook and experiment with your flavourings in order to make a unique sourdough recipe that you can whip up time and time again.

If you’re looking for inspiring and creative Brisbane activities, you can’t pass up the opportunity to try out Leah’s sourdough bread making class! You’ll leave feeling confident in your new skills, with a belly full of fresh bread and the trade secrets you need to make amazing homemade bread from scratch.

Spice up your life (and meals)

In need of some inspiration in the kitchen to help you create delicious and flavourful dishes for lunch and dinner? Join Vanilla Zulu’s  Moroccan and Middle Eastern cooking class in Brisbane and learn how to use a range of spices to create traditional meals from scratch. Roll out your own pita bread dough and discover the versatile range of foods you can make at home, from couscous salads to homemade labna and halloumi! 

Don’t worry if you’ve got more of a sweet tooth, you’ll also get the chance to explore Middle Eastern and Moroccan desserts too! Explore the various ways of using nuts, fruits and fragrant florals to make anything from pistachio and orange blossom tart to strawberry and rhubarb syrup. 

Unwind and enjoy the experience as you learn from Afro-Australian chef, Mel Alafaci, from Vanilla Zulu. She will not only share her passion for simple, fast and fresh cooking but also leave you with a bubbling sense of enthusiasm and the knowledge you need to make easy gourmet meals at home!

If you’re in need of some hens party ideas, Brisbane cooking classes are the perfect place to spend some quality time with your bridesmaids as you learn new easy recipes you can replicate at home! You never know, you might even find your new favourite meal too!

Cooking classes in Brisbane

Cheese, anyone?

Always wanted to uncover the secret to making the perfect wheel of Brie? Look no further than Permaculture Food’s  cheesemaking workshop where you’ll learn how to make your very own cheddar, brie and quark cheeses from scratch! With guidance from award-winning accredited permaculture teacher Elisabeth Fekonia, you’ll discover all the best tips and tricks to be able to create a range of cheese varieties in your own home at any time! No need to run to the store for some ready-made raclette when you can make your own homemade cheese! 

In this must do Brisbane workshop, you’ll also learn how to make a range of basic dairy products. From cultured butter to ghee, yoghurt, kefir and sour cream, you’ll never need to go to the shops for your everyday essentials again! 

We all know a cheese lover in our lives, so why not treat them to this unique gift experience? Empower them with some serious DIY skills and help them gain the confidence necessary to make their own cheese from scratch – it’s one of the best things to do in Brisbane! 

For the meat lover

Got a family event coming up where you need to feed a village? Try out BBQ School’s  American Smoking BBQ cooking class and learn to perfect the perfect Southern roast! Discover the tastes of Texas, Carolina, Memphis and Kansas-style BBQs and get hands-on with spices and smoking devices in a fun and exciting environment. You’ll learn smoking techniques to use on a range of products and learn the importance of timing and temperature in order to whip up different styles of cooked meat. 

Get creative making new rubs and explore a range of ingredients and dishes that will complement each meat. From Memphis-style pulled pork to Slow Bass Strait Brisket, there’s a whole range of great BBQ dishes for you to make. You’ll walk away from this experience with the ability to recreate mouth-watering that falls off the bone.

If you’re looking for things to do in Brisbane or you’re looking for Christmas gifts for Dad that will help him discover his passion, then you can’t go past this American Style BBQ cooking class! 

With a whole range of Brisbane cooking classes on offer, these hands-on workshops are a great place to start if you’re looking for unique gifts for budding chefs or alternative team building activities that promote connection. From mouthwatering Middle Eastern to flavourful American cuisine, there’s a class for everyone to try out! 

Cooking classes in Brisbane


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