Bianca Villani May 2024

This is a great class for the experienced Zentangler as they can fill each shape with known tangles, as well as the beginner. I like how this class allows the artist to use the Zentangle method to create something very abstract and artistic. Fun application of colour and individual choice with each participants work looking different at the end. Well taught as always, thanks Nikki.

Drawing class review by Bianca Villani

Vanessa Mozayani May 2024

Niki gave clear instructions and showed lots of examples to inspire our tiles. Just love how she shared how versatile the tangle can be with changes in colour and shading.

Draw Zentangle® Art - Exploring Morrisseau review by Vanessa Mozayani

Elspeth Crosby May 2024

Another great tangling session - a very relaxing way to be creative. Thank you again Niki

Donna Stove May 2024

I always love Niki's classes, and this one was no exception. A lovely way to spend a couple of hours on a rainy Saturday morning. Thank you ????

Olga Galacho Apr 2024

fulfilling and fun. Niki is lovely teacher. Will definitely join more classes classes classes classes

Drawing class review by Olga Galacho

Rezwana Bashir Apr 2024

Really enjoyed this class! The teaching style and content was great! This is my second class with Niki within 3 days and I can’t wait till her next class

Drawing class review by Rezwana Bashir

Rezwana Bashir Apr 2024

Another great class with Niki! She is very knowledgeable and encouraging! I am looking forward to her next class

Drawing class review by Rezwana Bashir

Megan Malone Mar 2024

Absolutely loved this class! Beautiful!
So many intricate, delightful ways to let that creative Genie out of the bottle Do it.
Im going back for more

Joanna Betteridge Mar 2024

Had a terrific first lesson with Niki. She explained Zentangle generally and was very skilled and patient at explaining and demonstrating the process and how to draw Tangles. 2 hours online flew by. I was really pleased with my first effort and I will definitely enrol in another course to learn more once I have put in some practice

Alison Fogarty Feb 2024

I found it an inspiring, enjoyable, well taught class. I would recommend it to everyone

Vanessa Mozayani Feb 2024

Niki gives clear instructions and shares her step outs for the tangles used to create this Zentangle artwork. I had fun creating my butterflies and bugs and learnt a couple new tangles.

Draw Zentangle Art: Butterflies and Bugs review by Vanessa Mozayani

Denny Hudson-Bayliss Feb 2024

Thanks Nikki I really enjoyed the class. There was lots of different patterns to learn you. Move at a good pace and explain things clearly I’m really happy with what I made and had a great time. Thank you

Drawing class review by Denny Hudson-Bayliss

Megan Feb 2024

The tangle "Flux" has always been a favorite of mine and now Niki has created a whole wonderful class around it.

Learn Zentangle® Art: Flux review by Megan

Megan Feb 2024

I love when you learn tangles. that they are broken down, then shown each individual tangle, then how to join them together to create a larger tangle picture as well as what each tangle is called & who invented them.

Drawing class review by Megan

Margaret Hart Feb 2024

Another great class from Niki where we were introduced to many new tangles. The lesson was well paced and Niki gave a thorough explanation of how to shade the different tangles. Thanks Niki.

Bronwen Stewart Feb 2024

A great introduction to the mindfulness of dot journaling combined with Zentangle (both new to me). Niki is patient and inspiring and I will definitely be looking at developing my Zentangle in her other classes. Thank you Niki!

Make a Zentangle-Inspired Dot Journal at Home review by Bronwen Stewart

Irene Donnison Jan 2024

It was a great experience for me. I felt positive about my design ,even though I felt nervous at the beginning. Niki puts you at ease by saying there is no wrong drawing.

Learn Zentangle® Art - Introduction review by Irene Donnison

Carol Nelson Dec 2023

Classes with Niki are always wonderful! She's patient and kind and encourages free expression, which is perfect for tangling.

Bron Ganter Dec 2023

The teaching was clear and at a pace I could keep up with - I'd never tried this style of drawing before. The process of drawing the patterns was relaxing. I enjoyed it.

Draw Zentangle Art: Butterflies and Bugs review by Bron Ganter

Kristen Barrett Dec 2023

I really enjoyed this class, it was so festive and got me into the Christmas spirit while creating some decorations. Niki is a great teacher and lovely to chat to.

Draw Zentangle® Festive Decorations review by Kristen Barrett

Kristen Barrett Dec 2023

Another great class from Niki! I enjoyed taking a break from my workday to get creative and unwind with some tangles!

Lee Laycock Dec 2023

A small audience (two boys 10 and 8, the younger with ants in his pants) but Niki was the consummate professional teacher

Drawing class review by Lee Laycock

Wing Yin Kwok Nov 2023

It was an enjoyable and relaxing online session to attend. The teacher was friendly and gave me a detailed explanation how to draw Zentangle steps by steps. I was very happy with final products.

Drawing class review by Wing Yin Kwok

Ella Madden Nov 2023

Loved this class. A fun way to use different tangles to fill in the bugs and butterflies.

Draw Zentangle Art: Butterflies and Bugs review by Ella Madden

Donna Stove Nov 2023

I always Niki's classes. Niki explains everything so well for me, and the classesare so relaxing. Thanks

Drawing class review by Donna Stove

Bianca Villani Nov 2023

This is a relaxing way to unwind and have fun with new and old Zentangles.

I love using zentangle patterns to create interesting illustrations with Niki and this class did not disappoint.

Niki will get you started, then on your own you have the time and space to complete a frame worthy piece of art. I cannot believe my final result after spending a few hours sitting and working on this project.

Thanks Niki and I look forward to future classes with you soon.

Thanks for observing the 2min silence and teaching us the ‘Rosemary’ tangle to mark Remembrance Day.

Draw Zentangle Art: Butterflies and Bugs review by Bianca Villani

Rezwana Bashir Nov 2023

This was such a great class ! As always Nikki explains everything so well and I can’t wait to finish the artwork !

Drawing class review by Rezwana Bashir

Claire Celia Nov 2023

Another great class with Niki. It was a well paced class full of inspiration and new ideas to use cute tangles.

Drawing class review by Claire Celia

Rezwana Bashir Nov 2023

Another great class with Niki! She is one of my favourite teachers and I can’t wait till the next class !

Learn Zentangle® Art: Flux review by Rezwana Bashir

Susan Pearce Oct 2023

Gifted a Zentangle class to my niece for her birthday. We had a wonderful morning together and made some beautiful Zentangle tiles.

Learn Zentangle® Art: Underwater World review by Susan Pearce

Rezwana Bashir Oct 2023

Niki is great teacher! She shows so many steps but u don’t feel overwhelmed! I can’t wait till the next class

Drawing class review by Rezwana Bashir

Bianca Villani Oct 2023

Well paced morning class with loads of examples for Christmas cards and gift tags. As always Niki explains each step clearly and provides time to follow along. Thanks, I cannot wait to make cards for friends and family this Christmas.

Drawing class review by Bianca Villani

Megan Oct 2023

Love how there are many different coloured tiles that also come in different shapes & sizes including this extra big size called an Apprentice Tile. Thanks, Niki, for such a fun class.

Drawing class review by Megan

Elspeth Crosby Oct 2023

Loved this tangle - Seedwayz Xtra - with Niki’s variations - endless possibilities- another great session. Thanks Niki

Drawing class review by Elspeth Crosby

Megan Sep 2023

Learnt four amazing and different tangles today in class, from easy to hard, loved them all and Niki is a brilliant teacher and a wonderful person, nothing is ever too much trouble, her classes are always something I look forward to very much.

Draw Zentangle® Art: Lunchtime Tanglers review by Megan

Megan Sep 2023

Learnt today how to do four different types of Border and Channel Patterns which can go from super easy up-wards.

Drawing class review by Megan

Rezwana Bashir Sep 2023

Another great class by Niki ! The final proceed are amazing and I can’t wait to use them as decorations!

Drawing class review by Rezwana Bashir

Cathy Sayer Sep 2023

Niki ran the class with just me, instead of needing to cancel. Much appreciated. Niki was very knowledgeable, great communicator, allowed time for questions and provided great feedback. Look forward to another class.

Zentangle® Art: Embedded Letters review by Cathy Sayer

Beverley Brady Sep 2023

Another excellent class, learning new techniques which Niki explains very well, and giving options as to how you do a tangle. Very relaxing!

Elspeth Crosby Sep 2023

Another lovely tangling class. Very relaxing and I was happy with the outcome Thanks again Niki

Amy Orsatti Sep 2023

This was an mazing lesson by Niki. Very warm and welcoming and fun to do.

Megan Sep 2023

Love working with the different tangles to create a pretty picture such as the leaf we created in class today.

Drawing class review by Megan

Beverley Brady Aug 2023

Niki is clearly passionate about Zentangle and explained everything really clearly. The two hours flew by and I'm now keen to learn more and take this further. A very relaxing way to start the weekend!

Megan Aug 2023

Niki always comes up with the best tangles to learn and often they look really hard but with her helping us, we all end up with something cool at the end.

Draw Zentangle® Art: Twilight Tanglers review by Megan

Megan Aug 2023

Today Niki taught us a fun new tangle that once finished can look like a leaf curling up which can be used in the future as part of an overall garden tangle.

Drawing class review by Megan

Nikki Potgieter Aug 2023

Another great class with Niki. Learning tricks and techniques to draw Zentagle Dingbatz was fun and inspiring. Niki makes it look effortless, but under her clear guidance, even someone creatively challenged like me can produce pieces to be proud of.

Rezwana Bashir Aug 2023

Another great class by Niki ! I really love the final work ! Niki also taught many techniques to use in future artworks that I will try do myself

Drawing class review by Rezwana Bashir

Bianca Villani Aug 2023

This was a fun, practical way to use zentangle patterns to create fun Dingbatz boarders and decorations. I cannot wait to start applying the dingbatz learned in this lesson on cards, envelopes and more. Thank you for another enjoyable and highly informative lesson. Great that I can use what I have at home already- the No box option is sustainable!

Learn Zentangle® Art at Home: Dingbatz Decorations review by Bianca Villani

Megan Aug 2023

'Rocks' is one of my favorite classes, you can do so much with the different rocks, and it really is one of the few classes where you can't go wrong. Looking forward to doing this one again.

Create Zentangle® Stacked Rocks review by Megan

Megan Aug 2023

Today's class was very interesting because we did tangles based on the letters in our name which included two new never done before tangles.

Drawing class review by Megan
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