Abstract Painting, Half Day Class

Enjoy opening to your natural creativity that is always here!

3 hours Class size 1 to 15 label $99 or 4 payments of $24.75 Afterpay

Starting with a simple meditation to bring you back to the essence of who you are, this Half Day Abstract Painting class will provide you with the opportunity to open to your natural energy and create your own abstract works.

You will learn painting techniques to help you on your way - washes, layers, application with different tools, and fast and slow methods of abstract painting. There will be a simple meditation at the start of the class to help open the space where each person will find their own preference and style.

No previous experience is required. It is a relaxed and fun class where there are no rules. Simply ENJOY opening to your natural self to create and be with one another from this space.

Half Day Class runs 10am to 1pm.

Art materials, tea & coffee are included.

Knowledge Required
No experience necessary. This is a relaxed and fun class. No rules! Just come and enjoy creating and being with one another.
What you'll get
Finished works on paper.
What to bring
All equipment and art materials are provided for. This includes brushes, tools, paint, and paper.

Please wear painting clothes.

DEFINITELY BRING either old towels or a plastic drop sheet to transport your partially dry paintings in your car after the class!

Suitable for

This is a fun indoor activity, suitable for adults, and kids (minimum 14 years old). Adult accompaniment is not required.


Paper Rock Scissors Studio - Paper Rock Scissors Art Studios, 760 Darling Street, Rozelle NSW

Your teacher can also travel within 15 kms of Rozelle for private classes

Your teacher
Yvette Swan
Yvette Swan

20yr+ experience in art, 3yr+ in meditation

4.8 (39)

For over the past 20 years I have been a professional artist in the medium of painting. I studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at University of NSW, Collage of Fine Arts, Sydney. I worked in the film and photographic industries to then come back full circle to my love of painting. From this love I have exhibited in over 35 solo and group shows in galleries within Australia. Through my work I explore the essence of life – awareness, love, and the source of our being.

In recent years I have taught art as well as meditation classes in Sydney and Northern NSW. Since then I have combined the two to create a fun and relaxing abstract painting, with some meditation, day class. The purpose of this is to allow people to let go of mind ways of being and open to the natural essence they are. From this space the painting is creative, free flowing, and enjoyable. There are no rules as one opens to joy and creation.

I have also created meditation classes (see dates on Classbento website). These came about from my love of being with people and opening to the truth of who we are - awareness. I have explored various avenues to open to awareness and have created classes and one to one sessions from opening myself up to what is real. Behind all the stories and different life situations we are all the one self - awareness. I love that we are awakening more rapidly on this planet in this moment of great change. We are coming back home from within.

I currently create through painting, writing, art and meditation classes, and also provide one to one awareness sessions for people to open to our true self. Whatever medium I use, the purpose behind it is my love to open more deeply to truth and freedom. I am deeply interested in people awakening to who they are. Our creative endeavors are an extension of our natural essence.

Verified reviews

Tegan Partington • Jan 2020

It was a wonderful class! The teacher struck the right balance of instruction and allowing us to be creative and catch up with friends. I learnt new techniques and enjoyed my time. Thank you.

Lucy Greenwood • Jan 2020

Lovely, calm and peaceful teacher
Delightful work space with creative ideas around.
Thoroughly enjoyed the class.

Painting workshop review by Lucy Greenwood Sydney

Rochelle Smith • Dec 2019

Such an enjoyable class! Yvette was very warm and welcoming and allowed us to find our own flow. I learnt some new techniques that I will be continuing to practice.

Elaine Human • Apr 2019

Yvette is a lovely, creative and patient instructor. It was a nurturing experience. No artistic skills needed

Alexander Law • Feb 2019

Completed 3 paintings in total, the morning tea was very nice and it had a great atmosphere.

Sharon Lenon • Oct 2018

A very pleasant morning and a great space to work in. Yvette is lovely and I'm sure she knows a lot about abstract art. It was a good class that I would recommend to others.

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Olimpia Mazza • Oct 2018

I loved the class as it was right for meabstract and no rules. I will come back.

Lucienne Calvi • Oct 2018

Great value for money! Really enjoyed the acrylic painting with meditation. Yvette was a patient and calm teacher and let us go with the flow with our painting and relax .
All materials were provided and most of us painted four pieces including one canvas.
Venue was good with free parking around the roads at the back. Main road too busy and only 2hr parking.
Very much enjoyed the class especially as it was just four people.

Painting workshop review by Lucienne Calvi

Sharon Stone • Aug 2018

Yvette was a fabulous teacher. V relaxed vibe made me feel really comfortable great venue with really good materials loved the meditation and the morning tea as well as enjoying and getting totally caught up in the art highly recommend
I've never taken an art class before but would really like to explore abstract painting. During your classes is there opportunity to paint on large canvas? or will they mostly be smaller pieces of work or on paper?

The class caters for people who have not painted at all as well as people who have. I find that most students have not painted before. They enjoy the class and all can paint. I take you through the use of the tools and different techniques and then we have opportunities to create our own art. Everyone has fun and there’s no pressure. I think you will enjoy it a lot.

The half day class always seems to go so quickly so we paint on paper only. The day classes I hold we end up painting on a canvas in the afternoon. But if you would like to paint on a canvas for your last work in the half day class then you are more than welcome to pay an extra $10 on the day and I’ll have a canvas there for you. Or if you wish to bring your own canvas that’s an option too.

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