Academic Poker Playing Class

Learn how to play poker

Ali Aflatounian

Ali Aflatounian

Poker (Holdem) instructor

5 x 2 hours Class size 1 to 8

label $500 (or 4 payments of $125 Afterpay)

Looking for a new hobby? Always wondering how to read others' mind? Want to predict the chance of winning? It’s time to learn how to play poker academically and professionally even if you want to stay a recreational player forever.

I can help you to understand the game, from basic principles to advanced strategies, and make you a moneymaker player.

What to bring
One hand, One eye and a brain!
Session repeats

After the first session, subsequent sessions can be arranged with the teacher, at a time that suits you.

Ali Aflatounian is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and adheres to COVID-19 government guidelines.


Your teacher can travel within 15 kms of Zetland

Your teacher
Ali Aflatounian
Ali Aflatounian

Poker (Holdem) instructor

I have been an active recreational poker player for the past 10 years. I love teaching Poker, and I’d love to teach you (and your friends) the basic rules and strategies of the game to the level you can find your way by yourself.

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