Acrylic Painting Class: Chiaroscuro

Learn how to use glazing in acrylics to create luminous colour with light and shadow

8 hours Class size 5 to 10     label $190

Join Dawn Meader in Albany and discover how to create beautiful, life-like artworks using light and shadow, known as chiaroscuro.

In this comprehensive art workshop, learn how to layer colours in acrylic to create strong contrasts between light and dark.

Glazing is layering up transparent or semi-transparent colours to create brilliant luminous colours. For example, you could create a luminous orange with several layers of red, magenta and yellow. This creates far more depth of colour than direct painting, as the light shines through the layers and reflects back. The paint is mixed with a glaze medium instead of water, which suspends the colours and creates more light refraction.

In this art workshop, you will learn the traditional method of Grisaille painting, where you layer your glazes onto a monochromatic underpainting. The technique is easy to learn and you can have so much fun experimenting with colour once you have your underpainting sorted!

How the day will run:

In the morning, you will be painting two flying bird artworks. After a fun warm-up in pastels to familiarise you with flying birds, we will paint the monochromatic underpainting for your bird paintings in burnt or raw umber, black and white.

You will also experiment with glazing different colours onto monochromatic backgrounds, learning how to create colour, depth and light, through layering transparent colours using a glaze medium.

Then in the afternoon, you will learn how to glaze onto your bird paintings with layered colour to create movement, depth and luminosity.

Knowledge required
Beginner-friendly! It would help if you had some colour mixing experience but if not, and you are prepared to have fun and learn a huge amount, please come along and join us.
What you'll get
  • All materials are provided
  • Your own artwork to take home
What to bring
Morning and afternoon tea are provided. Please bring a packed lunch or you can visit a nearby cafe. We are unable to share a lunch due to Covid restrictions.
Suitable for

This class is a great indoor activity idea for a birthday, hens party, team building activity, corporate event, bucks party or Christmas party.


Vancouver Arts Centre, Vancouver Street, Albany WA

Your teacher
Dawn Meader
Dawn Meader

I am passionate about helping people connect with their hearts and true self through painting and drawing.

When you paint from the heart, it ripples out into all areas of your life, allowing expansion and growth to come, fears to drop, and the joy of truly being yourself to flourish. I know how much fear there is when it comes to expressing who we really are or just not feeling good enough to even start. So that’s where I help. As an ex nurse, I am a natural nurturer and helping people blossom makes my soul sing.

I teach a mixture of letting go and art technique in my workshops and retreats; that perfect blend that I am always working on myself.

I love to help you how to get past the frustration of not being able to express yourself. How to find and mix the colour you want in paint or how to get a pastel to sing a sunrise.

I also love meditating and running guided meditations. It comes very naturally to me to help people journey inwardly to places where their wisdom and heart can speak clearly to them. I often weave this into my classes.

I have always drawn and painted since I was little but started using painting as a way of expressing my dreams and visions in meditations when I was in my early 20s during art school, some 30 years ago. My paintings come from the deepest place in my heart and often, I am guided to paint an inner experience because it is about a deep healing that so many of us crave.

More than anything, it is truth, which is love, that I strive to express and in doing that, I journey the same journey we all have into the depths of knowing ourselves. This is so collective I hope that my paintings speak to you.

I have a rich life living in Fremantle in Western Australia. I grew up in an Anglo Indian family in Kent, England. I feel very blessed to be teaching and doing what I love.

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