Appsie,  teacher



18+ years experience in Web and Mobile Development

I began to build and manage web applications as soon as the internet first arrived in Australia back when it took 15 minutes to upload a 10kb image!

I'm a former PHP developer but in 2016 I discovered and swapped exclusively over to using this powerful web application builder.

Many people have heard of simple website builders, like Squarespace, but not many people realise that software exists which also allows you to create sophisticated and complex web applications.

These days, web and mobile application builders like Bubble and Dropsource have become so sophisticated that many developers are swapping over to this type of click and draw software, rather than coding from scratch.

In 2017 I founded Appsie in Sydney to teach non-coders how to use this powerful app building software. Subject matter experts and start ups now have the power in their hands to build exactly what they want without needing to outsource work to a developer overseas.

Even though you do not need to be a coder, this type of software has a steep learning curve so be prepared in my classes to stretch your brain and learn to 'think like a developer'!

I cover the full development lifecycle from UI Design to building the app and it is a fast-paced class with small prizes to win if you are the first person to complete a task. (Spoiler: I try to let everyone win a prize!)

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