Barista Course: Absolute Fundamentals

Experience an amazing, private coffee-learning experience for absolute beginners

3 hours Class size 1 to 2

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The course is designed to teach fundamental skills. It is suitable for aspiring baristas but also for someone who wants to learn the basics of coffee making, understand the taste of Australian coffee drinkers, and the ins and outs of operating the coffee machine.

It is a full practice focused, learning experience and in-depth skill which prepares you to shine at the job trial or just be confident while making coffee at home or any commercial venue.

What will you learn?

  • Coffee station set up
  • Brew ratio
  • Dosing and distribution
  • Tamping and brewing
  • Grind and extraction
  • Milk texturing and pouring
  • Coffee machine cleaning
  • Tips and details that can boost your confidence and enable you, as a barista, to flourish in your career.

By mastering the coffee-making skill you contribute towards educating young students in Katuuso Village, Uganda. The profit from this course provides them with high-quality education, access to clean water and three meals a day.

Knowledge required
None. Perfect for beginners!
What you'll get
  • Certificate of completion
  • Learning material: An extensive theoretical version of everything learnt during the course
  • Loads of tips and tricks to become familiar with
  • Fully functioning coffee equipment with a real cafe environment feel
  • A special coffee gift to take home
What to bring
Nothing! Everything is provided.

LINDA COFFEE CONNECTION is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and adheres to COVID-19 government guidelines.

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A hand sanitiser is available at all times.
A mask is provided for a student.
No group classes.
No other people on-premises apart from student and teacher during the class.


Matraville, NSW

Exact location is anonymised for privacy. You'll get the specific address after booking.

Your teacher

I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro to raise funds to support the education of children in low income countries in Africa

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Our focus is to teach you the absolute fundamentals of making coffee. We are committed to achieving great results through fun, unique hands-on experiences. Our private courses are a culmination of experience in the industry and a passion for great coffee led by professional barista trainers. We ensure everything is tailored to your needs and interests so you can get the most out of your session. We make sure we help you build a solid foundation first and provide resources to keep improving your skill level to produce the highest quality coffee anywhere you are.

We realised there was a gap in the barista training market that focused on the intricate details to help aspiring baristas develop the skills and knowledge to produce coffee that is unique to their style and meets every customer's expectations.

This course is not about spending a few hours in a busy class, just to receive a certificate which doesn’t promise you anything. Instead, it is a one-on-one experience focusing on the little details that matter. The details change a customer's experience for the better and enable you, as a barista or a home coffee user to learn a new skill and explore the passion for coffee.

Verified reviews

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Rafael Manduca Jun 2022

I loved the course! The class is private and personalized so you can make the coffees

Barista Course: Absolute Fundamentals review by Rafael Manduca

Patricia Andamo Jun 2022

My fiancé and I had such a great time attending this course! We came in with almost zero knowledge about how to make coffee, but by the end we felt somewhat like experts! ;) Silvia was an amazing teacher. Her expertise and passion for all things coffee was very evident. She explained things clearly and made sure to teach us all the basics step by step. The class was a good mix of lecture and hands-on practice with the machine. We learned so much, and we definitely left the course with a new-found appreciation for the art of coffee-making. Thank you Silvia!

Lyn Wotton May 2022

Went to this course with my husband. I had no idea about barista skills whatsoever, I cam away knowing so much and feeling confident in my new found knowledge. We did not need to take anything other than being curious. Sylvia was welcoming, explained everything clearly, supportive in her instructions and clearly passionate about her craft - totally recommend this course to anyone looking to learn about or improve their barista skills.

Bon Dapar May 2022

Sylvia was very detail and you could tell her passion of coffee making. She also does not hold off any great info. She had great insights and tips to be the best in making coffee.

Matilda Cavanough May 2022

Silvia was very helpful and kind. I learnt a lot and really enjoyed that class :)

Alex Nguyen May 2022

Absolutely love the lesson! Learnt so much more from this class and re-corrected my habits. Definitely recommended for whose starting their path as a barista, everything was clear and easy to understand. Lovely gift and awesome certificate at the very end of the lesson which make the experience 200% more awesome and remarkable.
Thank you for having us

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Evie May May 2022

Silvia is so nice and such a great teacher! I had a really great time in this class and learnt a lot. It was a great introductory class for making coffee and taught some really valuable information.

Jo-Ann Billyard May 2022

The barista course with Sylvia was fantastic. Sylvia is very knowledgeable in everything relating to coffee, the machines and the grinder. The venue is clean, comfortable, easy to find with plenty of free on street parking available. As a complete beginner, I'm so happy that I did this particular course which is one on one rather than in a group. Everything is provided so all you need to bring is yourself.

Marion Auger May 2022

Definitely worth the price Sylvia is such a great teacher : kind, patient and funny too (on a very professional way of course !)
She gives very clear informations for the all process, and take time to explain again if you need to. She is also really good for making you feel confident in what you’re doing.
I appreciated to be the only « student », Sylvia was full available to answer all my questions, and more important, it allows her to adapt the training to my own pace.

Thank you very much Sylvia, I can’t wait to come back to you for the next level

If you are looking for a barista course, don’t hesitate any longer, Sylvia is the one you need !

Ava Apr 2022

Silvia was phenomenal! Her knowledge of coffee, as well as her patience and understanding made the class extremely enjoyable.

Timothy Kintominas Apr 2022

Unfortunately I had to reschedule last minute, so I can’t write a review! So happy Linda could fit me in at a later date with such late notice!

Jesus Jr Mar 2022

Great experience with a knowledgeable industry barista.
Easy to find location with free parking for the 3 hour class.
Time flew by as the Linda teacher kept it fun, engaging.
Supplied lots of detailed information on making coffee and allowed for lots of hands on experimenting with the coffee/milk/machines.

Clearly had a solid grasp of the subject matter.
Venue was at a local house, it was extremely quiet which kept me focused.
Teacher provided document outlining everything she was covering for future refresher.

Class was GREAT value as my goal was to learn the beginner's lessons to being a barista. She constantly shared personal stories about the types of things to be aware of and gave me a solid handle on making a great latte, ristretto, long black, espresso and the differences between each.

I sincerely enjoyed the lesson and highly recommend this teacher. She is great.

Oscar Fermosel Dec 2021

First of all and for the TL;DR people, don't think twice, just book it!

I was a complete newbie when I booked the course and after 3 hours with Silvia, I know that there's still a lot to practise but I'm feeling confident about starting my barista journey. She will give you all you need to kickstart your journey and not just as a barista, also as a cafe manager :)

Special mention to Silvia's attitude, she was enthusiastic, answer all the questions I had and never lost her smile. An authentic joy!

Gabrielle Foketi Dec 2021

Loved the experience I had with the course, it was well in depth and very fun environment to be in. I learnt so much and I came out of the course so excited to start my journey ! Thank you again for teaching me and creating such a relaxed space for me to learn in! I hope to see you again soon for more practice :)

Amani Joaithan Dec 2021

This course was incredible.The tutor was respectful ,polite and explain in details. the tutor provide Clean and good condition materials .I highly recommended this course it is really beneficial for everyone how interested to be a barista.

Jenny Gao Nov 2021

This is my best learning experience ever!
If you would like to find someone who is professional and has a high standard for making coffee, go take this course with Silvia. She is not only an experienced barista, but also is a great teacher, teaching specific fundamental knowledge, answering questions with patients, and practicing over and over again.
I absolutely recommend this course to all beginners!

Charlotte Chia Nov 2021

Silvia was really warm and friendly from the booking all the way to the class. Even with Covid lockdown forcing changes, she was extremely flexible and responsive. The class surpassed expectations! It was a lovely session with just me and my husband, and she remembered that it was his birthday! The class itself was incredibly informative, with plenty of time for hands on practice and coaching from Silvia herself! As we already have a coffee machine at home, Silvia took the effort to find out about the machine and tailor the class to address the things that we had questions about! Altogether and amazing experience and would definitely recommend!

Juan Aranda Oct 2021

We both had an awesome learning experience on the start of our Barista journey. All equipment well presented and provided. Silvia was passionate, knowledgable, encouraging with lots of tips to support you through the course. The 3 hours felt sufficient and Silvia was very thorough we had plenty of hands on opportunity to practise. Highly recommended personable and engaging content which was very well supported. Thank you Silvia .

Barista Course: Absolute Fundamentals review by Juan Aranda

Sasan Rose Jun 2021

I really enjoyed taking this class with Silvia. She seems to know everything about coffee and she is more than happy to share her knowledge and experience with you.
Silvia was very friendly, and the class was very fun, yet full of useful material about coffee. I totally recommend taking this class as I believe it is designed to be useful for everyone with any level of experience. Whether you're brewing coffees for hobby (like me) or for your career, I believe you will enjoy this.

Barista Course: Absolute Fundamentals review by Sasan Rose

Dario Bustamante May 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I recommend 100% this class is learned much more than a conventional course. You learn the details that matter.

Austin Papadopoulos Mar 2020

Great course. Everything was explained clearly and in great detail. The practical component was also amazing. The course was really worth it.

Katherine Dahill Mar 2020

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Silvia was fantastic. I'd highly recommend this class. The description is spot on -- it's an absolutely beginner class. She takes you from how to grind coffee/work the machines, all the way through to how to add milk + clean up the machines afterward. I am new to Australia and espresso machines. I recently purchased one and had a million questions :) She thoughtfully and expertly answered all of them. The small class size means you get to really learn and experiment. The best part is the instruction booklet Silvia gives you afterwards so that you can pay attention during the class and then check your notes afterward (to see where you went wrong :)) Plus you leave with a barista certificate and a new sense of confidence that you can make a good cup of coffee. Take this class!

Donna Laurianto Feb 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Silvia was really helpful and kind. She explained everything
thoroughly what to do from the moment you enter a coffee shop and prepare the machines, until cleaning and closing. The venue was a little hard to find, but we managed to find it by asking around. Overall the class was a really good value for money. She even managed to give us some tips on what to do on a barista job trial which is super helpful indeed. Thank you silvia!

Soo Jin Chung Feb 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Everything was clear, even for a beginner like me, I had fun learning the fundamental skills for brewing the coffee. Highly recommended to try the class out, plus, it's only two people (and the teacher) per session, which is just great. We can fully focus and stay active until the class ends.

Anna Bird Feb 2020

I can highly recommend this class, learning from Silvia I was a great experience. As this was 1:1 we had a lot of time for me to practice the things I was struggling with. Silvia was very particular and also taught me a lot of handy tips to troubleshoot in case the equipment did not work as expected.

Eve Crawshaw Feb 2020

Great class, lots of fun, learnt a lot and even managed to make some pretty tasty coffees.

Silvia was really lovely and a fantastic teacher. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in coffee.

Lewis Burger Jan 2020

Really great class, would highly recommend to anyone getting into making coffee, either starting out as a barista or just at home.
Silvia really knows her stuff, is clearly passionate about making good coffee and was a very patient instructor.
The venue, although a little difficult to find, is a really lovely setting for the class.
A detailed booklet was provided so I've got all the notes I need to reflect back on the class.

Melody Liu Jan 2020

Absolutely wonderful experience! We have never made any coffee before, Silvia started from the very basic, covered everything including lots of tips and tricks, the lesson was easy to understand, we had plenty practice opportunities, made and tried different type of coffee, by the end of it I can’t wait to buy my own coffee machine! Highly recommended!

Coffee workshop review by Melody Liu

Hikari Hata Nov 2019

She is wonderful!
Her class is easy to understand even for a beginner, and we can practice many times not only explanation.
Her enthusiastic to coffee is awesome and everyone who loves coffee is really satisfied with her knowledge and the quality of coffee.
Also good for people who are eager to be a nice barista.

Thank you for great experience:)

Barista Course: Absolute Fundamentals review by Hikari Hata

Agnes Karpati Oct 2019

I highly recommend this course if you (as a beginner) would like to learn the ‘basics’ (so no previous knowledge is required). This one-on-one experience means so much extra - I basically felt much more comfortable this way than just be one from the 15-20 students in a class.
Silvia is a very passionate, precise and conscientious teacher and she gave a lot of tips and hints, what I can instantly use if I will work in a coffee shop.
Thank you Silvia!

Catherine Zagita Oct 2019

Silvia is very detailed and friendly. She really went through the basic so it's very recommended for coffee enthusiast with zero experience who'd love to know more the basic of coffee making. My class is on one one and I'm very satisfied with Silvia's class as I got to grasp so much. Thankyou for the hospitality, Silvia!

Joud Felemban Oct 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Silvia is the BEST teacher ever.
I enjoyed her class SO MUCH
She is really entertaining and awesome
The surrounding and atmosphere were amazing.
The materials provided for practice are considered to be the best in the market.
She teaches from her heart tryna make you fully understand.
I left her class feeling like a PRO already
This is how good she is.

Michael King Sep 2019

I loved everything. Five Stars. the venue was so beautiful. Very personal Experience. :D :D

Christie Limnois Sep 2019

Silvia was very friendly and thorough in explaining all the details, from how to use the machine to cleaning it up. Great for beginner, would recommend!

Mark Narborough Sep 2019

Silvia is a great teacher and her knowledge of coffee is extremely deep. I found the class to be very helpful and informative, it was well structured and tailored to exactly match my needs. There was no limit to the raw materials provided. Overall I would highly recommend this course and I'm glad I did it.

Misaki Kikuchi Aug 2019

Silvia was very knowledgeable and passionate about coffee, and had a lot of experience to share. The venue was a well-presented café with very good and clean equipment. The content of the class was hands-on and in good detail. We learnt how to maintain and control the machines as well as how to get decent shots and quality milk. Highly recommended for people who are passionate to learn practical skills.

Tim Commandeur Jul 2019

Silvia was very thorough and engaging while teaching her class. She made sure every process was clear and provided ample hands on experience to make sure I understood. Would highly recommend!

Barista Course: Absolute Fundamentals review by Tim Commandeur

Irene Chan Jun 2019

Silvia is a very passionate about coffee, patient and very clear and give step by step instructions. I have now got the basic understanding of coffee making. It was a great introductory experience. Highly recommended.

Andrew Morini Jun 2019

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Silvia provided an excellent service for a person with special needs. Thank you very much for making our day and of course her coffee knowledge was exceptional.
Adrian from QualisCare


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