Diane Hepburn Jul 2024

Wendy was lovely. Friendly, patient and helpful.
Nothing was too much trouble.
I really enjoyed the class. (Her cake was delicious too!)
I look forward to finishing my throw.
Happy that we were offered follow up help if needed.

Sudha Boddu Jun 2024

Great class. Wendy is an amazing instructor. She is very involved and constantly making sure you are on the right track. Absolutely wonderful afternoon activity and would recommend it to anyone interested to knit something interesting and different. Thnx Bento and thnx Wendy

Knitting Workshop: Giant Knitted Throw review by Sudha Boddu - Perth

Glenda Lawrence Jun 2024

Wendy is a fabulous facilitator and her relaxed style assisted in a wonderful knitting experience. I would recommend this class to everyone, especially those who haven’t knitted before, you can finish a small throw/blanket in the afternoon class.

Lucie Lefevre May 2024

No special occasion but such a special moment! Wendy is so kind and an amazing teacher, her hone is lovely and welcoming. You can tell she takes pride in the quality of the yarn and it is in fact very soft! Knitting was a little confusing at first but Wendy is so great and helpful, you won’t feel lost for long!
Definitly worth the money and the afternoon tea was delightful!

Knitting Workshop: Giant Knitted Throw review by Lucie Lefevre - Perth

Sarah Macconnell May 2024

Wendy is amazing! We had a great time learning to knit. Highly recommend, she goes the extra mile even baked a cake

Vanessa Corby Apr 2024

I have never knitted before and Wendy was so patient with teaching and providing step by step instructions!
The product being Marino wool is a very luxurious quality, not a cheap faux product.
Pretty impressed and happy with my first lap throw

Knitting Workshop: Giant Knitted Throw review by Vanessa Corby - Perth

Aleisha Cross Mar 2024

Wendy was so lovely and hospitable! She is an excellent teacher and the fact I was able to pick up the skills so quickly was a testament to that. I love love love my chunky knit rug and highly recommend this class to all! Can’t wait to make the cushion next :)

Kerry Reverzani Jan 2024

This was a really fun workshop. Wendy was really helpful. She use good quality materials. We enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea and a chat once we were finished. And taking home a cute handmade cushion is great. I would recommend doing a workshop with Wendy.

Jen-Ni Chin Oct 2023

It was a very wonderful and fun experience. I learned something new, and I made a cushion to take home. My family and I gathered together to make a cushion for themselves, we all had fun. Thank you for this such wonderful chance and the nice and wonderful talk in class.
We had great fun.

Summer Bailey-Kerber Oct 2023

Wonderful workshop with an awesome teacher and like-minded students. Learnt a lot about knitting and have found a new hobby for life! My cat Sox approves of this new skill

Knitting Workshop: Giant Knitted Throw review by Summer Bailey-Kerber - Perth

Lea Tyson Sep 2023

I loved my knitting class. Wendy is an amazing teacher. I am new to knitting but Wendy was patient and encouraging. By the end of the afternoon I had the hang of it and was eager to go home and try a bit on my own. The venue was relaxing and easy to access. Also we had a very tasty afternoon tea. Highly recommend.

Camille Webb Sep 2023

Wendy was absolutely lovely and a very patient teacher. The wool provided is beautiful,would highly recommend!

Ranura Laknath Sep 2023

Teacher was wonderful. She is very kind. Place was awsom. I really liked it. We were supplied the wool and needles. And i bought more. She offered us tea after the session. And it was the shortest 3 hours of my life. I wish i had more time in the class. Really enjoyed the class.loved it. Keep up the good work.❤️

Knitting Workshop: Giant Knitted Throw review by Ranura Laknath - Perth

Tahlia Stocks Aug 2023

Wendy was great she was very patient! I finished knitting my throw and it was amazing. Loved it I wish I had gone for a bigger one! The materials were a little bit on the pricier however the quality was amazing and she really knew her product. Would recommend doing this if you’re looking for a new hobby. It’s extremely addictive.

Lydia Evans Aug 2023

We had a fabulous afternoon with Wendy.
She was super friendly and helpful, and ultra patient! Wendy didn't mind showing us things twice (OK, more like 12 times) and was full of encouragement.
Her place is lovely, easy to get to and comfortable.
The wool is an amazing quality, Wendy knows a lot about her equipment and suppliers.
Definitely glad we did it!

Jennifer Kwa Aug 2023

A wonderful class to do with friends and you make a gorgeous giant throw as a keepsake. Wendy was very patient and great at explaining the stitches. She truly is passionate about her craft and where she sources her materials from. You are started with 1kg of 100% merino wool (it is so soft and chemical free), carry bag and custom giant knitting needles. Great for a self care activity for yourself! Highly recommended.

Tasmin Cilliers Aug 2023

Wendy was extremely welcoming and made my friend feel absolutely special for her birthday! Wendy was very patient with us and an all around amazing teacher, we are so in love with our bags. Thank you Wendy

Textiles class review by Tasmin Cilliers - Perth

Rebecca McGillivray Jul 2023

A perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Wendy welcomed us into her lovely apartment and then handed over our materials. The wool was beautiful to work with and the bonus was getting to keep the chunky wood knitting needles. I finished my medium-sized blanket over three days using the tips Wendy showed us, in addition to her instructional pdf and some other YouTube videos. Special credit to Wendy for being a patient, calm teacher and a good conversationalist!

Beth Mackiewicz Jul 2023

absolutely amazing class such a wholesome and relaxing vibe and really good teaching. i’m so happy with how my project turned out too

Vanessa Teo Jun 2023

It was super fun just spending an hour at Wendy's place to make the cushion. The wool is SOOO soft and we had difficulty choosing between the 6 colours. She was very friendly and offered us some little treats as well. She stays near a couple of cafes so definitely go check those out after the workshop!

Textiles class review by Vanessa Teo - Perth

Sarah Miller Jun 2023

I'd never knitted before so was a bit worried if I would pick it up, but Wendy was very patient and took the time with each of us to show us what to do. It was a lovely afternoon and am very excited to finish off my throw at home! Also the homemade brownie Wendy served was delish!

Mala Naidoo May 2023

Great experience, Wendy was a wonderful kind teacher. Very knowledgeable, experienced and encouraging. Nice small group and good venue.

Knitting Workshop: Giant Knitted Throw review by Mala Naidoo - Perth

Katie McBrine May 2023

Absolutely loved the knitting workshop with Wendy. Wendy is a great teacher and the environment was so relaxed, I felt comfortable from the minute I walked in. The other ladies were so lovely, and everyone’s throws looked brilliant. You will find it hard to find this quality in the shops, and being handmade by yourself is a massive bonus. I cannot wait to do another workshop with Wendy, hopefully to make a knitted bag (she had some made already and they looked amazing and unique). Wendy also provided a delicious homemade lemon cake and beautiful tea from China, the whole experience was presented so eloquently. Highly recommend.

Lina Silver May 2023

Done this class twice now with 3 different teachers. Both where amazing and informative. Took my partner and dad this time for a craft night. Looking forward to collect our things.

Textiles class review by Lina Silver - Perth

Robyn Buckley May 2023

Great afternoon celebrating a friends birthday - who would have guessed that I'm a knitter now.

Sarah Binns May 2023

Wendy is a fabulous teacher and we had a lovely afternoon making these beautiful, luxuriously soft merino cushions. Highly recommend.

Knitting Class: Round Cushion review by Sarah Binns - Perth

Joanne Petty May 2023

Wendy was lovely and very patient. My daughter and I had a perfect afternoon chatting and learning a new skill with Wendy. I will highly recommend the class to anyone of any skill level. Thank you so much Wendy for a memorable afternoon, you made us feel very welcome and at ease.

Aksana Sutherland Apr 2023

A lovely way to spend an afternoon with a friend learning a new skill with a supportive teacher, delicious snacks, and gorgeous wool.

Christine Lim Apr 2023

The workshop was lovely, Wendy was really kind and very patient in teaching us. Such a fun afternoon learning to knit, highly recommend Wendy's workshops.

Prakriti Gopinathan Apr 2023

Had 15 year olds birthday party making these cushions - Wendy was lovely and very accomodating and patient with the girls. She was also able to come to our house which made life much easier for us! The girls were delighted with the results

Nikki Camillo Apr 2023

This was a wooly workout of the best kind ️‍♀️ Wendy is a lovely, encouraging and very well prepared teacher. The workshop was enjoyable and relaxing and I felt confident (and inspired) to finish the project off at home. Takeaway instructions were very clear and Wendy also offered us the opportunity to contact her after the workshop if we needed extra help. A great experience all round.

Knitting Workshop: Giant Knitted Throw review by Nikki Camillo - Perth

Toby Muia Mar 2023

Very enjoyable class, even for a beginner! Would highly recommend for a fun learning experience

Connie Harrison Feb 2023

Loved this class Great for all skill levels, I'm an absolute beginner and my friend is a very experienced clacker, we both really enjoyed our afternoon with Wendy. I have learnt a new skill and we now have a beautiful soft merino wool blankie to show for it :) We are keen to return to make the round cushion!

Textiles class review by Connie Harrison - Perth

Siena Simonassi Jan 2023

Lovely class, awesome teacher and beautiful project.
Very happy with the beautiful blanket my daughter made.
Thank you Wendy.
Wish I could give you 10 stars.

Annette Balk Jan 2023

Wendy was a lovely teacher who facilitated a relaxed and welcoming workshop. Would highly recommend taking a class with her.

Rachael Brown Oct 2022

Wendy was extremely patient with a first time knitter such as myself and made the experience very enjoyable.
I would definitely recommend any new comer to knitting to give this course a go.
Thank you again Wendy!

Jacqueline Gilpin Oct 2022

Wendy was lovely patient and very helpful. She was very hospitable and we spent a lovely afternoon in her company while getting to learn how to make the throw rug. The yarn quality is exceptional. Highly recommend this class

Knitting Workshop: Giant Knitted Throw review by Jacqueline Gilpin - Perth

Angelique Martin Oct 2022

Highly enjoyable afternoon and Wendy was a great tutor and an awesome host. Hand knitting with giant wool is rather different and it is worth trying for sure. Wendy sells round cushion kits as well, then once you know what to do you can make extra for friends :)

Gloria Adams Oct 2022

Wendy was lovely and welcoming into her home. Also very patient and took the time to help e everyone with their project.

Chloe Massarotto Sep 2022

Wendy was a very informative and delightful teacher and host. In an intimate setting, she still manages to find opportunity to have individual moments with each student, teaching them how to create their chunky knit blankets of different sizes. I am elated with mine!

Textiles class review by Chloe Massarotto - Perth

Chanhdeng Collins Sep 2022

Great class. And got to take a throw rug home. All made in 3 hrs
I found it very productive and pleasant.
Teacher was very helpful and patient

Sharon Green Sep 2022

I really enjoyed my knitting class, Wendy was so lovely and patient and the wool used is beautiful.

Robin Khan Sep 2022

Wendy is a fantastic teacher! Relaxed learning environment with wonderful conversation.

I love my new blanket!

Knitting Workshop: Giant Knitted Throw review by Robin Khan - Perth

Michelle Williams Sep 2022

Fabulous teacher, Wendy is very encouraging. Lovely relaxed ambience in Wendy’s beautiful home. Really enjoyed the knitting and camaraderie of the afternoon.
Visitors parking and easy access.

Knitting Workshop: Giant Knitted Throw review by Michelle Williams - Perth

Anna Lee Aug 2022

We had a lovely afternoon with Wendy - she was a very patient, helpful and knowledgeable teacher and made learning to knit great fun!

Sophie Bolger Aug 2022

Wendy was a great teacher, who was very knowledgeable about her craft and supplies. She was a pleasure to work with and would recommend her class to everyone!

Cheralee King Aug 2022

Loved the class, awesome product and lovely environment. Wendy is very genuine and very patient. A really enjoyable way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon, my throw rug is amazing

Knitting Workshop: Giant Knitted Throw review by Cheralee King - Perth

Nat Macri Aug 2022

Amazing! Wendy is fantastic! I recommend doing this class even as a beginner! the wool is absolutely gorgeous aswell!

Thankyou for having me Wendy! Xx

Suzie Bennett Jul 2022

Wendy was lovely, very helpful to all class members and has promised on going support if we need it. Yes, highly recommend the course. Stunning project to take home with you in a lovely purpose made canvas bag.

Knitting Workshop: Giant Knitted Throw review by Suzie Bennett - Perth

Anja Madzarac Jul 2022

Wendy was absolutely amazing. Class was really good value for money and wool that was provided is a really good quality. Wendy was really patient and she gave equal amount of attention to every student. In 3 hrs class I have learned basics of knitting.
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