Beautiful Sunlit Ex-Warehouse Space


30 max


$95 / hour



This beautiful sunlit converted warehouse space in the heart of Surry Hills is perfect for events and short-term hires. Nestled on the second floor of The Indigo Project psychology and creative hub, this exciting space is now available for hire.

A former 1800's corset factory, stretching to 150m2 with exposed beams and woodgrain floors, this is a rare urban haven just two minutes walk from Central station.

The floor comes fully equipped with its own independent air conditioning and direct kitchen + bathroom access. The floor is fitted with an acoustic dividing wall which allows for the subdivision into two smaller spaces. A convenient 3x3m storeroom also rests in the corner of the space.

Special classes supported

  Dance workshops

  Music workshops


33 Foster St, Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia
strict 25