Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class)

Learn the beginner's Kintsugi method in just 2 hours!

2 hours Class size 1 to 4 (public classes), 1 to 8 label $120 or 4 payments of $30 Afterpay

Your teacher, Kintsugi Australia is COVID-19 aware

This means that this teacher won't run a class if they've had flu symptoms in the last 14 days, and will adhere to relevant state restrictions (e.g. on maximum number of students per class)

See additional precautions taken by your teacher   

We provide washed and tumble dried apron and cotton groves, disposable groves for each students. We also use sanitizer to clean tables, chairs and door knobs. The sanitizers are also available for students.

***This Beginner’s Kintsugi workshop is a private setting for each group (from 1 person)***

You will learn about the wonderful art of Kintsugi, the ancient Japanese art of mending broken pottery using lacquer with gold, platinum or silver, which dates back to 15th century Japan. The philosophy of Kintsugi is that an object is sometimes broken; however, this is part of its life, and rather than throw it away it can be repaired and the have its cracks remain to show its history and story.

This is a beautiful art to learn while also helping with sustainability, as you are not throwing things away!

This beginners Kintsugi class is an original technique designed by Kintsugi Australia to make it easy for anyone to use the Modern Kintsugi technique, especially for those who live in Australia.

In this class, you will learn some of the basic techniques using with modern materials such as epoxy glue and putty. We will explain where you can get the materials. You can buy almost all materials in local stores in Australia. So once you have done this class, you will be able to repair your own objects at home.

Classes start at 10:30, 13:30, 18:00 almost every day. (Before Covid-19)

Please note if a private class is larger than 6 people, it will be spread across 2 rooms.

Please let us know if have allergies for something.

We do not recommend this workshop if you’re pregnant due to use epoxy glue and putty.

Aside from this class, this teacher also has the following coming up:

Knowledge Required
Perfect for beginners
What you'll get
1. A beautiful repaired Kintsugi plate
2. Textbook
3. Lots of knowledge about Kintsugi!
4. Tea time
What to bring
We prepare all materials and a broken plate. You do not have to bring anything.
Suitable for

This class is a great indoor activity idea for individuals and couples as well as for a birthday, hens party, team building activity, corporate event, bucks party or Christmas party.


Kintsugi Australia Studio - Suite 402, 235 Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW

Your teacher
Kintsugi Australia
Kintsugi Australia

Knowledge of Kinstugi from 5 masters

5.0 (264)

Jun moved from Tokyo, Japan to Sydney, Australia in the mid 80', but it was much later until he fell in love with the art of Kinstugi in the mid 2010's where he returned to Japan to pursue more knowledge in the art of Kinstugi.

Since 2015 he has learnt the art from five different masters of the art in Japan. He has now come back to Sydney Australia to teach everyone of all ages wishing to learn and develop their skills in Kinstugi.

He founded Kintsugi Australia in 2018 to spread the knowledge and beauty of kintsugi to Aussies and the world.

Jun was featured on SBS Facebook

Jun’s Kintsugi was featured on the Spanish official site of the interior and design magazine ELLE DECOR!

An article about Jun & Kintsugi by SBS.

Jun was featured on ABC NEWS
Kintsugi teaches that broken is still beautiful — and it can transform how we see ourselves

Jun is a lecturer at the Sydney Community College Kintsugi class.

Jun visited and studied many Zen Gardens in Japan. And he enjoys the minizen garden every day.

Our Teachers
She is Jun ‘s wife.she learned Kintsugi from Jun. She has a Kintsugi Accessory Class .
Hitomi is a naturopath and healing expert, and has visited many Zen Gardens for research.

She is the first Jun’s student. She learned Kintsugi from 2017 in a Jun’s class. Her knowledge and technique are splendid now. Her Kintsugi is delicate very beautifully.
She knows a lot about Japanese history and Zen Garden.
The teaching is popular with students.

She learned Kintsugi from Jun. She is familiar with Japanese history and Zen Garden.Her teaching is very kind.

Masano was born in Kyoto, the home of Zen Garden. She has been familiar with Zen Garden since childhood.

Verified reviews

Erika Fedotovs • Oct 2020

Great workshop; good value for my money. Teacher was really lovely - very patient, good communication, very knowledgeable and fun. All
tools and equipment was provided; clear instructions. Strongly recommend.

Kayla • Oct 2020

Jun and his wife Hitomi were very welcoming and were very friendly and informative with the history of kintsugi. Perfect for anyone looking for a new hobby and/or interest in Japanese history and culture.

The class also included a small tea break with green tea and Japanese snacks!

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class) review by Kayla Sydney

Tina Loi • Oct 2020

Went with a friend today to the Modern Kintsugi class and had an amazing time! Fun, relaxing environment and Jun was super informative about the history and process of the modern method. Highly recommend if you're interested in the Japanese art of repairing pottery or just looking to start a new hobby.

Dani Pollard • Oct 2020

Kumi was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time on Kintsugi. I totally love the philosophy and as I do pottery, no doubt I will find some pieces to repair :)

Yvonne Coburn • Oct 2020

Teacher Kumi was fantastic patient kind understanding
I loved this class and would recommend it highly
Adored the green tea Kit Kat

Joanne Fedler • Oct 2020

I booked a private class for a friend’s birthday and we had the most wonderful two hours with our fabulous teacher. We made beautiful plates and had such fun. I’d highly recommend this class to anyone.

Pottery workshop review by Joanne Fedler Sydney

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Sophia Nasser • Oct 2020

Kumi-san was amazing! Would recommend the class to anyone who enjoys crafts and Japanese culture. Thank you for a great afternoon!

Kellie Brick • Oct 2020

Lovely class, great teacher, really special craft to learn about, would recommend this as a gift

Eirini Voudoukis • Oct 2020

The teacher was so lovely, very engaging, told us the history of Kitsungi and we felt comfortable just to chat while we were working! A beautiful experience with a rich tradition behind it

Pottery workshop review by Eirini Voudoukis

Trevor Le • Oct 2020

The modern Kinstugi beginner class was a wonderful experience for my partner and I. Hitomi is a great teacher and very helpful throughout the whole process.

I'd recommend it to anyone who is interested in Japanese culture and likes practical activities.

Mitchell Pereira • Oct 2020

Strongly recommended, now I can break plates with a peace of mind! Thank you Jun ❤️

Darren Huynh • Oct 2020

Jun was an awesome teacher. Very helpful and explained the process very thoroughly and we could tell he was very passionate about Kintsugi. We enjoyed listening to him talk about Japan and where to go when we travel. Would definitely recommend this class to anyone interested in a Kintsugi taster.

Jarryd Williams • Oct 2020

Very authentic experience! Friendly teacher knowledgeable about Kintsugi history and origins. Enjoyed talking about Japan and Japanese Culture. Thank you Jun and Hitomi

Rosanna Dutton • Oct 2020

Hitomi was a wonderful teacher. Friendly from the moment we arrived and passionate about kintsugi. The class was clear and easy to follow and everyone went home with a beautifully repaired plate. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to pick up a new skill or just for fun learning something new. Thank you Hitomi!

Pottery workshop review by Rosanna Dutton

Andrew Min • Oct 2020

An intimate class with Jun sensei, learning about the history of 'Kintsugi' and sharing tea and couple of Japanese treats. Overall a very wholesome experience, myself and partner highly recommend attending the class.

Angela Iacono • Oct 2020

We loved this class! Our teacher Hitomi, was amazing and we had the best time. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. The location was great and the teachers were so welcoming and professional. 2 hours felt like a good amount of time and I feel that it was very good value for money.

Deb Dibley • Oct 2020

Very interesting and good class with a wonderful story behind the craft. The teacher was a lovely lady, very generous with her time and guidance. Would highly recommend the class.

Anne Bradbury • Oct 2020

Today I had the privilege of learning from Kintsugi Master Jun Morooka San. He teaches this age old tradition, very calmly, in a soothing space. Jun San is especially patient, helpful and attentive to all details. The steps are set out very clearly resulting in a beautiful piece of work to take home.

Pottery workshop review by Anne Bradbury

Stephen Gibb • Oct 2020

Hitomi was very welcoming and knowledgeable teacher of Kintsugi. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed the experience. We’ll definitely come back again.

Caroline Kronenberg • Oct 2020

Jun-san was delightful and an excellent teacher. It was an enjoyable morning that I would recommend highly to anyone

Renee Reeve • Oct 2020

Great one to one class with Hitomi-san. Easy to follow steps to create your own kintsugi masterpiece with as much help as needed along the way. Definitely recommend if you want to learn this art form. I will go back to learn more in this relaxed but fun environment.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class) review by Renee Reeve

Kris McIntyre • Sep 2020

Our class with Jun was great. Everything was provided including all materials, take home instructions, a little Japanese snack, wonderful guidance and tonnes of fun. In 2 hours we made our own Kintsugi ‘masterpiece’ to take home.

Helen Ly • Sep 2020

Took my friend here for his birthday, had a fantastic time today with Hitomi learning about Kintsugi. The workshop was very fun and therapeutic. Would highly recommend this to anyone!

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class) review by Helen Ly

Melanie Owens • Sep 2020

Jun-San was a great teacher, loved his instructions and his stories. We 3 friends who did the class together all really enjoyed the experience, as we watched the perfection of inperfection Kintsugi technique come to life in our hands.

Sarah French • Sep 2020

Fantastic class with a wonderful patient teacher. Absolutely recommend this class to everyone! Thank you!

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class) review by Sarah French

Belinda Rogers • Sep 2020

Amazing teacher who explained not only the art of kintsugi but also some Japanese history. Everything was just fantastic and so happy to walk out with a completed plate. All staff so friendly and welcoming. This is a really peaceful activity.

Peter Armstrong • Sep 2020

Excellent introduction for a new beginner with an excellent teacher. Venue and materials all good. I'm looking forward to beginning learning the traditional methods and developing some expertise before I attempt my own damaged ceramics. Many thanks. Peter Armstrong

Stéphane Hemmerter • Sep 2020

I had a great experience with Kintsugi Master Jun. I enjoy hearing about the philosophy behind Kintsugi and learning some techniques.

Fabio Lisi • Sep 2020

Jun is a very good teacher! It clearly explain the Kintsugi technique and gave us a lot of information about Japanese culture and the history of Kintsugi.

Esther Toland • Sep 2020

Hitomi was patient and always cheerful and encouraging with lots of interesting anecdotes. The time went very quickly.

Hannah Din • Sep 2020

This Kintsugi class guided by Jun was the perfect double date activity! Jun was an amazing host, taking us through the history of this ancient Japanese craft of pottery while teaching us the steps in making our beautiful Kintsugi plate. Would recommend this to everyone!

Julie-Anne Evens • Sep 2020

A wonderful, serene 2hrs completing my first ever Kintsugi. Hitomi could not have been more attentive, encouraging and knowledgeable.
All equipment provided, great setting and very Covid compliant/safe. Highly recommend.

Edward Liao • Sep 2020

Really great class run by Hitomi. She's incredibly patient and easily works with you in achieving a great Kintsugi plate!

Dani Chandrasoma • Sep 2020

Jun and Hitomi were so friendly and welcoming! We had a lovely Sunday morning learning about kintsugi and making our plates. Jun is very talented and is an excellent, funny, teacher! Highly recommend this class- would be great as a present for a loved one.

Eunice Tan • Sep 2020

Hitomi was a really patient and good teacher. I really enjoyed the class. It’s such a beautiful technique and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves ceramics and pottery.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class) review by Eunice Tan

Hiroko Puckeridge • Sep 2020

The venue was quit small, but very comfortable. The teacher was great. She did explained the process very well and tools and matrials were provided as well.

Pottery workshop review by Hiroko Puckeridge Sydney

Rani Candra • Aug 2020

Love it! It was a great experience to learn Kintsugi for the first time. The teacher was very kind and super patient! The place was very comfortable and nice. It was a really good experience. Beside learning how to do Kintsugi, the teacher also explained about the philosophy behind it which is very good!. 10/10 Totally Recommended!

Sidney Pierucci • Aug 2020

Everything we wished for and more. This was a surprise birthday gift I had organised and the private session was the best arts and craft class we’ve ever taken.
Jun and Hitomi are exceptional teachers, they made us feel welcome at all time and I could not recommend Kintsugi more

Artessa Saldivar-Sali • Aug 2020

Great teacher, very interesting stories, very knowledgeable and I learned so much in one session!

Jason Hayes • Aug 2020

Great fun. We loved it and our teacher, who used to be a sushi chef was a laugh a minute. Definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to do something fun.

Sean Stanek • Aug 2020

Very knowledgeable and patient. Great class for beginners in breadth and depth. I will certainly try to come back to learn the traditional method.

Tanya Donald • Aug 2020

We had fun, lovely banter, enjoyed the calming environment and learning about the method for this art form and philosophy!

James Chang • Aug 2020

I had a lot of fun in this class, Jun-san is attentive and very interactive with his teachings, so glad to pick up this new skill for me to use in the future!

Jenny Hanssen • Aug 2020

Hitomi was great, full of knowledge and passion for what she does. Definitely coming back to do more classes.

Edward Cho • Aug 2020

Kumi was very sweet. Learnt a lot and was very patient with us. Thank you for the lesson kumi

Julian Clark • Jul 2020

A really enjoyable class with very friendly and knowledgeable teachers. I really enjoyed learning a little of the Japanese philosophy behind the craft also.

Jasmin Lin • Jul 2020

Amazing class, the teacher is knowledgeable, patient and wonderful. Learnt a new skill and walked away with an amazing repaired plate. Discovered the wonderful history of kintsugi. Was provided with a great tea and Japanese snacks. Great value for money, will be back again .

Jacynta Norris • Jul 2020

I loved my Kintsugi class with Hitomi-san. She was very knowledgeable and helpful with the entire process. I am looking forward to attending another class in the future.

Grace Deng • Jul 2020

Jun and hitomi were so hospitable and kind. Jun was very patient and knowledgeable with kintsugi, it was a pleasure being taught by him. Definitely grown an interest and appreciate for the art will definitely come back to do the traditional methods

Yuan Liu • Jul 2020

A great introductory course to Kintsugi art and philosophy. The couple that runs the studio is so warm and kind. I am grateful for this experience.

Qin Chen • Jul 2020

Interesting class, very friendly teacher. Will definitely come again. High recommended Thank you so much.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class) review by Qin Chen

Susan Subrata • Jul 2020

I had a awesome time learning the art of kintsuji with Jun. He is truly an expert in this field but he is also very patient and kind. He helped me throughout the process step by step. I highly recommend this class to everyone.

Jordana Johnson • Jul 2020

Jun's class was incredible. We learnt about the beautiful art and how to do it as well as the philosophy behind it. Couldn't recommend more.

Kelly Chen • Jul 2020

Would highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking for something different to do. Jun is a wonderful teacher. I loved learning about Kintsugi and the concept of embracing flaws and imperfections rather than hiding them. It was so nice being able to do something so therapeutic and creative.

Barbara Davis • Jul 2020

The class was amazing we all had a great time. The teacher was very informative and gave us some great insight into kintsugi. We also got to take our beautiful plates home. Would happily recommend to anyone.

Pottery workshop review by Barbara Davis

Brooke Bowrey • Jul 2020

This is a great class! Such an interesting and beautiful art. Jun is very knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating.

Pottery workshop review by Brooke Bowrey

Suzanne Mackay • Jul 2020

Jun was a very patient and competent teacher. Everything was provided and well set up so that we could follow his instructions without any problems. He knew all about the history of kintsugi as well as lots of other details. He made us feel very welcome and the green tea and snack halfway through was excellent. I was surprised to find how easy his method was and to finish the lesson with a plate that looked really good. I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to try it. A very enjoyable two hours.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class) review by Suzanne Mackay

Derek • Jul 2020

Excellent teacher who provided step by step coaching

Teacher was willing to share knowledge and advice

All materials provided at the beginning of the class

Pottery workshop review by Derek

Jackie Yap • Jul 2020

Great teacher, extremely patient, kind and knowledgable. Also, got some snacks and tea as part of the experience. Was really fun and would thoroughly recommend the class! :)

Pottery workshop review by Jackie Yap

Jackie Yap • Jul 2020

Great teacher, extremely patient, kind and knowledgable. Also, got some snacks and tea as part of the experience. Was really fun and would thoroughly recommend the class! :)

Jackie Yap • Jul 2020

Great teacher, extremely patient, kind and knowledgable. Also, got some snacks and tea as part of the experience. Was really fun and would thoroughly recommend the class! :)

Reenu George • Jul 2020

My partner’s mother gifted us this class. This was a new art form to us, but Jun our teacher took us through the journey of Kintsugi and we loved it. Making imperfection look perfect. Recommend this class to everyone who wants to try their hands on this cultural experience

Pottery workshop review by Reenu George Sydney

Tristan Mayhew • Jun 2020

The teacher was amazing and loved sharing knowledge of kintsugi, its history and philosophy. The class was very well organised and personalised. He provided beautiful materials to work with and very clear, printed instructions to keep. Everything was really enjoyable.

Maree Kovac • Jun 2020

Teacher great, very enjoyable, materials good, difficulty with lift but a lovely way to spend 2 hours.

Lynne Ryan • Jun 2020

I really enjoyed my 1st introduction to Kintsugi. Such a therapeutic art form.
Jun is a lovely man and very patient and encouraging teacher. I will definitely be back, I have a couple of broken things in my life, that I cherish and need a second chancejust the right class to do that.
Thank you Jun and to your delightful wife for a very pleasant escape for 2 hoursnice to come away with something I'm quite pleased withmight even be display worthy :)

Dwayne Beale • Mar 2020

Jun was a great teacher. He thoroughly explained the history, philosophy and methods of Kintsugi and was very attentive to students. The location was very handy and easy to find. I had a wonderful morning and would highly recommend the experience.

Kyrsten Winkley • Mar 2020

Our teacher was lovely and very helpful. It was easy to get to the venue. I enjoyed learning the skills and was able to purchase materials to complete future projects at home. I really enjoyed this course.

Emma Johnson • Mar 2020

Great class learning a beautiful craft with amazing teachers! Hitomi and Jun are both lovely and very talented teachers. We learnt how to repair a plate and look forward to practicing the skill of Kintsugi. I would highly recommend this class! Thank you Hitomi and Jun!

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class) review by Emma Johnson

Steve Hoyle • Mar 2020

My partner and I had a great private class. Jun was an amazingly nice person and spoke to us about the history of Kintsugi too. Never felt rushed. Everything was explained well. Even got to have some green tea and Kit Kat. Very fun. Very cool!

Pottery workshop review by Steve Hoyle

Steve Hoyle • Mar 2020

My partner and I had a great private class. Jun was an amazingly nice person and spoke to us about the history of Kintsugi too. Never felt rushed. Everything was explained well. Even got to have some green tea and Kit Kat. Very fun. Very cool!

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class) review by Steve Hoyle

Jessica Roberts • Mar 2020

Jun was a wonderful teacher. We all thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Everything we needed was provided and we were so proud to take home our Kintsugi plates. Would highly recommend

Melissa Kian • Mar 2020

Gorgeous venue, great teacher and company.

Lovely touch of tea and sweets.

I’ll be back for further classes.

Elaine Lee • Mar 2020

Had the best time doing a modern kintsugi class with Jun-san. He is an amazing, patient and knowledgeable teacher. I went with 4 friend and we had so much fun learning the art of "golden repair". We were all very impressed with our beautiful repairs. Excited to test out our new skills. Thank you for time and efforts Jun and Hitomi.

Pottery workshop review by Elaine Lee

Hunter Nield • Mar 2020

Fantastic course teaching the basics of modern kintsugi. Jun-San was a patient and fun teacher!

Renee Noble • Mar 2020

The teacher and his wife were very friendly. The class was fun and insightful, with both technical skills and historical aspects. It was a great amount for beginners to accomplish in the time period.

Eliza Sullivan • Feb 2020

Spent a wonderful afternoon learning the art of kintsugi with the wonderful help of Hitomi and Jun. A truly lovely experience, I will definitely be back for more!

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class) review by Eliza Sullivan

Carol Rowe • Feb 2020

We really enjoyed the class and thought the teacher Hitomi was terrific- patient and informative.

Marilina Ripoll • Feb 2020

The class was so much fun and informative of modern Kintsugi practices! The teacher was so helpful and wonderful! We got to bring home a beautiful plate and got some Kit Kat’s too. Definitely worth it!

Ashley Iredale • Feb 2020

The class was great - my teacher was very knowledgable and personable, and obviously puts a lot of himself into what he does - I came away with some great skills and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening learning the art of traditional Japanese mending.

Jane Tudor • Feb 2020

It was a great experience and I appreciated the wisdom and experience of Jun and his wife. A lovely way to end the week!

Jane • Feb 2020

Wonderful teacher who is very encouraging. The class was so calming and satisfying to do. I want to break things to just to kintsugi them together now!

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class) review by Jane

Shirley Wong • Feb 2020

Modern Kintsugi Class. The class was intimate and extremely fun!
The teacher was very knowledgeable, patient and encouraging. Highly recommend if interested in a hands-on activity and Japanese culture!

Kate Amphlett • Feb 2020

I would highly recommend taking time out of your busy life to spend a calm, creative and productive couple of hours with Jun and Hitomi. Jun did a great job explaining the technique and philosophy of Kintsugi. He was kind and patient and helpful. It was a lot more involved than we expected and we felt a huge sense of accomplishment at the end of the class. The tea break with Japanese snacks half way through was a pleasant surprise - thank you Hitomi.

Tyson Wolker • Feb 2020

My partner and I had an amazing experience. We will definitely be back for a more advanced class!

Narelle Ryan • Feb 2020

Wonderful unique experience learning from a very capable, giving, professional and charming teacher who has studied with five Kintsugi Masters in Japan over the years. All the equipment was provided and all one had to do was just arrive and enjoy the very special tutorial. The location and teaching area worked extremely well too along with the unexpected kind hospitality of Japanese tea and treats midway through this lovely journey. Many thanks and I would be happy to recommend this course to anyone.

Conrad Sinclair • Feb 2020

Such a wonderful evening learning something new. Hitomi and Jun are such passionate teachers I look forward to practicing some more Kintsugi soon.

Bob Noftall • Feb 2020

I have absolutely no craft skills but was intrigued by the technique. The instructor was charming and incredibly patient with me I was all thumb and awkward. That said, I left with a plate I love and am looking forward to showing friends. My sister who is quite crafty refuses to believe I did it ! Highly recommend.

Virginia Simpson-Young • Feb 2020

I received a voucher for this kintsugi class as a gift, and I wasn't really expecting much. What I experienced far exceeded my expectations! The kintsugi process was fascinating and surprisingly satisfying. Hitomi was a great teacher - very patient. I would recommend this class to anyone.

Sue McGovern • Feb 2020

Fantastic teacher, who provided everything necessary for the class (including apron and gloves), plus we took a break for fabulous Japanese tea. Can't recommend highly enough.

Maddie Koczanowski • Feb 2020

We had a beginner Kintsugi Workshop with Hitomi today and it was fantastic! She was very kind and knowledgeable, and guided us every step of the way so we’d be able to do Kintsugi at home. I’d love to do this class again. We were given Sencha tea, and Hitomi took photos that she sent to me afterwards. We were also given the gold/brass powder to take home afterwards. Am gifting this workshop to everyone I can

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class) review by Maddie Koczanowski

Gilbert Wong • Jan 2020

We loved the class! Jun made the class interesting through sharing his learning journey of the craft and his philosophy of kintsugi!

Jan Orman • Jan 2020

i did a beginner's Kintsugi workshop. It was a very exciting class. Jun is a patient and skilled teacher and I feel that after just one session I have acquired enough basic knowledge to try out the techniques he taught me at home. I am very inspired!

Pottery workshop review by Jan Orman

Jessica Pham • Jan 2020

Teacher was very nice and patient (which is important for beginners doing such a delicate craft). Really appreciated the personal touch of sharing his journey learning about Kintsugi and it was very obvious Jun was passionate about teaching others about the process, sharing where to buy the equipment. Also love the Japanese tea and kitkats!

Elizabeth Snedden • Jan 2020

The teaching style was very good as he demonstrated & then assisted when needed. We had class of 4 so room size was good. All materials provided. Also short break with green tea & a snack. Time seemed to fly by so was a surprise when class ended. Very pleasant time. Would be a good gift for a friend. Kintsugi basics are easy to learn.

Michael Santarossa • Jan 2020

Class is amazing. Jun is a great teacher, and I feel this is a craft I will continue on my own into the future!

Rachel Arthur • Jan 2020

Fantastic class and a fantastic, patient teacher! I plan to do more classes. Highly, highly recommend.

Mark Trinidad • Jan 2020

Teacher Jun is incredible! He taught us the deeper meaning of Kintsugi and how this beautiful art can be related to your own lives. Jun took us through the history of Kintsugi, then showed us a step by step of the entire process.
Highly recommend this class for any person who wants to experience authentic Japanese art first hand!

Kirsten McDonald • Jan 2020

I was really looking forward to the class and I was not disappointed. Jun explains the history and method of Kintsugi with care and patience. He explains the steps, the techniques, the materials and where to purchase them. I feel confident that I could repair a ceramic piece now. In time, I would like to learn the Traditional Kintsugi method. Thank you Jun.

Jonathan Yip • Jan 2020

We took the beginner's Kinstugi class with not much idea what to expect and were thrilled with the experience.
Jun was a fantastic teacher, who showed great patience, humour and friendliness.
We learned a lot from him and would definitely love to go back someday.

Carolyn Sein • Jan 2020

The class was wonderful - hands on, informative, fun and relaxed. Jun was a fantastic teacher. All materials were provided and we gained a deeper appreciation for the aesthetic, philosophy and technique involved in kintsugi. And! We all emerged with a beautiful original kintsugi ceramic piece! Would definitely recommend.

Elisa Walther • Jan 2020

It was awesome! I really enjoyed it. Would definitely recommend the workshop! The teacher was excellent!

Aron Fernandez • Jan 2020

Definitely a great class and a great experience to have.

Jun was both great at teaching the practical skill of Kintsugi, as well as the history and cultural significance of the practice.

All the materials were provided for and were great quality - getting to take home the plate you’ve made is pretty sweet as well.

Overall, a fun and engaging class that I would highly recommend.

Pottery workshop review by Aron Fernandez

Robyn Rogers • Jan 2020

Jun was absolutely fantastic, he was patient, funny and interesting. He made the whole experience very comfortably.

KINTSUGI itself was very interesting and so relaxing to do, I am really happy with my finished product!

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class) review by Robyn Rogers

Sofia Fuller-Smith • Jan 2020

Had such a great time in Jun's Kintsugi class. He was so professional, and very helpful. Will definitely be returning, and recommending his workshop to people.

Pottery workshop review by Sofia Fuller-Smith Sydney

Lesley Gruit • Jan 2020

This was such fun and the teacher was so good she has made me want to learn more. I would love to do the more advanced courses when I’ve had some practice.
Arigato gozaimasu.

Pottery workshop review by Lesley Gruit Sydney

Weng Chan • Jan 2020

The workshop is fun. Jun is a funny and interesting teacher which shared his Kintsugi story and other Japanese culture stuff. This 2-hr class is worthy!

Elsa Zhang • Dec 2019

I found the environment for the Beginner’s Kintsugi Workshop was good to learn in, & the communication from the teacher was also good. It is a class that I would recommend.

Helen Smith • Jan 2020

Jun was excellent in every way from start to finish. Incredibly informative and relaxing. A meditation in action.

Pottery workshop review by Helen Smith

Audrey Gunawan • Jan 2020

The class was fabulous. Highly recommended. Jun is such a great teacher, provided all materials we needed and clearly explained each step! Thank you Jun for a great class!

David Grossberg • Jan 2020

The course was excellent and the teacher was fantastic.
I felt privileged to have been taught by such a knowledgeable teacher.

Jonnie Lau • Dec 2019

Jun was a fantastic teacher and made us feel very welcomed! Would definitely recommend his class to anyone wanting to learn a little about Japanese history and the significance of repairing broken ceramics. Great experience!

Josh Bridge • Dec 2019

Great teacher! Very knowledgable and friendly, my girlfriend and I had a lovely time! I look forward to the next class where i can fix a plate my family didnt know i broke hahaha

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class) review by Josh Bridge Sydney

Kim Vu • Dec 2019

This was one of our very first workshops we have been to and Jun was so helpful and accommodating. The workshop was very insightful where Jun taught us the history behind Kinsugi and also shared his journey into this amazing art.
Each step of the class was very thorough and detailed. Jun also gave us the opportunity to take photos of every step so we have something to visually look back at.
Highly recommend this workshop to those who are looking at doing something that is hands on and fun at the same time!

Pottery workshop review by Kim Vu

Katie Milton • Dec 2019

My mum and I took Jun's class and were amazed by his knowledge of and passion for Kintsugi! Jun took us through the process step by step and taught us about the philosophy along the way. Such a relaxing way to spend an afternoon, I would recommend this class to anyone looking to destress :)

Karolin Wu • Dec 2019

Had a wonderful time learning kintsugi culture and technique The teacher is great She and Jun are both very characteristic and amicable, patient and knowledgeable I was making a gift to my friend, and she loves it a lot Definitely planning to learn traditional kintsugi techniques as well in the future.

Natalie Krafczyk • Dec 2019

We had a wonderful time with Jun and would recommend his classes to anyone wanting a fun and informative experience!

Darrell Rivero • Dec 2019

Jun was incredibly fun and a great teacher! My Kintsugi turned out really well! Highly recommend

Gabrielle Requena • Dec 2019

Jun and his class is authentic and comes from the heart. One of the best team
Building activities I have donefull of spirit, soul, love and passion. This class will be all over the media very soon! XX

Felicity Chen • Dec 2019

The teacher is very nice and the class was interesting.
Very enjoyable.
Good for team building

Belinda Dods • Dec 2019

Beautiful patient instructors. The class gives you the skills to do your own repairs at home, but you also get to take our creations home.

Tammy Hamers • Dec 2019

Great class.
I have been wanting to learn how to do kintsugi for a long time. I'm glad I finally found this class and took the step.
It's always exciting to learn a new skill.
I can now confidently fix some beautiful pieces of broken pottery I have. And a new skill to add to my toolbox.
Looking forward to learning traditional kintsugi.
Hope to be able to bring Kintsugi Australia to Canberra for a class.
Wonderful teacher with very clear instructions.

Francis Hoang • Dec 2019

Awesome class. Learnt about the history and philosophy of Kintsugi whilst having fun! Would highly recommend.

Tim Sheil • Nov 2019

I did the beginners Kintsugi Workshop. All materials were provided and my teacher, Kumi san, was excellent. Highly recommend this course if you’re interested in exploring this wonderful Japanese art and it’s philosophy.

Glenice Lee • Nov 2019

Master Jun is very kind and knowledgeable about the art of kintsugi! His wife, Hitomi is very hospitable and friendly (: I had a great time learning the art and also got to chit chat with both Jun and Hitomi. A great afternoon spent at their studio!

Hadji Rym • Nov 2019

It was a very good class. I am sooooo happy! Very very nice. the teacher was fantastic.

Amanda Rutherford • Nov 2019

Jun was an amazing teacher
Had a wonderful time and I really enjoyed the class

Liana Vilcins • Nov 2019

Some feedback received from the class attendees:

“I thought that the Kintsugi Class was really well run and informative. I enjoyed the practical element of this along with the history.”

From my dealings with Jun prior to and on the day, he impressed as very professional and organised. He and fellow teacher, Hitomi Morooka, even made a visit to the location in Macquarie Park a week in advance of the class to check the travel time, see what the space was like and to let me know the few requirements he needed to set up the class.

I would recommend the Kintsugi class as a great corporate small team event to break up a day of meetings and learn something completely new. The philosophy behind the craft is also interesting and applicable to team building.

Thanks also goes to ClassBento for arranging the class to be held at our office, which worked so well for our team workshop!

Tammy Swe • Nov 2019

Lovely, highly enjoyable way to spend an evening. Jun was very knowledgeable and well-organised. We were able to complete the whole repair process, including an introduction to the Kintsugi philosophy, in the workshop, and walked away with our own beautifully refurbished piece of ceramic and lots of tips on sourcing equipment and materials to continue the Kintsugi journey at home. A wonderful experience.

Rita Sarkis • Nov 2019

I had a lot of fun creating this and learning about the philosophy of kintsugi. Thank you :)

Pottery workshop review by Rita Sarkis

Christina Xu • Nov 2019

The venue is in the city, very convincing. The teach is such a gentleman and very patient, friendly! All material is provided, I learned a lot and very satisfied!

Pottery workshop review by Christina Xu

Viola Bloomfield • Nov 2019

Kumi was a great teacher: friendly, patient and knowledgable. The venue was situated near public transport. The materials provided were great to use. The modern kintsugi class is definitely good value for money. I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone who is interested in the beautiful Japanese art of kintsugi!

Pottery workshop review by Viola Bloomfield Sydney

Julia Prudhoe • Nov 2019

The class was good fun and educational too. Our teacher was passionate and skilful, told us about the history of Kintsugi and led us through 2 hrs of simple instructions to produce a finished piece of art. The materials were all provided and the classroom was intimate and perfect for a small group session. I repaired a broken plate and now have it sitting on my coffee table looking beautiful. Inwould highly recommend the class and my teacher.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class) review by Julia Prudhoe

Mitch • Nov 2019

Kumi was amazing and I would recommend this class to anyone! So good! I will be using what I learnt at home!

Mitch Burke • Nov 2019

Kumi was amazing and I would recommend this workshop to anyone! We were served food and tea, given a history lesson and the atmosphere was so peaceful.

Aoiffe Gavin • Oct 2019

The kintsugi beginners workshop was very clear and easy to follow in a very nice setting. The teacher explained & showed exactly what had to be done and the result was s very nice kintsugi plate.

Akila Chintamani • Oct 2019

They made the experience truly unforgettable. Starting with the philosophy all the way through till the process they explained everything in great detail and with patience. It was fantastic and they made my brother's birthday unforgettable.

Yeesum Lo • Oct 2019

Venue was easy to find with parking close-by. Jun was a wonderful teacher, kind, generous and patient. He loves his art and has a great story. All materials were provided - they were high quality, well-maintained and all very accessible to duplicate the process at home. I loved every part of it!

Helen Williams • Oct 2019

This was a fantastic class. We enjoyed it so much.
Jun was a great teacher and spent lots of time explaining the process of Kintsugi.
We would certainly recommend this class.
There were only 4 people in the class as well which was great.

Victoria Naumenko • Oct 2019

June was just amazing! Great knowledge and energy. I was the only lucky one at that time of the day and June has spent all his precious rime just on me! The venue was very accomodating. Conveniently positioned in the city.
The materials provided were great, especially the magic metal powder. Overall the class was great value for money
I’d love to take the next class to learn the traditional techniques.
Thank you June!

Samuel Dungey • Oct 2019

Jun was amazing, knowledgeable and happy to teach all the students. He made the class fun and wasn't sacred to give us extra time I'd we needed it. He was encouraging and ensured we all did our best. We made some really nice kintsugi pieces and we given all the skills and tools to make our own. It was amazing

Nicole Welsh • Oct 2019

The classes at the studio are for 2-4ppl so my sister & I had plenty of attention from the teacher. Instructions were easy to follow & very relaxed friendly atmosphere. Location was easy to get too on public transport

Pottery workshop review by Nicole Welsh

Claire Walsh • Oct 2019

Really enjoyed this class and am delighted with my Kintsugi plate that I got to take home! Super excited to try out what I’ve learned and start experimenting with different materials!

Grace Shin • Oct 2019

It was a great class. The teacher (Kumi) was very kind and patient. I had lots of fun. Thanks a lot.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class) review by Grace Shin

Robert Unsworth • Oct 2019

What a great class! Jin is a fantastic teacher. The lesson was a perfect introduction to Kintsugi

Meiying Saw • Oct 2019

A well-structured and informative class! Jun-san shared cultural as well as personal history about kintsugi, and was a very patient and encouraging teacher. He taught us a self-developed affordable and efficient technique using modern, easily sourced materials, and served us tea and snacks midway. Thank you!

Pottery workshop review by Meiying Saw

Deborah Rodrigo • Oct 2019

Jun was well prepared and ready to introduce us to the art of Kitsungi. We had a delightful and productive workshop learning about the history, modern adaptations, Jun’s practice and of course making our own Kitsungi masterpiece. The venue in Sydney’s CBD is central and comfortable. Jun has designed the session well where we progressed at a steady pace and even have a chance to take a morning tea of matcha tea and cookies. He is helpful when you’re stuck and is generous with his knowledge. Thank you Jun!

Bernadette Huang • Oct 2019

A great class that was paced well with all materials provided. Highly recommend to anyone who is curious about Kintsugi. My teacher Kumi was patient and very informative. I thoroughly enjoyed my session.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class) review by Bernadette Huang

Courtney Macdonald • Sep 2019

Excellent class. I found it relaxing and an great way to let out my creativity. The teacher was patient and encouraging. I loved it.

Anna Stelter • Sep 2019

We had such a fantastic afternoon in Jun’s Kintsugi workshop. Jun was an excellent teacher - kind, patient and clearly very skilled and passionate about Kintsugi. I loved hearing about the philosophy and history behind the craft too. All tools were provided and Jun clearly demonstrated each step so I feel confident that I can continue at home. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in learning more about Kintsugi, it was a great experience.

Nirosha Paramanathan • Sep 2019

It was wonderful. It really was a very beautiful experience. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Thankyou to both of them.

Rodney Scherer • Sep 2019

I was welcomed by Jun and his wife a very pleasant couple. Jun provided a concise short history of Kintsugi and provided information about where to learn more in-depth knowledge about the development of the philosophy behind Kintsugi. The workspace is clean ( a little small by Australian standards however I would say it’s very much what I imagine a working space to be like in Japan. All materials were supplied. Jun was very encouraging in his teaching even though I thought I was botching it up. At the end of the day I left feeling enriched for the experience. I have no hesitation in recommending this class. Rodney Scherer Graduate Diploma in Visual Art. ( Painting) Gippsland School of Art. Monash University

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class) review by Rodney Scherer

Stephanie Bird • Sep 2019

Jun and his wife made me feel very welcome and Jun's story of his journey into Kintsugi is really interesting, he is lucky to be able to do something he loves. I enjoyed his instructions as well as watching him work, it was a real pleasure. I have a nice display plate from my 2 hour workshop, and knowledge of the history of Kintsugi. Excellent afternoon well spent.

Pramudie Gunaratne • Sep 2019

My partner and I did this class together and absolutely loved it. Jun was a great teacher, and so patient even when we went over time! Overall a great experience and would highly recommend.

Choi • Sep 2019

I had a great time learning about Kintsugi even though I have no previous experience with pottery! Jun sensei was patient and very informative about the art and the class was quite therauptical! Got to create my own plate to bring home!

Simone Kelly • Sep 2019

My teacher Hitomi was amazing! She was very patient and informative. I found this course to be great value for money with everything I needed supplied.

What struck me the most about Jun and Hitomi was their love for Kintsugi is so strong that they want to share their knowledge and show you how to make this an art form for yourself. The skills they teach you were designed so that you can take this art form and carry it on by yourself if you so choose to and if you don’t, you can continue with other courses and develop your skills.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone!

Wenny Ly • Sep 2019

Jun-san's class was amazing and well-prepared. We learnt about Japanese history and culture, and he was kidn enough to show us his workshop area to see all of the other ceramics he is working on. So happy we left with a beautiful gift and new approach to life. 10/10!

Pottery workshop review by Wenny Ly Sydney

Christopher Vennell • Sep 2019

Excellent workshop. You will feel very welcome in Jun's cozy studio. He is flexible and patient with his students. It's a special and rare thing to find in Sydney! Would highly recommend.

Fionna Sida • Sep 2019

The class was very informative and the process was very relaxing and fun!
The teacher was very kind and I really enjoyed the class overall. Great experience and would totally recomend for everyone.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class) review by Fionna Sida

Kathy Ky • Sep 2019

Both Jun and his wife were very welcoming and knowledgeable, which created a relaxing environment for the workshop. Can’t wait to come back to learn more about the art of Kintsugi and the meaningful philosophy behind it!

Pottery workshop review by Kathy Ky

Adrian Leonheart • Sep 2019

Very friendly staff they made the whole experience fun and easy to partake. Everything was explained clearly and all materials provided.

Rob Shearing • Sep 2019

Going to Jun’s studio reminded me of visiting my uncle’s home. It is a friendly atmosphere and he and his wife are genuinely interested in showing you their craft and so willing to teach. It was a surprisingly enjoyable and interesting evening.

Kyla Kohler • Aug 2019

This was the perfect class to relax and unwind and not think about the stresses of every day life. I chose this class because it is a way to focus on something peaceful and beautiful instead of my work and life pressures

Jun and Hitomi are very kind and knowledgeable. Jun was there to instruct help and guide through out the process in a calm and friendly manner .

Tea an a snack is also offered half way though which was a really nice touch and a good sign of hosting.

I could not recommend this course more





Ashlee Ward • Aug 2019

A fantastic class with an experienced and friendly teacher. I would highly recommend. Can't wait for the next class!

Lynne Powell • Aug 2019

Great hospitality Jun and his wife were very knowledgeable and lovely people. Planning on going to work shop in Newcastle

Kibum Kim • Aug 2019

He prepared so many stories about kintsugi to help understand what it is and he taught even very detail points. It was really amazing session

Rachel Freeman • Aug 2019

Had a wonderful time at the Beginners Kintsugi class. All materials were provided and I got to take home my beautiful plate ! Jun was a great teacher, the class was extremely informative and I feel confident enough to practice kintsugi at home until I return to do the Traditional Kintsugi class . Hope to bump into you in Tokyo Jun! Thankyou for a lovely afternoon .

Tamara Jisr • Aug 2019

The class was FANTASTIC! Jun is kind and patient and he was lovely he showed me around the city as I am new to Sydney. He is an incredible kintsugi master and I cannot wait to come back. I more than highly recommend this beautiful and original workshop. Thank you for the tea and your kindness, my plate is so lovely !

Anitha Reddy • Aug 2019

Beautiful class, amazing teacher and all round therapeutic experience. We loved the experience and would recommend for anyone looking to try something new! Thanks very much Jun!

Christina Cardillo-Zallo • Aug 2019

What a beautiful class and teacher. Very thorough and informative. Loved the intimate atmosphere and stories from Jun. Highly recommend to all of you! Jun is very supportive and dedicated. Very sweet teacher.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class) review by Christina Cardillo-Zallo Sydney

Lisa Hauser • Aug 2019

The Kintsugi workshop was very enjoyable. Jun was a wonderful teacher, very patient and informative. It was a wonderful way to spend a morning.

Leanne Langdon • Aug 2019

I had such a lovely time with Jun. he made everything so easy and relaxing - it was more like a craft session with a friend. The plate I made is beautiful. I’ll definitely be recommending Jun’s Classes to all it’s admirers!

Pottery workshop review by Leanne Langdon

John Gilders • Aug 2019

The kintsugi workshop was a fantastic experience. Jun is a great teacher and explains the process very clearly, demonstrating the techniques and tips to guide you through the steps. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will recommend the course to all my friends. Do the workshop - you will have fun and learn a new skill.

Pottery workshop review by John Gilders

Sybil Kesteven • Aug 2019

I enjoyed this class immensely. Jun is an excellent teacher, the class was very well organised with the best equipment, a wonderful pacing and great attention to detail. In addition, Jun is very encouraging which is wonderful for someone like me who has very little confidence in their creative skills.

Jocasta Giles • Aug 2019

I really enjoyed this class. Jun is an excellent teacher - with just the right balance of instruction, information and lots of freedom to put things into practice.

It was very relaxing as well.

I learned about the history of Kintsugi and made my first ever piece.

I definitely recommend this workshop to others. I will be back again for sure.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class) review by Jocasta Giles

Natalie Louie-Smith • Aug 2019

Highly recommended! Jun is a wonderful teacher and we learnt so much. We’re definitely coming again for more of his classes.

Audrey Limas • Aug 2019

Jun was a very patient and encouraging teacher. Before we started he let me in on the history of kintsugi so that I understand the philosophy of fixing broken things (which has a very profound meaning). During lesson, he kept assuring me not to worry about time or making mistakes, he simply would like the students to enjoy making the kintsugi calmly. I went a little over the time to finish my piece, and I’m so happy with how it turns out. Plus him and his wife were very warm people, we had a good chat in between the activities (and snacks too!). Thank you for the class Jun!

Pottery workshop review by Audrey Limas

Joan Ho • Jul 2019

I really enjoyed my session with Hitomi! She was really patient and nice, and was helpful with giving me pointers to complete my first kintsugi piece. This beginner's class is easy to follow and is a great introduction to the art and philosophy of kintsugi. Thanks Hitomi!

Pottery workshop review by Joan Ho

Robert Fossey • Jul 2019

Very nice people, great workshop. Enjoyable and also learning about the art and history of kintsugi. I have signed up for the next stage of the course. Great experience. Thank you.

Pottery workshop review by Robert Fossey

Kay Veitch • Jul 2019

Absolutely wonderful. Jun was so caring and explained everything clearly. All was well prepared to maximise time and his notes are really clear. I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon
Thank you!

Felipe • Jul 2019

Jun is an excellent teacher. We had lots of fun! Highly recommended this course! fun!

Sue Ellis • Jul 2019

This personlised workshop was excellent. Jun provided clear instruction and everything needed to create my first kintsugi. Highly recommended.

Danielle Lipsitz • Jul 2019

Bought this course as a gift and the recipient loved the experience she said it was very interesting and relaxing

Jacqueline Bell • Jun 2019

Great workshop, we learnt about both the practical and the philosophical parts of Kintsugi. Jun was a fantastic teacher!

Kristin Sutter • Jun 2019

Jun was a fantastic teacher and lovely leader for our small class. Class sizes are small, so you get personalised attention. The workshop was lovely and the little break for tea and snacks was unexpected and nice to sit back while things dried. Very relaxing and informational. I think I'll go back for the traditional class next!

Pottery workshop review by Kristin Sutter

Jayne Dudney • Jun 2019

Great class! The teacher is so friendly and well organized. Perfect little touches to make me feel like I was the only student. Thanks heaps!

Joanna Yu • Jun 2019

Learning modern kintsugi from Jun was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. It is a hands on experience and I am excited to apply the skills learnt at home.

Pottery workshop review by Joanna Yu

Diane Sargeant • May 2019

Fabulous workshop! One-on-one attention, came away with a beautiful plate and some supplies for future work. Definitely recommend!

Pottery workshop review by Diane Sargeant

Melinda Lamond • May 2019

I loved my Kintsugi workshop with Jun today. It was a nice introduction to the history of Kintsugi as well repairing a broken piece of pottery. Jun also runs a three day course which I hope to attend. It’s very relaxing and Jun is a lovely teacher. I would highly recommend

Pottery workshop review by Melinda Lamond

Jenny Braham • Apr 2019

Wonderful class. Jun was a fabulous teacher and we thoroughly enjoyed the day.
Came away with a lovely memento of our class.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Private Class) review by Jenny Braham

David Wan • Apr 2019

An enjoyable and fantastic experience! I would definitely recommend this to all my friends. Jun (the teacher) is very kind and friendly, leading you through the history, philosophy of Kintsugi with detailed and patient instructions for your hand-on experience. After 2 hours of workshop with chatting and laughing, you will have your own beautiful Kintsugi ceramics, a piece of art that you can display or use. And after the beginner workshop, now I feel like I can repair my family and my friends’ broken ceramics. I certainly enjoyed the entire experience, including the lovely tea break and Japanese cookies!

Pottery workshop review by David Wan
I have a small plate that I would like to repair. Can I fix it in the class?
If you learn the basics in my class, you can repair it yourself. But you can't repair your own dishes at the workshop, but I can give advice. The beginner class is suitable for quick restoration using epoxy resin. If you use lacquer and repair it in the same way as 500 years ago, we recommend my other class - the traditional gold Traditional Kintsugi class.
Can I eat off the Kintsugi plate we made in class?
Yes, you can use Modern Kintsugi plate but only for dry foods because the modern method uses chemical materials such like Epoxy glue. If you use Traditional kintsugi method, it’s safe for foods. We recommend you to use it occasionally not everyday use.
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