Beginner's Violin Lessons: Classical, Kpop, Pop

You can play anything on the violin

Mitchell Yee

Mitchell Yee

5.0 (4)

1 hour 1 on 1 label $65 or 4 payments of $16.25

In these private violin lessons you will begin to learn how to play the violin. If you would like group lessons please feel free to contact me and we could arrange something together.

During this class you will learn:
- The Classical method of Violin for beginners
- Basic sight reading theory so you can read music
- Important violin techniques, including how to hold the bow, posture of your hand, vibrato
- I can teach you almost any song if you wish to play for fun as I can play music by ear
(I can write out the music for you to play)

Styles you can learn:
- Classical music e.g Vivaldi, Bach
- Pop Music e.g Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Alan Walker
(May require basic experience first which can be taught but I will help you get there)
- Kpop Music e.g BTS, Twice, Big Bang
(May require basic experience first which can be taught but I will help you get there)

Look forward to teaching you soon please feel free to ask any questions.

Important info:
- Location I can teach at is at 94 Beamish Street at Honeybee Music School where I rent a room. Room hire included in cost.
- I can travel to your house if you are close to Campsie, but if it is further away there will be an additional travel cost.

About me:

I started playing the violin since I was around seven years old. I completed my Grade 8 Trinity examination back in New Zealand and moved over to Sydney last year. Currently I am working as a dance teacher in Sydney but wish to help teach violin to beginners.

When I started learning I began with the Suzuki method completing the first three books before moving onto Grade examinations. I do believe the Suzuki method is a great way to learn if you wish to learn the classical method of violin.

Knowledge Required
Perfect for beginners.
What to bring
- Violin
- Violin Bow
- Violin Case
- Rosin (Optional)
- Shoulder rest (optional but usually required)
Suitable for

Suitable for kids from 8 years old and up. Adult accompaniment is not required.


HoneyBee Music School - 37-41 Campsie Street, Campsie

The teacher can also travel within 20km of Campsie

Your teacher
Mitchell Yee
Mitchell Yee

5+ Years in Teaching Kpop Dance

5.0 (4)

Hi my name is Mitch. I'm a Kpop and Urban Dance teacher. I have taught Kpop for over 5 years and Urban for 2 years. I now teach in Sydney at IMI Dance studio and C+ studio.

I am very experienced in teaching complete beginners to dance having taught over 100+ beginner students in my dance career in NZ and Aus. I will always provide a safe beginner friendly learning environment for my students :)

** I have my own PRIVATE Dance studio located in my Garage in Campsie, NSW, hire & use of this will be included with the lesson for FREE! **

I can offer you private classes in any of the following

- Any BOY Group Kpop Dance Choreographies

- Some Kpop Girl Group Choreographies upon request

- My own Urban Choreographies

- Can learn Urban/Hip Hop dances e.g 1Million Dance studio

- Can possibly learn other specific cover dances upon request e.g Michael Jacksons Dangerous dance


• 2nd Place 2019 Kpop World Festival Sydney (Horizon)

• 2nd Place 2019 Sydney Kpop Festival (I.Krew)

• Finalist @ 2019 ARENA Singapore Competition (GVNG Crew)

• 2nd Place 2018 Kfest Kpop Competition (MDC Crew)

• 1st Place 2016 K-Pop World Festival NZ (Ace Crew NZ)

• 1st Place 2015 HiTV Korean Competition (Ace Crew NZ)

• 1st Place 2015 K-Pop World Festival NZ (Ace Crew NZ)

• 2nd Place 2014 K-Pop World Festival NZ (Ace Crew NZ)

• 1st Place 2012 NZ Kpop Cover Contest (New Beginning Crew)


SKF 2019 (Sydney)

ARENA Singapore 2019 (Singapore)

IMI Showcase 2018 (Sydney)

Korean Brand Expo Kpop Performance 2018 (Sydney)

Duruje Guest Performance 2018 (Auckland)

Happy Pull Campaign Performance 2018 (Auckland)

AUDA Performance @Niesh (Auckland)

Duruje Performance 2017

Sika Crew Spring Festival Gala 2017 (Auckland)

AESIR Streets of Asia 2017 (Auckland)

Taiwan Festival 2017 (Auckland)

World TV Lunar Festival 2015 (Auckland – Trust Arena)

ANZ Netball Semi-finals 2015 Performance (Hamilton)

World TV Miss China Pageant 2014 (Sky City Theatre)

Why I started dancing/history?

I first began dancing around 6-7 years ago, I joined my school Chinese and Korean modern dance group and loved dancing to Kpop and Hip Hop, from there I started my own Kpop dance classes in 2013 under "Mitch's Kpop Dance Classes" as I was passionate about Kpop and there was pretty big demand. In 2016 it started to become more popular and some of my students created a small Kpop crew called "MDC". More recently I have moved into Urban Dance, and have joined a local crew here in Sydney called GVNG. Now I am pursuing dance as a full time career teaching private classes to students and teaching at various schools and studios around Sydney.


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