Leeny Robertson Jun 2024

My adult daughter and I attended one of Ness' macrame crystal necklace making workshops and it was very enjoyable. Excellent range of crystals to choose from. We did run out of time as we were quite slow, but Ness was super helpful and patient with us both. Lovely lady. Looking forward to using her instructions to complete our necklaces.

Textiles class review by Leeny Robertson - Brisbane

Summer Woods May 2024

Very happy with this kit. The stone is beautiful and I’m looking forward to making the necklace

Nerida Budd May 2024

Ness is lovely. Great instructions. Plenty of time for the group of us. Good fun. A successful planter.

Pauline Mar 2024

Absolutely loved it, instructions easy to understand. Teacher was kind and patient, questions welcomed. Highly recommend.

Ellen Crank Mar 2024

Ness was so friendly and well organised, and made our little class so easy. We all had a lovely night - lots of laughs and fun. Thanks so much!

Rag Rugs Workshop review by Ellen Crank - Brisbane

Tracey Wockner Mar 2024

Totally awesome easy and NESS the tutor was so helpful, good price for class and looking forward to doing more of Macrame Sweetness classes.

Lenna Gaske Jan 2024

Absolutely awesome course!

We had a great day and all came away with a cute bag!

We were all total beginners and Ness was so very patient and helpful!

Highly recommend!

Aimee Cummins Jan 2024

Video tutorial was easy enough to follow, got a bit confused towards the end but finished the bag and am very happy with it :)
Ness was very good with communication and made sure that I was able to complete my project with the kit supplied
All cords were separated well and clearly labelled, so I wouldn’t get anything mixed up. Can’t wait to get my 2nd one done!

DIY Macrame Handbag Craft Kit review by Aimee Cummins

Narelle Doherty Dec 2023

I went to a rag rug workshop for the first time and found that Ness (the teacher) explained everything really well making learning how to make the rug easy. I loved the choice of materials supplied. For a beginner like me this was the best class to start off. I would certainly attend another workshop run by Ness.

Kathryn Arthur Dec 2023

Wonderful hand-on teacher who made sure everyone got attention to give us a great learning experience

Robyn McDonald Nov 2023

The teacher was great, the work space was a great size. I really enjoyed out how to make the rag rug, now I just need to remember!

Chris Davidson Nov 2023

Ness our teacher was a very patient with us all. She did a magnificent job we all had an amazing afternoon. I love my hat holder. Highly recommend a private party in the comfort of your own house. Great party

Jen Armstrong Nov 2023

Venue was great and Teacher was very patient and helpful. Would definitely recommend to other friends

Lynda Hill Nov 2023

I really enjoyed my Rag Rug workshop experience. It was quite informative and Ness the teacher was very helpful. The venue was excellent, to sum it all up I had a great time and always do at class bento workshops

Lynda Hill

Belinda Fuller Nov 2023

Very enjoyable class. Vanessa was very patient with us and very happy to show me again and again how to make each project

Naomi Russell Nov 2023

This was a great class! My sister, mum and I did this together and we all walked away feeling really accomplished and with an awesome macrame hanging pot!

Ness was a great teacher and very patient, as everyone in the class was learning at a different pace.

Would definitely do another class with Ness in the future :)

Sharmila Danait Nov 2023

Ness is lovely. We had a great class. It was our first time but Ness was patient and helped create our pot hanger. Definitely recommended.

Brenda Barwin Nov 2023

A great class, very helpful and learned some new skills. The angel is very cute!

Kristina McIntosh Oct 2023

Such an enjoyable afternoon. We worked at our place and were not rushed. Our teacher made sure we were all looked after and helped us out if we got stuck or confused. Really happy with how my end product turned out. :)

Textiles class review by Kristina McIntosh - Brisbane

Laura Turner Oct 2023

The Teacher was very patient and explained the process really well so everyone was happy with their finished product. The location was convenient with good parking.

Ada Eckersley Oct 2023

Ness is a great teacher. Patient and very instructive. We were provided with a great selection of materials and we had all the tools necessary to get started in our rag rug class. The Venue was good, bit noisy with other activities going on within the building. Highly recommend

Nora Stapylton Oct 2023

Ness was lovely - very patient with everyone regardless of age or skill level. She made everyone feel welcomed.

Janne Ward Aug 2023

Great teacher, very helpful, and offered future support with online learning. I finished my rug mat thanks to the online tute provided by the teacher.

Textiles class review by Janne Ward - Brisbane

Courtney Hayburn Aug 2023

Ness is lovely, friendly and patient. She explains well so that all levels can understand.

Stephanie Oliver Aug 2023

Ness was very good at explaining technique. My friend and I enjoyed her class immensely.

Jenessa Barnard Jul 2023

My two girls had a great time. It was a new skill for them to learn that was challenging but doable! The teacher was helpful and patient with them as they completed their project!

Macrame Dreamcatcher Workshop for Kids review by Jenessa Barnard - Brisbane

Shelley Archbold Jun 2023

Excellent Class. Easy to get to location. All materials supplied and instructor was excellent. Thanks!

Kathryn Clarke Jun 2023

The teacher was great. She explained the knots well and demonstrated them to us. She came round and made sure we were doing it right and waited until we were ready before proceeding with the next step so none of us were left behind. All materials were provided and explained the different types we can use. very good workshop.

Melissa Worthington Jun 2023

Awesome class and such a fun way to spend a Sunday morning. Ness is a very good trainer and explains easily.

Deb Blakley Jun 2023

Great workshop! Ness was a wonderful teacher and we had many laughs along the way. I was so addicted by the end I had to continue building my rag rug when I got home!

Traci Hardy May 2023

Our workplace came today for team building. Everyone had an amazing time and all left with an amazing pot and hanger. Our lovely, patient teachers were fantastic and made us all feel at home. We learnt 2 different crafts today and was well worth the money. Thankyou Thankyou

Emma Brohman Apr 2023

We had a great time with Ness! Very friendly and relaxed environment. Great instructor and an awesome product to take home at the end. Highly recommend!

Amy Keetels Apr 2023

Was great fun. Teacher was lovely and explained very clearly. Time frame was perfect. We enjoyed herself.

Alexandra Cope Apr 2023

We really enjoyed the rag rug workshop with Ness. She runs a great workshop, explains things clearly and supply’s all materials. I had been to a workshop before with friends and enjoyed it so much I went again with my sister. We are all rag rug enthusiasts now and having fun sharing our creations.

Textiles class review by Alexandra Cope - Brisbane

Jeannene Mould Apr 2023

Great class. Instructor Ness was really good with explaining everything and very patient when some of us didn’t quite get it
The 2hours just flew by and was a lovely way to spend an afternoon

Mutsumi Sakaguchi Mar 2023

Great teacher - friendly and her instructions are clear and easy to follow/understand. I really enjoyed the class. I want to go back again and try another workshop! Thanks so much

Textiles class review by Mutsumi Sakaguchi - Brisbane

Beate Israel Mar 2023

Well presented, teacher very patient. The location was easy to get to a central. Just a bit ordinary

Alexandra Wiggins Mar 2023

Our teacher Danielle, was fantastic very patient and knowledgeable.
The course was well structured and provided all the materials we needed to complete the project.
I had lots of fun

Macrame Wall Hanging Class review by Alexandra Wiggins - Brisbane

Lynda Hill Mar 2023

I throughly enjoyed my time and the teachers were very patient with me. The materials and all equipment spot on. I didn’t finish in time but I believe I can finish my work later. All and all a great day.

Lynda hill

Teedie Glynn Mar 2023

The teacher was knowledgeable and helpful. Sometimes it was hard to hear because of fans.

Allison Crawford Mar 2023

This class was really great. Ness is a wonderful teacher, calm and kind and and so talented. Seeing her completed rugs was inspirational and has given me lots of motivation to keep going. It's also so therapeutic and relaxing, rag rug making is now my absolute favourite thing to do ☺️. The venue at BagEnd Studios was gorgeous (amazing art and crafts for sale) and the materials Ness provided were great, especially the nifty tool from the USA! The whole experience was great value for money and we'll be back for more soon. Thanks Ness

Karen Barrett Mar 2023

Clear explanation. Friendly helpful teacher. Plenty of room. Follow up assistance is readily available. Great!

Alicia Bulmer Mar 2023

LOVED IT Absolutely loved today's class! NESS was fantastic at explaining exactly what to expect & how to correct if we find ourselves out of shape. The intimate class size was great to help NESS get around the room and individually help us all get started.
Highly recommended

Textiles class review by Alicia Bulmer - Brisbane

Cheryll Eddy Mar 2023

Teacher was greatso patient and so good at explaining and demonstrating.
No matter how many times you needed help she was there to explain ,show and get you going again.

Mareta Folino Mar 2023

Fabulous class Ness is a great teacher very patient .loved it thank you fabric provided and learnt so much

Sharon Marsh Feb 2023

Very experienced crafter giving excellent instruction in a great venue. Time flew by. Able to work at my own pace with one-on-one guidance whenever required.

Lynn Mathers Feb 2023

Oh what fun! Informative and well-guided, I felt confident in continuing the project once I was home. Loved we had choices in starter packs.
Would highly recommend to even the most novice of crafters.
Big thanks and thumbs up!

Textiles class review by Lynn Mathers - Brisbane

Vickie Cowling Jan 2023

Excellent delivery of course, friendly and helpful
Would do more courses with this instructor anytime

Kylie Green Jan 2023

A lovely warm and friendly craft class(Macrame) and venue was easy to get to. Supplies all included and good quality.
Ness was very patient and took time to show you what to do.

Karen Kemp Jan 2023

It was a great class. Very informative and easy to follow. Ness made sure everyone understood the process.
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