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Fun Calligraphy classes / courses in Sydney

Calligraphy is a beautiful art to learn especially in this day of tapping on devices of all kinds and forgetting how to write with a simple pen. Whether you are a beginner and want to know the basics of calligraphy or you have an interest in brush script lettering we are adding new classes for every week in Sydney. You will learn how to use calligraphy brushes and pens, calligraphy hand lettering and even lettering guides from local expert modern calligraphers in Sydney.


Learn in-person from our hand-picked expert Calligraphy teachers, like Moonlight Creation. You'll be supporting your local talents.

Whether you're in Alexandria or Crows Nest, and whether you're keen on weekends or weekdays, we've got the workshop for you. It's easy to book at a custom time that suits you, with our unique class Request feature.

Our Calligraphy classes are affordable, convenient, and perfect for all skill levels, including beginners. They are also great gift ideas.

Book online with absolute confidence, with our money-back satisfaction guarantee, secure checkout, and Sydney-based customer support team.

Custom classes

Want to learn or experience something specific? You can easily arrange a custom workshop, by contacting our teachers.

Want a unique and memorable event? We've organised hens parties, team building, and much more, to rave reviews. We've got a range of teachers who cater specifically to larger events, and we can customise classes to suit your tastes, in ways you've never imagined. Get in touch and we'll put something together.

A few recent reviews for our Calligraphy classes


For Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

By (attended on 11 Jan 2019)

Lovely lesson. Much more to calligraphy than I realised. Gentle informative tuition following traditional methods with a supportive and encouraging teacher. Wish to do more.


For Calligraphy for Beginners

By (attended on 9 Jan 2019)


She is really good teacher. My son is very happy and enjoying his class. I am 100% Satisfied and happy.


For Introduction to Brush Lettering Workshop

By (attended on 8 Dec 2018)

Alena was very encouraging and friendly. Not only everyone was given plenty of time to practice during the 2.5 hours with her guidance, we also got to learn different types of brush pens as well. Overall it's an inviting and fun workshop for all beginners! Highly recommended!

Introduction to Brush Lettering Workshop review by Cathy

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