Chinese New Year 2019 - Things to do - Sydney

Chinese New Year 2019 - Things to do - Sydney

Chinese New Year 2019 - Things to do - Sydney

This is the year of the Pig, and it’s sure to bring success and happiness to all. The Chinese New Year, also sometimes called the Lunar New Year, or the Chinese Spring Festival, will begin on February 5 in 2019. This celebration doesn’t just last one day - Lucky for all of us! Instead, the Chinese New Year  consists of 15 days of celebration with loved ones and family. 

There are plenty of activities and events happening in Sydney during this special time and ClassBento is happy to share some of our special family-friendly things to do list. All of the workshops are great for adults and kids, and can accommodate the size of your group so that no one gets left out!

Take a look at this list of top 5 things to do for Chinese New Year 2019 that would be a great way to celebrate:

1.       Basket Flower Arranging Workshop

This is a 2 hour course that takes place in Glebe with the talented florist, Setsuko Yanagisawa. With all materials provided, you’ll learn how to arrange gorgeous flower arrangements and bouquets. The atmosphere is tranquil and intimate so that you can relax and get one-on-one guidance from the instructor. And, at the end of the class, you can take your beautiful creation home.

Setsuko has been trained in both Japanese and European floral arrangement styles.

2.       Dessert Watercolour Illustration Class

What’s more festive than eating sweets for the new year? And with this fun class taught by Blair Zhang, you can enjoy dessert and learn how to paint at the same time! This three hour class is packed with useful instruction on how to use watercolor, including lessons on perspective, drawing, and using different textures, all while enjoying tasty treats like waffles, croissants, or cakes. This workshop is taught in Edgecliff, and you don’t need to bring any materials - just your appetite!

Blair is an experienced watercolour illustrator, specialising in food art.

3.       Night Photography Short Course

Chinese New Year is such a wonderful time to enjoy those summer nights and see all of the beautiful events and firework shows that this holiday brings. With this night photography workshop, you can learn to capture that beauty with your camera.

This class is taught by Alfonso Calero and lasts two and a half hours, during which time you’ll find a gorgeous place in The Rocks to set up your tripod and learn how to take great photos at night. 

This is even better come VIVD Festival, discover unique VIVID activities here. 

night photography

Alfonso has been a professional photographer for over 20 years and has won numerous awards for his work.

4.       Cupcake Baking Class

Baking cupcakes is one of those things that, sure, you can do at home, but they’re never quite as delicious as the ones that you buy from a specialty shop. Well, with this class, taught by pastry chef Scerena Thompson, you’ll learn how to make cupcakes like a pro.

In this 2 hour workshop, you’ll learn how to bake the perfect chocolate, chocolate chip, or vanilla cupcakes and then decorate them as you like. Remember! The lucky color for Chinese New Year is red, so make sure your cupcakes follow the tradition!

At the end of the course, you can take home your delicious treats and share them with your loved ones!

Scerena has 17 years of experience as a head chef, and loves sharing her knowledge through teaching.

5.       Makmak Macaron Making Class

macaron things to do

Macarons are not only tasty and beautiful, they’re also fun to make! Take you family to MakMak Macarons to learn from the Mak Daddy himself, Carlos, how to make these delicate and flavor-packed treats. The workshop lasts for two hours, and you’ll walk away with a complimentary gift bag filled with recipes and equipment to make your own macarons at home.

Carlos is the CEO of MakMak Macarons which open its doors in 2010. Since then, it has become Sydney’s top location for macarons, being named the best macaron in the city.

The Chinese New Year is a lovely time of the year to spend with family and friends. In fact, it’s the time of the year that is the most important for family reunions and big celebrations with loved ones. And while there are so many wonderful traditions taking place during these two weeks in February, there are also plenty of unique opportunities like the ones we’ve mentioned on this list. Just make sure you’re spending time with the people you love!

There’s still time to plan out how you’ll be celebrating the Year of the Pig this February! Enjoy!


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