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Collective Obsessions is all about bringing experienced and budding artists together, providing a platform to try different mediums and learn new techniques through Creative Open Days, Workshops and providing great products.

Starting through our love of creating, painting, designing, building, capturing, telling a story... and well... some say a little craziness, we realised, that through everything we do, we LOVE being creative, we LOVE sharing our studio by having artists (or newbies) creating with us, swapping stories, sharing idea’s and having a blast. We have also arrived at the understanding that “CREATING can become an OBSESSION”... and for us at least, it has. Thus begun our journey as, four art lovers and a studio, or Collective Obsessions!

Meet the Team:


Rochelle grew up with an art-loving father and creative mother so art was always in her genes. From charcoal, fashion design and then to photography, which captured her heart and cemented her love for creating something that would last a lifetime and forever brings a smile to someone’s face. Whether capturing our human spirit with her photography, giving into natures allure or flow art in all its forms, Rochelle’s passion and talent for creating is simply amazing! Rochelle draws inspiration from living life to its fullest, laughing every day (normally at Jamie), and of course, her favourite place to be, the ocean... I mean our Studio. (She also makes pretty mean cakes and desserts too).

Jamie (Mean Boss)

Finding a passion for creation through photography, often seeing what others just walk past, Jamie's images travelled across the globe enabling them to reach tens of thousands of followers. A lover of all things creative, natural, unique and/or unusual, and with the help and generational teachings of his father, Jamie then started to create timber furniture with a difference. These days, Mean Boss focuses, on nothing... no seriously... nothing.... he uses a variety of mediums including, charcoal and resin, acrylic and lead (pencils) and of course timber, and generally has multiple pieces on the go at once, all the while sharing his studio and constantly striving to find new and interesting ways to use, or break, any medium. (We’re not bringing up pottery any more).

That’s our story and we THANK you for reading and taking an interest.


Acrylic Dutch Pour Class

5.0 (19)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Balcatta

1 to 16

label $145 - $165

Alcohol Ink and Resin Art Class: Keep Cups

4.9 (10)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Balcatta

1 to 10

label $102 - $114

Resin Art Workshop: Cheese / Tapas Board and Coasters

5.0 (215)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Balcatta

1 to 16

label $142 - $152

Resin Homewares Class: Serving Tray and Jars

5.0 (9)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Balcatta

1 to 16

label $165 - $172

Acrylic Flow Art

4.9 (16)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Balcatta

1 to 16

label $142 - $152

Pot Painting Workshop with Alcohol Inks

5.0 (41)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Balcatta

1 to 20

label $131 - $145

Resin Picnic Table Workshop

5.0 (5)

date_range Sun 10 Mar, 10am

location_on Balcatta

1 to 10

label $159 - $172

Resin Clock Making Workshop

5.0 (9)

date_range Sun 10 Mar, 1:30pm

location_on Balcatta

1 to 16

label $176 - $195

Resin Paw Print Class

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Balcatta

1 to 16

label $165 - $172

Alcohol Ink Workshop with Bubbles and Bites

4.9 (26)

date_range 24 Mar, 20 Apr

location_on Balcatta

1 to 16

label $131 - $145

Resin Art Workshop - Surfboard

5.0 (1)

date_range Sat 2 Mar, 1:30pm

location_on Balcatta

1 to 16

label $125 - $135

Watercolour & Wine Class - Night Skies

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Balcatta

1 to 16

label $90 - $95

Resin Art Workshop for Teens

5.0 (2)

date_range 3 Apr, 11 Apr

location_on Balcatta

1 to 10

label $95 - $105

River Resin Coffee Table Workshop

5.0 (7)

date_range 17 Mar, 28 Apr

location_on Balcatta

1 to 16

label $395 - $425

Polymer Clay Jewellery Workshop

5.0 (4)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Balcatta

5 to 10

label $85 - $95

Deep Pour Resin Board Course

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Balcatta

1 to 8

label $465 - $485

Kids Acrylic Flow Art Class

5.0 (14)

10 to 16 years

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Balcatta

1 to 16

label $65

Alcohol Ink Pot Painting Class for Private Functions

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Balcatta

8 to 16

label $135

Bubbles, Bites & Alcohol Ink Class for Private Functions

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Balcatta

8 to 20

label $135

Paint Pouring & Pinot Class for Private Functions

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Balcatta

8 to 16

label $145

Polymer Clay Jewellery Class for Private Functions

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Balcatta

8 to 16

label $95

Resin Art Class for Private Functions

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Balcatta

8 to 20

label $152 - $185

River Resin Art Workshop: Timber Table

5.0 (1)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Balcatta

1 to 8

label $485 - $540

Acrylic Paint Pouring - How to Mix Your Paint



label $19





Tina Langensiepen Feb 2024

Very relaxing class as the room was set up so well. The teacher was helpful and funny creating a great atmosphere. We made alcohol ink tumblers and had a great time.

Gregory Achkar Feb 2024

Teacher was excellent and professional! Would recommend every time, don’t miss out on this class.

Fluid Art class review by Gregory Achkar - Perth

Tara Sirna Feb 2024

Had a great time. Always a fun class. Thank you Rochelle. I’m sure I’ll book again soon

Louise Hunter Feb 2024

It was good to get face to face instruction on dutch pouring. The teacher was friendly and was easy to follow. I hope to attend another class soon. Thanks, Louise

Denise Pearson Feb 2024

It was a very warm day, but the workshop was lovely and cool. It is a very relaxing atmosphere, with all instructions clear. Help was always at hand and all advice was greatly appreciated

Casey Angwin Feb 2024

Teacher has so much knowledge and skills and tricks. She was a great person to learn from.

Amy Rowe Feb 2024

This was a birthday gift from my parents. I have always wanted to do.

It was so much fun and educational.

Had a great time and will definitely try something else next time.

Janet McMiles Feb 2024

Rochelle is a great teacher. Very patient, inspiring and informative. All questions are encouraged and answered. A lot of information is imparted and if applicable, notes sent to prompt your memory.

Suzanne Findlay Feb 2024

What FUN I had with my sister learning how to do Dutch paws. The YouTube videos make it seem so simple however that is definitely not the case and I learnt so much more from this class

Fluid Art class review by Suzanne Findlay - Perth

Francesca Zwick Feb 2024

Had so much fun to explore this new to me Technik in a nice
Air conditioned big art studio where your imagination and creativity can run wild.
Our teacher was so knowledgeable, pationate, very helpful and so very nice to explain every step of the way so we can create our own masterpieces at home now
Thank you very much, it was a wonderful afternoon

Acrylic Dutch Pour Class review by Francesca Zwick - Perth

Lorraine Ferguson-Smith Feb 2024

Great host, friendly and welcoming with great instruction and delicious morning tea, lovely studio. Highly recommend.

Samuel Oakes Feb 2024

The class was great, the instructor provided a very fun and upbeat casual environment. Once everyone had arrived she gave a rundown of the day and we'll explained demo and then let us get onto things. Highly recommend.

Aimee Cummins Feb 2024

This class was heaps of fun! Watched Rochelle do a couple of demonstrations, started out with the smaller canvas and very happy with the results!
The most fun I’ve had painting, watching the layers of different colours overlap and create shapes and blend was the best part
For the circular canvas I was guided through as it was a different shape, overall awesome class and I would love to do it again!

Aimee Cummins Feb 2024

Another great class with Collective Obsessions!
Rochelle was so helpful with picking and matching colours, really happy with how they turned out :)

Fluid Art class review by Aimee Cummins - Perth

Sheridan Murphy Feb 2024

Michelle was informative and very helpful. Made you feel comfortable to do anything thank you

Courtney Holst Feb 2024

What an amazing class, Rochelle was wonderful I learnt a lot of different techniques and have already tried to book in another class with Rochelle. I highly recommend this class lots of fun even for beginners

Jodis Powell Feb 2024

Thank you. I brought my mother in law and we had a lovely time, we now are ready to try a project at home.

Don McMiles Feb 2024

I very much enjoyed the class with Rochelle.
She was an inspiring, patient and encouraging teacher. I would have no trouble recommending the class to others.

Sue Loveland Jan 2024

Great fun morning. Everything we needed was supplied and teacher was very helpful and informative. Definitely will do it again.

Fluid Art class review by Sue Loveland - Perth

Kerry Jan 2024

Such a wonderful studio with a relaxed feel. A birthday present for my mum which we both thoroughly enjoyed. The instructor was full of tried and tested knowledge and very inviting. I’ve never done something like this before but will definitely be coming back.

Jessie Atkins Jan 2024

Fantastic class! Booked for my mum and myself as a Christmas present and we both really enjoyed the experience. Lots of help through out with easy to follow instructions. Rochelle was a great teacher and very keen to come back for some more classes

Melissa Fisher Jan 2024

We had a great workshop! It was a lot of fun, for our first time working with resin…can’t wait to see our finished products. Rochelle was a great teacher, very patient and made the workshop lots of fun we had many laughs creating our master pieces. Would highly recommend doing a class. Looking forward to doing another class soon! Thank you

Zoe Woodward Jan 2024

We had the best day! Dangerous how addictive Resin is Thank you for opening our eyes to this fun world

Michaela McCarthy Jan 2024

Enjoyed learning a new technique and product alcohol ink. Teacher demonstrated the different techniques well

Nikki Brown Jan 2024

We had such a fun afternoon learning something completely new and exciting. Our teacher was calm and very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I will definitely be back. Thanks you for a great experience

Tracy Howlett Jan 2024

Rochelle is awesome teacher, very clear so we knew what we were doing and she provided advice as we went about the task. The venue is really good and everything was set out ready to go. Was a lot of fun and definitely keen to do it again.

Aimee Cummins Jan 2024

The hardest part was, indeed, choosing colours! Watched a few demonstrations of different methods of applying the resin, also using alcohol spray to get different effects.
Enjoyed blending the colours on the board the most, was a fun class :)

Resin Art Workshop: Cheese / Tapas Board and Coasters review by Aimee Cummins - Perth

Corrine Dempsey Jan 2024

Workshop was great! The teacher was very friendly, helpful and funny.
Great atmosphere in the studio and all materials we supplied and lots of encouragement was given.
My mum and I had a blast, would definitely recommend this.

Dawn Donald Jan 2024

Another wonderful glass
Learnt new techniques for patterns and effects and colour blending
Going back next week

Resin Art Workshop: Cheese / Tapas Board and Coasters review by Dawn Donald - Perth

Loryn Fijac Jan 2024

Ivy and Drew had the best time at the Art Flow lesson. The teacher was so patient and helpful. Would highly recommend.

Anne Murby Dec 2023

Really enjoyed it, with clear and precise tuition the whole experience was fabulous, would recommend the classes to anybody with an interest in art or creation. I will definitely be taking another course in the new year

Dawn Donald Dec 2023

Michelle helped guide me through a brand new activity
Coming back next week for another project!

Anjali (Angie) Joseph Dec 2023

The instructor was friendly, very encouraging and provided a good introduction to polymer clay. There was a large variety of colours and materials (clay, beads, cutters, etc.) to choose from. I was able to make a bag tag for my five-year-old and earrings for myself. As a complete beginner, I felt a sense of satisfaction, from being able to create these things. Also, the class was fun. I didn't realise how fast the time flew. I highly recommend this class.

Jewellery Making class review by Anjali (Angie) Joseph - Perth

Aimee Cummins Dec 2023

Teacher was lovely, very helpful any time I got stuck. Favourite part was mixing colours to, learned how to coat with clear resin
Will most likely end up doing the class again for the 500ml cups
Was also nice to be able to walk around the studio and see other projects that are available to do

Martine Passmore Dec 2023

Learnt all about products, pours, colours and water products not setting.
Food spread was fantastic. Look forward to picking up my resin boards

Elodie Renollet Dec 2023

Excellent class. I was a mummy and daughter activity.
Well presented and we had fun during the entire time

Hardeep Mann Dec 2023

The teacher was nice and polite. I learnt how to make tray and jar lids. They provided me resin products which was awesome. It was great experience.

Leanne Nokes Dec 2023

Have been wanting to do this class for a while and it did not disappoint! Rochelle was fantastic She was so helpful and readily sharing her knowledge. I learnt so much and can’t wait to book the next class :)

Resin Clock Making Workshop review by Leanne Nokes - Perth

Shane Lewis Dec 2023

What an experience. Rochelle was informative and helpful, and with everything that was needed supplied by the studio, including the great music, the time flew past but was absolutely fantastic. See you again soon.

Phil Bartolo Dec 2023

Awesome introdution to resin.
Rochelle is great, very knowledgeable and helpful.
Willing to help after you have done the course.

Thomas Moore Dec 2023

Amazing class, well taught, fun, friendly, everything we could have wanted out of our day.

Kelly Howman Dec 2023

Booked this class for my daughter-in-law (she's creative) and me (I'm not really) BUTas soon as we walked into the venue space it was welcoming, colourful and made us excited to start. Rochelle is just gorgeous, bubbly and such an amazing teacher. She's very informative and it was easy to understand her instructions, as a nervous novice that put me at ease. We had such a great bunch in the class and I'm stunned at what we created in the end. We will definitely be back sometime, with my arty daughter in the mix, to learn more for sure. For what we get to take home, the materials and Rochelle's expertise and time was worth the money. This was out of my comfort zone but one of the best afternoons I've had in a long time. Thank you Creative Obsessions

Grant Ford Dec 2023

We really enjoyed the session. Rochelle made us feel very welcome and got us up and running in no time. Would highly recommend.

Vicki Zorino Nov 2023

Faboulous shop and workshop fun and caring teacher so many beautiful things in store and to make!
Thanks for a great class

Deb Thomas Nov 2023

Classes with Rochelle are amazing. She is a fantastic teacher who provides a wonderful demonstration. The space is well set up & bright. Rochelle is available to share advice or help if needed. I’ve always loved my end product. I’m addicted to resin art now.

Jacob White Nov 2023

Rochelle our instructor was fantastic and gave us some great tips on how to get amazing results. The class was a lot of fun and we were really happy with what we made.

Acrylic Dutch Pour Class review by Jacob White - Perth

Teacher's response

Thanks so much Jacob you should be wrapped with your peices, they look great.

Jessie Knox Nov 2023

This was awesome! Even for someone hopeless at all things creative, it was a fun, safe space and my partner and I really enjoyed it!

Teacher's response

Thanks a million Jessie, it was nice to show you that you can be creative :)

Sharon Spooner (And Support Cindy Nov 2023

Thank you so much Rochelle for a fantastic class, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole class, from your wonderful coaching and facilitation to always being there when you are needed even though there are 10 or more people needing your attention too.
I was really nervous doing this class, I have seen it before in the shops and thought it must be hard, but you made it easy and all the extra work that you do after we go home to make our pieces of art to a masterpiece
Thank you for the kindness you have shown in letting my Support Friend bring me and support me it is really appreciated.
I really look forward to my next visit to your workshop.
And thank you for the lovely food and drinks provided

Teacher's response

Your very welcome Sharon, we look forward to seeing you back in the studio this week for another play.

Rich Mills Nov 2023

Awesome teacher, easy to follow instructions. Was a fun arvo and learnt lots of techniques I can apply to other art projects.

Teacher's response

Thanks a million :)

Lucinda Anderson Nov 2023

Our teacher, Rochelle was very helpful & made this art class lots of fun.
I'll be back for more classes
Loved it

Teacher's response

You're welcome Lucinda and I can't wait to teach you some more techniques or show you how much fun resin is.

Cornelia Irani Nov 2023

Rochelle was Informative and very personable
Great environment very supportive
Highly recommended
Will be going back

Teacher's response

Thank you so much Cornelia xx I'm looking forward to showing you our other classes.

Mandie Cockill Nov 2023

What a great way to spend a couple of hours. Our instructor, Rochelle was amazing. She explained everything so well and even I was super happy with how my cup turned out. I am so jot crafty. Definately recommended and I will be back to do more classes. Thanks Rochelle x

Teacher's response

You're welcome Mandie, it was a pleasure to have you in the studio :)

Kim Armstrong-Wood Nov 2023

Loved it
Will definitely do it again when I have decided what board to pick.

Teacher's response

Haha, so many choices. Thanks for your wonderful review :)

Pauline Byng Nov 2023

Loved the alcohol ink class. My teacher was very thorough and a great communicator and I learned so much about ink technique in one class. The venue was fabulous and I enjoyed the fact that other students were as keen to learn and try things as I was. The class was fun without being a silly day out, but a serious learning experience. Worth the money for sure. Thank you to Collective Obsessions for a wonderful experience.

Fluid Art class review by Pauline Byng - Perth

Teacher's response

Thanks so much Pauline for your wonderful review :)

Regine Endres Nov 2023

Loved the class, good detailed information provided. Very happy with the outcome of my artwork.

Nicole Marshall Nov 2023

My group created resin cheeseboards and coasters. Our teacher was very friendly and helpful. There were a huge range of colours to choose from. We were all beginners and are happy with our creations. We will definitely go back.

Wendy Ibbotson Nov 2023

Enjoyed the class, teacher and assistant both helpful and friendly, can’t comment on cost etc as it was a gift to me

Bridie Nov 2023

Easy to find, easy to create, well stocked class, and very friendly teacher. Thanks heaps for sharing your knowledge

Ros Wright Nov 2023

The class was great for beginners everything was provided with endless product choices . The teacher Rochelle was friendly and patient and gave easy to follow instructions. I liked the small class size
It was a lovely relaxing morning very easy going. I would definitely recommend the workshop,and I plan to take another class in the new year.

Errol Hine Nov 2023

Teacher explained everything very well and was super helpful it was a really cool experience.

Anonymised ClassBento student Oct 2023

Excellent instruction, materials were of high quality and beginner friendly. Lots of designs to choose from, hardest part of the class was definitely picking a design!

Maria Contreras Oct 2023

It was a great experience, learned lots and have lots of fun. Teacher very experience and friendly.

Amanda Seneno Oct 2023

I loved this experience. I learned alot and it was great to have a go with epoxy resin.
I'm happy with my creations and am keen to go again.
Highly recommend Collective Obsessions as the starting point if you are thinking if creating with resins or creating g masterpiece art work

Vicki Zorino Oct 2023

Great teacher fun atmosphere lovely ladies in class lots to learn thankyou
I will be back well done

Alastair Lea Oct 2023

Full of information and happy to answer all questions, will be going back for more classes

Eve Stromback Oct 2023

Really fun class with a friendly teacher, all materials supplied and we had a yummy grazing board as well. We painted one big and one small plant pot-off to Bunnings to get some plants!

Patricia Vellinho Ely Oct 2023

It was a great experience with all the explanation that I need.
I loved and will come back

Naomi Milne Oct 2023

No better way to spend a morning than to be encouraged to have fun and make a mess. I love making practical and functional art pieces.

Fluid Art class review by Naomi Milne - Perth

Jana Ledl Oct 2023

It was excellect class, with a lots of help, great usuful information and many colours to choose from.

Resin Art Workshop: Cheese / Tapas Board and Coasters review by Jana Ledl - Perth

Sonja Robertson Sep 2023

Venue was ideally located, spacious and inviting. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and so easy going, very friendly and helpful

Resin Clock Making Workshop review by Sonja Robertson - Perth

Tania Watson Sep 2023

Rochelle is an amazing instructor. Had a great time and will definitely be going back.

Anonymised ClassBento student Sep 2023

Great fun and Rochelle was a fabulous teacher
Definitely recommend if you are looking for something different to do
Great morning

Resin Clock Making Workshop review by Anonymised ClassBento student - Perth

Donna Green Sep 2023

Fun, enjoyable class. Rochelle had lots of ideas for all the participants. Well worth it.

Ann Macdonald Sep 2023

Experience great as always.
Lovely chance to learn new, get away from the world and enjoy yourself.

Jan Allan Sep 2023

Very informative, great experience excellent space. Lots of fun having no previous experience it was really easy.

Tools and equipment fantastic, light refreshments provided, will definitely be going again, thank you.

Jan & Sarah

Resin Art Workshop: Cheese / Tapas Board and Coasters review by Jan Allan - Perth

Sarah Norman Sep 2023

This was a lot of fun. Perfect Mother/Daughter activity. Rochelle is a great teacher, very encouraging and helping students to develop their creativity. Will definitely be doing classes.

Jewellery Making class review by Sarah Norman - Perth

Jen Sep 2023

Everything needed was suppled. Great range of paint colours available. Clear instructions. Tolerant of mistakes.

Deb Thomas Sep 2023

Rochelle is a very knowledgeable resin art teacher. Her workshop is well set up & very welcoming.
Today I had a play with the colours on coasters, before choosing the colour for my clock. Rochelle was encouraging & supportive throughout the whole process.
I’m thrilled with my pieces & cannot wait to display them in my home.
I would highly recommend any of the classes Rochelle offers. They are great value for money & heaps of fun.

Fluid Art class review by Deb Thomas - Perth

Rhonda Smith Sep 2023

Great afternoon learning a new craft. Teacher very helpful, fun and friendly. Liked the small class size .
Thanks heaps for a great a afternoon.

Neil Hemington Sep 2023

Rochelle's class was a lot of fun and very informative. The workspace was well layed out and the class environment was chilled with music in the background. Rochelle provided a great selection of snacks and drinks to get you through the time in class.
Rochelle has extensive knowledge on woodworking and the creative process. Her gallery shows some stunning examples of what you can achieve not only with resin art but a stunning selection of river tables made on site.
It's very addictive and I can guarantee you wont go only once.
Thanks for all your help
Until next time.

Joanne Ross Wells Sep 2023

This was my second resin board workshop with Rochelle and I’m sure there’ll be more! I took my daughter for her birthday and we had such a fun time together! Thanks Rochelle for a fun and enjoyable workshop. Highly recommend to do this on your own or with a friend/loved one!

Resin Art Workshop: Cheese / Tapas Board and Coasters review by Joanne Ross Wells - Perth

Kenitta Rego Sep 2023

This experience is one I am highly recommending to everyone! I did it with a group of friends for my 30th birthday and would do it over and over again.
Our gorgeous teacher Rochelle bought such great energy, patience and techniques to make it such an enjoyable day and guided us in making our art pieces come to life. The workshop is perfect and has sooo many colours to choose from! So much fun

Fluid Art class review by Kenitta Rego - Perth

Melissa Hayman Aug 2023

Rochelle was awesome as always and very friendly and helpful. Lots of colours to choose from. Very happy with the class and the end result of my artwork. Thanks

Fluid Art class review by Melissa Hayman - Perth

Melissa Hayman Aug 2023

Rochelle was awesome as always and very friendly and helpful. Lots of colours to choose from. Very happy with the class and the end result of my artwork. Thanks

Resin Homewares Class: Serving Tray and Jars review by Melissa Hayman - Perth

Jacqui Gray Aug 2023

Loved this resin clock workshop too Can't wait to see it finished with the numbers

Resin Clock Making Workshop review by Jacqui Gray - Perth

Jacqui Gray Aug 2023

Acrylic Flow workshops are amazing Really loved the pour technique and will try the ring technique next time!

Fluid Art class review by Jacqui Gray - Perth

Jenny Breckler Aug 2023

A fun and creative morning with a friendly and knowledgeable teacher! Hope to do another class soon.

Jacqui Gray Aug 2023

Was an awesome experience learning new medians Absolutely loved this class Rochelle is such a lovely, amazing lady with so much knowledge

Fluid Art class review by Jacqui Gray - Perth

Caroline Woo Aug 2023

Rochelle’s a great teacher - fun and patient - perfect for an absolute beginner like me. Loved the class and can hardly wait to pick up the creations! Amazingly relaxing (once we got started).

Ann Macdonald Aug 2023

The teacher is lovely and makes me feel far more talented than I really am.

Fiona Foster Aug 2023

It’s the second class I’ve tried and learnt so much again l. Found the class very informative our teacher was very friendly

Naomi Rose Aug 2023

Another fabulous time with Rochelle. Had a blast doing serving platters, lazy Susan’s and kids for gorgous glass jars. Shown several different options and giving guidance and support through the class. Can’t wait to pick up our pieces. Worth every cent! Thanks Rochelle

Fluid Art class review by Naomi Rose - Perth

Michael Dann Aug 2023

I liked the hands on experience the teachers provides.

She has a wealth of knowledge, I asked her A LOT of questions she answered every single one.

She also provided additional information like what resin is best used for the type of project and where to find decent wood to start your projects at home

Alyssa Lorimer Aug 2023

Well presented, helpful advice and lovely time socialising. Ended up with different art work to what I went in thinking to do but love the result

Fluid Art class review by Alyssa Lorimer - Perth

Natasha Borrello Aug 2023

A group of 5 of us attended this class, and we all had a fantastic time. The techniques were simple enough for anyone to copy, and our teacher gave clear instructions and was ready to help anyone when they were lagging behind (me!) or looked a bit chaotic (me again!). We were all chuffed with our pieces at the end and we are excited to go and pick them up when they’re fully dry and ready. Would definitely recommend this class!

Donna Green Aug 2023

Rochelle was a fabulous patient and informative teacher who created a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Loved it.

Sharon Aug 2023

Great and well worth it.The instruction provided was just right.Intersting class nice atmosphere

Sonya Middleton Aug 2023

Had a fantastic time at my Dutch Pouring workshop. The venue was well organised and a fun environment. The teacher was very encouraging and offered great tips and assistance along the way.
I left very excited to try it on my own.

Debbie Thomas Aug 2023

Rochelle is AMAZING!
You are given a demonstration, encouraged to ask questions & given heaps of support throughout the session.
I am addicted to resin art now!
Thanks Rochelle

Resin Homewares Class: Serving Tray and Jars review by Debbie Thomas - Perth

Stephen Visser Jul 2023

Very knowledgeable, creative ideas, and inspirational. Definitely coming back to try other crafts. Well done

Ann Macdonald Jul 2023

The teacher Rochelle is fun to be with, and very knowledgeable . I had a great two hours.

Jacqui Gray Jul 2023

Great value for money!
Amazing teacher ❤️
A thoroughly enjoyable experience and highly recommend for anyone

Fluid Art class review by Jacqui Gray - Perth

Dianna Harman Jul 2023

Great class
The teacher was lovely
A very enjoyed afternoon of fun with friends
Thank you

Pot Painting Workshop with Alcohol Inks review by Dianna Harman - Perth

Michele Hendren Jul 2023

Do it Fantasy experience and excellent tutor. Very encouraging and knowledgeable.
Recommend everyone try even if you have never done anything like this before.

Resin Homewares Class: Serving Tray and Jars review by Michele Hendren - Perth

Justine Hogan Jul 2023

A great activity for the team. Friendly and casual environment. Easy to follow instructions and plenty of help provided throughout the class. A really enjoyable experience!

Judith Harris Jul 2023

Everything was fantastic. I felt comfortable and the atmosphere was friendly. I will be advertising your craft. Judi Harris.

Ines Lindinger Jul 2023

Rochelle makes sure everyone gets a great experience, gives you all tools and tricks on hand to get a great result and also makes sure everyone is happy. It’s always great fun to be with Rochelle and paint pouring classes are highly addictive ☺️ I can highly recommend it.

Christy Golder Jul 2023

By far this is the best art studio I've every been too. Rochelle is an amazing teacher and her encouragement put my anxiety at easy and make me believe in myself. She has so much equipment and room to move around and the quality of the canvasses and boards is great.
I highly recommend

Kylie Kinstan Jul 2023

Fantastic class, as always! Love coming to see Rochelle - the studio is set up so well and she's a great teacher. Everyone had a fantastic time and immediately asked when we're coming back.

Daniel Powell Jul 2023

Teacher was very helpful. My daughter and I had a great time. Thanks so much

Vera Sergeev Jul 2023

I recently had the pleasure of attending an Acrylic Dutch Pour workshop, and I must say, I am still under its impressive spell. The experience was nothing short of fantastic. This workshop is an absolute delight for anyone who loves to experiment, try something new, and embrace unexpected surprises while unleashing their creativity.
The technique of moving and mixing colours by blowing with a hair dryer is truly amazing and yields stunning effects. It adds a unique touch to your artwork and opens up a world of possibilities. If you're ever at a loss for what to give your loved ones as a gift, don't hesitate to try this workshop. You will undoubtedly be proud of the unique present you create.
Once you start painting using this technique, it's hard to stop. The allure of exploring new colour combinations and witnessing the magical transformations becomes addictive. Rochelle, the instructor, is a creative and talented artist who provides guidance and ideas without imposing any pressure. She gives you the freedom and time to experiment on your own, while also being readily available to help when needed.
The atmosphere in the workshop room is beautiful, with calming music and a pleasant ambiance. I instantly fell in love with the place. This was my second workshop with Rochelle, and I eagerly anticipate my next visit to this creative haven. The entire experience is truly captivating.
Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of my artwork as it needs time to dry, but I'm eagerly awaiting the opportunity to pick it up. Participating in this workshop provides a sense of accomplishment like no other. It's hard to believe that I created such masterpieces on my own.
I wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to adults and teenagers alike. It's perfect for weekends or holidays, as it provides a unique and fulfilling experience. You'll walk away with a newfound inspiration, an uplifted mood, and unforgettable memories from the time spent in Rochelle's studio.
Thank you, Rochelle, for sharing your talent and for creating such a welcoming environment. Your workshop has been a true source of inspiration and joy, and I am grateful for the wonderful time I had in your studio.

Naomi Milne Jul 2023

Rochelle is a great coach, who offers an amazing comfortable studio space to be creative in.

The class was excellent value for money with personalised tips and lots of one on one time.

Fluid Art class review by Naomi Milne - Perth

Antonietta Chellew Jul 2023

Teacher was right fit for right job. Tolerant, calm and enjoyable.
Would highly recommend it.

Melissa Hayman Jul 2023

Rochelle is always friendly and welcoming. The instructions were given clearly and repeated if needed. I really enjoyed the class today and am very happy with the results of my table.

River Resin Coffee Table Workshop review by Melissa Hayman - Perth

Melissa Hayman Jul 2023

Rochelle is always friendly and welcoming. The instructions were given clearly and repeated if needed. I really enjoyed the class today and am very happy with the results of my table.

Fluid Art class review by Melissa Hayman - Perth

Hutoxi Jul 2023

I took my daughter and she loved it. She learnt a few different techniques and we absolutely loved the end product.
I drove 45 mins to get there and it was worth the trip. Great and patient teacher and good ambience. Can’t wait to go back.

Kids Acrylic Flow Art Class review by Hutoxi  - Perth

Katherine Chapman Jul 2023

I did this class as a friend-date and had a blast! The venue had plenty of parking and was easy to find. The teacher took us through a number of techniques but allowed us to play ourselves and was there to answer questions and help us achieve our creative vision. All supplies were provided and were of a high quality. A fun and relaxing way to spend a few hours!

Chantelle Smith Jul 2023

Knowledgeable instructor, patient and friendly - great tips too.

Enjoyable and relaxing class! Well worth it.

Annemarie Pankhurst Jul 2023

Fabulous class, great fun, great teacher and so well organised. And the end results are amazing. Highly recommended!

Kate Luscombe Jul 2023

First time using alcohol ink for my daughter and I. We’ll set up venue. Great equipment. Enough time given to complete two pots. So pleased to find something my daughter and I could do together. We both had a great time. Thank you.

Vera Sergeev Jul 2023

I had an amazing experience at the pot painting workshop with alcohol inks! It was a truly delightful and inspiring event.
The workshop took place in a beautiful venue that was spacious, well-lit, and aesthetically pleasing. The atmosphere was inviting, creating the perfect environment for creativity and experimentation. The instructor was knowledgeable, creative, and passionate, and their friendly nature helped pass on their love for art to the participants.
Painting with alcohol inks provided a unique and interesting process. You had the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the creative process and explore an endless array of colours. The inks could be mixed, blended, and manipulated to create beautiful abstract pictures on the pots. The technique of blowing on the paints to move them in different directions added an element of excitement and anticipation.
One of the highlights was the versatility of the inks, even a single colour could produce a wide range of shades, resulting in stunning and unique designs. The workshop allowed you to experiment with the colours on a ceramic tile before moving on to painting two plant pots—a small one and a large one. Being able to take the pots home on the same day was a convenient touch, although you needed to seal them later.
To enhance the overall experience, refreshments were served, adding to the happiness and enjoyment of the participants. The combination of the beautiful venue, music, creative atmosphere, and the opportunity to explore your own creativity made it an ideal way to spend a weekend or a holiday.
You highly recommend this workshop to individuals who love to get creative, and it can even be enjoyed with school-aged kids. The pots created during the workshop could make excellent birthday or Christmas presents, adding a personal touch to gift-giving.

Fluid Art class review by Vera Sergeev - Perth

Catherine Hughes Jun 2023

Great class and really enjoyable for both my wife and daughter. Would recommend to others.

My Lindsey Jun 2023

My girlfriend and I loved our Sunday resin class with Michelle. She's a fabulous and fun teacher, giving us the confidence to choose our colours and styles for our artwork. She provided thoughtful snacks, fruit and drinks for us while we worked and had a break between projects. The venue was easy to get to, easy to park and lovely and spacious inside. I absolutely recommend doing a class yourself or buying one as a gift for someone. Worth every cent! Can't wait to go back and collect our masterpieces! Thanks Michelle!

Lauren Ibbotson Jun 2023

Had a wonderful time learning resin art in this class. Nice small group numbers so you aren't waiting long for help and the teacher was patient, helpful & knowledgeable. A yummy arvo tea was also provided. I'm really keen to do other classes!

Adriana Nascimento Jun 2023

We had a great time with Michelle, she is super friendly and very knowledgeable! The studio is huge and had everything you need to create your own artwork.
We love it!

Fluid Art class review by Adriana Nascimento - Perth

Fiona Foster Jun 2023

The class was well organised and my teacher Rochelle was fantastic and so informative I can’t wait to come and pick up my art work

Acrylic Dutch Pour Class review by Fiona Foster - Perth

Ines Lindinger Jun 2023

Rochelle is a fantastic and fun teacher and person, she encourages everyone to just have fun and go for it and gives enough technique input and guidance to have wonderful outcomes. The hole session was magnificent, fun and even better than expected. Thank you very much

Weiner Bev Jun 2023

Thanks Rochelle for all your help. Loved making my clock with its funky numbers. A morning of fun
Can’t wait to see the finished product

Gail Essery Jun 2023

Well organised and lots of colours to work with. Teacher had suggestions and techniques to share

Sophia Smith Jun 2023

So fun Defs will be coming back and doing more classes Great for Xmas presents

Nick Poole Jun 2023

Convenient location for me, great fun classes. Would recommend for starting an interest in any of these skills.

Belinda Alderman Jun 2023

Loved the class. It was great to try the 3 different styles in the Multi - media class. It was a relaxed class and I learnt a lot. I'll definitely be back for another class, next time it'll be Acrylic Dutch Pour.

Karen Whitely Jun 2023

So much fun doing workshops with Rochelle. She bring out the creativity in all participants while guiding us at the same time. Looking forward to doing more workshops!

Brenda Pearson Jun 2023

Wonderful space to be creative with a wonderful teacher. Open to asking for advice and techniques.

Leith Hayes May 2023

Had a wonderful time with my girls. Best Mothers Day present and we all got to create a lovely momento. As always Rochelle was brilliant and bubbly. Recommend this to everyone

Kathlene Oliver May 2023

The teacher was very knowledgeable and encouraging towards participants. Was great that you got to paint 2 pots. Highly recommend

Jemma Mooij May 2023

Rochelle was a fantastic host. Loved the class and will be back to try something different

Katrina Armstrong May 2023

Teacher was great. As a beginner I didn’t get overwhelmed with too much info at once but also had enough knowledge to explore a little. She clearly loves her job and I enjoyed the enthusiasm and light humour as well. Looking forward to doing this again. Thank you

Resin Art Workshop: Cheese / Tapas Board and Coasters review by Katrina Armstrong - Perth

Ann Macdonald May 2023

Rachelle was exceedingly friendly and knowledgeable and made me feel at home. It was a relaxing and intriguing lesson on what could be achieved with acrylic paint. Fun!

Naomi Rose May 2023

Teacher was great and great night totally recommend great class ❤️
She helped put when needed

Ashlie Guest May 2023

very engaging, good banter.
very informative, very friendly, very helpful.
well set up area, would reccomend

Melissa Hayman May 2023

The colour choices are great. Lots of tips and demonstrations before starting to create. I found it a bit difficult, but Rochelle guided me to create artworks that I liked. I'm happy with the results. Thanks for a awesome class today!

Melissa Hayman May 2023

Rochelle is always friendly and welcoming. The venue is very spacious and nice. The class was fun. Rochelle is always very willing to help and give tips on the resin to make everyone's project look awesome. Highly recommend the class. Thanks for a awesome day.

Melissa Walters May 2023

The facility was so well set up and everything was conveniently set up for the class. I really enjoyed the teacher, she was clear with her instructions and very accommodating.
Great to do with friends or attend by yourself as it’s very engaging and comfortable.

Sasha Selley May 2023

Rochelle was welcoming and a great communicator. We had all the materials we needed for a fun afternoon (plus we were spoilt with lovely bubbly and a cheese platter and a take home present for Mother’s Day). We took home
1 large pot and 1 small pot decorated with our own individual alcohol ink design with spectacular colours. A 10/10 fantastic experience. We will be back

Claire Cousins May 2023

Rachelle was an amazing teacher - very positive, encouraging and helpful. A great class! Thank you!

Teegan Mayhew-McKeagg May 2023

I absolutely 100% recommend. It Was a fantastic morning and I throughly enjoyed it :) can’t wait to pick up my coaster and board.

Emily Aitken May 2023

The best art class I’ve ever done. Rochelle is wonderful easy going, relaxed and a very experienced and knowledgeable teacher. She is fun and explains how to complete the art work is such a easy way. We had the best fun and will return to do the other art classes. Cannot wait to try more art. Thank you for a wonderful experience. Emily & Emilia

Alcohol Ink Workshop with Bubbles and Bites review by Emily Aitken - Perth

Hayley Seivwright May 2023

Highly recommend. Perfect balance of instructions and own time to play. Relaxing welcoming environment. Attended solo and loved it.

Gayle Macfarlane May 2023

Was a great class. The Instructor was clear with her directions and very approachable. She really ignited a new interest in doing more classes.
All the materials used were great and it was wonderful to have everything set out before we arrived.
Not sure how I managed to get so much red paint on my face
Will definitely be attending other classes and open days.

Ashlee Blake Apr 2023

We had an absolute blast at our workshop! The teacher explained everything perfectly so it was easy to understand. The products we made were such good quality. We had good fun and learnt alot. Thank you so much!

Janet Hyslop Apr 2023

This is a no-fail activity which produces beautiful art works at first go. Instruction is clear and very concise and the teacher is kind and attentive. The process itself is relaxing and it's fascinating to watch what happens with the colours: all very rewarding. The place is easy to find and there's plenty of parking. I thought it was excellent value!

Danielle Medcalf Apr 2023

Really good fun. Michelle made it really easy with great instructions. I would definitely go again.

Erica Cook Apr 2023

The teacher was absolutely amazing and extremely informative.
The venue is so well designed and the equipment provided is first class. Definitely value for money as the materials are first class ( excellent quality) and lunch was great as it gives you the opportunity to chat with the people you are on the course with and find out what they are doing.
Learning how to make a river board step by step and to experience each stage was excellent.
What I really enjoyed was the detail given and the hands on process of each step and being able to go back and complete the process myself and not have it done for me giving me an even better learning experience.
I loved every minute so helpful
Thank you

Helena Hentz Apr 2023

The teacher was very helpful. very organized setting. highly recommend. we will be back xx

Narelle Kinsella Apr 2023

Our boys loved the acrylic pour class with Rochelle who guided them through the techniques and really encouraged there creativity. We're signing up for the resin class next.

Nelly Tankov Apr 2023

Brilliant class, thank you! Teacher was lovely, and made the techniques very simple for a first timer. Studio & materials were of a very high quality.

Jane Greenwood Apr 2023

Thank you very much, I had a great day. The workshop was very relaxing and enjoyable, I learnt heaps. I'll certainly be back again, wonderful experience.

Fluid Art class review by Jane Greenwood - Perth

Deanna Sampson Apr 2023

This was an awesome class. Rochelle is very knowledgeable. She helped me understand paint consistency and how to use the hair dryer to obtain lacing. It was a really nice morning spending it with other ladies who enjoy your passion.

Allison Gerrard Apr 2023

Absolutely loved this class. Will our instructor had us feeling relaxed from the onset. He was very informative with his instruction and guidance as well as being patient and encouraging as we tapped into our creative side. I was very pleased with the pieces I created and will definitely be back to learn more.

Samantha Wells Apr 2023

I loved this class! Will is a fantastic teacher, very knowledgeable and made it fun. I loved experimenting, the environment is perfect, everything we needed was right there. Alcohol painting was my favourite, will enjoy doing that again and again. Highly recommended!

Fluid Art class review by Samantha Wells - Perth

Niva S Apr 2023

The kids had an amazing time and the teacher was super friendly!
Thank you for an amazing afternoon!

Marjorie McGuinness Apr 2023

Thoroughly enjoyed this painting experience. Rochelle was very knowledgeable and was more than happy to pass on her tips.

Margee Busson Apr 2023

Rochelle is a very knowledgeable and friendly instructor and it’s a privilege to join her class. Always look forward to the next one

Maureen Faas Apr 2023

This was a small class of just 4 which was perfect. We asked lots of questions and Rochelle was a font of information with the techniques clearly demonstrated.
Will definitely be back to do more Dutch pours.

Christine Pattinson Mar 2023

What a great way to spend a few hours. The teacher was very helpful and clearly passionate about her craft. She was patient and skilled at demonstrating the correct techniques. Thank you.
The venue is fit for purpose: large, open, with lots of previously completed artworks on display for inspiration.
Really enjoyed the workshop.

Fluid Art class review by Christine Pattinson - Perth

Lisa Godfrey Mar 2023

It was a fun class, I enjoyed it a lot! I would recommend to others!

Tamara Spencer Mar 2023

My daughter and I absolutely loved our workshop. We learnt soooo much! Will our teacher was very knowledgeable and welcoming. Thank you for getting our creative minds flowing.

Hetal Morar Feb 2023

Our instructor was very engaging and entertaining :) clear instructions and encouragement made it an enriching experience. Thank you! Highly recommended.

Rhea Wilms Feb 2023

This class we so much fun, and we learned so much - it was so easy to learn the instructions as to how to do it, but then you were only limited by your imagination! I'll definitely be back, and I'll be recommending it to friends

Maddison Burmaz Feb 2023

Amazing. Had a total blast, great instructions and in th thick of creation early on. Would reccommend 100%

Christa Fung Feb 2023

Great experience. So many materials provided. I loved doing the workshop with my teenage daughter.

Kerryn Murnain Feb 2023

Always a great atmosphere and teachers give you lots of information, so you can do it at home. Teachers are very helpful.

Cherie Graimes Feb 2023

Will and Rochelle were fantastic, great vibe, extremely helpful and will come back for sure

Dan Green Feb 2023

Everything was fantastic thank you, we enjoyed the class and all the help we received

Carol Pocock Feb 2023

Thanks it was inspirational. My next passion. I enjoyed the teaching, the craft and the new building is great.

Melissa Hayman Feb 2023

The class today was awesome. Rochelle is a brilliant teacher and explained the process well. The choice of colours was a lot too. Really enjoyed the class.

Pot Painting Workshop with Alcohol Inks review by Melissa Hayman - Perth

Chris Hunt Jan 2023

Fantastic class! Really enjoyed learning resin art techniques and getting to make a tapas board as a bonus, highly recommend taking this course.

Paul Gunzburg Jan 2023

Thanks for an enjoyable morning. From my first call to reorganize day, which was done with no problems and then Will our teacher made us feel welcome and the learning experience fun. Would not hesitate to recommend or hopefully do another class in the future. Thanks again, regards Paul

Diane Keenan Jan 2023

Kids had a great time, can’t wait to see their finished product!
Quick and easy class for teens to learn the basics of resin art.
Great way to fill time during holidays. Thanks for a lovely day.

Fluid Art class review by Diane Keenan - Perth

Sasha Selley Jan 2023

We booked the acrylic pour class. The teacher explained things clearly and answered any questions we had. It was a fun class and a comfortable venue. Thank you.

Malia Areke Jan 2023

Everything about this class was amazing! Rochelle is a fantastic teacher and host and made things so easy to understand in terms of the techniques, how resin works and how to fix any mistakes. They made a full disclosure at the start that resin is ADDICTIVE and they were right. I cant wait to get started at home and go back for more classes!

Sheila Milner Jan 2023

Teacher was amazing, very laid back but knowledgeable and gave great instruction before, and guidance during the workshop. Went as a group of 4 and we all had an amazing time. Was so m7ch fun and would defibrillator go back. The workshop was great with lots of inspiration and ideas.

Dianne Oberman Jan 2023

I am highly impressed. Excellent Teacher, Excellent products, Excellent help and advise. Complete artistic freedom and encouragement when things don't quite work out. I will definitely be doing more classes and telling friends, family and Facebook. SO MUCH FUN

Fluid Art class review by Dianne Oberman - Perth

Steph Ellis Jan 2023

Shell was really encouraging and nice. She taught us well, and I really really like flow art now. She was positive and her artwork was amazing.

Jennifer Buckeridge Jan 2023

Loved the class, Will was a fantastic fun instructor. Highly recommend this course. Look forward to booking other classes soon.

Pot Painting Workshop with Alcohol Inks review by Jennifer Buckeridge - Perth

Amanda Whelan Jan 2023

Great! Very organised studio - one of the best workshop set ups I’ve ever been in.

Charmaine Montgomery Jan 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed this work shop.

Will, the instructor, explained the techniques well and was encouraging for all levels of creativity. In our group we had experienced artists, beginners, and participants who hadn’t done art for decades. Will was funny, and supportive, and we all came away with something we liked.

The venue is excellent with easy parking on a Sunday. The class was well structured, and studio well organised. I would definately go again.

Pot Painting Workshop with Alcohol Inks review by Charmaine Montgomery - Perth

Melissa Emery Jan 2023

Awesome experience. Fantastic teacher and studio. Great guidance and knowledge gave us the ability to create amazing pieces of art work. Fantastic way to spend wedding anniversary with my husband

Fluid Art class review by Melissa Emery - Perth

Chloe Walton Jan 2023

My daughter really enjoyed the class and the teacher was very friendly and helpfull.
The venue was so well prepared and organised.
The hardest part was trying to decide which colours to use!

Kids Acrylic Flow Art Class review by Chloe Walton - Perth

Reann McKinlay-Hall Jan 2023

Rochelle was an amazing teacher, very easy to understand and helpful when needed. The venue was very easy to find and the whole store was clean and exciting!

The course itself was amazing! Beginner friendly and definitely makes you want to come back and create some more!
Highly recommend to everyone

Resin Art Workshop: Cheese / Tapas Board and Coasters review by Reann McKinlay-Hall - Perth

Renee Cowley-Cooper Jan 2023

Amazing experience! The class was so much fun and everyone was made to feel welcome. Would definitely recommend!

Elizabeth McConnell Dec 2022

Teacher was great really knows her products and usages. I did the coaster cheese board and couldn't be happier with the results. For a 1st time resin user it was fantastic to have a personal 1 on 1 experience.
Highly recommend giving this a go (;

Fluid Art class review by Elizabeth McConnell - Perth

Lisa Vucemillo Dec 2022

Teacher was well organised and explained class very well. Lots of colours to choose from. Plenty of room and studio had air conditioning. There was also plenty of parking.

Melissa Hayman Dec 2022

Teacher is lovely and venue is spacious and welcoming. Resin art was completely new to me, but the clear instructions and friendly advice made it a lot easier to create a great artwork. Really enjoyed the class today.

Heidi Mullen Dec 2022

What a great class Most enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. Highly recommend. Will be back to attend for another class.

Amy Dec 2022

Really enjoyed the class, ended up being a private class due to others dropping out which was great Personalised patient tuition, I was really pleased with my end result thanks to the teacher, I would definitely recommend and would go back!

Natasha Allchurch Dec 2022

Really lovely venue and teacher. Great fun and loved the fact that you got to practice techniques on tiles before attempting the pots

Elizabeth McConnell Dec 2022

Had a great day doing the cheese board/coasters resin art . Premises is so clean and a beautiful very helpful teacher whom is happy to see you flourish in this space and your own ,for the future resin artist you may become. Thankyou

Jessica Leonard Dec 2022

This class was so much fun for my fiancé and I. We’ll definitely be back to explore some other classes Rochelle offers.

Margret Horsley Dec 2022

My sister and I had a fantastic afternoon, highly recommend, the bubbles were also great!

Rhodney Furse Dec 2022

Teacher was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Facilities/materials were great and the class provided an enjoyable experience. We'll be back!

Louise Barnes Nov 2022

Teacher was enthusiastic and explained everything g well for us. He was relaxed and moved around d the class giving encouragement and advice.
A good experience thank you

Kerryn Murnain Nov 2022

It was a fantastic class. Teacher went through everything and was there to help when we weren't sure. Great relaxing and fun atmosphere. I would highly recommend this class. I am going to book the advanced class.

Diane Keenan Nov 2022

This was such a fun and awesome class. We learnt so much and all the pieces looked amazing! I would highly recommend this to anyone, no matter what level of experience you have, it will look fantastic. Great value for money and fantastic cheeseboard upgrade options available on the day. Thank you so much for a great day

Resin Art Workshop: Cheese / Tapas Board and Coasters review by Diane Keenan - Perth

Shokouh Afaghi Nov 2022

Amazing experience and great skills achieved. Will was very friendly and experienced and very pleasant to work with. I learned Resin, Alcohol Ink and Acrylic Art and I am very excited to start making more art pieces using my new skills :)

Tracey Pember Nov 2022

Will was an awesome teacher giving us enough direction to create some unique pieces and the skills to continue creating our own future masterpieces.

Rose Liggins Nov 2022

The teacher was so helpful, knowledgable and friendly, the venue was excellent. Equipment and supplies were all great, the class was so much fun. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you!

Fluid Art class review by Rose Liggins - Perth

Margee Busson Nov 2022

Teacher and products very good. I can Thoroughly recommend anyone to do this course as they will get good standard of satisfaction. Rochelle is a great teacher and has lots of patience

Cheryl Marron Nov 2022

A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! The instructor, Will was very patient and helped everyone in the group create pieces they were proud of. We had so much fun and are already looking for the next workshop we are going to do!

Claire Bonney Nov 2022

Really enjoyed this class, we weren't rushed at all, given time to do what we wanted to do.

Sherri Irving Nov 2022

It was a great experience. A Brilliant class with a very knowledgeable and engaging teacher.

Resin Art Workshop: Cheese / Tapas Board and Coasters review by Sherri Irving - Perth

Josephine Sullivan Nov 2022

The teacher Michelle was very lovely and helpful. Tried hard to help us novices especially.

Vernon Trutwein Nov 2022

A fantastic course, I attended with my 11 yo daughter and we loved it, looking forward to seeing the finished result.

Anna Broekmeulen Nov 2022

Great class, Rochelle's a blast. Very knowledgeable and funny and made the class amazing. Great day out and on the plus side, you get wine and a cheese platter too

Fluid Art class review by Anna Broekmeulen - Perth

Julie Olive Nov 2022

This was a great class. I attended with my daughter and we had a great time. Rochelle was so friendly and took the time to make sure everyone would come out of the class with something that we would be happy with. The class is great value for money with all materials supplied and you get to finish with a great little bundle of goodies to keep or use as gifts. I would highly recommend this class to anyone.

Melinda Goode Nov 2022

The class was amazing. The teacher was knowledgeable, very helpful and fun. The venue was inviting clean and had everything we needed. The whole experience was perfect. Well worth it.

Kerryn Murnain Nov 2022

This class is absolutely fantastic. Teacher was amazing. Would highly recommend it. Can't wait to do another class with Collective Obsessions

Sudha Boddu Nov 2022

Rochelle is a great instructor and made the learning experience a lot of fun. The premises were top notch, bright and comfortable, with excellent work spaces. We had an ample supply of colors to choose from additionally the displayed examples made the choice easy. Thank you collective obsessions team for a great creative experience. Cheers, SPB

Resin Art Workshop: Cheese / Tapas Board and Coasters review by Sudha Boddu - Perth

Charlotte Morais Oct 2022

Did this beautiful resin workshop for our hens day. Our teacher Rochelle was so lovely and amazing quality materials, and we all had so much fun will definitely be coming back Cannot recommend Rochelle enough!

Resin Art Workshop: Cheese / Tapas Board and Coasters review by Charlotte Morais - Perth

Rebecca Foster Oct 2022

Such a fun and interactive class, loved getting to try new things and being creative. Have never used Resin before so this was a fantastic beginner class and I can see why this type of art would be very addictive. The teacher was fantastic too. Great environment in the workshop. Definitely would love to come back again and try a couple more classes.

Sophie Petrucci Oct 2022

Awesome venue friendly enthusiastic staff getting lost amongst your artwork is so therapeutic loved it will definitely be going back

Amy Bond Oct 2022

Class was easy to follow and very informative. Teachers were helpful and easygoing. We will be back.

Sue Limpus Oct 2022

Alcohol ink pot painting class was so much fun that I bought some supplies to use at home, and decorated a new pot the next day! Rochelle demonstrated the techniques we could try, then we got to have a practice before creating our 2 masterpieces. Would definitely recommend this course.

Pot Painting Workshop with Alcohol Inks review by Sue Limpus - Perth

Melissa Hayman Oct 2022

I really enjoyed the pot painting class. Very nice and friendly instructions from a lovely teacher. The venue was well set out and spacious. Definitely recommend the class.

Joanna Winslade Oct 2022

This class was such fun! The teacher was amazing and would definitely do it again in a heartbeat. She was great even when I managed to get the resin all over me (precisely the opposite to instructed )

We immediately booked another of the workshops a few weeks away after our experience.

Resin Art Workshop: Cheese / Tapas Board and Coasters review by Joanna Winslade - Perth

Chris Nichols Oct 2022

ANAZING teacher! Rochelle was incredibly patient and skilled at teaching us different techniques. The range of colour choices was phenomenal and Rochelle’s sense of humour was refreshing

Resin Art Workshop: Cheese / Tapas Board and Coasters review by Chris Nichols - Perth

Wendy Wood Oct 2022

Brilliant class, loved every minute. Michelle is a great teacher and obviously loves what she does.

Shellee Alexanderson Oct 2022

Everything about the course was brilliant. Rochelle was great. Learnt a lot. Great music. All the equipment that was required was set out in front of us ready to go. If it went for another half hour that would have been good just to finish off but really Rochelle did well with the time keeping. Loved it.

Lara Egan Oct 2022

Excellent setup - we all had our own stations, tools and paint. Rochelle was so helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend ✨

Maria Parslow Oct 2022

Our instructor was so helpful and the time flew by. I highly recommend this workshop for everyone.

Shereen Jolly Oct 2022

My friend & I totally loved this class. Michelle our teacher obviously loves art and we felt completely at ease trying the techniques. The new space in Balcatta was light and bright - so much room to work and the art supplies made everything so easy. Buckets of bubbles (I will Uber next time!) and a really pretty snack board made the whole experience so lux. Not to mention that now we have our own artwork on display in our homes! Fabulous

Michelle Harrison Oct 2022

Collective Obsessions was a wonderful experience. Super fun, professional and well resourced. Our teacher Michelle was passionate, very chilled, funny and created a relaxed atmosphere. So fun Do it!

Lauren Edmands Oct 2022

Both Will and Rochelle were engaging, lovely people and very helpful. The materials were all supplied and the instructions clear and easy to understand. Great venue. Will definitely be attending future classes.

Paula Ireland Oct 2022

Our teacher was magnificent. She explained the process thoroughly and supported us the whole way. The micas and pastes were fabulous and absolutely everything was provided. The premises were huge and airy - and I found the whole morning and the experience very relaxing. Loved every single minute of it - and the music was awesome Thank you Collective Obsessions. And I'll see you again soon

Sue Limpus Oct 2022

Great experience - teacher was full of information and demonstrated several techniques, which we then got to have a try. Plenty of space and well equipped. Would highly recommend.

Lauren Power Oct 2022

So we’ll organised and just the right amount of time to do this class. We thoroughly enjoyed it and the teacher was great. Facilities were top notch as well.

Jane Webster Sep 2022

My daughters loved Acrylic Flow Art Class and can't wait to go back to do another one. The teacher was fantastic and the quality of the finished products was excellent. Highly recommend

Jenny Batkin Sep 2022

Will was amazing- brilliant at explaining the process, along with being entertaining. The space is very well equipped

Anthy Wright Sep 2022

Great experience!
Will was a brilliant instructor and storyteller. Made the whole experience even more enjoyable.
The studio is set up perfectly, neat and clean, with everything you need.
Can't wait to pick up our finished products.

Christine Mandelt Sep 2022

I did the cheeseboard and coaster resin workshop
Timing was perfect, the venue was amazing with well set up individual work spaces so everyone had sufficient tools, supplies and equipment. The teacher had her own demonstration bench so that everyone could see what was being demonstrated. Excellent lighting
An amazing selection of colours, tints, pastes were available
Teacher was knowledgeable, supportive, generous with her time and help.
I would highly recommend this class to others

Erica Cook Sep 2022

The teacher was amazing very clear and explained everything very well and she was extremely patient and helpful
The venue is great an amazingly bright and inviting.all materials were provided and what an amazing choice. Definitely value for money. Such a good new hobby to start and something different. I also was able to see other activities that I would love to try.
I enjoyed that the class size was small giving the teacher the ability to work with everyone and giving her the opportunity to answer everyone’s questions

Resin Art Workshop: Cheese / Tapas Board and Coasters review by Erica Cook - Perth

Lindsay Richmond Sep 2022

The teacher was very knowledgeable and helpful, she didn't mind how many questions I asked of her and I learnt a lot out of the class.

Letitia Lemmer Aug 2022

It was such a great class - my second time and I really enjoyed it - will definitely recommend and book another class.
Thank you

Kirsty Scales Aug 2022

What a fantastic day I attended this workshop having very little knowledge of the techniques and zero experience. Will taught everything in a simple, fun, easy-to-understand manner. This made everyone comfortable to explore and produce magical pieces. The venue was amazing with everything you could think of in terms of materials and equipment.

Carmen Chan Aug 2022

The resin art class was excellent. Our teacher was very friendly, entertaining and helpful with suggestions. Loved how he just showed us what to do and let us play around with colours and different techniques. The price was also worth it for the time and materials used. Definitely would recommended the class.

Amanda Christmas Jul 2022

Cheerful, fun and approachable teacher. Lots of materials available for us to use. Good value experience. Method was easy to pick up for someone like me who's not very creative.

Erika Bro Jul 2022

The teacher was really engaging, full of positive energy, and supportive of everyone’s artistic perspectives and abilities. The materials provided were really high quality, and I can’t wait to come back with a friend to work with different mediums!

Letitia Lemmer Jul 2022

THis class was just at the right time and place in my life at that stage. It was the most satisfying and amazing experience I have had with paint and creativity. I love digital art, but doing something handmade was the best and this workshop was even better. Thank you so much for your amazing hospitality and great atmosphere. We really enjoyed it!