Connie Costa

Connie Costa
Laugh and Live Well

Laugh and Live Well

Founder of Australia’s leading provider of Laughter Wellness workshops

Connie Costa, spirituality teacher



I'm Connie, and I'm the founder of Laugh and Live Well.

I discovered that laughter sometimes really is the best medicine, during a tough time in my life where I suffered from severe work-related stress. I then trained with the founder of the Laughter Wellness method (Sebastian Gendry), and introduced laughter wellness to Australia.

I'm passionate about sharing the health benefits of laughter, and I love empowering people to gain a stronger control over their well-being. I've provided laughter wellness workshops and presentations to clients as diverse as Google, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Johnson & Johnson, Westmead hospital, Waverley council, and much more.

Hope to see you soon at one of my workshops!


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