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Creative workshops in Brookvale on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.
We love hobbies where you make something yourself, and teach workshops in spoon carving, blacksmithing and knife making where you forge your own chef knife.




Daniel Sharp Jun 2021

Knife Making Workshop

A great day! Easy to pickup techniques, a light hearted and informative day - and the best part? You get to walk away with a knife you've made yourself - great for 'Stabby Stabby' Dan.

Knife Making Workshop review by Daniel Sharp

Chris Migocki Jun 2021

Knife Making Workshop

A great intruductory knife making class and a great way of getting into blacksmithing. The teacher was knowledgeable and helpful

Brian Morrison Jun 2021

Knife Making Workshop

The workshop was really good. the instructor was clear and concise with his directions, and created a good atmosphere for this class. Overall had a great day, and would like to make something else.

Metalwork workshop review by Brian Morrison

Julie Harrison Jun 2021

Knife Making Workshop

I had an amazing experience today The teacher Jamie (James) is very knowledgeable and pationate about his craft. He was very patient with us all. It was an amazing experience and worth every cent!

Metalwork workshop review by Julie Harrison

Tamara Dytor Jun 2021

Knife Making Workshop

Great class with a fabulous venue and a welcoming and knowledgeable teacher. Would love to it again.

Metalwork workshop review by Tamara Dytor

Robert Cook May 2021

Knife Making Workshop

What a great way to spend a day. Jamie not only looked the part of a veteran bladesmith, he backed it up with a lot of knowledge and advice gratefully accepted by this novice. The process was clearly laid out and our knife making progress was constantly checked along the way to producing a better than expected result on my first go. Now have a constant reminder of my day when cooking.

Knife Making Workshop review by Robert Cook

Cameron Mackay May 2021

Knife Making Workshop

Fantastic experience and great way to spend a day. Lots to learn and rewarding thanks to the fantastic instructor

Vince Macerola May 2021

Knife Making Workshop

Had a great day learning the basics of knife making and also got make chefs very professional teacher great staff did not disappoint

Ellie Luhr May 2021

Knife Making Workshop

Wonderful day. Great teachers very patient, knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning Knifemaking.

Darryl Cain Apr 2021

Knife Making Workshop

Jamie was amazing - knowledgeable, helpful and very patient. Thoroughly recommend and very happy with the end product!

Zoe Roxburgh Mar 2021

Spoon Carving Workshop

Excellent class! Well organised, professional and accommodating. Many thanks Bjorn and Rowland! My son had a fantastic time.

Anne McDade Mar 2021

Spoon Carving Workshop

Fantastic workshop! We learned so much (including niece Tash and good friend Jules). Terrific teacher in Rowland; makes it look achievable and very clear guidance which assists with the challenging parts of spoon making! Do yourself a favour, do this fun, hands on, well organised workshop. Stressed? Do this workshop because all you concentrate on is the task at hand. Seriously! A really great day. Thanks to Bjorn for great communication pre Workshop too. Thanks again fella's

Carolyn Fealy Mar 2021

Spoon Carving Workshop

Our teacher Rowland was fabulous, I just loved making my wooden spoon. I am hooked and I want to do more. I would highly recommend taking this course as you home with skills you never had and tools to practice with! The day went so quickly. Great fun for a group of friends or single individuals. Thank you so much! I had a great time

Jade McBride Feb 2021

Knife Making Workshop

The whole experience was amazing. Jamie the teacher was great and super knowledgeable. Everyone in my group made an amazing piece that they are really proud of. If youre thinking of doing this class, you absolutely should.

Alexander Krueger Feb 2021

Spoon Carving Workshop

Very enjoyable, walked away with a good grasp on how to carve spoons at homer

Debby Bennett Jan 2021

Knife Making Workshop

What a absolutely wonderful day I had. I learnt so much I can not thank Jamie enough for today

Suzanne Wilson Jan 2021

Spoon Carving Workshop

Great fun. Teacher was helpful. Fabulous to be able to continue and make more spoons at home. Great to have the tool kit to do that, except the axe. Only thing is that it cost me more because I couldn’t find a willing friend to come with me, that’s sad. I’m glad I went anyway but should have cost the same. Maybe discount friends if they are going to share a toolkit? Just a suggestion. Loved it! Inspired.

Pam Dingwall Jan 2021

Introductory Blacksmithing Workshop

Very personable teacher in Jamie who looks the part toogood instruction and nice little touches like beer and sausage at the end

William Millard Dec 2020

Introductory Blacksmithing Workshop

I booked my 16yo son into this course. He didn't stop raving about how good it was and how the instructors were the nicest people he'd ever encountered. We'll be booking him back in for the next available course!

Liam Bate Dec 2020

Introductory Blacksmithing Workshop

Teachers were great, very kind, we got to do what we wanted, and I learned a lot about blacksmithing, creating blades and rolling details

Ceri Davies Nov 2020

Spoon Carving Workshop

We really enjoyed our spooning class and had a great day. Thank you Bjorn for your help, guidance and for a fun day! I would definitely recommend this workshop.

Kerry Kruger Nov 2020

Spoon Carving Workshop

Bjorn the teacher was great, helpful and friendly. The class was so much fun and I love my spoon.

Woodworking workshop review by Kerry Kruger Sydney

Mercedes Scamarcia Nov 2020

Knife Making Workshop

I highly recommend this class. A big thank you for a great day and a fantastic lesson on forge fundamentals.

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