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Creativity Project

14 years experience in Cocktail Mixology


Founder, Denis Gambino, has been in the cocktail industry for over 10 years. His career started in Arona, a picturesque North Italian town at Lake Maggiore, and has since taken him to Spain, Canary Islands, London, North Africa, Costa Rica, New Zealand, before settling in Sydney, Australia.

His passion for the art of mixology and travel means he has gained global knowledge of spirits, bartending techniques and how to run bars the right way. He has made a name for himself in the mixology scene, being named the winner of the chartreuse cocktail competition in New Zealand in 2014.

​He wanted to use his knowledge and experience to create bespoke events, and so Creativity Project was born. with an eye for detail and love of all things creative, Denis ensures his clients receive only the best service.

The Creativity Project team are always researching new recipes, garnish ideas or hunting out a new ingredient for their creations. Their drinks are not just recipes, they tell a story and ignite the senses, with the goal of making guests feel special and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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