Dajana Borowiec,  teacher

Dajana Borowiec

2+ manga style teacher

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My name is Dajana Borowiec.
I graduated from the Academy of art, with the highest mark in Painting and Media Image. Living in Sydney.
I have more then 6 years of experience as a graphic designer and motion graphic designer.
I'm interested in Japanese culture and Japanese style drawing. I was living in Japan for few months and I have lots of experience with drawing manga. I would love to share my passion with other people and teach them how to draw manga style characters.




Rebecca Raphael May 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We booked a 1 hour comic class at our house for my child's 9th birthday. The teacher Dajana communicated well with me before the day, agreed to the lesson content, arrived early to set up, bringing an extra tablet screen with her so that all the kids would be able to see what she was doing, and gave us 1.5 hours of her time with the kids. She was very patient with them all. They had a fantastic time learning how to draw manga faces and then robots. My only feedback would be for kids this young, and for a group with > 5 kids, consider using pre-prepared templates for the face shapes as well, as trying to teach 7 kids how to draw the face shape was a bit tricky and took a while. Thank you for a very fun class!

Rebecca Riel May 2019

Dajana is a great teacher. She is really patient and encouraging with children. Highly recommend.

Emma Kirk May 2019

We had a Manga drawing class with Dajana for my 10 year old daughter. Dajana was amazing and my daughter learnt new techniques and how to apply them to her drawing. She was so thrilled that her cheeks hurt from smiling so much! I highly recommend Dajana.

Heidi Bain Mar 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Had a great session with Dajana! I didn't think I'd walk away with an actual portrait! Dajana was great to guide through steps and gave great direction. Highly recommend! I did this with just 2 people, I'd love to book again with a group, it was fun and you walk away with a new skill to practise. And I'd never drawn before

Natalia Tan Oct 2018

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

It was great class and informative especially if you are interested in learning more about manga drawing. We all enjoyed the class. Dajana our teacher is a wonderful teacher. She’s very detailed and made the class fun, especially the surprise activity at the end.
The venue was in a cafe which is nice and has a relaxed atmosphere where you can order drinks and food.

Drawing class review by Natalia Tan - Sydney
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