Decoupage and Dada Workshop

Decoupage and Dada Workshop

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In this class, you will learn about the 1920s movement that changed the face of Modern Art: Dadaism.

You will learn of the great Marcel Duchamp, Picasso's collages, Man Rays collages and learn how to embellish your art with gold/silver/copper leafing for a very special touch.

Dada was nonconsequential, absurd and revoked all rules.
Anti-art is a loosely used term applied to an array of concepts and attitudes that reject prior definitions of art and question art in general... It was used to describe revolutionary forms of art.

As a warm up you will perform a very Dadaist activity using scissors and a bit of chance.

We will write Dadaist prose, being very silly with a Thesaurus and commonly used expressions.

Coffee, Tea and Snacks will be provided.

I will supply much paper, magazines and books and you will decorate a decoupage box /or an art piece along with a frame using collage and applying text.

When you go home, you should have a piece that is absurd yet genius; that is beautiful yet shocking.

This class is available on Request

library_books Knowledge Required

This is a very simple lesson and very fun at that too. No art skills required, just a steady hand to use the scissors.

build Equipment Needed

Equipment supplied. (Optional: Bring your favourite magazine or print some pictures that get you thinking.)


Decoupage and Dada Workshop class location

The teacher can travel within 70km of Hurlstone Park


Marina Colourfield Studio
Marina Colourfield Studio

Fun and unusual painting and craft


In my classes you will learn to produce art from your gut, your intuition, your inner child and your most freed self.

I offer the most deluxe art materials from artists quality paints, Sharpies, Embossing Powders, Holographic Glitter, Modern and Antique books for reference and to cut out, Pigment Inks, Gold/ Silver/Copper Leaf, Enamel, Coloured papers, Willow Charcoal, Cartridge Paper, Aerosol Spray, Premium Primed Canvas roll, many various Embellishments, Gloss Varnish and more.

Class structure includes Discussion/ Warm Up/ Tea and Coffee/ Main Art Project & Reflection.

Furthermore I have an Artist reference & Images for Referencing Folder for knowledge & inspiration.

Special Offer: refer a friend and get a gift valued at $40. Hell, I like giving gifts so every 4 classes, you get a mini token of my affection.

*Afternoon classes are pet friendly.

About Me:

I fell in love with colour at a ver
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By (attended on 24 Jul 2018)

Marina is very helpful and skilled. The materials she bought for the class were plentiful. I really enjoyed the decoupage class and found it relaxing. I would recommend her.

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