Design Your Own T-shirt Workshop

Design Your Own T-shirt Workshop

60s Pop Art theme

Sewing and textiles



1 - 4


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As a warm up you will quickly sketch an item, then we will talk about language; cliches, catch phrases, slang language and using text in art.

With my reference folder and the power of the internet you will create a bright Pop Art piece (like Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroes) with a picture and some words, using tracing paper and stamps/ lettering/ collage/ alphabet stickers

At the end of the class I will transfer your art piece onto a white T-shirt for you to take home or give as a gift.

This class is available on Request


The teacher can travel within 70km of Hurlstone Park


Marina Colourfield Studio
Marina Colourfield Studio

Fun and unusual painting and craft

5.0   (1)

In my classes you will learn to produce art from your gut, your intuition, your inner child and your most freed self.
I offer the most deluxe art materials from artists quality paints, Sharpies, Embossing Powders, Holographic Glitter, Modern and Antique books for reference and to cut out, Pigment Inks, Gold/ Silver/Copper Leaf, Enamel, Coloured papers, Willow Charcoal, Cartridge Paper, Aerosol Spray, Premium Primed Canvas roll, many various Embellishments, Gloss Varnish and more.

Class structure includes Discussion/ Warm Up/ Tea and Coffee/ Main Art Project & Reflection.

Furthermore I have an Artist reference & Images for Referencing Folder for knowledge & inspiration.

Special Offer: refer a friend and get a gift valued at $40. Hell, I like giving gifts so every 4 classes, you get a mini token of my affection.

*Afternoon classes are pet friendly.

About Me:

I fell in love with colour at a very young age. At age 5 I would come up with Colour Combinations and assign matching colours to my family & friends. (I still do this)
I then learnt to draw and by High School I took upon Art for my HSC and it was then that I knew, not that I wanted to be an Artist- that I already was one.
I Studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts at UWS And studied further on a more practical level at Northern Sydney College where I excelled in Painting and Concept Development. I am an ideas woman.

My work is diverse and expressive, with many special touches and nuances and abstract allusions. I like to say, "I make colour dance in your eyes!" Within my paintings, there are many special hidden details and much lush materials used such as Inks, Pigment Powder, Embossing Powder and Gold, Silver and Copper Leaf. In short, my art could be described as extravagant and dreamlike.

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