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Diana Ceramic

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Diana Ceramic Studio is my lifelong dream that has been made a reality - a space to shape, reshape, and fulfill my love for pottery, and share my skills and passion with others. The studio is a cozy, friendly, and inspiring space, welcoming anyone who shares a passion for clay and ceramics, from absolute beginners to seasoned artists.


Wheel Throwing Workshop for Beginners

4.9 (495)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Brunswick, Burwood & Brunswick East

1 to 18

label $110 - $119

Beginners Wheel Throwing Workshop: Mud and Merlot

4.9 (108)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Burwood & Brunswick East

1 to 18

label $129 - $134

Beginner's Wheel Throwing Course

4.9 (24)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Burwood & Brunswick

1 to 16

label $309 - $310

Ceramic Hand Building Workshop

4.9 (57)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Burwood & Brunswick

1 to 14

label $109 - $119

Hand Building Workshop: Serving Board

5.0 (26)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Brunswick & Burwood

1 to 14

label $100 - $119

Ceramic Painting Workshop with Drinks

4.8 (31)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Burwood / Mobile

1 to 14

label $99 - $109

Clay Hand Building Workshop: Mud and Merlot

5.0 (18)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Burwood

1 to 22

label $125 - $130

Ceramic Marbled Mug Making Workshop

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Burwood & Brunswick

1 to 14

label $129

Hand Building Course for Beginners

4.7 (3)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Burwood & Brunswick

1 to 14

label $275

Wheel Throwing Class for Kids and Parents

5.0 (2)

Adults & 8+ years

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Burwood

1 to 18

label $90

Hand Building Workshop: Boob Pot

5.0 (13)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Burwood / Mobile

1 to 14

label $110 - $119

Glow in the Dark Wheel Throwing Class

5.0 (2)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Brunswick East

4 to 18

label $129

Intermediate and Advanced Wheel Throwing Course

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Brunswick & Burwood

1 to 8

label $480




Emily Chen Apr 2024

Thank you Diana for a lovely clay experience. My partner and I were lucky the class had just the two of us so it felt really personalised and we really enjoyed Diana’s step by step hands on instructions. Will definitely consider the other workshop Diana has in future.

Sara Beaini Apr 2024

Such a fun class if you're looking for something different to do! Went with a friend and both being beginners, we were very nervous to do something out of our comfort zone! We had a great run through of each step by our teacher, and then got to give it a go ourselves. Although a few mistakes were made, our teacher helped us fix each piece, even after thinking our mistakes were unsalvageable. I made three pieces in the end, decided to keep two and I'm so happy (and shocked) with how they turned out! Would definitely recommend this class, it was so much fun, but make sure you allow yourself to be patient and just enjoy the process!

Damien Ikin Apr 2024

Got this for me and my wife's anniversary. Great experience with a lovely host.

Eve Blood Apr 2024

It was really fun and I felt like I learnt a lot and will definitely come back and do it again!

Jaimee Young Apr 2024

Really enjoyed learning about pottery. The atmosphere was also so beautiful and warm. Great location also!

John Alp Apr 2024

A really great introductory session to pottery on a wheel.
Never done this before and my wife and I really enjoyed the experience.
Nothing taken too seriously but at the same time a really good insight to what pottery is all about and a good mix of hands-on.

Elise Cockrum Apr 2024

May was friendly, patient and welcoming, finding time to help every person. Lots to learn and practice after this workshop. Time flew and we had fun for our anniversary

Caitlin Wheatley Apr 2024

Booked a class for a small group of girls to celebrate our friends wedding, was a beautiful morning with a funny and kind instructor. Can't wait to pick up our ceramics and see how they look!

Celena Sonntag Apr 2024

We took the class the week before and my son had such a good time we took another class. It is so much fun!

Celena Sonntag Apr 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Fantastic class. My so rated it a solid 9 out of 10. He has never rated anything above an 8!
Would highly recommend for everyone!

Lantha Le Mar 2024

My teacher is absolutely nice, she gave us lots of chance to retry, and very fun

Halen Jones Mar 2024

class was super fun and time went so fast could’ve stayed there for plenty more hours, highly recommend to anyone

Beginners Wheel Throwing Workshop: Mud and Merlot review by Halen Jones - Melbourne

Lynette Staunton Mar 2024

Awesome, awesome, awesome! I had so much fun learning about making pottery on a wheel. Absolutely delightful teacher who was so encouraging and I successfully made a couple of pieces that I'm really happy with. It was the best night and I have been talking incessantly about it to anyone who will listen and even if they won't.
Must look for more classes - I think I may have found a new addiction!
Highly recommend to anyone.

Brittney O'Neill Mar 2024

Great class! Instructor was very thorough, helpful and welcoming to us newbies. Great studio for beginners

Sean Dockray Mar 2024

Excellent beginners class, heaps of fun and good value for money. I would highly recommend this.

Spencer Fan Mar 2024

Really enjoyed the class. Girlfriend and i are excited to pick up our tea cups!

Judy Liao Mar 2024

We had a great class with May. Fortunate enough to have quite an intimate class (only 4 of us) so were able to get lots of advice and help from the instructor which was required for a rookie like myself. May was a great intructor and very patient. Would've been great to be able to pick the colours we wanted for our pieces rather than the generic white glaze but understand the caveat to this was being able to walk away with more than just 1 piece of work. Something to keep in mind of if colour is a big deal for you.

Keira Tilley Mar 2024

The pottery class was so fun! The vibe of the studio was fab and our teacher was helpful but chill.

Lynley Anderson Mar 2024

Enjoyed the session. The teacher was very good and explained things well.
Very well organised

Brett Watson Mar 2024

Was a lot of fun and Betty was really good at allowing us to understand ‘clay’

Hafidza Hadaita Hadi Mar 2024

The teacher was very nice and helpful, the small class helps us to get more help from the teacher. She was lovely and very nice too! I love the place setup

Tina Tasiopoulos Mar 2024

The teacher was great and attended to everyone's needs and levels. I would recommend her.

Annette Dark Mar 2024

Fun morning playing with clay. Diana was super informative and very helpful. Would definitely recommend

Nicola Garrard Mar 2024

Absolutely loved it! The teachers were friendly and helpful, and the studio very welcoming. Would definitely recommend :)

Paige Jackson Mar 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really fun and I learnt a lot.
The teacher was very helpful and insightful.
I am excited to attend the intermediate class.

Alexey Falin Mar 2024

The workshop exceeded our expectations with its knowledgeable instructors and hands-on guidance. We left feeling inspired and confident in our newfound pottery skills. Highly recommended!

Tamara Bodor Mar 2024

Absolutely loved our session with Betty. Her instruction, support and honesty are well worth the time.
We stuffed up heaps but had a ball :)
Highly recommend.

Julianne Marshall Mar 2024

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

A fantastic class! I learnt a lot from this. The instructor was attentive and helpful. I will keep going back for more! Brilliant. Highly recommend.

Alex Jennings Mar 2024

Great fun and May was a great teacher.
I can’t wait to go back and do it again.

Wheel Throwing Workshop for Beginners review by Alex Jennings - Melbourne

Johnson Li Mar 2024

Loved the session!, good info and plenty of clay to really give it a good go

Maddy Milam Mar 2024

So much fun, a lot of help and a great environment. We loved having some cheese and wine and a good time. 100% recommend

Simon Delannoie Mar 2024

Lovely class and environment with a friendly instructor and free chocolate! All in all a serious win for anyone looking for a new activity to try!

Ollie Patterson Feb 2024

14 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

In a few hours we were given a great 101 for wheel throwing. All materials were provided except for a towel - and they had spares if we forgot. It was fun being in a group of beginners and gaining appreciation for how difficult it was to learn. I have looked at ceramics in awe since attending this workshop.

Jessica Comito Feb 2024

The teacher was amazing and very helpful, especially with a small group. Working with clay for the wheel-throwing workshop was relaxing and fun - even better since you can take your creations home.

Chris Stephens Feb 2024

I am a potter who has been teaching for some years (in country Victoria) and really enjoyed sitting in for a session at Diana Ceramics at their Burwood Studio.
It is always great to see how others teach and you never know what you may pick up.
Our teachers was excellent and very engaged with the whole group. She explained the process very well and demonstrated each part of the process in a simple to understand manner.
The studio was a lovely well equipped space, adding to the overall experience.
I would highly recommend Diana Ceramics to anyone with a curiosity in pottery.

Lesley-Ann Wilson Feb 2024

Really fun creative experience. The quick training session was very well done and I was surprised how many pieces we were able to get done. So much fun Thankyou

Steph Kelley Feb 2024

It was an excellent class, with a great teacher and it was lots of fun.

Rachel Weerasiri Feb 2024

The class itself was a great idea and we enjoyed it. I was surprised that I could actually make a pot.

Tony Briggs Feb 2024

It was my 50th Birthday present and Maddison was fantastic. The studio was great, I loved the space. Materials were perfect and I learnt how to make a bowl and vase. Yes, I think it was, although it was a present. I loved it all.

Hayley Purbrick Feb 2024

Very enjoyable day. Great mix of learning, trying and connecting. Our teacher was very accommodating.

William Zhou Feb 2024

Wheeling class with May was amazing. Great tidy beautiful venue. Clear demonstrations and let us work til the end of the class. Beginner class to centre the clay, create a basic shape and develop shaping skills.

Wheel Throwing Workshop for Beginners review by William Zhou - Melbourne

Mariska Angraini Feb 2024

May is awesome! She made sure that we understood everything and is very attentive when we are struggling. It was our first time doing pottery but will definitely not be our last.

Neethu Vlahovic Feb 2024

Great place and experience. Stop forcing me to weite reviews. 5 more words words. It won't let me submit otherwise

Beginners Wheel Throwing Workshop: Mud and Merlot review by Neethu Vlahovic - Melbourne

Aully Qian Feb 2024

May was fantastic. Her instructions were both thorough and comprehensible. She was warm, patient and divided her time evenly to help everyone in a full class. Couldn't have asked for a better first lesson on wheel throwing.

Lauren Hinwood Feb 2024

Lovely comfortable learning environment to do wheel throwing for the first time. Well structured session.

Linda Drury Feb 2024

Only 4 in our class, so it almost felt like one on one with our teacher.
Created some nice pieces thanks to our teachers clear instructions but time seemed to fly. Maybe 3 has would be better with a break half way through?
Thanks to our host for making it so enjoyable

Wheel Throwing Workshop for Beginners review by Linda Drury - Melbourne

Daina Vagars Feb 2024

This class was so much fun it’s a nice creative way to spend a bit of quality time together in a different way.

Mrs Susan Nelson Feb 2024

Thank you so much for such a a wonderful afternoon, would completely recommend this to everyone. So well prepared, the teacher instruction was brilliant. Our team loved it. Thank you so much for putting on such a well thought out session.

Leah McCabe Feb 2024

My partner and I really enjoyed the class. Lauren was a great teacher. I would recommend the experience to my friends and family.

Soreti Jibrael Feb 2024

Sonya was very supportive and my group really enjoyed the class. Will definitely be back for another!

Valeria Bibersova Feb 2024

Me and my friend joined for the wheel pottery class. May, the instructor, was so clear and helpful. It was challenging at times but also very rewarding. The process itself was very enjoyable

Jennifer Yang Feb 2024

It was a fantastic class and I really enjoyed it! Came to melb for holiday and this class is a very relaxing and fun thing to do by yourself or with friends, highly recommend!

Laura Valerie Walton Feb 2024

Really fun experience! Great for beginners who have never done this before. Staff are really friendly and helpful too :)

Charlotte Cottrell Feb 2024

We were instructed by Diana who very graciously took our class last minute and offered us a complimentary cheese board and champagne! We had lots of fun learning clay hand moulding techniques and felt we got lots of attention from Diana as we were the only two students booked in for the class. The atmosphere was vibrant, fun and enjoyable, would definitely book again!

Salma Harrabi Feb 2024

From the moment I stepped into the pottery studio, I could feel an electric buzz of excitement in the air. The anticipation of molding clay into something beautiful filled me with a sense of wonder. Surrounded by like-minded individuals and the warm glow of the studio lights, I knew this was going to be a memorable experience.

As I settled into my workspace, I couldn't help but marvel at the rows of spinning wheels and shelves stacked with clay waiting to be transformed. Our instructor greeted us with a smile, radiating passion for the craft. Their guidance and encouragement set the tone for what would become an unforgettable journey.

With hands trembling slightly from excitement, I dove into the clay, feeling its cool, malleable texture between my fingers. The rhythmic whirr of the pottery wheel became a soothing soundtrack as I centered the clay, a crucial step in the pottery-making process. With each gentle push and pull, I felt myself becoming more attuned to the subtle movements of the wheel.

As the clay began to take shape beneath my hands, a sense of accomplishment washed over me. I marveled at the way a lump of clay could be transformed into something both functional and beautiful. With each new technique I learned, from coiling to carving to glazing, my confidence grew, and my creations flourished.

But it wasn't just about the pottery itself; it was about the connections forged along the way. Laughter filled the studio as we shared stories and tips, forming bonds over a shared love for creativity. There was a sense of camaraderie that made every moment spent in class feel like a cherished memory.

Time seemed to slip away as I lost myself in the process, fully immersed in the joy of creation. Whether it was the satisfaction of crafting a perfectly symmetrical bowl or the thrill of experimenting with new glazes, each moment was a testament to the magic of pottery.

As the class drew to a close, I couldn't help but feel a twinge of sadness at the thought of leaving this haven of creativity behind. But as I packed up my tools and admired the array of pottery adorning the shelves, I knew that the memories of this amazing experience would stay with me forever, inspiring me to continue exploring the boundless possibilities of clay.

Celia Wynne Feb 2024

Absolutely loved doing the course. Amazing teachers which guide you all the way, their knowledge and passion is fantastic! It was great being able to see the whole process from start to finish! Would recommend and definitely will be coming back

Abbie Walker Feb 2024

I did the 4 week course. All the teachers were amazing! Great experience highly recommend

Kirsty Anderson Feb 2024

I had Great fun. Great teachers. Beautiful studio. I will be going back for more!

Natalie Feb 2024

Very lovely class with Jen. She was so patient and knowledgeable! Would definitely recommend this class to friends.

Mills Inston Feb 2024

Great class! Just enough detail without feeling overwhelmed. For the first time doing wheel spinning I was able to make a cup, bowl and small dish.

Neelam Gupta Feb 2024

While wheel spinning, its fun to make stuff. Once pots are ready, that makes you feel good.

Andrea Walters Feb 2024

The activity itself was super fun the teacher was a little off with what I’m hoping was well intended banter that didn’t land throughout.

Daisy Lewis-Toakley Feb 2024

May was a fantastic hands-on teacher and I feel like I learnt a lot for only two hours!

Victoria Lee Feb 2024

Our teacher was so kind + patient. Would highly recommend the class to anyone - learnt so much!

Kasturi Naik Jan 2024

I booked a class for my husband and me for our anniversary and we both loved it. I love art/crafts anyway, but I was so pleased to see my husband enjoy it too. Diana is amazing and we managed to learn a lot in a short time. We had a really good time and I am glad that we chose this class. We will surely try her other classes in the future. FYI, this was my husband's first attempt at molding clay and he did an amazing job, all thanks to Diana ❤️

Adele Greenwood Jan 2024

Great experience especially for a first timer! Loved that we were able to make two pieces inclusive and it was only an extra $10 for additional pieces.
Would have liked to learn a little more about the reasoning behind completing certain steps in the moulding process. Class would have also been better if slightly smaller. Myself and others I attended with found we needed to stop and wait at times for assistance as others needed help.
Overall a great experience and we will be coming back

Pottery class review by Adele Greenwood - Melbourne

Michelle Ann Beaton Jan 2024

The class was a surprise birthday gift for my friend, the whole morning was amazing! Sophie our teacher was patient and funny! My friend and I loved every moment of our class and our unique pieces! Thank you so much!

Marie Constantinou Jan 2024

Loved the ceramic painting class
Teacher was so helpful and kind
We had a hens and this was the perfect activity
Venue was so cute
Definitely recommend this class
Great value for money

Elizabeth Gemisis Jan 2024

Great teaching and help throughout the class. The teacher was really welcoming and would definitely come back and recommend to others.

Tshering Pem Jan 2024

It was my first time ever playing with clay and Mae covered the basics and her instructions were easy to grasp. Would definitely come back to get more practice! Thank you for the lovely time!

Kelvin Greig Jan 2024

My husband got us both a class for my birthday, and being something that we have never done before, we had so much fun!

Kirsten Simm Jan 2024

Teacher was excellent and very encouraging. Venue was light and inviting. Everything you needed was provided. Learning to use a pottery wheel and make some items was relaxing and so much fun. Loved it and keen to do more classes. Would totally recommend.

Fan Zhou Jan 2024

Great experience for my kids. Teacher is paintiant and skilled to help us from scratch.

Dale Cuthbert Jan 2024

May was super lovely and knowledgeable! We had a great time working with the clay. Class size was potentially a bit too large to ensure she had time to get around to everyone. But we still had a great time and made some fun pieces!

Angela Boccia Jan 2024

The venue and teacher were excellent. We had a small group which meant we got lots of attention which helped us all create nice pieces to take home. The steps were delivered at a good pace, easy to follow, relaxed and fun session. A great intro to pottery!

Simone Vanderputt Jan 2024

As first timers, there was a lot of information to process. But the teacher was very patient and repeated the steps when we’d forgotten what to do! The workshop offered ample time to practice new skills.
We had a lovely time. I would definitely recommend it to friends and family.

Adam Miller Jan 2024

The class was excellent and really fun, we enjoyed it a lot and were able to make a couple of items within the time slot. The instructor was excellent and explained everything really well and the ratio of instructor to students was about right.

Alyssa Louison Jan 2024

Great time attending the beginner pottery workshop. The teacher was very attentive and helped all participants, the materials supplied were well kept, and the venue had a nice airy feel. Loved it and would go back.

Ling Soo Jan 2024

Enjoyed the Wheel Throwing Workshop for Beginners so much! Therapeutic and relaxing session. Instagramable environment and deco.
Lovely teacher.

Wheel Throwing Workshop for Beginners review by Ling Soo - Melbourne

Megan Carney Jan 2024

This was an incredible class! I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering taking a pottery class! It was so much fun

Maya Radic Jan 2024

The class was lots of fun, the small size meant that you could get help when you needed it. Would recommend.

Zavier Flintoff Jan 2024

Cool experience and made me want to buy my own wheel for home good setting, as the teacher can help out and watch everyone at the same time if they need help. the time flew by which is the only downside but what can u do when ur enjoying ur time somewhere

Wheel Throwing Workshop for Beginners review by Zavier Flintoff - Melbourne

Jamie Ranca Jan 2024

it was an awesome experience and we cannot wait to come back and get the pieces that we made

Nicole Hossari Jan 2024

My partner and I got gifted this experience, which we both thoroughly enjoyed! The cutest pottery studio I have ever seen. Class was small which allowed teacher to come around and help everyone. Cheeseboard and champagne / wine was a great additional touch. Wish the class ran a bit longer though to allow us more making time!

Hiti Taluja Jan 2024

The class was quite intriguing. I had the impression that it wasn't a full-fledged 2-hour session since we received instructions for only the first half-hour, and the remaining hour and a half was dedicated to cleaning. Although it was enjoyable, I believe the teacher could have been more supportive, especially for beginners.

Jen Green Jan 2024

I had a really great experience at Diana Ceramic studio in Burwood. The 2 hours beg

Flynn Moore Jan 2024

Had so much fun and our instructor was amazing! Maddison, thank you for such a helpful and informative class, definitely will be coming back for more sessions :)

Carolyn Mogharbel Jan 2024

This was a super fun pottery class, taught by a delightful, patient and expert teacher.

Kaitlyn Moon Jan 2024

We chose Diana Ceramic for a team building activity and had a great time! The instructor was knowledgeable & very willing to help with our creations on the wheel. The wine and cheese platter was a great bonus. Would highly recommend this class for a team activity.

Kylie Short Jan 2024

Fantastic helpful instructor. Excellent venue. Great equipment. Friendly atmosphere. Good value. Lots of fun. Highly recommend.

Laura Jan 2024

A really fun experience! The teacher was great at explaining things for beginners. I just wish we had more time.

Tiffany Baker Jan 2024

Great fun start to the art of wheel throwing. Our teacher was helpful and clear with her instructions and the venue was well fitted out, clean and accessible.

Tegan Cottell-Moore Jan 2024

It was a positive experience however with another class behind us it was hard to hear and hard to move around with chairs directly against me etc.

Teacher's response

We understand that having another class behind you can impact the overall experience. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the noise and limited space during your visit. Our team is constantly working to improve the layout and ensure that all our guests have enough room to move around comfortably.

We appreciate your feedback and will take it into consideration to make necessary adjustments in order to provide an even better experience for our future guests. We hope that despite these challenges, you were still able to enjoy the positive aspects of the class and create a beautiful piece of art.

Thank you for choosing our workshop and for your understanding. We value your feedback and will use it to enhance our future classes. We would be delighted to welcome you back for another positive and memorable experience.

Brittany Spowart Jan 2024

Teachers were friendly and knowledgeable. Class environment was tidy and inviting. Instructions were clear. Teachers were happy to assist as much/less as required.

Greta Korthaus Jan 2024

Very good teacher and set in a cozy setting, it was really nice to learn something new and to better appreciate the skill of potters and sculptors.

Moé Hasegawa Jan 2024

very fun! kind and nice teacher and beautiful wines and cheese boards. i'd like to come back for my second wheel challenge!

Pottery class review by Moé Hasegawa - Melbourne

Zoe Hough Jan 2024

This was a great way to spend a Friday night! The atmosphere was great, teacher was very informative and the cheese platter was yum! Definitely recommend!

Jen Findlow Jan 2024

Great fun, teacher was informative and helpful making what seemed difficult into an easy task most people could do.
Good value for money and would do again.

Steven Basford Jan 2024

Great environment to learn pottery. Teacher was friendly and informative - would definitely do it again.

Marina Martin Jan 2024

Loved this class. Super fun and very informative for a beginner. 10 out of 10 recommend

Angelo Avenoso Jan 2024

Diane was amazing and very helpful! Very interesting and enjoyable class! 5 Starts out of 5!

Eris Ryan Jan 2024

Good hands on teacher with the ability to show me more advanced techniques such as making a fitting lid for an urn.

Rizki Amelia Setiabudy Dec 2023

It was my first time to attend the class. The teacher was really caring and patience in teaching. She keeps on encouraging us with positive feedback. It is tricky to master the steps but I had fun.

Seoyoung Byun Dec 2023

The class was a fun experience for people of various ages. The instructor was very nice and accommodating. The venue was conducive with easy carpark nearby. The pottery experience was simply amazing. We could not believe we would be able to churn out some decent pieces, thanks to the clear instructions and assistance by Madison.

Sheridan Misso Dec 2023

Maddison was fantastic and so helpful - we had a great time learning and making some pieces and getting the hang of the wheel!

Gemma Alexandrou Dec 2023

Diana was incredible! Such a lovely bubbly instructor. Thank you for having us Diana, 10/10 would recommend!

Pottery class review by Gemma Alexandrou - Melbourne

Catherine Zhang Dec 2023

Madeline was amazing, patient and very skilled! Would highly recommend this experience to anyone interested

Cameron Thomas Dec 2023

The facilities were wonderful and the teacher was very helpful and encouraging. Definitely a great experience :)

Alvin Lieu Dec 2023

May was an amazing instructor who looked like she cared for her craft. The venue was cute and and adequate material was provided.

Rachel Fitzgerald Dec 2023

We all really enjoyed the class. Our teacher was great & very helpful throughout the class.
Everything we needed was provided & we were able to create several pieces to keep. The time goes by so quickly & we all said it’d be great if the class was longer, but we can always book another one in the future.

Febronia Febronia Dec 2023

It was a lovely experience, teacher was great and patient.
We also had ample time to make more than 2 pieces

Maryline Chee Dec 2023

Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the class. Would strongly recommend the class. Betty, the teacher, was lovely, patient, and helpful. Venue and resources were great too!

Anagha Joshi Dec 2023

Teacher was really thorough! Had a lot of fun but teacher ensured we also created something beautiful

Jasmin Donnelly Dec 2023

The class was amazing, Jen was lovely as an instructor and was very helpful when we were struggling or needed advice. The new clay was very gritty, but all the other materials were great. The space was beautiful and well set up, I really appreciated the inclusivity sticker too

Dee Groves Dec 2023

Amazing facility and super friendly staff, so well equipped. Gorgeous vibe, all very much appreciated

Dee Groves Dec 2023

Amazing facility and super friendly staff, so well equipped. Gorgeous vibe, all very much appreciated

Beginners Wheel Throwing Workshop: Mud and Merlot review by Dee Groves - Melbourne

Chik Lai Dec 2023

The experience was amazing and fun, my first time to try wheel throwing. It’s a great opportunity for people who have no experience.

Cara Williams Dec 2023

This was soo much more fun than I even expected. Jen was thourough with her explanation and generous with her compliments and suggestions with my less than perfect first attempt at wheel spinning. I didn't expect to laugh so much! A great little team activity. Thank you

Jennifer Reilly Dec 2023

Cool studio space! We booked as a family for the pottery wheel lesson. Our teacher Maddison was a warm hostess and very patient and well organised coach we really enjoyed it even with difffering levels of ability.
Delicous cheese board and Prosecco went down a treat too. Highly recommended

Pottery class review by Jennifer Reilly - Melbourne

Laura Ness Dec 2023

The teacher was very welcoming and we had a great workshop. The class was very relaxed and the bubbles helped :). We loved our finished bowls and looking forward to the next class.

The venue is in a great location and interior is stunning. Highly recommend.

Pottery class review by Laura Ness - Melbourne

Sharyn Fletcher Dec 2023

Great fun class. Diana was very friendly and helpful. Studio was very clean and bright.

Lucy Canny Dec 2023

I absolutely loved the experience! Sonya was an awesome teacher - so much fun and a great teacher. Would highly recommend!

Emma Graham Dec 2023

My sister died on the day of the class so we couldn’t attend. I wrote an email the day before saying she was dying and my daughter and her couldn’t attend but I was told I didn’t meet the criteria of their cancellation policy. I am outraged. Shame on them for being so heartless

Teacher's response

Dear Emma, Thank you for reaching out to us. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding our cancellation policy.

We understand that circumstances can sometimes lead to unexpected changes, and we strive to accommodate our customers to the best of our abilities. However, as a small business, we also have to ensure the smooth operation and support of our teachers.

As we've previously communicated, your first attempt at cancellation was less than 7 days notice and for reasons not covered by our cancellation policy. This left us in doubt whether your absence from the class was due to the initially stated reason or not. Subsequently, we received a second notice after the class, informing us of the loss of your sister, which we understand is a difficult time for you.

Our cancellation policy is designed to provide clarity and fairness to both our customers and our staff, and it helps us maintain the quality of service we aim to deliver.

If there are any specific concerns or questions you have regarding the cancellation process or our policies, please feel free to discuss them with us. We're here to assist you in any way we can.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards

Tarsha Robinson Dec 2023

Diana was lovely and very helpful. She made us all feel comfortable and we all made a piece we were happy with. Looking forward to seeing the finished product after it has been fired.

Courtney Dalvean Dec 2023

Amazing experience. Diana was wonderful and everyone had a great time. 10/10 would recommend!

Jennifer Gray Dec 2023

So much fun. A perfect amount of time to learn new techniques and design your items. The class was small and intimate and the teacher aka Diana was super. I'd love to go back. Recommend 10/10

Doolin Horsley Dec 2023

I had such a great experience. Diana was amazing and had a plethora of knowledge and was an excellent teacher.

Molly McLellan Dec 2023

Really enjoyed our ceramics & bubbles class! Very friendly & helpful teacher! Definately worth the money. Thanks!

Miklos Horvath Dec 2023

Awesome fun, and a two hours exercise of self control, motor skills and dexterity! Highly recommended!

Tiffany Clark Dec 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I had a lot of fun in this class. The teacher was very clear and helpful and let me play around and experiment a bit. I’m glad the google map location was shared because when I looked up the address without it I was sent to a different location.

Shane McIntyre Dec 2023

Fantastic and supportive teacher. Nice small class sizes ensuring time for each participant. Great way to spend an afternoon learning new skills

Erin Church Dec 2023

Lauren was great - clear instructions, friendly, and had a laugh with us. The venue is lovely - bright, clean and a beautiful atmosphere. It was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday with my besties, and we’ll have mementos of a fabulous night. Looking forward to coming back to make some boob art!

Yvette Willison Dec 2023

Seriously great fun. Mae was so lovely and the group we threw with were also great. Cant wait to see my pieces. Thank you for a great night.

Stacey Mirls Nov 2023

I could have played and practiced all day, great introduction and a fun family activity.

Kate Denmead Nov 2023

Teacher was very informative and happy to help when we needed assistance throughout the workshop.

Muna Ali Nov 2023

The class was fun, however i felt i could have gotten more out of it if there were more instructor. We were a class of 10 people we often had to wait to get help with what we should do next.

Teacher's response

We appreciate your feedback the number of instructors in the class. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced while waiting for assistance. We understand that individual attention is important for a fruitful learning experience.

At our organization, we strive to provide the best support and guidance to all our students. We value your feedback and will take it into consideration as we continue to improve our classes. We apologize for any frustration caused by the wait times.

Thank you for your valuable input, and we hope to have the opportunity to provide you with an even better experience in the future. If you have any further suggestions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us. We appreciate your support and look forward to welcoming you back for more enriching classes.

Jiemin Low Nov 2023

The class was beginner friendly and a fun weekend activity to do with your sister. Our instructor, Ru was great! The basics of wheel throwing was run through in the class and we had plenty of time to make additional pieces as we go along. Would recommend this to anyone who’s interested in pottery making.

Franceen Challons Nov 2023

So much fun. Mai was a wonderful, patient and encouraging teacher. I would highly recommend attending

Beginners Wheel Throwing Workshop: Mud and Merlot review by Franceen Challons - Melbourne

Michelle Hayes Nov 2023

Our teacher May was great!
We had a full class and she was busy helping everyone. We all had a fun night and created some pieces we will treasure.

Nayyereh Ayati Nov 2023

Loved the class, and Jen was amazing and a very good teacher, and I’m looking forward to having my products ready.

Pottery class review by Nayyereh Ayati - Melbourne

Emma Shayler Nov 2023

Had a great time and can’t wait to go back. The teacher was very patient and helpful. Thank you for a great experience.

Ana Marinovic Nov 2023

Great value for money, venue had a good vibe, the instructor was awesome & super fun.

Alana McQueen Nov 2023

We had a great time at Diana Ceramic for our work Xmas party.

Venue was easy to get to with good on street parking. The inside of the venue was gorgeous and well set up.

Our teacher was good although maybe a bit fast at explaining things although she did come around the whole time and helped those who needed some assistance.
Its a great experience and worth the money as you get to keep 2 items that you made. It was fun to be able to make (or attempt to make) as many things as time allowed rather than get stressed on only trying 1 or 2 things.

Vicky Carr Nov 2023

It was my first time at this location and it was easy to get to, bright and welcoming atmosphere.
We really enjoyed our hand building workshop and came away feeling relaxed and accomplished.
Diana was a great teacher and really supported us through the process as we needed it. She is so friendly and has an obvious passion for pottery.
It’s our second workshop and we will definitely be back!

Caitlin Anderson Nov 2023

Had a really great time doing the hand ceramics ! Cannot wait to go again! Diana is lovely and a great teacher

Pelham Wellspring Nov 2023

This was so much fun. Messy, but fun messy. I think I might look at the longer class to improve my pot making skills, admittedly currently at a very low level

Hannah Vaughan Nov 2023

Really great resources and teachers, a very fun and enjoyable experience. Thank you heaps for it!

Diana Makris Nov 2023

A lot of fun would do it again. Enrolling in the course to learn more skill.

Shivani Lakshmi Thiyagarajah Nov 2023

Great location, the equipment and services were incredible. It was a brilliant class for beginners and the teacher shows you the basics and you get a feel for clay. Definitely going back for a longer course!

Pottery class review by Shivani Lakshmi Thiyagarajah - Melbourne

Joanne Li Nov 2023

It was a great experience! Maddison was so patient and helpful within us. Highly recommend!

Cassie Henley Nov 2023

I took my sister to the wheel throwing class for beginners for her birthday and we both loved it. It was really fun and such a great atmosphere. Our teacher Rue was fantastic! We'll definately be back for another go :)

Matthew Sui Nov 2023

My partner and I had an amazing time! The class is very beginner friendly and Rue was an amazing teacher

Stephanie Nguyen Nov 2023

We booked this class as part of a fun weekend for an interstate friend and thoroughly enjoyed it! Betty was a great teacher who was patient and kind. The location of the Brunswick East class is perfect because you can go straight from pottery class to a wine bar. Would highly recommend to everyone!

Rina Yamamoto Nov 2023

A wheel throwing date really slays My partner had a lovely time, made pieces we were proud of, and the studio vibes are really cute. We were with Jen, who's so amazing and friendly and nice to chat to - we love her
I also collected the pieces that my friends and I made when we went a month ago, and they came out really really cute!

Pottery class review by Rina Yamamoto - Melbourne

George Hirata Nov 2023

My partner and I were delighted to attend the wheel throwing course, greeted by our friendly host who was ever so patient and helpful as we were learning how to centralise our clay on the wheel.

The venue was also very nice, in the sense that it had ample space and plenty of space to spread out and also place our belongings.

Super happy with the price of the course, and so happy that we could opt for more than the two included self made pots at only $10 per extra pot.

We're looking forward to booking in again for the classy handling session to see what other things we can make.

Highly recommend it if you haven't tried as yet!

Wheel Throwing Workshop for Beginners review by George Hirata - Melbourne

Andy Roach Nov 2023

rue was fantastic and we loved the class. thank you! i need five more words.

Marisa Zissis Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great afternoon and lots of fun. Would be good if there was an extra teacher so can able to come around and help more.

Dawn Nov 2023

A great beginners guide to pottery. Relaxing and fun way to learn. Helpful and friendly teacher.

Anna Nguyen Nov 2023

I booked the class a surprise for my partner’s birthday and we both loved it! Rue was a wonderful teacher, the studio was bright and clean and I feel like the time allocated for the class was just right. Can’t wait to pick up our finished pieces in a few weeks!

Pierrah Fusca Nov 2023

I loved the experience and I was able to get some really pretty out comes from this class☺️ I enjoyed the experience immensely overall, if it was more in my budget I would be doing this every week; Even if it meant bringing my own clay and glaze . The teacher was really nice and did an amazing job explaining everything and in being really patient with me.

Abbie Ingham-Dowsing Nov 2023

The wheel throwing for beginners course was fun, supportive and relaxed. The perfect way to spend time making memories with friends. Our instructor was lovely and very helpful.

Saliha Kirca Oct 2023

I booked the class for my partners birthday and we had such a great time! It was the first time either of us tried out wheel throwing and we learnt so much in one class. We were super excited to find out that we were the only ones booked in for the day so it was a very intimate workshop and our teacher, Sonya was amazing. I would definitely recommend this class to everyone!

Merlyn Mathew Oct 2023

Great teacher, super friendly and allowed lots of time to experiment with the wheel. Helped out a lot. Really love the atmosphere of the place

Cherry Stojanovic Oct 2023

Diana was so friendly and fun, we had a great day creating wonderful unique pieces with the ladies in our family.

Can’t wait to try something else, thanks Diana!

Tracey Maree Oct 2023

Fantastic venue, exceptional teacher who was professional and motivating. The class was relaxed and fun . I would recommend this class to groups and single people.

Jehd Wood Oct 2023

The class was amazing. Teacher was super engaging and helpful and the whole event ran so smoothly. Had a great time

Shaneil Kumar Oct 2023

Our teacher was fantastic, very helpful and nice. The venue was amazing, clean and pleasing to the eye. Materials and tools were easy to use. Very good value for money we enjoyed our time there and will definitely go again. Loved learning all about pottery our teacher made it easier as well.

Catherine Cao Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Really fun class and Ru is really nice and lovely to chat to and helpful

Sharon Reay Oct 2023

Gréât night thanks to mae - we had lots of fun - will be back for sure

Dee Cazon Oct 2023

Betty was very helpful and patient a pleasure to have her as the teacher
it was a lot of fun , however it’s a pity the apron was not a keeper for a momento
For the cost of the session .

Anonymised ClassBento student Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The wheel throwing pottery class was a lot of fun . Our teacher gave clear and easily followed instructions and was most helpful and encouraging throughout the class. She was a delightful young lady.
The venue was inviting and pleasant and the equipment and materials supplied great. I was very happy with the pots I made.

Thenuka Oct 2023

This was a great experience our teacher was very friendly and helpful I would definitely be going again it is worth giving a try

Adam Georgiou Oct 2023

The lesson was super fun and the teacher was extremely helpful.
Would highly recommend to anyone new to pottery.

Malkanthi Walton Oct 2023

Jen was lovely, clear with her demonstration, and supportive throughout the class. It was fun, and engaging and I learned a lot about working with clay and wheel throwing. I would recommend her as a teacher to all ages.

Shashane Welgama Oct 2023

Great class, teacher was knowledgeable and helpful. Was a lot of fun too. Highly Recommend for a date night idea.

Jason de Angelis Oct 2023

Friendly, fun and not stressful Would recommend as a nice activity with friends, really enjoyed our afternoon

Melissa Hampson Oct 2023

The teacher was amazing, very patient and so helpful
I took my daughter and we both had a very happy day

Jill Carr Oct 2023

Teacher was attentive, inspirational, worked alongside us. Very calming and enjoyable experience. Thanks. Can’t wait to come back.

Rosanna Kirn Oct 2023

Loved loved loved this class. Stepped into the delightful studio and straight away felt a load had lifted. Diana is warm and welcoming, the set up is fantastic, and the class itself was so organised but so easygoing. The time flew! Could not recommend this more, it was just a lovely few hours that went by far too quickly.

Jessica Arnott Oct 2023

The instructor was great and explained everything clearly. Materials and set up was great, and we had enough time to make ~3 items.

Lee Dalgleish Oct 2023

This was such a fun activity! As someone who has never done anything like this and really not that artistic, I thoroughly enjoyed this. This class was well paced, interesting and fun! Our teacher was funny, informative and helpful and the time flew by as we were having so much fun. Looking forward to getting my pieces back. Highly recommend!

Ayla Pelit-Cabbar Oct 2023

We really enjoyed our class and will be back for more lessons. Lovely studio, neat and very tidy/clean. Easy to find and lots of parking. Rue was a great teacher, she made the class fun and offered lots of support. Overall very happy with the experience.

Jingyu Wang Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We had a class last Sunday with Rue, she’s very professional and supportive! She went through the process with us first before we hands on to make our own creations. It was a lot of fun to make your own cups, plates or even mini vase.

Wheel Throwing Workshop for Beginners review by Jingyu Wang - Melbourne

Jessica Catanzariti Oct 2023

I had the best time! The teacher was incredibly passionate and showed a love for her craft. We had a small class and she spent lots of time with everyone. I’ll absolutely be back for future classes!

Barb Knell Sep 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Small class, excellent professional and friendly instructor
Great clean facility’s and close to public transport

Penny Adam Sep 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Really enjoyed this hands on beginners class. Felt like it could be and extra lesson as you need more time to get the hang of the wheel before moving to trimming (not enough pots to practice trimming). Also might be good to have references to look at for the final glazes (on tiles) and maybe some prior discussion before the night so you can come thinking about designs.
Enjoyed the venue and people.
Can’t wait to pick up my 2 pots to see the outcome. I am thinking about doing the intermediate cause to continue having N a practice and building in knowledge.

Amy Lea Sep 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

Sonya was a great teacher and made the experience even better! The studio is warm and beautiful. It was a very relaxing experience and I had a lot of fun creating my own art pieces.

Pottery class review by Amy Lea - Melbourne

Fion Leung Sep 2023

Really Great! We organised a hen party here, Good activity with the girls, the teacher was patient and allowed us to enjoy the process. Teacher was so experienced and knowledgeable and always helped us when we needed it.

Sara Deban Sep 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Super fun experience - perfect duration to see a proper demonstration and then get behind the wheel :)

Sarah Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Such a fun class!
The instructors were so helpful and lovely.
Could not recommend enough !

Pottery class review by Sarah - Melbourne

Sharon Carter Sep 2023

My daughter and I enjoyed our first ever class at this amazing venue. The teacher was lovely and very helpful. We had great fun learning and ending up with a product, or two, to show for it!

Wheel Throwing Workshop for Beginners review by Sharon Carter - Melbourne

Vikramsingh Thakur Sep 2023

My daughter absolutely loved it and can’t wait for the next class. The teacher was really nice and helped everyone all the way.

Thomas Biden Sep 2023

Good night with my partner, the teacher was patient and allowed us to enjoy the process.

Brianna Ferraro Sep 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Great class, Rue was really helpful and made everything really straightforward and easy to grasp.

Daniel Elmohamad Sep 2023

Teacher was very helpful! Such a friendly and welcoming environment. Loved every minute of it! Definitely coming back again.

Liz Flintoft Sep 2023

We had a great afternoon, Rue was lovely and very knowledgeable, they were very good at breaking down the steps and we ended up with lovely pieces, can not wait to collect them.

Himabindu Godavari Sep 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

I really enjoyed making the three of them. Rwe was so sweet who helped me out today. I'm just waiting them to be glazed

Ceramic Hand Building Workshop review by Himabindu Godavari - Melbourne

Natalie Fleissner Sep 2023

The teacher was fantastic and the venue was so beautiful! Very excited to see the products once they're finished :)

Angela Ballas Sep 2023

Had a lovely time, May, our instructor was very helpful and made the whole experience a fun and memorable one. Looking forward to picking up our creations in 4 weeks time. 5 stars.

Simeon Parker Sep 2023

The experience was great, especially for beginners! We had a great time and it was so fun to be able to make anything we wanted and have that freedom. Bringing your own towel was a great idea compared to getting one there, and I also loved how free flowing the class was. Only a little sad we can't glaze them.

Lesley Dang Sep 2023

Was a very interactive class and everything was provided. We learnt alot about wheel throwing and clay.
The instructor was very attentive and helped me Revive my peice.
Can't wait to collect our end products.

Angela Dyer Sep 2023

Everything was great. My kids had fun and really enjoyed it. A little bit technical for them but they loved everybit of it. Thank you for having us. Will definitely do another session.

Wheel Throwing Workshop for Beginners review by Angela Dyer - Melbourne

Claire Young Sep 2023

Absolutely loved today. The venue is very cute and the teacher was excellent. Super attentive, friendly and enthusiastic. The two hours flew and I’m pumped for my next experience. Thankyou!

Alison Cross Sep 2023

Diana was so welcoming and showed us very gently how to bring our inspirations to life. Such a great experience in a great location.

Leyenda Barrett Sep 2023

The teacher was absolutely delightful. She was so friendly and very helpful. She was very experienced in pottery. My daughter and I had a wonderful experience, making nice pieces with clay. The room was cozy and well organised. Thank you for a lovely time.

Pottery class review by Leyenda Barrett - Melbourne

Liz Jones Sep 2023

Rue was amazing, really helpful and clever. We learnt so much in two hours. Thanks for a great class. :)

Anna Papadakis Sep 2023

Rue was great!
They made learning fun and easy and created a warm, friendly atmosphere

Pottery class review by Anna Papadakis - Melbourne

Tessa Gould Sep 2023

Sonya was a great teacher, very patient and knowledgeable. Was fun to see our work come to life over a month. Good value for money!

Zoe Guest Sep 2023

Mei was super friendly and so so helpful! Very excited to pick up our pieces in a few weeks and would definitely recommend :)

Hong Jun Sep 2023

Had an amazing time even though i knew nothing about pottery. The lady was really friendly and offer some free pointers and tips even though we didnt pay for a class.
Offered us aprons to wear for the day as well which most places doesnt according to my partner

Cheryl Goh Sep 2023

Open Pottery Studio Class was amazing!
Lauren was extremely helpful in showing us where to get tools and just helping us when we needed to grab something with our hands full of clay.
My friends and I had a wonderful time and it was really really fun. So much that I would definitely come back again!

Marta Kocsis Sep 2023

We had a wonderful time learning how to throw clay onto a pottery wheel and then all the steps to making a pot or container of some sort. We continued to make three items each with my son. It was a great birthday experience. Everything was included, clay, tools, apron and wheel. Highly recommend, Sonia was a patient and helpful teacher.

Pottery class review by Marta Kocsis - Melbourne

Katherine Xu Sep 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Teacher was extremely patient and helped us when needed, the class was enjoyable! definitely needs a little bit of getting used to for those without experience, but i had fun. Good to go with a group or just by yourself

Heather Kennedy Sep 2023

So relaxing! Made some beautiful pieces and the teacher was so fun! Loved it and will be back! :) :)

Pottery class review by Heather Kennedy - Melbourne

Samantha Donnelly Sep 2023

Rue was a wonderful teacher, very friendly, informative and entertaining. We came together as Mother and daughter and did the boob pot class. We had a great laugh, it was fun and relaxing. The studio was organised, comfortable and welcoming. Great value. Would love to come back for more

Pottery class review by Samantha Donnelly - Melbourne

Michelle Giannino Aug 2023

Had a great time, teacher was so friendly and explained in a simple way encouraging everyone along the way

Pottery class review by Michelle Giannino - Melbourne

Andrew Tran Aug 2023

The workshop was very beginner friendly and had an awesome teacher! Very helpful and nice! :)

Tanya Johnson Aug 2023

We had a wonderful time and were impressed with what we created, as well as having some basic skills to keep growing our ability further. It was a fun process and a great way to celebrate our birthdays together.

Jason Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

May was really helpful demonstrating wheel throwing pottery techniques and also giving us individual help as we practiced. Highly recommended!

Julie Teoh Aug 2023

Absolutely loved this! The studio when you walk in was beautiful, light and inviting. Teacher was so experienced and knowledgeable and always helped us when we needed it. Her explanations were clear and direct.
Loved the bubbly and cheese platter too I can't wait to collect my pottery pieces when they're done Thank you so much for a great time I have already recommended to family and friends who are looking at booking soon!

Pottery class review by Julie Teoh - Melbourne

Drita McLennan Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

He was very informative at the start, maybe a bit more guidance would have been good
But Having said that it is only practice that will make it easier

Elaina Wilson Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Had the best class, our teacher was so lovely and knowledgeable and made the whole experience so great!

Alexander Mattiaccio Aug 2023

Excellent friendly teaching. The instructor was very patient and helpful. All enjoyed the activity. Great for work related activities.

Julie Chetcuti Aug 2023

27 ClassBento workshops attended • 14 reviews

Everything was really good and I had a great time creating everything. I would recommend them to others.

Jess McKee Aug 2023

Jen was amazing! We had the best night, lots of laughts and great teacher. Thank you! Highly recommend.

Jesse Camilleri Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Such a great class, thanks to the teachers who did an amazing job guiding us through too

Kelsey Skeans Aug 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Independent time to hand-build or work on the Potter's Wheel, was very relaxing!

Kelsey Skeans Aug 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Very great to have a place to go where you can just relax and go at your own pace!

Riana Marie Aug 2023

Really great class and excellent teacher! Very supportive environment and fun activity to do with friends no matter your pottery level.

Ashleigh Reynolds Aug 2023

Really Great! Really enjoyed the class, it was a shame how quick the time went!

Elleni Tsaketas Aug 2023

Our teacher was amazing. Very helpful, knowledgeable and approachable. Enjoyed the experience very much and came out with some beautiful pottery.

Annette Pham Aug 2023

Great introduction to wheel throwing, harder than I thought, but heaps of fun! I wanted to keep doing more!

Wheel Throwing Workshop for Beginners review by Annette Pham - Melbourne

Jessica Downing Aug 2023

The teacher was very knowledgeable, bubbly, helpful and creative. She was able to provide ideas on what could be made.

Samantha McCormack Aug 2023

Fantastic class! May was a great coach - very patient and explained the process really well. We all had a lot of fun and learnt a new skill (well some of us did!)

Talia Klein Aug 2023

The workshop was just lovely with a great ambiance and our instructor, Sonia was just lovely. We had such a fun time during our 2 hour beginners workshop and got to take home some lovely pieces. Thanks so much for this experience. It was a great introduction into wheel throwing.

Wheel Throwing Workshop for Beginners review by Talia Klein - Melbourne

Hayleigh Butler Aug 2023

Had an absolute blast attending this class. The cheese board was 10/10. Highly recommend to anyone

Beginners Wheel Throwing Workshop: Mud and Merlot review by Hayleigh Butler - Melbourne

Jay Bariuad Aug 2023

May is an Awesome instructor.
She was very helpful and and clear with all instructions.

Jennifer Moulder Aug 2023

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

Rue was a great teacher and I really enjoyed my afternoon. Time flew by which is always a good sign.
Highly recommend the venue and teaching style.

Wendy Smith Aug 2023

This class was great. Small group so plenty of attention and help when needed. equipment and set up ideal. Loved it and definitely want to go back for the intermediate class now.