DIY Alcohol Inks Pot Planter Craft Box / Kit

Create two fabulous alcohol ink decorated pots at home with this DIY kit

Caroline Barber

Caroline Barber

4.9 (56)

label $65 - $75 (or 4 payments of $16.25 - $18.75 Afterpay)
($65 for Basic, $75 for With blower)

Discover the mesmerising art of alcohol inks at home with our unique pot planter DIY kit.

Instructions are included for this hands-on alcohol ink class for beginners where you'll learn how to decorate two planter pots using this fun medium!

During this class, admire the intense, vibrant colours of alcohol ink and discover how they merge together to create beautiful and unique patterns.

What you'll learn:
  • Alcohol ink safety.
  • How to decorate a pot and deal with a contoured surface.
  • Our unique technique to give you that out of this world dappled pattern.
  • How to mix and merge colours.
  • We will discuss how to seal the pots as well. You get to decorate and keep two 1.2 litre alcohol ink pots. There is extra ink if you want to try a ceramic pot.

You can order our basic kit or our kit with blower upon checkout.

Basic kit:
  • Three small ink containers
  • One blending solution
  • Two pots (1.2 litres) to decorate

Kit with blower:
  • Three small ink containers
  • One blending solution
  • Two pots (1.2 litres) to decorate
  • One bulb blower
What you'll need
  • Hairdryer or hand blower
  • Or order the kit with a hand blower
Add-ons available for this class
  • Blue fine tip brush small ($5)
  • Blue pointed tip brush med tip ($5)
  • Blue large pointed tip brush ($5)
  • Blue long large tip brush ($5)
  • Extra bottle of ink ($5)
  • Extra ink in supplied bottle/colour ($3)
You can add these when you book (optional).
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Caroline Barber
Caroline Barber

4.9 (56)

Hello, My name is Caroline. I have been involved in arts and crafts for 30 years.

I offer very small to one on one classes. I focus on individual attention to help my students achieve their artistic goals.

I teach a variety of mediums, including alcohol ink, resin and acrylic painting.

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