DIY Creative Project: Sunday Afternoon at Home


Bring your own creative project or start a new one as you virtually connect with others

1.5 hours Class size 1 to 25     label $29

If you're searching for creative and relaxing indoor activity look no further than this live online workshop with Fran Cane.

You can bring your own project or start a new one and work with Fran and other students, all while connecting over a cuppa or glass of wine and a bit of creativity.

This workshop theme is 'You' - create a collage using photos of family and friends, and/or your favourite things that represent who you are and what you value.

Ideas for the session are sent to anyone registered to help inspire you before the session.

During the virtual collage session, you'll get the chance to connect with your inner creative in a positive, fun and chilled space. Guided by an expert, you'll learn some of their favourite tips for creating unique mixed media artworks that you'll be proud to display in your home.

Knowledge required
This is a beginner-friendly class.
What to bring
  • White thick paper or card (A3, A4 or A5) as your base for the collage
  • Old magazines, colour paper, printed paper, tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black marker
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Old paper to protect your table and use your gluing base

  • Acrylic paints, brush and water glass
  • Coloured markers, pencils or crayons
Your teacher
Fran Cane
Fran Cane
(Lady Bird Design)

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Fran is an artist; an educator, neither overshadows, they simply entwine and enrich one another.

At a young age Fran discovered the value of creating art in her daily life. The act of art helped Fran express her identity. The process of developing an idea, especially with jewellery, seeing that idea come to completion by Fran's own hand filled her with satisfaction and accomplishment.  Fran began to see how creating art helped other aspects of my life and learning.

Fran is inspired by nature, patterns, form and texture. Each created piece portrays a slice of life, a perspective of the world in which we all live. Her mediums span painting and jewellery to collage and stitching. They all bring joy, though not everything turns out how she envisaged.

In particular Fran sees the unique design and individually handcrafted nature of bespoke jewellery as an ornamental way of extending personal self-expression. During the creative process, she is mindful that someone will be wearing the piece and it will come alive only when it finds its owner.

Fran is most comfortable in the studio classroom teaching art than in any other place or endeavour. It fills her soul to help others learn by exposing them to tools, materials and techniques of Fran's trade and then develop their skills and confidence in the creative medium.

Through support, conversation and laughter, I set a welcoming scene of free expression.

Ladybird Design Creative Studio is the culmination of creating a life around my passions of art, jewellery and teaching. It frees Fran to take a piece of silver, blank canvas or paper, turn it into a beautiful thing and share it with the world every day. Fran believes now more than ever that pursuing one’s passions makes life more colourful and vibrant, gives us pleasure and purpose, but most of all it reminds us of who we are.

Fran would love to share the joy of creating and making with you.

Verified reviews

We only show reviews from customers who have paid for and attended this class

Megan Nov 2023

Theme - Red or Green
Nothing is better on a 40+ day than to be inside, aircon on, with a fantastic teacher & great people doing fun collages. Even better when new ones join. Would sooo recommend for all everyone, come once & give it a go. I did & never stopped.

DIY Creative Project: Sunday Afternoon at Home review by Megan

Alex Nov 2023

A great class and fun as well. The teacher was always attentive to detail and we finished our art work with success. I have learnt specially how to do feathers amongst other aspects of this project. I was very happy with my finished artwork and will frame it. Thank you so much.

Megan Sep 2023

Today's theme was - Quotes. I chose "The Early Bird gets the Worm, but the Second Mouse gets the Cheese". Loved what was done by the others in the class, amazing work.

Paper Craft and Ink class review by Megan

Megan Jul 2023

Today's class was sooo much fun, the time just flew by as it does when you're having such fun with people who are just the nicest in the world. Today's theme was "Beach Holiday" & it's amazing how all their projects are always totally brilliant & unique.

DIY Creative Project: Sunday Afternoon at Home review by Megan

Fotini Jul 2023

Fran runs fabulous creative classes with plenty of ideas for everyone to enjoy. Highly recommended and I am a happy repeat customer.

Bianca Villani Jul 2023

I love the creative home project collage classes with Fran. It’s a great opportunity to ‘play’ with art whilst chatting to and getting inspiration from others. Today’s Holiday Escape theme was an opportunity to rewind and relax without taking a vacation. I look forward to the next DIY craft afternoon , thanks.

Megan May 2023

Today's theme was "Window Boxes", everyone did such a fantastic job and it was great seeing the others again and we were lucky because we got a new friend to the group.

DIY Creative Project: Sunday Afternoon at Home review by Megan

Bianca Villani Apr 2023

A relaxing and creative space to collage and chat with others.
Our theme tonight was flower boxes.
I enjoyed turning everyday scrap resources into a piece of art. No pressure or artistic ability required.
Thanks for an enjoyable night ladies. I cannot wait until the next time we collage together.

DIY Creative Project: Sunday Afternoon at Home review by Bianca Villani

Megan Apr 2023

Today's collage theme was nature & being close to Easter I decided to make a cute rabbit out of food. Can't wait for our next challenge.

Paper Craft and Ink class review by Megan

Elspeth Crosby Mar 2023

Another great collaging session - stimulating creativity and lots of fun - lovely to share the session with everyone. Thanks Fran

Paper Craft and Ink class review by Elspeth Crosby

Elspeth Crosby Mar 2023

These sessions are always fun and great for stimulating creativity. The problems is knowing when to stop as it is so enjoyable. Thanks Fran

DIY Creative Project: Sunday Afternoon at Home review by Elspeth Crosby

Di Feb 2023

Nice relaxed time chatting while creating a collage - with a demo by the teacher and advice given when needed.

Megan Dec 2022

The theme for this class was 'Joy' & it was really neat to see all the different ways that people interpreted the theme, all trying to be different & original. Everyone is so nice & it's brilliant when we get new people joining our group most who have no experience. I did mine on people called Joy.

Paper Craft and Ink class review by Megan

Di Oct 2022

Nice relaxed weekend afternoon collage with Fran. Chance to forget about troubles and be creative while sipping a drink. Fran makes the experience a positive and pleasant one regardless of my talent! Thank you.

Alex Sep 2022

Teacher was wonderful, easy to communicate and alert on every aspect of our work. Always giving us ideas and showing how to progress. Great lesson, relaxing and fun. We had a piece of art work of our own at the end. Thank you.

Megan Sep 2022

Always look forward to these Sunday Sessions, today was as great as usual.
It's fun to see old members & meet the new ones who have joined up.
Today's theme was 'underwater'.

Paper Craft and Ink class review by Megan

Joanne Sparks Jul 2022

It was great to be able to do this workshop during lockdown. I thoroughly enjoyed the fun and learning something new. Fran is very gifted in facilitating online workshops, including the technology and the learning objectives. She brings out the best in people and their creative endeavors.

Di Dell Jul 2022

A very inclusive no stress session. Relaxing hour or so cutting and pasting to a theme, just using pictures from local magazines.
Advice given where required and teacher demonstrates ideas as well.

Megan Jul 2022

The theme for this class was 'Wreath' & had such a great time. Everyone is sooo nice & heaps of fun to be with. It's very relaxed & unstructured & would totally recommend it for everyone of any age or skill. I'm the youngest & most unskilled & I always have the best time even if my work is rubbish or pretty good, like this one using branches & flowers from our garden.

DIY Creative Project: Sunday Afternoon at Home review by Megan

Megan Jul 2022

One of the best things about these classes is that you never know how your work will turn out, sometimes good, sometimes bad (mine) but always a load of fun & love how with the same theme how different everyone's work is.

Paper Craft and Ink class review by Megan

Di May 2022

Relaxing time doing collage from magazines at hand with encouragement and support from Fran when needed. Thank you.

Diane Dell Oct 2021

Five stars for creating a pressure free Saturday afternoon doing some collage with Fran. Very inclusive session. Great tips from this talented instructor to learn from for beginners like me. Thank you.

Elspeth Crosby Oct 2021

These sessions were fun and relaxing. Fran was very supportive and great at fostering creativity. Highly recommended.

Paper Craft and Ink class review by Elspeth Crosby

Christina Sanches Oct 2021

Great class. Great way of exploring your creativity with items you have at home thanks

Fotini Karadimas Oct 2021

Awesome creative afternoons with Fran in a supportive environment. Thoroughly enjoyed zoning out and making something fun with Fran's artistic guidance.

Alison Janes Oct 2021

Fran managed to keep all her participants encouraged and happy with their results!
I loved every session! Would keep doing any session Fran would care to organise.

Elspeth Crosby Sep 2021

These sessions have been so much fun. Fran is very inspiring and a great teacher. Looking forward to future classes.

Diane Dell Sep 2021

Relaxing afternoon session which is just what I needed with good ideas displayed by our mentor. Thank you Fran.

Alison Janes Sep 2021

These classes are so relaxing I love them

Fotini Karadimas Sep 2021

Awesome creative sessions with a lovely talented mentor. Supportive, friendly and fun environment to learn something new.

Megan Sep 2021

Sat 4th Sep Theme - Bird Song
A fun and very relaxed, easy going class where you can go at your own pace while getting most excellent advice from Fran when and if needed.

DIY Creative Project: Sunday Afternoon at Home review by Megan

Sarah Tabassum Sep 2021

Fran's class is amazing. It's very relaxing as well as creative. After the class, I felt good about my creation. Looking forward to the next session.

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