Draw Out the Artist Within You

Draw Out the Artist Within You

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1 - 12




This short course (12 weeksx3 hours) aims to improve the "inner harmony between mind, body and soul of" the individual fun is the studio atmosphere by freeing the inner child within& Increase the self- confidence & to Transform personal experience into creative force . The project will be for people of different ages, interests and background. The delivery is based on the uniqueness of each individual student’s respecting their personal experience and ways of thinking.
This short course will provide you a structured introduction to the skills of drawing using a wide range of media and methods and encourages you to look at things in a selective way, giving you the tools to record your observations & release the artist within you as a unique individual.
You will explore a range of drawing media, and different approaches to mark making including using different techniques and medium. The projects in this short course will encourage you to look at objects in different ways and challenge you to focus on the elements & principles of drawing .You will draw a wide range of different subjects throughout the course including subjects outdoors, indoor, as well as objects in your home.
As part of this course you’ll also research references to artists’ drawings and develop your ability to think and view art critically. You’ll be encouraged to visit art exhibitions as you can. You’ll keep a learning outcome in a diary to document your discoveries and observations.
Learning outcomes (drawing out your feelings)

On the completion of this course the student should be able to:

1- Explore & analyze their individual &others perceptual awareness (the art of seeing).

2- Explore & analyze their individual & others conceptual process (the art of thinking).

3- Explore & analyze the technical skills in the use of mediums (the art of doing)

4- Develop understanding of the grammar of the drawing & painting as a visual language (the elements& principle of the work of art).

5- Develop the relationship between imaging, imagination to create and creativity.

6- Be aware of OH&S in their use of mediums.

7-How to evaluate the work of art

The program will be structured "in the following way:

1) line and Emotions -(Balance)
2) Form and Emotions -( Rhythm)
3) Textures and Emotions -(Harmony)
4) Color and Emotions -(Unity)
5) Perspective and emotions -(Movement)
6) Compositions and Emotions- (Contrast)
Medium’s list

• 1 graphite pencil 6B progresso & set of different grades pencil go cheap

• 1 each black, brown, white compressed charcoal

• 1 black charcoal pencil

• 1 set of dry & oil pastel cheap

• 1 set of water color set& gauche set cheap

• 1 can of hair spry no frill or Black& Gold brand cheap

• A set of varieties of dry tree sticks

• Sketch book size A3 70-80 lb (approx 100-130 gsm): drawing paper suitable for finished artwork in most media OR loose sheets of paper in varying sizes and colors (from A4 to A1 including found papers, cartridge/sugar paper, etc.)

• 1 set of water color brushes go cheap.

• 1 small size Chinese calligraphy brush& 1 calligraphy pen.

• Craft knife, small and large scissors.

• Masking tape and drawing pin.

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Draw Out the Artist Within You class location

William Street, Granville, NSW

The teacher can also travel within 20km of Granville for private classes


Shadee Selim
Shadee Selim


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