Edinel Magtibay, painting teacher

Edinel Magtibay

Visual Artist


I believe that art is for everyone and we are all born with a desire to express ourselves creatively.

I'm a 27 year old journalist by prefession( writing news for radio and tv broadcast, formulating shows and programs, traveling for research and doing other cool things behind the camera.)

But i'm also a passionate visual artist. I've got a degree in Communication Arts in De La Salle University, Philippines.
My colorful journey began in exploring various art medium like oil pastel, pencils, coffee, paint and watercolor. I further developed my artistic interests by joining local art groups and attending free tutorials in 2013.
Finding beauty in nature, I began painting flowers and beautiful sceneries. Some of my artworks were featured in several group art exhibits.
In 2014, i decided to do volunteer works for an Art Guild in the Philippines that became a great opportunity to share my skills and inspire young people to create and paint.
I've been organizing workshops and small art exhibits for free with the help of some friends and Artist organizations that i am affiliated with for four years now. I guess my passion for art is not only about doing something beautiful in a canvas but also extending its beauty and color in someone's life.



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