Emmett Ng

Emmett Ng


experienced baker for 7 years, experienced contemporary dancer/choreographer for 6 years

Emmett Ng, dance teacher

I am extremely patient and easy to get along with. With great attention to details, i will guide you step-by-step to achieve great products. I focus more than just the finishing of the end products but also the theory and journey of how to get there. With sufficient experience and trophies in my bag, i am more than willing to share my passion and love with everyone else!

I am an experienced baker who runs my own business in dessert catering since 2011 while juggling a career of dance on a semi-professional level. I have taught over a hundreds of students in the past 7 years and many have came out doing exceptionally well. Despite being rather young, it allows me to connect better with various students of all ages with no prejudice in mind. Fluent in both English and Chinese, language is nothing but an excuse when it comes to learning.

I would be honoured to have been part of your creative journey to learning.


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