Energy Body and Movement Meditation

20+ plus years of healing movement body awareness

Angela Ambrosia

Angela Ambrosia

25+ years in dance, movement and healing

3 x 1.5 hours Class size 3 to 20 label $50

No meditation or movement experience necessary. Some of the class is seated and some will be standing and with some gentle movement.

Join Angela to reconnect to the natural energy in your body and feel what is your intuitive KNOWING to empower your JOY in your connection with yourself.

This 3-part series will explore 3 aspects of the divine also known as the "I AM" in your body and energy body with movement and meditation. Learn what your aura is, how to feel your aura and sense your center and build a clearer connection to your divine as well as how to communicate with your inner self and higher self.

If you can't make all 3 classes, we can arrange for you to come to one class on request.

March 11 is Class 1 explores Love and Balance

March 18 is Class 2 explores Divine Will

March 25 is Class 3 explores Creative Intelligence

Many of us practice meditation but we may not be aware of who we are connecting to and the ability of that connection to become clearer and clearer as we build a meditation practice and connection to the divine and your higher self.

Movement Meditation as created by Angela is about how to know your energy, your energy field and how to accept that energy as a reflection of the simplicity of who you are to enable you to move BEYOND the mental and emotional filters that make you feel less or unable to enjoy who you are.

Through each of the 3 aspects of the divine you are able to connect to your Higher Self and Universal Knowing which will assist you to accept the mental and emotional parts of yourself with balance, collaboration with your higher self and creativity and FUN!

With Movement Meditation you get to experience how your body and it's energy field are shaped by your connection to your heart and by a part of you that you may not know clearly - your intuition.

You will learn how these 3 different aspects support you to connect with your intuition.

Angela has over 25 years of movement, dance and healing to share with you the wonders of your body and it's kinesphere, aura or 'energy body' and how you can sense your own nature and learn how to expand that creatively in your body, your dance and your life.

You will learn how to feel with your body and your intuition, your connection of yourself with yourself and how to discern and feel what is the difference between "your imagination" and your knowing and intuition.

If you have never done movement meditation then this is a great way to discover what it is!

If you are looking for deeper intuitive KNOWING of how to connect to your inner and higher self - this class will give you kinesthetic knowing and recognition of what your intuition is showing you.

Knowledge Required
What to bring
comfortable clothing with layers so you will be warm if you are seated
Session repeats

This class series runs over 3 consecutive sessions, at the same time every week.


Bondi School of Arts Room A ,138 Bondi Road, Bondi, NSW

Your teacher
Angela Ambrosia
Angela Ambrosia

25+ years in dance, movement and healing

I share with students young and old from 4 to 100 years how to enjoy your body by feeling into the body with music, deeper listening, understanding of dance and the anatomy of the body. I teach how to be confident in your body through understanding your relationship to space, music, rhythm and your intent. If you are looking for healing old habits, lack of confidence, social awkwardness and finding out how to master your body intuitively, I give you very easy quick body awareness skills that allow you to tap into your inner knowing and shift easily out of old habits. I teach belly dance for beginners, body confidence and awareness through movement and meditation and healing with the energy body.

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