Frequently asked questions


Classes must:

  1. Be taught in person, in Australia
  2. Be fun (i.e. a lot of people would find it enjoyable)

We're open to discovering all sorts of hidden and wonderful talents and knowledge, and so we haven't and won't set rigid rules on what subjects we'll allow. If you're not sure, just get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss.

You can become a teacher anywhere in Australia (although we're currently only focusing our marketing efforts in Sydney; we'll be expanding out further soon). As for where you hold your classes - that's up to you! We don't force our teachers to use any particular location. You can choose to use your own venue, and/or to travel to students. For a list of teacher-friendly places available to rent, check out our venues page. Otherwise, some free or affordable venues that may be suitable for you (depending on what you're teaching):
  • Libraries
  • Local council centres
  • Parks (make sure you check the weather forecast!)
  • Universities and their associated colleges often have rooms available for affordable rates
  • Your own business premises (shop, studio or similar)
  • Your home (you can mask your location so that only confirmed enrolled students can see your exact location)
Anytime that's convenient for you! Our students are a mix of 9-to-5 professionals, as well as those who have more free time on their hands. So you can just set up different times for your classes and see which ones are the most popular.

We're always on the lookout for undiscovered teaching superstars, regardless of their teaching experience! If you meet the criteria below, then we'd love to hear from you:

  1. You're an expert at your subject, and your subject is a fun one (i.e. not accounting or Excel)
  2. You're a good communicator
  3. You're not a criminal :)

To get started:

  1. Get inspiration and guidance from other classes
  2. Go through our quick application process
  3. If you need more help, just reach out via our contact form and our friendly team will be in touch

You won't necessarily need an ABN or TFN to become a teacher on Classbento. We aren't employing you. Instead, we're just a platform through which you can meet students. You should ensure that you meet any regulatory requirements relevant to your personal circumstances. The ATO has provided a useful resource on the sharing economy and tax. However, as part of the onboarding process, we will need to see identification (driver's license or passport) to check that you're not a past serial killer (and if you plan to be, at least we can track you down).

If you're just starting out, you could consider offering your class for free or for a lower price, just to get some initial feedback from students. If you're more confident, you can basically charge whatever you think is fair. We don't force teachers to abide by any strict pricing rules. Alternatively, if you're not in it for the money, you can just offer your class for free.
Yes! We don't charge any fees whatsoever to teachers or students for free classes.

Here's how a typical teacher starts meeting students via Classbento, in sequential order:

  1. You apply to be a teacher
  2. You create classes by entering details online into our easy-to-use website forms. An average class would take about 2-3 minutes to set up
  3. You provide your identification details, and we get a third party to check these
  4. We approve your classes, otherwise we'll provide you with constructive feedback, within 1-3 business days
  5. Your classes are shown on, and students can start to book online, according to the times you indicated as being available. Once your maximum class size is reached for a session (or if the class was booked privately), it then becomes unavailable for booking
  6. Only your students can submit reviews of your class. Our admins may then approve these reviews which will then be shown online
  7. We pay you to your nominated Australian bank account (and PayPal account if you've nominated one), minus our commission
  8. You can make changes to your classes at any time, through our website
We hope you don't! Students pay upfront and very much look forward to meeting you. If you do have to cancel a class, you can get access to the students' phone numbers to make alternate arrangements. Hopefully you can have them attend another one of your classes. Otherwise, just contact us via the admin contact form, and we'll refund your students. Keep in mind that students can leave you negative reviews for cancellations
We make this easy. Whenever you get students signing up from other sources, just go to your Classbento class editor and update the number of available spots for that session.
Classbento's ABN is 81613102499, and our ACN is 613102499
  • Classbento takes a 15% commission from all classes booked on our platform. Aside from this, there are no fees whatsoever.
  • We use our commission to cover payment processing costs, our loyalty and review-incentivisation program, marketing, and continuous website development - i.e. all the things that will help teachers get more students, more easily
  • No commission or fees apply on free classes (i.e. classes where the teacher does not charge the students).
Check your class's description for details. If nothing is mentioned, then you won't need to bring anything. Unless otherwise specified, you won't need to bring any identification.
Yes, if you've booked for these people. To do this, book for a higher quantity when booking, either on the class page, or in the cart. You only need to provide one name (e.g. John Citizen) in the cart, you don't need to provide the name of all students you're booking on behalf of. Generally, friends can't otherwise just 'show up' without booking to a class.
We discourage our teachers from doing this and it hasn't happened before on our site, but this is certainly possible. However, if a class is cancelled, we will fully refund you. Refunds take 6-12 days to arrive in your account. You may be able to book another session. If the teacher cancels without sufficient notice, we will take disciplinary action with the teacher, and students may leave the teacher negative reviews. Hence through the ratings system you'll be able to tell if a teacher has previously cancelled bookings in a negative manner.
Our aim is for Classbento to only list the best teachers and classes, rather than being an 'Ebay-like' unregulated free-for-all. As such, our core assessment team (who have between them over 10 years of teaching experience) manually check every single teacher and class for quality before they are listed on Classbento Teachers who receive excessive negative ratings will be scrutinised, and if their performance is not expected to improve, they will be taken off the site As a student, you will also be able to understand a teacher or a class's quality by checking their reviews - only students who have paid for a class can review it Finally, we verify the identity of all our teachers (via our partner Stripe, who checks teachers' photo IDs against government records) before they can get paid

All classes accept card payments - this includes credit, pre-paid and debit cards. Some classes also accept PayPal; if so, you'll see it as an option at the checkout.

Please contact the teacher directly via their profile page, the decision will be up to her or him. Most of the time, they'll accommodate, as long as you give them sufficient notice.

If you requested a cancellation, and she/he agrees, ask them to contact the Classbento team about it, we'll then provide you with a 100% cash refund to the payment method you used.

Simply put, it means that students are more likely to book a teacher's classes on Classbento.
Even if students request and receive a refund from this guarantee, Classbento will still pay the teacher in full. However, should this occur, Classbento will investigate to better understand the reason for the student's dissatisfaction, and if deemed appropriate, may pass on the feedback to the teacher and remove the teacher's class from the Classbento website.
We specifically designed this policy to help teachers attract students. After all, the main way that many teachers would convince students of their teaching quality (and hence acquire students) is through reviews. But if a teacher hasn't taught many students on Classbento, she wouldn't have any reviews. This is a Catch 22 that our refund guarantee is designed to address.

Broadly, you've got 2 options to find pictures / images / photos for your class(es):

  1. Use an image you own. This could be a photo of your completed works (e.g. food, paintings, etc) or a photo of something that represents your class (e.g. a nice shot of the Eiffel tower for French language classes)
  2. Use a 'stock' image, that you can get from a variety of websites. If you need to give attribution/credit for the image, you may do so in your class's 'Description' field. Below are a few sites that offer images at no charge:
You will be paid 8 days after the date of your class, directly to your nominated bank account.
We offer teachers a dashboard to easily track payments - if you're an existing teacher, just log in and navigate to the 'Transaction statement' section.
We sure do! Make someone happy here.
Sure. Just call us on +614 15 356 886, between 9am and 5pm AEST, any day of the week. You'll just need to have your credit or debit card details on hand (card number, expiry month/year, and CVC number)

No, unless your client or the venue that you're using require it.
If you do need public liability insurance, try or (approx $40/month) - or try a broker like (note that we're not associated with either of these suggestions, but some of our teachers have used them before)

Let's say a student books your class for $100, and ClassBento keeps $15 of this, passing $85 to you.
If you are registered for GST, you'd have to pay GST on the $100 (1/11th).
The $15 ClassBento commission contains GST (1/11th), which you can claim as a GST credit. 
You'll find all this summarised in your Dashboard.
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