Fermenting and Culturing Class

1 hour 4 to 8 label $65

In this fun and hands on fermenting class in Melbourne, you will learn all about fermentation techniques and how to ferment at home.

Fermenting is the process whereby an organic substance is broken down into a simpler substance. This chemical change usually takes place thanks to a living substance such as yeast or bacteria. Fermented foods have a range of health benefits due to the probiotics released during the fermentation process, and are becoming increasingly popular in Australia.

Run in a relaxed informal setting this fermenting class will teach you how beneficial and simple it is to ferment foods at home, all the while reducing your food waste.

This class is available on Request for groups of 4+.

Don't have a group of 4+ students? If you're happy to pay a higher price per person (total of $260 for the class), you can just Request to book this class for 4 students (and attend with fewer guests).

Knowledge Required

Perfect for beginners to advanced cooks, newbies and oldies to a plant-based diet and ages 16+.

What to bring

Please bring a water bottle, a notepad if you like to take notes, and any questions you have! Wear something comfortable, and flat, closed-toe shoes. No heels, sandals or thongs.


SoulPod Foods - Shop 43, The Mall, Croydon South, VIC

Your teacher
Vegie Head
Vegie Head

Adele McConnell is the effervescent mastermind behind Veggie Head. She is a recognised author and recipe revolutionist, who wants to share her passion for plant-based food with you and demonstrate how powerful, tasty and simple it is to make. VegieHead is on a mission to help you to add more veggies to your plate and help you transition to a plant-based diet.

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