Fiona Chan, drawing teacher

Fiona Chan

10 + years in illustration

4.9 (19)

Hello! I am Sydney based illustrator. Most commonly known on my online artist alias "Miyukiko"
For me, art is a way to express, communicate and inspire. Bringing a smile, captivating and moving others with my art is something I find joy in.

Although I am best known for my anime and manga illustration works, I draw a range of illustrations I adapt to different art approaches depending on what I want to portray to bring an illustration to its potential.

My career experiences include a variety of illustration work ranging from storyboarding and portraits, comics, novel covers, promotional works, tattoo designs and apparel, to game artwork and animation.
I also work as a university lecturer and tutor for game illustration/assets and animation.

I enjoy holding workshops, mentoring, teaching and encouraging others to pursue what they truly enjoy!




Pankaj Kumar May 2022

Illustration Class

The teacher was really helpful in guiding my daughter in the direction on how she could improve her skills. The course was good value for money and helped my daughter progress in illustration and leverage it for her current learning.

Lauren Steel Mar 2022

Illustration Class

Fantastic experience, I felt comfortable and encouraged, I learnt so much in my first session which has really given me direction.

Irene Tan Mar 2022

Illustration Class

Fiona is experienced and explained everything I asked for thoroughly and clearly. Her instructions are easily to follow. Time flies by in her class. Would definitely recommend her class.

Leigh Morton Jan 2022

Illustration Class

The class was excellent! Fiona has a lot of experience and gives helpful, personalised guidance with your work.

Lily-Rose Howitt Jan 2022

Illustration Class

it was really fun and you explained things very well to make sure I had an understanding of what to do, you also were very patient if I was taking too long with my drawings when trying a new technique.

Helen Stark Jan 2022

Illustration Class

Fiona gave me some great tips and ideas for developing my own creative style as well as advice to develop a logo for my artwork

Tariq Toufie Oct 2021

Illustration Class

It was really good and interesting, and I will definitely book again. Thank you so much.

Carrie Metcalfe Apr 2021

Illustration Class

My two year 7 girls really enjoyed their class. Got some good tips and inspiration, thank you Fiona

Alex Chan Feb 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Illustration Class

I enjoyed my first class very much. Learnt a lot of basic techniques of sketches today.

Peter Shamoon Jan 2021

Illustration Class

Thank you for giving my teens a wonderful experience. We ended up in the shopping centre nearby and when we went back to pick them up, I went inside and my 16 and 14 year old children were so happy. My son that has limited drawing skills actually showed me what was drawn all by himself and it was amazing. My daughter explained how Fiona takes you back to the very basics of drawing and guides you through each step. Fiona Thank you once again. You are truly kind and easy going. Well done.

Tiffany Ho Nov 2020

Illustration Class

Fiona is super friendly and definitely knows how to guide someone with limited drawing experience to complete a piece of drawing! I requested to do a drawing based on a photo of my choice as a gift to a friend and was able to complete it within 2 hours despite my lack of drawing skills. Was really happy with the end product and I definitely learnt some techniques during the class :)

William Liu Nov 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Illustration Class

Laid back, comfortable environment. Fiona was engaging and knowledgeable, with individual attention given to each student throughout.

Pricilla Viony Sep 2020

Illustration Class

Excellent! I learned and practiced many things that for long time I struggled in at that part, and she teaches me with very well explained theories and gave me examples, and that's made me understand. Very friendly and comfortable course

Kenny Beer Jan 2020

Illustration Class

The class with Fiona was brilliant. She spent time to understand exactly what my needs and interests were and what styles I wanted to draw. Her teaching style is open and friendly. She gives a good grounding in theory, with examples and exercises to help get techniques right. I’d thoroughly recommend this class to aspiring illustrators.

Craig Mewett Jan 2020

Illustration Class

My son was very happy after his class, Fiona helped him with several concepts. He is keen to go for another lesson now.

Suchanun Upathamphan Oct 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Illustration Class

Fiona is really amazing and she taught us tips and tricks. What I really like is that she also explained the reasons on why things are drawn that way and many more. Would definitely recommend.

Stephanie Belford Aug 2019

Illustration Class

Fiona was very friendly and knowledgeable. The atmosphere was laid back and comfortable and just within 2 hours, she helped me to become a lot more confident in my ability and taught me so many simple but effective techniques to enhance my work.

Alvin Ng Mar 2019

Illustration Class

A very nice patient teacher! My son really enjoyed the class. Will definitely find her again in future when we want to hold a drawing party!

Zoe Paynter Dec 2018

Illustration Class

Fiona was incredibly welcoming and friendly, made me feel comfortable right off the bat. She was also very understanding of the issues I had with my own work and provided insight on where I should begin to improve. Looking forward to booking another class in the future ! :)

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