Foundations of Audio Engineering/music Production

Foundations of Audio Engineering/music Production

Learn Sound Recording and Composition

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Alexis  Sellies

Alexis Sellies

Multi Instrumentalist, Audio Engineer/Music Producer and Composer



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You will learn the fundamentals of sound engineering and music production/composition. We will touch base on how sound is created and flows through the air, different sound waves, definitions of frequency/pitch, how sound is recorded and a brief history of sound recording, the differece between music and sound and explain the importance of music production in composition. The objective is to come out understanding not only how to make music, but also understand how sound works and clear up any confusing information that online tutorials just can't do. If this is a successful class and there is a demand for further classes, this can be organised on a weekly/fortnightly basis delving deeper into all aspects of Audio Engineering and Music Production, including more hands on in the studio tutorials.

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build Equipment Needed

Class overview sheets will be provided. Bring either a laptop or pen and paper to write down additional notes if you'd like


Foundations of Audio Engineering/music Production class location

Soundworks Studios, Faversham Street, Marrickville, NSW


Alexis  Sellies
Alexis Sellies

Multi Instrumentalist, Audio Engineer/Music Producer and Composer

Music is my life.

I started playing piano at the age of 5 and have not looked back since then. I am highly proficient in playing guitar, flute and alto saxophone as well as having a trained voice. After completing Music 2 for my HSC, I went on to major in Classical Guitar at The Conservatorium of Music in Sydney for 2 years, before pursuing a career in audio production and engineering where I am currently completing a Bachelor of Music Production and Composition at AIM. Over the past two years, I have worked in various studios and small recording labels as a producer/engineer, working with clients from musicians to corporate advertising. I currently tutor music on the Northern Beaches in one-on-one classes for guitar, bass, ukulele and piano, as well as do some work as a freelance music producer and audio engineer from my home studio. I hope to pass on my knowledge of all aspects of music to you in group sessions and one-on-one classes in the future!

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