Free Coffee Tasting Workshop

Relaxed cupping session

1 hour Class size 1 to 6     label Free

For a splendid sensory experience, come join us at our cafe!

What you'll learn:

1. Taste an array of coffees from different origins around the world
2. Coffee fragrance and aroma analysis
3. Introduction to coffee flavour profile
4. Learn how to evaluate: Flavour, aroma, aftertaste, acidity, body, uniformity, balance and sweetness.

This class is totally free! However we ask that if you do want to attend, please book here and ensure that you attend, as we prepare the ingredients beforehand based on the number of bookings.

Aside from this class, this teacher also has the following coming up:

What to bring
Stay safe. Please bring and use a mask.


157 Victoria Road, Marrickville NSW

Your teacher
Roastville Coffee
Roastville Coffee

Coffee Lovers at Heart

4.8 (165)

Our teacher at Roastville, Andy Liu, was a recent NSW Barista Champion, placing first in a highly competitive process. He also won the World tea brewing championship in 2017.

Andy has taught students at all levels in the art of coffee and tea making, from absolute beginners, to other Barista Champions.

We can't wait to welcome you at one of our future classes.

Verified reviews

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Azhani Amiruddin  •  Jan 2020

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Wonderful class and really great opportunity to learn about coffee! We now always return to Roastville for the best coffee in Sydney

Chun Lor  •  Dec 2019

We did a standard cupping process, tasted a variety of washed and natural single origin coffees.

George was really patient in his explanation of all the knowledge you needed to be aware of for coffees and in carrying out the tasting.

We could also ask any questions we wanted, and it was clear how passionate he was in the art form of roasting coffees, and how much he was willing to educate people on coffee.

Will definitely be back for the other workshops that Roastville / George conducts.

Yujin Park  •  Oct 2019

Absolutely loved our cupping class! Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable and personable, going extra miles to answer our questions. We love how ethical and customer-centred roastville is! :D

Free Coffee Tasting Workshop review by Yujin Park

Megumi Sorimachi  •  Oct 2019

 Good atmosphere, nice introduction, and amazing coffee. I had ever tasted coffee until this event, but it was inspired me a lot!

Tania Koosasi  •  Sep 2019

A great workshop, especially if you're new to coffee! Definitely learnt a good deal about coffee and how you can improve if you brew your own coffee at home. Thank you D!

Sydney Stoneman  •  Sep 2019

3 ClassBento workshops attended

George our cupping instructor was amazing. Super down to earth and great conversation. We learnt A LOT about something we drink almost every day. Not only about coffee itself though, but the whole industry.

The venue was super authentic- in the back of the cafe where the (roasting) magic happens!

We had a bite to eat as well as a coffee recommendation from George in the cafe afterwards which was amazing (my friend said it was the best coffee he’d had in HIS LIFE.

Overall super positive experience- highly recommended. I may even go again if I have family in town visiting.

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Alice Bae  •  Aug 2019

It was so amazing class.
During the class, you could try variety coffee, get a lot of interesting things about coffee, and can see their fancy back stage for roasting.
Actually I'm studying about coffee, but even if you are just fan of the coffee, it will be good value to you. Really appreciate to 'D'.
By the way, it was my first time been there, so I was tried their coffee before class and after class, twice, it was sooo nice

Coffee workshop review by Alice Bae

Novi Ng  •  Aug 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We loved the workshop very much. Learnt quite few things about coffee and got to taste the beautifully crafted coffee. The teacher was very friendly, patient, and easygoing.

Coffee workshop review by Novi Ng

Fabrício Werneck  •  Aug 2019

The teacher was great. He explain everything cristal clear!
The venue was well organised, maybe the teacher could comment about all the stuffs and machinery that was there.
Basically I learned more about the variable taste and flavors that we can find in a coffee at all different temperatures.
Fabricio Werneck

Free Coffee Tasting Workshop review by Fabrício Werneck Sydney

Yuanying Jiang  •  Jul 2019

Very good workshop for starting learning coffee. The teacher is so kind and patient to answer your questions. If you want to know more about coffee beans, this’s absolutely your first choice.

Free Coffee Tasting Workshop review by Yuanying Jiang

Michael Tan  •  Jun 2019

This was my first cupping experience and I enjoyed it so much. Our teacher, D, gave a lot of insight on the whole coffee process. I learned how different factors like geography and roasting time can alter the taste of the coffee. We had different varietals from across the world and D expertly helped us distinguish the nuances in flavor and aroma. I had a lot more appreciation for coffee after the workshop.

Richard Vergara  •  Jun 2019

The class takes you through the journey of coffee making, starting from the beans place of origin all the way to the preparation by the barista in order to explain the role of cupping in context. D was fantastic, sharing his experience and knowledge as a barista while keeping a friendly and interactive atmosphere. A really enjoyable experience, thanks again D! Will definitely come back when I get the opportunity.

Free Coffee Tasting Workshop review by Richard Vergara Sydney

Charmaine Chow  •  May 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We were introduced to coffees from various origins (Ethiopia, Myanmar, other bits of Africa etc.), which we got to smell and taste. D the teacher was approachable and happy to answer any questions.
Materials provided for the cupping session included ground coffee from different beans (and Roastville's house blend), beans roasted differently (natural/honey process), bean skins and even a sprig with coffee cherries from their own coffee plant. Nice touch as people normally see their coffee at the very end of its production but rarely would recognise a coffee bean plant, or what the beans look like at intermediate stages of the process.
We ended up not really touching on the other factors by which to evaluate a coffee (flavour, aroma, aftertaste, body, uniformity, balance) except acidity and sweetness, but that's ok. All in a great experience. Really nice of the Roastville guys to run this workshop.

Keith Briones  •  May 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher "D" was passionate about what he was sharing about. This was a really great experience.

Free Coffee Tasting Workshop review by Keith Briones Sydney

John Sub  •  May 2019

Teacher was very informative and friendly. Was happy to stay back and answer questions. Great experience

Grace Pattison  •  May 2019

A fantastic class with an extremely knowledgeable and experienced teacher, relaxed pace, I highly recommend!

Coffee workshop review by Grace Pattison

Natasha Sitanala  •  May 2019

We did the class as a taster before actually doing a barista course. D was very knowledgeable and patient with our questions. It’s a free class so it’s worth the Uber fare there. Will come back for more classes.

Free Coffee Tasting Workshop review by Natasha Sitanala Sydney

Michael O'Connor  •  May 2019

Great class, teacher was very informative as we tasted each of the coffee brews. Nice cafe with roasting setup out the back.

Coffee workshop review by Michael O'Connor

Quentin Satchwell  •  Apr 2019

Very well organized and run workshop. It was informative and covered several aspects of coffee tasting and processing in succinct way.
The guy running the class was very knowledgeable and had a pleasant manner.
I learnt a lot about the subject that will be helpful to my business.

Free Coffee Tasting Workshop review by Quentin Satchwell

James Zagarella  •  Apr 2019

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, great venue and interesting information. Well done Roastville Coffee will be back for coffee and more.

Patrick Marshall-Cavan  •  Apr 2019

Very professional and knew his stuff! Great variety of coffee on display to choose from too.

Maria Carbone  •  Apr 2019

Excellent class. Leaner a lot of new things about coffee. Would definitely do another class there

Sue Park  •  Apr 2019

Thanks guys I learnt so much about coffee processing and the practice of cupping in coffee!

Alex Larsen  •  Apr 2019

This was a wonderful introduction to coffee tasting. I had always wanted to do a coffee cupping but felt intimidated by not knowing much about the process and how to taste. This workshop was relaxed and casual, but also really informative. I'd recommend this for anyone who's never done a cupping before and wants to learn more, and for those who have I think it's still a great opportunity to work on tasting and evaluating different coffees!

Miguel Hoyos  •  Apr 2019

Excellent introductory course! very recommended if you want to start your coffee career. very happy

Joey  •  Apr 2019

D was fantastic! He knew everything about coffee right from plantation to how you get the coffee into your cup. It was good to get to taste all the different varieties and notice the difference from their origin, harvet method and roasting qualities.

Heejin Dan  •  Apr 2019

Class size was good and it was a good 1hour introductory class about coffee including tasting. After the class, you will get a good idea which type of coffee you like and what to choose. You can order your coffee based on what you learn from the class after(not a part of the class). Really appreciate for offering a !fantastic !+ !free! classe

Free Coffee Tasting Workshop review by Heejin Dan

Sharon Muir  •  Apr 2019

Great teacher, excellent venue, some much to take in. I will definately appreciate my coffee more now that I know about the origin, processing and roasting of those amazing little beans

Marguerite Chan  •  Feb 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher is quite passionate about coffee, and we learned heaps from him. It was a great afternoon of learning about coffee and tasting them! Totally recommend this class!

Free Coffee Tasting Workshop review by Marguerite Chan

Azhani Amiruddin  •  Feb 2019

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Great class and learnt a lot! However, timing did not match as they said 3pm and not 2 pm. Luckily we lived nearby so we were able to run some errands before coming back for the class.

Ilene Uy  •  Feb 2019

Superb and fun way to learn more about coffee - we learned the proper way of appreciating the different bean variety!

Kris Hasenauer  •  Feb 2019

Great location with awesome food and coffee. The class was interesting and informative. Our teacher was knowledgeable and passionate about coffee. Loved the decor too.

Free Coffee Tasting Workshop review by Kris Hasenauer

Marcela Mosquera  •  Jan 2019

My experience with this workshop was really good, our teacher had plenty knowledge of coffee.

Anna Ma  •  Jan 2019

It was very much informative for my first time and the staff are very friendly

Vivi Chang  •  Nov 2018

Truly decent cafe with professional Brista:) the workshop is so nice and there are so many kind of top-level beans:)
Especially the Gesha~

Free Coffee Tasting Workshop review by Vivi Chang

Nanda  •  Nov 2018

I learned new thing about coffee and the class really good, the teacher really knowledgeable.

Kevin Tan  •  Nov 2018

The teacher was very knowledgeable and patient with us. He was able to answer all our questions and explain so well. All of the team members working there were friendly and helpful.

Hayley Paris  •  Nov 2018

Such an informative afternoon. We loved learning about different coffees from George, who is clearly passionate about what he does. Great venue & great coffee. Will be back to try the food next!

Free Coffee Tasting Workshop review by Hayley Paris

Ara Ko  •  Nov 2018

It was really amazing time to learn coffee bean and different tastes each coffee depending on how to roast them. I found my favorite coffee as well. Thank you!

Iwan Oen  •  Oct 2018

The training venue is a very good, very comfortable and very relaxing place. The cafe it self is a very good place for hanging out with friends, having a relaxing meeting with business client.
The teacher explaining a lot, more details explaining my question and give me more knowledge of tasting coffee. I am having a greatly experience to having a good cappuccino coffee from an excellent barista. It is highly recommend and good value for money.
I am greatly appreciate for having this class and many, many thanks for this opportunity, can't wait for the next workshop.

Michelle Jay  •  Oct 2018

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I absolutely enjoyed the class as I knew absolutely nothing about coffee tasting. The venue was really nice and everything was nicely laid out. The technicalities were explained well on coffee cupping. However the teacher spoke too fast and assumed too much. E.g. he started off by saying 'you know how cupping works?' this is why we are attending this class Again we didn't really learn the flavour profileswe were told its mainly guess work. We ended up asking the teacher so many questions to dot the lines in between. I guess it was a free class so we shouldn't expect much. Overall I learnt something and am considering the barista course. Hopefully as it's a paid class the teacher would explain a bit more.

Free Coffee Tasting Workshop review by Michelle Jay Sydney

Sian Furniss  •  Sep 2018

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Such a great venue and experience! Who knew there was so much to learn about coffee, will definitely be analysing my morning coffee differently now. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and answering all the questions.

Amelia Causleytodd  •  Sep 2018

Teacher was very knowledgeable and was very receptive and good at answering questions

Rebecca Miller  •  Sep 2018

2 ClassBento workshops attended

A great class with an awesome teacher! Loved learning a couple of new things, this is well worth it for something different and a good excuse to grab an afternoon coffee! Thanks for a great arvo!

Vivid  •  Sep 2018

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We enjoyed the coffee tasting workshop immensely! George is a great teacher with a wealth of knowledge about coffee. Highly recommended!

Free Coffee Tasting Workshop review by Vivid

Mei  •  Aug 2018

I went to coffee tasting for the first time and learned lots of new stuff

Leona  •  Aug 2018

Class was well structured and provided valuable insights into what goes into making a good cup of coffee. Would certainly recommend it.

Tom  •  Jul 2018

Great 'cupping' experience, can't believe it was free of charge! We learnt a lot about how coffee is picked, dried and roasted and their unique flavours. We enjoyed trying the different types of coffee and even bought a bag of our favourite (Totora) at the end. Thanks Roastville!

Coffee workshop review by Tom  Sydney
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