Giorgia Di Girolamo

Giorgia Di Girolamo

14 years playing music and 4 years teaching it. Lot of experience and passion

Giorgia Di Girolamo, music teacher


Hello Music Lovers!
My name is Giorgia and I am an Italian professional musician.
I have been playing drums for 14 years, piano for 8 years and I studied music theory and solfege.
I took the degree with honours in jazz percussion at Saint Louis College of Music and I played with the best jazz musicians in Italy. I did an European Tour with a famous bass player and I recorded many albums for rock, pop and jazz musicians. Few years ago I started playing the pipe band snare drum, I did a lot of gigs with the City of Rome Pipe band, then I went to Scotland to meet the pipe band snare drum champion: Steven McWhirther. In 2016 I took part in success to an online audition for entering in a famous pipe band in Sydney and so I moved here!

My great passion for music became my job four years ago, when I started teaching music. I worked in Rome in some private schools and now I working in Sydney.
I love teaching music and I would like to share my passion with you!

I am available for:

° DRUM KIT lessons - every level (beginner, intermediate and advanced)

° PIANO lessons - beginner level

° PIPE BAND SNARE DRUM - beginner, intermediate level

° MUSIC THEORY and/or SOLFEGE - beginner, intermediate level

ALL AGES WELCOME (I have been teaching to people of all ages (from 3 years old!) so com'on and have fun!)


Giorgia Di Girolamo's classes

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