Glass Blowing Class

Learn how to sculpt glass with flame in this glass blowing class for beginners or intermediates

7 hours Class size 1 to 5

label $363 - $682 (or 4 payments of $91 - $171 Afterpay)
($363 for One day, $682 for Both days)

Learn glass blowing and sculpting glass via flame with expert glass Artist Mark Eliott. This is a truly hands-on glass blowing workshop that is perfect for beginners, as well as those with some experience.

Working with seasonal colours of glass, this workshop will cover:

  • The basics of glass blowing using an "oxygen-propane" torch
  • Using a variety of glass materials both clear and coloured "borosilicate" glass (you'll learn various types at the workshop!)
  • Techniques such as sculpting, joining, stretching, blowing, encasement and colour mixing
  • Safety talk on using a blow torch

When booking, choose a date that suits your skill level:
  • Level one workshop days: Suitable for beginners - you'll be introduced to the basics of glass blowing. Runs on Saturdays.
  • Level two workshop days: For those who have completed level one, or those with previous flame-work experience. In Level two workshops, you'll build on and further develop your skills. Runs on Sundays.
  • You can also purchase a "Both Days" ticket type, which grants you discounted entry to consecutive Level one and Level two dates. If you do this, please book into the Saturday (not the Sunday). There may occasionally be one-off Level One classes that do not have a consecutive Sunday. In that case, if you purchase the "Both Days" ticket, the Level Two class will be on a different weekend.

You'll use both the right and left parts of the brain when you plan how to make your glass creation, using creativity and improvising on the spot. You will make a variety of glass objects that you can take home for your family and friends to admire. Small glass animals, small abstract creations, vessel forms, wearable objects and whatever else your mind can conjure.

During the day there will be a 40-minute break for lunch where you can either BYO lunch or there are a variety of lovely cafes outside of the studio. There will also be two 10-minute flexible breaks during the day where tea is provided. It's important to take a break when working with heat!

Concession tickets: If you are eligible for a concession ticket, please use the code GLASSCONCESSION at the checkout for a discounted rate.

If you're looking to do a shorter two-hour introductory class at a custom time, try our taster class instead.

Knowledge required
  • Level one is perfect for beginners and useful for intermediates.
  • Level two is for anyone who has completed the level one workshop or intermediates with previous flame-work experience.
  • Suitable for ages 10+ only when accompanied by a responsible adult. Minimum unaccompanied age 16.
What you'll get
Make and keep a variety of glass objects that you'll design yourself, and which you can take home for your family and friends to admire. Makes for a unique gift too!
What to bring
  • You must wear proper clothing - long sleeves and long pants from cotton or other non-flammable material. So no shorts or tees! Full covered shoes at all times and best to tie long hair back on the day.
  • A container (such as a shoebox) to take your finished piece home after the class.
Suitable for

This is a fun indoor activity, suitable for adults, and kids (minimum 10 years old). An adult must accompany any attending kids. The adult may observe at the class for free.

This would also be a lovely gift for her, gift for mum, anniversary gift or Xmas gift.

Mark Eliott adheres to COVID-19 government guidelines. They won't run this class if they've had flu symptoms in the last 14 days.

See additional precautions taken   

I will clean tools, glass and protective eyewear between classes with disinfectant or sanitised wipes while wearing rubber/plastic gloves so as to prevent any potential transmission.

107 Redfern Street, Redfern NSW

Your teacher can also travel within 10 kms of Redfern for private classes

Your teacher
Mark Eliott
Mark Eliott
(Mark Eliott Glass)

30 years experience in glassblowing

4.9 (198)

Mark Eliott is a contemporary artist working primarily in flame-worked glass and also incorporating a variety of media such as music, stop-motion animation and wood carving.

Mark completed a Master of visual arts and Master of Studio Arts at Sydney College of the Arts, as well as an Associate Diploma in Jazz Studies (Saxophone) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Collaborations with other artists are also a feature of Mark's work, for example the stop-motion animation project with Jack McGrath for which they coined the term Flame-ation (flame-glass animation). This work aims to bring glass to life by presenting the object together with animation, and sometimes, live performance.

Mark teaches flame-work and provides interactive demonstrations. He has exhibited internationally and has a strong interest in environmental issues.

Verified reviews

We only show reviews from customers who have paid for and attended this class

Scott McKay Jun 2021

Amazing! Could not recommend this class more. Informative and fun. This has started what I feel will be a life long glass blowing passion for me

Cameron McEwan May 2021

Mark was a wonderful teacher, and his class had a great balance of demonstrating techniques, theory and hands-on experience. I was surprised by how much I was able to learn and improve in a day.

Leanne Chick Apr 2021

Mark was awesome and so supportive to help and patient loved the course the environment and the skill set Mark shared with me.
Very grateful

Victoria Hollick Apr 2021

What a fabulous day. the 7 hours flew and we had time to create 4 pieces. Mark was patient and encouraging of all creative ideas. Love your work Mark

Glassblowing and Mosaic workshop review by Victoria Hollick

Mirné Roux Apr 2021

Mark is patient and allows each student to explore the world of glass to its fullest. Great experience.

Jo Lander Apr 2021

Clear instruction, kind and encouraging teacher, materials supplied were great. Plenty of time to practise, Mark let us be creative and only got involved if we got into trouble eg items threatening to break.

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Brett Spinucci Mar 2021

Mark is a super nice guy with decades of experience in glass work.
About the only negative you could say is that his skills are so high that he makes everything look so easy!
I tried replicating his dolphin and arrived at something that looked more like a prawn crossed with an axylotol!
The course itself is varied with the opportunity provided to explore different techniques and methods of glass manipulation.
The course is (thankfully) loose enough in structure providing the ability to go back and re-do things that you weren't quite satisfied with.
I'm planning to do a follow-up course asap.

Aashi Parikh Mar 2021

What a beautiful day we had glass blowing with Mark! This was an experience unlike any other and I am excited for round 2 :)

It was such an experience just sitting at the workshop table with all the materials we needed right there, not having to worry about anything else, and just getting immersed in the glass blowing process. We came home with a box full of bits and pieces that we made.

What a day!

Glass Blowing Class review by Aashi Parikh

Rebecca Fenton Mar 2021

Mark was a fantastic teacher. Kind, patient, and enthusiastic about teaching.
Materials provided were great and I was able to make various different glass pieces.
Excellent value for money, and I will be attending the second workshop in the near future for sure.

Penny Hanan Mar 2021

Mark is very experienced, a great communicator and generous sharing his knowledge and skill. It was a busy and productive workshop and I will return for more!
Thanks mark!

Glassblowing and Mosaic workshop review by Penny Hanan

Leanne Abbott Mar 2021

The workshop was excellent. Mark demonstrates the glass techniques and clearly explains each process. He is very knowledgeable, always willing to support you with your glass making processes and provides you with a diverse range of glass making experiences. A fascinating look at manipulating glass and creating unique artworks.

Henry Lenaghan Feb 2021

Great introduction to glass. It was using a desk mounted torch so it was not strenuous and allowed you to concentrate on small projects. Mark was a great instructor and obviously cared for the craft and is extremely helpful.

Alison Irving Dec 2020

The teacher was excellent. For some reason, I got the message that the class was 2pm to 9pm, not 10 to 5, so I was a few hours late. Despite that, he made me feel included and I still managed to create almost everything that the others worked on. He also gave a fascinating insight into what can be done with hot glass. Great class for people who love glass

Narelle Taylor Dec 2020

Had a great time. Teacher very good with demonstrations and came home with plenty of glass items.

David Smith Dec 2020

Had a great day with a great knowledgeable teacher. Mark was patient, encouraging and extremely talented. The facilities and equipment were perfect. Would definitely recommend.

Glass Blowing Class review by David Smith

Phillip Philippou Nov 2020

Teacher was engaging, approachable and knowledgeable. The space was well equipped and the atmosphere was fun and inviting. Glass blowing was so much fun that it makes you want to get into it.

Katie Milton Nov 2020

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Thanks for such an amazing experience Mark! Loved every second of this class and couldn’t have made my beautifully misshapen vases without your help and guidance :)

Glass Blowing Class review by Katie Milton

Josie Rose Oct 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Very well organised / structured day with lots of glass colours and ideas to experiment with and plenty of support from Mark who is a master in this field. It was very good value and fun. Good focus on safety too. Highly recommended. Thank you Mark.

Glass Blowing Class review by Josie Rose

Clare Fraser Oct 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Brilliant fun class - Mark was such a good teacher and allowed the students creativity to take over

Glass Blowing Class review by Clare Fraser Sydney

Hiroko Oakley Sep 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Me and my 13yo son had such a great time learning about glass art. Even though it was challenging to deal with glass, Mark taught us caring and helpful way. We definitely come back for the next level. Thank you so much!

Glassblowing and Mosaic workshop review by Hiroko Oakley

Monica Willats Sep 2020

Very informative
Options or what to do next
Helped heaps was great experience
Can’t wait to come back and do the Next course

Romana Toson Sep 2020

It was a great class. Mark set just the right level of challenge and was there to support every step of the way. The venue was well equipped and in an easy to get to location. Nothing was a drama. I will be going back for the 2 day course!

Glassblowing and Mosaic workshop review by Romana Toson Sydney

Kristy Vanezi Sep 2020

had an amazing time. the teacher was very knowledgeable and great at guiding us through the basics. i would definitely recommend and consider attending a more advanced class.

Rafia Hussain Sep 2020

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Had such a great time today at the Glass Blowing Class with Mark. Was really nervous but Mark without a doubt is a great teacher. I will surely take more classes with him and highly recommend him

Gail Miller Aug 2020

Had a great time learning the basics of glass blowing.
Mark was an informative instructor who was clear and organised in his approach.
Loved the materials! He allowed us to play which is the way I learn.
Highly recommend

Christina Awitt Aug 2020

Mark the teacher was very helpful, all the glass and things we needed was provided, the course was a full day but it's needed for what we learnt, the things we made were a blob of all glass melted together then a brooch for around your neck, then a I blew in some glass to make a little vase and we finished of making a turtle. I loved it and would highly recommend. Thank you for a fun and unforgettable day.

Glass Blowing Class review by Christina Awitt

Marisa Certo Aug 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed the beginners workshop and went back for more the second day. Mark was great, he explained the techniques and processes and was there to help us at all times. I would highly recommend the this course.

Rohan Kagali Jul 2020

Mark is an amazing teacher. He gave us a very hands-on learning experience, giving us complete creative rein on our small glassworks. Loved the class. I'm definitely signing up for the next level workshop.

Amanda Parsons Jun 2020

I found mark to be an excellent teacher, especially for beginners. He was patient, even tempered, advised well, complimented work/effort/vision, and rescued when required.
There was plenty of equipment provided all of which had been cleaned.
The venue was fine and located well for coffee & lunch as well as transport.
I had fun & Mark made me feel capable enough to persue further classes. I'd certainly like to offer a big thank you.

Selina Steele May 2020

Mark was generous in his knowledge and patient in his manner.
In these strange times of COVID - a stickler for sanitised equipment and social distancing.
Only wish I could have afforded the second day straight up!

Sarah Pranic Mar 2020

Mark is a fantastic teacher! He’s super chill, amazingly creative but also informative, making sure we all enjoyed ourselves and got the most out of the class. Working with glass was a lot more challenging than I expected but still heaps of fun. And at the end of the day, we were able to take home our little glass objects to keep as a memento!

Glassblowing and Mosaic workshop review by Sarah Pranic Sydney

Jessica Bouyamourn Feb 2020

The class was very free flowing but structured at the same time, I felt like I could be creative and I would get help if I needed
The knowledge that Mark passes on is fantastic
I will be attending more classes for sure

Jodi Pender Jan 2020

Fantastic Class, working with glass was a lot harder and a lot more enjoyable than anticipated. Mark is a wonderful teacher and a true talent.

Nick Callaway Jan 2020

Awesome class. Thoroughly enjoyed. Very practical and hands on from the get go and came home with a bunch of glass works.

Rebecca Partridge Jan 2020

Mark's enthusiasm and interest provided for both an absorbing and engaging experience for myself and it certainly appeared, all who attended his class.

Thoroughly recommend to anyone looking for an experience in creating something that is individual and rewarding.

Robbie Cannings Jan 2020

This class was brilliant. Mark was knowledgeable, helpful and an inspiring teacher. Would definitely go back for the second class

Emmanuel Villalobos Dec 2019

the teacher is great, really enjoyed the class and with the desire to explore more for glass blowing

Alexis Kaless Dec 2019

A very interesting experience. My wife and I are not creative or artistic and so this was a great challenge for us. There was a perfect amount of instructions and tutorials and you felt that there was progression in your skill level throughout the day, while appreciating the skill of the true glassblowing artists. It certainly isn’t as easy as it looks on TV but you certainly come home with a few pieces of your own creation.

Valerie Xie Dec 2019

Fantastic class and experience. My partner and I did this class in December and bought this for my partners xmas gift - it was well worth it than material items. Mark was a great teacher, provided explanations and also helped out when I struggled with a few techniques. We got to make a few pieces and at the end had freedom to do whatever we wanted. The blowing part of the workshop was very fun but also very hard. This is a great class for people who want to do something different and get insight into how glass is made.

Seamus O'Reilly Nov 2019

Mark was great. He was able to incorporate both safety and instruction into the workshop quite seamlessly. His manner of teaching was both engaging and insightful and made for a brilliant day of fun. Facilities were more than adequate with coffee and tea provided. Really happy with the experience and I've become quite attached to the beautiful monsters I created there.

Glassblowing and Mosaic workshop review by Seamus O'Reilly

Shannon Foster Oct 2019

This was a brilliant hands on workshop where you are able to make make many interesting and creative pieces. The teacher, Mark Eliott was a great teacher, very generous and encouraging and clearly a skillful master of his craft. I would highly recommend this workshop for any skill level, it was fun and informative and awesome outcomes are definitely achievable!

Glass Blowing Class review by Shannon Foster Sydney

Benjamin Allen Oct 2019

I had a fantastic time learning how to work with glass from Mark. The course had a great relaxed atmosphere and the balance between guidance and freedom to explore freely was perfect. We were introduced to a range of different glass making techniques and got a great foundational understanding of how glass is worked from Mark. I loved the course and I am definitely keen to do some more glass blowing in the future.

Christie Cash Sep 2019

Mark's class was great! It was challenging yet approachable. He's very hands-on, supportive, and clearly passionate about glass blowing and passing that skill on to others. Definitely recommend!

Glass Blowing Class review by Christie Cash Sydney

Jude Kirby Sep 2019

The session was well run, plenty of materials and quality equipment. Mark was very knowledgeable in the medium, and had a welcoming and friendly manner. In terms of the venue a bit better lighting would be helpful.

Glassblowing and Mosaic workshop review by Jude Kirby Sydney

Scott Young Aug 2019

My wife and I had an awesome day with Mark. He was very informative throughout the day and answered every query we asked. Mark made the day super fun and I highly recommend anyone to attend who has an interest in glass blowing.

Sylvia Meyer Aug 2019

The workshop was fantastic. Marc is an extremely talented craftman and patient teacher. He was excellent at demonstrating in an efficient manner, and extremely helpful through the lesson, going well above and beyond expectations. 100% recommend to anyone keen on giving glass sculpturing and glass blowing a crack (pun intented!)

Leanne Jan Aug 2019

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

Great experience overall, very informative and great as a taster or introduction to flame work. Would recommend

Glassblowing and Mosaic workshop review by Leanne Jan

Kevin Lee Aug 2019

A great day with Mark today at the beginner's glass blowing workshop in Redfern. Mark is extremely patient, genuine, passionate and highly encouraging - I couldn't imagine a better instructor! Accomplished artist and skilled teacher. Two thumbs up!

Glass Blowing Class review by Kevin Lee

Eddy Ng Aug 2019

Teacher is very kind and great demonstration. Wonderful workshop display full equipment in my first time experience that let me so excited and enhance my interest

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