Gluten Free Japanese Cooking Class

GF Japanese Cooking for Fish lover

3 hours Class size 1 to 6 label $100

This class will teach you how to enjoy my favourite Japanese foods on a gluten free diet. Through the combination of traditional gluten free dishes Japan has to offer, as well as re-creating wheat based Japanese foods, without gluten, with locally-sourced ingredients.

You will be taught by myself, Sumi Saikawa. I am a dietitian and my passion for food and teaching has led me to be running cooking classes for over 25 years in Sydney and back home in Japan. The classes will follow the typical Japanese home cooking style 'Ichi Jyu Sansai'. This follows the foundation of Japanese cuisine since ancient times where meals consist of one type of soup and three other dishes (one main dish and two sides).
In fact, ichi means one and ju means soup, while san is three and sai refers to dishes—so ichiju-sansai literally means, "One soup, three dishes." Rice is always served as well.

This course is for fish lovers. Dishes include
- Tuna Don ; Tuna and vegetables with sushi rice
- Flounder Kara-age ; Deep fried flounder
- Seafood Su-no-mono ; Seafood salad with Japanese vinegar dressing
- Bamboo Ni-mono ; Simmered Bamboo with Bonito flakes
- Seasonal soup and home made pickles

Over the course of a three-hour, hands-on class we will work together to create each component of our ichiju-sansai. All components will be glut-free and taught in a way so that you can easily replicate the meal back at home. Please feel free to let me know any preferences and I will try to accommodate.

On top of your new knowledge on Japanese culture, you will learn:
- How to make Japanese stock.
- How to prepare the fish.
- How to use traditional Japanese seasonings and alternative seasonings.
- Alternative ingredients which can be used for a gluten free diet.
- Traditional and modern Japanese meals.
- To understand the benefits and potential risks of a gluten free diet.

Suitable for:
This class is suitable for people who are gluten intolerant. have other health reasons or just have an interest. I will provide all gluten-free ingredients. however the environment is not totally gluten free.

Knowledge Required
This class is for anybody interested in Japanese cuisine. Beginners, intermediates, advanced all welcome.
What you'll get
Delicious gluten-free Japanese lunch, great discussion with new food-loving, Japanese-culture loving friends and the recipe for everything we will make.
What to bring
Please bring your favourite apron and tea towel.

St. Ives, NSW

Exact location is anonymised for privacy. You'll get the specific address after booking.

Your teacher

I was born in a Zen temple in Kobe Japan, which was an amazing environment to grow up in as a little kid. I was always in the kitchen to help make shojin ryori with mum (Temple cooking) for as long as I can remember for the temple. This was where my curiosity and fascination of food came from especially its part to play in culture and role it plays to keep the body and mind healthy.

From there, I graduated from university and worked as a dietitian in Japan for many years before meeting my husband and coming to Australia. My husband and I immigrated to Australia over 27 years ago now where we have made ourselves a family with 2 (not so young anymore) children. Now, I run lots of health oriented - cooking classes including "shojin ryori" for people living in Australia and Japan from all stages of life from the elderly to children.

My meal style: I try to give to initiative to prepare the foods even in a busy life. I appreciate the foods and I try to make food which will make me be happy.

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