Golden Self Portrait Workshop

Learn how to expressively create your own abstract self-portrait and gain insights about yourself

2 hours Class size 4 to 10     label $80

The Golden self-portrait is based around the idea that every human has a powerful creator inside of them that has access to more riches than what we may think with our over-active ego minds. In this workshop, you will learn how to tap into your inner creator and produce what your teacher Deanne calls your own 'Golden self-portrait'.

The byproduct of expressively creating comes with many therapeutic benefits for the mind, body and spirit. This workshop gives you an opportunity to put your busy mind to the side and create without judgement or criticism of your work.

The aim isn’t to create a pretty picture (although it will likely be beautiful just as you are) but to intuitively express who you are and learn how to interpret and reflect upon the content you’ve projected into your artwork. The processes and ways of seeing that Deanne will share with you, are invaluable tools that you can take away with you and apply to your life and how you see yourself (your ultimate creation).

This workshop utilises art therapy techniques to become more aware of your hidden strengths, gifts and wisdom that can be easily overlooked. Your teacher Deanne's philosophy is grounded in Jungian psychology and will take you on a journey to utilising this inner creator more consciously, with the intention of increased empowerment, ease and joy in your life.

Deanne will take you through guided meditation, expressive art-making, tools and processes to interpret and reflect upon the artwork to gain insights and messages from the unconscious mind. Your work is like a mirror to your soul!

In this class you will:

  • Relax in a meditative space
  • Journey within through guided meditation
  • Create an abstract self-portrait that reflects your inner golden self
  • Use various ways to express and reflect upon the process and content of your creation
  • Integrate valuable insights before leaving, and continue out in the world

There will be a selection of mediums provided including watercolour, acrylic paint and pastels to use on A3 320gsm acrylic paper. You’re also welcome to bring any other mediums of choice.

At the end of this insightful workshop, you'll leave with your own unique artwork that reflects your inner golden self!

Knowledge required
No artistic skills required.
What you'll get
  • A completed 'Golden self-portrait' artwork
  • Use of art materials
  • Tea refreshments
What to bring
Nothing, unless you want to use your own art mediums, you are welcome to bring them along.
Suitable for

This class is a great indoor activity idea for a birthday, hens party, team building activity, bucks party or Christmas party.

This would also be a lovely gift for her, gift for mum or Xmas gift.


Alchemy Space - 199 King Street, Newtown NSW

Your teacher
Deanne Koopelian
Deanne Koopelian

5.0 (9)

I have experienced the transformative and therapeutic powers of artistic expression for many years now and have a lot of treasures to share with others. I am a practising artist and teacher with a certificate in art therapy.

Primarily a painter, my approach to art has always been unconventional in that I create intuitively and approach all my creations as a spiritual practice. Painting is an exceptional way of uncovering and projecting unconscious information about oneself with free expression of colour, line and marks.

My philosophy is grounded in Jungian psychology and the Self as the basis of our experiences therefore the processes I guide participants through are exploratory, playful and reflective, not prescriptive. Every work is as unique as its creator.

I provide a relaxed and supportive space, guiding individuals through a process of unlocking their innate strengths, abilities and preferred ways of being in order to live a more free, fulfilling and empowered existence. I like to call this living from your Golden Self.

I am a qualified visual arts teacher and have been teaching for close to a decade. My special flair is facilitating students to be more open, reflective, enquiring and expressive in their art-making as I have a firm belief that these skills are necessary for growth and living a life of personal truth. I have a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design and finished a Masters of Art in 2019 since then refining my art practice further to centre around my own symbolic and internal world. I usually work in oil paints and create self-portraits and expressive abstract paintings to represent this inner visionary landscape.

I look forward to seeing you at one of my workshops!

Verified reviews

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Kristel Mae Apr 2021

Dee has been so accommodating in making the schedule and the activity work out for us despite the venue being fully-booked. Loved her calm energy throughout the session. The venue had a warm and secluded vibe to it. It was a bonus that we didn't have to bring any materials, and that everything was provided for. Overall, the program was intimate and the pacing was good.

Armen Oct 2020

Deanne demonstrated ways of conducting teaching skills through this workshop. The venue was appropriate for size of classroom. I was impressed by the meditation during the class which led me to have an insight(s) through my painting which could lead me to rediscover my art talents! I look forward to workshops such as these as its' Value for money. Thanks Deanne.

Alisa Koopelian Oct 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The venue was pleasant with a relaxed atmosphere. I have not attended an art class like this before so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived I felt very welcomed and comfortable by Deanne (teacher).
The class began with a guided meditation, which I found to help me gain clarity and rest. Afterwards Deanne instructed and guided the class in art creation, and throughout the class, she was genuinely interested in my experience

Alex Lipp Oct 2020

Deanne’s class was amazing! Her guided meditation was so special, I had a really clear message come up that really helped me with my art process. On my own, I struggle with what to paint, but with Deanne’s workshop, I’m able to really set everything else aside and get into the art.

Lauren Harley Oct 2020

Thanks Deanne for a fun and inspiring workshop!
I loved reconnecting with my creative self and learning a new way of looking at my artwork. The guided meditation at the start really helped to calm my mind and it felt freeing to paint expressively with no end goal and just see what came out. Your clear explanations and guidance on the types of questions we can ask ourselves really helped me explore meaning in my work. I thoroughly recommend this class and hope to do it again soon!

Alisa Koopelian Oct 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Teacher was great, concise and dealt with the participants questions and responses. Insights was present.

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Sasha Lian Oct 2020

Loved class! First class like this and it was really great for the soul. Thank you so much Deanne, can’t wait to do it again!

Nicole Gustafson Oct 2020

What an amazing experience!

The teacher is calming, knowledgeable, and applies a good balance of structure and free flow to the class. She was wonderful to work with and very inspiring!

High quality materials and left with not only a painting that I’m proud of, but insights and meaning behind parts of my life that hadn’t been explored in depth before. I highly recommended this class for artists at any level!

Painting workshop review by Nicole Gustafson

Mira Nurdianti Oct 2020

Love the workshop! Deanne took us on a guided meditation and it helped immensely in visualising what we needed for the next step of the class. She was soothing, and clear with her words. The artmaking was fun. I had trouble with making abstract art, but she was there throughout the process and helped reminded me on what not to do, etc. The art materials were abundant, nobody was lacking in any tools. Then the last part of the class, it was a tricky part, personally, but she went around and was fully THERE, being present and listening. This workshop is highly recommended. Understanding some parts about myself as it was revealed through my art. I thought I knew already, but there’s still more to learn about us that you’d never would’ve thought. In the end it wasn’t about whether or not your art is pretty if viewed by the public, but it’s about how the art means to you and it became personal and very important. It’s apart of you. I’m going to display it at home as a reminder. Thank you Deanne
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