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A Sydney-based cafe co-owned by Hong Kong-born espresso lover Herman Chiu. Located in the leafy suburb of Rosebery, Haven Speciality Coffee specialises in roasting and brewing the perfect cup of coffee for locals and tourists alike.




Philip Sheikh May 2024

First of all a massive thank you for the team for putting in the extra hours after a buzzing day. They really gave it their all and ensured we try everything we can, answered every question we or they could think of and just let us keep trying the things we learned. The class was really relaxed, very engaging and truly one you can enjoy solo or gift to someone. We’ve covered various points on milk and steam theory, hard in depth walkthroughs of techniques and spent the entire time behind the bar pouring. I must’ve pulled like 5 coffees in that class. Kiraley and Aaron you guys were awesome and super glad I took the class. Deffo good for another few and highly recommend to anyone considering getting into the craft!
Till the next coffee, Phil.

Halcyon Farrugia May 2024

It was very enjoyable and the class was a great learning experience. Much recommended and very friendly!

Janet Kwan Apr 2024

Awesome experience, and great friendly staffs. We were given so many tips of making latte art, that we could take home to practise.

Natascha Lohmeyer Mar 2024

Was a good class and we learned a lot, however with 6 people and only one machine, most of the class was standing around watching other people. Would have been better to keep the class size to 3 maximum so that we can actually get more practice. The cost was really expensive considering we only got 3 attempts. While the location and facilities were great, this was disappointing.

Karla Paola Silva Nov 2023

I had an amazing afternoon and now I'm making heart shapes on my coffee at home. It was a 100% a success! I highly recommend this course and mi teacher Kiraley, she was lovely and very well prepared!

Vanessa Benson Nov 2023

Thanks guysI’m so pleased to be nailing my coffee heart I definitely need to work on my blogs dig in and push. Thanks for the techniques.

Anson Huang Nov 2023

It’s a hands on class with very friendly teacher. We practiced different techniques in a class, with the benefit of additional free time to allow all students practicing multiple times.
This is a fun activity for individuals, friends and families.
2 of below are from my first attempts and the other 2 are from second attempts.

Eugenie Richard Nov 2023

Great teacher ! We had the time to learn how to froth milk and pour 3 different patterns of latte art. We were able to practice several times and ask questions. Small group. Great class for beginners that want to learn the basics of latte art.

Bryan McDade Oct 2023

It was a thorough and interactive experience. I learned a lot and enjoyed my course

Jim Cooke Oct 2023

Really great class, clearly showed the key basics of what milk to use, how to steam correctly and then how to do the elements of the art. It is enough to help me make a much better cup of coffee already, but it is going to take lots of happy practice to fully master the art that I sort of got right on the day

Guada Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher is very approachable. She explained the concept of latte art very well and answered all our questions, not just about latte art but coffee in general. The location and materials used are good, and the procedures are beginner-friendly. I learned about frothing milk, mixture of milk and espresso and basic latte art patterns.

Coffee class review by Guada - Sydney

Ciaran Magee Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This session was a clear passion project. The teacher's enthusiasm for the entire process of coffee, from farm to cup, was infectious.

I learnt heaps, and I got to taste some delicious coffee!

Bill Tng Sep 2023

- The teacher Herman was very experienced and passionate about coffee.
- I am not a coffee drinker so I wanted to learn the basics of it. My partner is a coffee drinker but often he just gets the same coffee. But both of us learnt how to describe the flavor and aroma profile of the type of coffee we like.

Thomas Dales Sep 2023

Had a great experience with an intimate class and brilliant teacher. Would highly recommend to all!

Yusra Qamar Jul 2023

Kiraley and Tim were super nice and super friendly. Really knowledgable in all things coffee and were very patient whilst trying to help us practise! Great little class for the beginner or some who just wants to refine their skills a little more. Excellent date, friends catch up activity. Thank you for a lovely time. Plus haven coffee is delicious!

Latte Art Class for Beginners review by Yusra Qamar - Sydney

Megan Cribb Jul 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

I had such a fun afternoon learning three different latte art designs. The teachers were friendly and demonstrated their art superbly.

Charlotte Elliott Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great course, I've got a lot of practicing to do but I feel I have all the knowledge I need now. Good venue, easy parking, instructor was very knowledgeable and nice. I only wish it was earlier in the day so I could have drunk more of the coffee!

Linda Elliott Jun 2023

Class was lots of fun and coffee was great.
Good to be able to use commercial coffee machine - steaming milk not as scary as I thought it would be.

Dave Ng Jun 2023

Nothing beats the real experience with a teacher compared to learning on YouTube. Thanks to a wonderful teacher, Kiraley!

Latte Art Class for Beginners review by Dave Ng - Sydney

Robert Moore Jun 2023

Host was very knowledgeable and easily talked with passion about coffee for the whole 2.5 hours.

Daniel Mendoza Jun 2023

Fantastic - really great teacher. Highly recommended for anybody wishing to improve their beginner barista skills!

Drew Countryman Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Super fun & informative class! Really enjoyed learning and practicing all things latte art & our teacher was fantastic. Big thanks :)

Naomi Martin Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This was an awesome class. I'd recently purchased an espresso machine and was trying to learn about how to make a good looking espresso but this class taught so much more than that.

I walked away having had a fun evening with cool people, proud of myself for making a good looking coffee and smiling knowing I'd probably gained a hobby I'd be trying to better for some time!

Fletcher Simpkins Mar 2023

I learnt a lot more than i was expecting. Teacher knows and loves his subject

Callum James Feb 2023

This course was thoroughly enjoyable and informative at the same time. The teachers make an incredible learning environment and you really get the chance to try (and fail) with expert help! Thank you very much :)

Coffee class review by Callum James - Sydney

Jenifer Lim Feb 2023

Great class - had a fun time pouring various latte art. Only wish the class was a bit longer so we could have more time practicing latte art.

Michelle Jan 2023

Teacher: Kiraley was an knowledgeable, inspiring and passionate trainer. She’s able to provide the guidance and support I needed to be confident to continue practicing on my own at home.

Class: I was lucky enough to have an one on one class with Kiraley which greatly benefited me in learning more about coffee extraction. I liked that Kiraley explained the theory behind extraction and latte art, followed by learning the techniques using water and with her guidance before the real trial.

Overall: We covered a lot during the 2 hr session and more than I expected which was a nice surprise. I had a lot of fun chatting to the friendly Kiraley and best of all, I got a pack of Haven’s coffee beans to take home. So you’ve got yourself a very happy customer.

Latte Art Class for Beginners review by Michelle  - Sydney

Jimmy Zhao Jan 2023

Herman was an amazing teacher! Super engaging to listen to and I learnt a lot about my likes and dislikes and what to look for when purchasing new coffee

Greg Clark Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Fun class learning different latte art. Would recommend to anyone wanting to add a bit of fun into your home coffee making

Ludivine Bourdigal Dec 2022

The teacher was great and very patient with all participants.
Very lovely space and atmosphere.
I was able to make a heart latte this morning at home - so definitely worth it

Latte Art Class for Beginners review by Ludivine Bourdigal - Sydney

Anthea Dee Nov 2022

Fun class, didn't leave as barista extraordinaire but learnt how to steam milk which was primary goal :)

Colin Barber Nov 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and picked up a number of tips to improve my amateur latte art skills. Kirralee was an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable about all things coffee and answered all the questions we fired at her.
The class was a perfect size, only five of us so Kirralee was able to give each one of us individual tips on the techniques involved. We all had fun and learned the techniques of steaming the milk to the right consistency, how to pour for latte art and tips on how to improve when things didn't go quite the way we expected.
The venue at Haven Rosebery was excellent with all the tools available for each one of us to practice our new skills a number of times.
In summary, I would recommend this class to anyone who has an espresso machine or is thinking about purchasing one and wants to improve their skills and enjoyment with coffee making. Kirralee is an excellent teacher and a real asset to Haven.
Well worth the money paid for this class! Very impressed!

Coffee class review by Colin Barber - Sydney

Debbie Jardine Nov 2022

Kirralee was a great teacher and made the whole session enjoyable for everyone. We picked up a lot of tips and she was happy to answer our questions and share her knowledge, she is an asset to Haven!

Kellie Maloney Oct 2022

28 ClassBento workshops attended • 24 reviews

This was a great class with a super cosy atmosphere. The teachers were both super helpful and friendly. Highly recommend!

Latte Art Class for Beginners review by Kellie Maloney - Sydney

Sophie Saville Oct 2022

Great teacher, really educational and engaging talk. I learned heaps about the process of coffee.

Glen Mason Oct 2022

Teacher was excellent and overall great experience learning latte art. Venue, people and equipment great

Alan Cheng Sep 2022

The teacher was wonderful. She broke down the steps well, and I managed my first, second and third pour with creation of a recognisable pattern. I thoroughly enjoyed her instruction and I would highly recommend her to the next class. I would also return to get an updated lesson ASAP

Cathy Gygax Sep 2022

It was very enjoyable and learnt a lot ! My milk frothing issue was sorted and I now have a challenge to perfect my coffee art. Thank you.

Syafa Sofiena Aug 2022

Instructor was super lovely and helpful. Venue was cosy. Lots of chances to practice steaming milk and pouring. Thanks Haven team!

Jesse Hay Aug 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Teacher was knowledgeable & approachable and happy to answer any questions. Plenty of time to practice the pouring techniques for each person (our class had 7 people). Recommend for anyone wanting to learn some basic latte art.

Mary Nguyen Jul 2022

We turned up to our class at the time and place given to us in our email and the store was closed.
We called the given number and left 2 messages and noone replied.
It was a waste of time and money.

Fiona Snedden Jul 2022

Great instructor. Fabulous venue.
Lots of fun. All the coffee and milk required for learning purposes.

Alex Tripolone Jun 2022

The class was great, we came out of it knowing how to do basic latte art. Kiralee (sorry if I spelt that wrong) our teacher was so helpful and patient with us.

Dickson Lui Jun 2022

Kiraley and Kit were amazing and very supportive teachers. Good theory discussions and plenty of chances to steam milk as well as pouring.

Latte Art Class for Beginners review by Dickson Lui - Sydney

Lauren Young May 2022

Had a fun and interactive experience making coffee with a machine for the first time! Had picked up the core techniques by the end of the class. Teacher was very patient and gave tips to everyone individually :) Highly recommend!

Yu-Kai Chiang(Chantel) Apr 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Such an amazing class, wonderful teacher, friendly and patient demonstrates and explanations, cozy place, I had a really beautiful time during the course : D

Alvin Lin Apr 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Herman and Kirrily conducted a very informative class, running through in great detail all the vital information relating to latte art.

Rowena Falzon Jan 2022

A very good teacher who explained the points thoroughly and was very engaging. A very good venue also for the class being run. I would have preferred it was condensed to 90 minutes rather than 2 hours as it could have still covered the key content in that time but still very enjoyable.

Robert Bozek Jan 2022

Had a great time at Haven learning Latte Art, teacher was great, nice premises and atmosphere. Would highly recommend. small group size was nice too. Thanks for the great time!

Ying Xu Dec 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Vicky was great fun and taught us valuable skills and knowledge about coffee making. It was an enjoyable class and we had learnt a lot.

Enda Seyama-Heneghan Sep 2021

My partner and I had a great experience in this coffee appreciation workshop in May. Hermann took us on a journey sharing with us the complexities and intricacies of coffee production, processing, and tasting. This class is perfect for anyone who enjoys coffee and wants to learn more about it at one of the best roasters/cafes in Sydney.

Mark Inductivo Jun 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Fantastic class to enjoy the Sunday evening. The breakdown of making the shot of coffee, frothing and the techniques of pouring to a home amateur barista like me made answered all my teething questions!
Thank you Vicki and the team at Haven for the wonderful experience. Now to try and make 4 Rosettas at home haha!

Coffee class review by Mark Inductivo - Sydney

Jenny Chan Jun 2021

Vicky is very professional and helpful. We have a lot of fun from the class, thank you.

Latte Art Class for Beginners review by Jenny Chan - Sydney

Khanh Nguyen May 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Vicky was great. Very patient with us and gave great tips on how to pour nice art

Coffee class review by Khanh Nguyen - Sydney

Siu Shiu Mar 2021

17 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Venue is good. Teacher Vicki is knowledgeable, friendly and patient to demonstrate and guide us through the class. Plenty of practice. Great fun. Would recommend.

Yu Cheng Mar 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was good. Teacher Vicki is very knowledgeable and patient. I didn't only learn about latte art but also learn a bit about history of coffee. I attended the class when I just got my new entry level domestic machine at home, with minimal coffee knowledge and poor milk texturing skill. After the class, my skill did not magically improved overnight, but it improved gradually after the next few weeks. Once you've learnt the theory, the next step is to keep practising.

Note: I went to this class on July last year. Initially there were some mix up (between class bento and Haven) about the class location, ended up my class is rescheduled to the next week. Hope they have fixed the system/communication issue by now, but no harm to double check with the teacher on the day before you go.

Miri Uher Jan 2021

Fantastic class! Our teacher was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I always thought of my partner as a coffee snob but he actually learned a lot from the class as well. We first had a heavy but interesting theory section on everything that goes into coffee and it's flavour and then a fun and extensive tasting of different coffees. Can definitely recommend to all coffee enthusiasts out there, no matter how much they know.

Lisa Knight Jan 2021

Good value. Teacher gave personal attention and made the class fun. Had plenty of opportunity to practise. Venue was also great. Would recommend.

Daniel Twest Jan 2021

Was a great fun experience and me and my partner learned alot from our teacher

Lisa Powell Dec 2020

This was a great introductory class.

Vicky knows her stuff and was calm, patient and helpful as we tried to master our latte art.

Priscilla Lee Dec 2020

Vicky was friendly and informative and was patient in guiding us. Thanks for a good time

Angela Perdon Nov 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Fun and intimate introduction to making a great tasting and looking cup of coffee! Carefully and calmly took us through every step from grinding the coffee, pulling the shot, steaming milk and creating the signature basic patterns, with plenty of time to practice due to the small group. We all managed to create a few great patterns and are excited to keep practicing at home! The instructor was so patient and positive, even offered advice of how to get the best results on our home machines which was great. Haven’s Rosebery cafe premises were the perfect setting too! Highly recommend.

Coffee class review by Angela Perdon - Sydney

Matthew Abarquez Oct 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher was great and very helpful in ensuring all of us got the most out of the session. It was fun and engaging.

Richard Lewis Sep 2020

Vicki was friendly and explained it well and she was very good at latte art which is much harder than it looks

Sheree Lewis Sep 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher was lovely. Very personable and informative.
The venue was modern and groovy. Loved the pottery cups.
The 2 hours flew by and we learned a lot . But realised it will take a lot of practice to get any good

Latte Art Class for Beginners review by Sheree Lewis - Sydney

Eliza Gibbons Sep 2020

I highly recommend this class! The teacher was very good and could answer any questions that we had. Holding the class in Haven was really nice as it was small and more personal. We learnt how to make an espresso shot, froth milk and also learnt some simple latte art designs! Highly recommend this

Heather Cho Sep 2020

I really enjoyed the class. Teacher was very professional and knowledgeable about coffee, had a lot of chance to practice latte art. Also loved the venue! It was very clean and cozy

Qin Chen Aug 2020

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Interesting class, nice tutor~ not a coffee person, but still enjoyed the class. 100% recommend.

Latte Art Class for Beginners review by Qin Chen - Sydney

Yasodai Selvakumaran Jun 2020

We had Katie as a teacher and she was very passionate and knowledgeable and personalised the class for us. We had previously completed a basic class many years ago and have been using a home barista machine for 7 years now.
Katie picked up from what we knew and gave us more information on coffee types, equipment and latte art styles. She helped with our technique and modelled each style. We had plenty of opportunities to practise. Fun, enjoyable way to improve our barista technique as enthusiastic home baristas!

Latte Art Class for Beginners review by Yasodai Selvakumaran - Sydney

Henry Wilson Mar 2020

Super friendly teacher, took the time to make sure everything was explained properly and location was super easy to get to.

Erin McMullen Jan 2020

Great experience. Got to practice 3 different latte art twice each. Great teacher (Katie) who explained everything very clearly and was helpful answering all our questions.

Max Moffatt Jan 2020

Really great class. We learnt how to draw pictures into the coffee, how to make the shapes and how to make a coffee too!

Olena Serhiyenko Jan 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great class for beginners, very relaxed. We had a lovely time with Katie taking us through the heart, line heart and Rosetta designs. You practice one at a time with Katie watching and helping as you go so you’re very supported. Good tips and gives you a great base for practicing at home if you have a coffee machine. Thanks Katie!

Martin Krygier Dec 2019

Excellent teacher: clear, intelligent, charming. Good pace, fun and a lot to work with,. Thanks

Sean Espinola Dec 2019

Great class, beautiful venue. Our instructor, Jenny, was fantastic! Class size was six people, and we had enough time to practice basic techniques and for each person to complete heart and onion heart designs twice, as well as be shown how to do rosetta and swan designs. Would highly recommend for coffee enthusiasts looking for an introsuction to latte art!

Christopher Bong Dec 2019

Everyone got to learn the basics and practice different types of latte art and the teacher was really helpful and friendly through the whole lesson

May Warburton Dec 2019

Great teacher and very fun class. Super knowledgeable and worth the money! Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn the basics

Andrew Coggins Dec 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

An excellent tailored introduction to all round good coffee making. Suitable for all levels Great

Simon Luong Nov 2019

We had a fantastic time learning everything we could about coffee. Our teacher gave an overview of coffee and really focused on the details of how to get flavour out of coffee grounds, as well as giving advice on what to spend money on what devices to invest in. He was incredibly helpful in correcting our technique for using all the machines as well as making the latte art.

Laura Amos Oct 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

This class was great! We started with a lot of really interesting information about coffee and then got to make a whole lot of coffees from making the espresso shots to the latte art. The only thing I didn't like was all the coffee that went to waste

Coffee class review by Laura Amos - Sydney

Aiko Doornum Sep 2019

Thank you Jenny. So friendly and patient. I can make good coffee now at my work place! Thank you so much.

Kathy Ky Sep 2019

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Jenny very knowledgeable, super friendly and helpful. We had a great afternoon chatting and trying out different latte arts!

Nicolle Loh Jul 2019

Jenny was easy-going, patient and meticulous in her introductory class. Learning directly from a full-time barista gave us a more practical and operational perspective on how coffee is perfected in a coffee bar. We felt like Jenny managed to cover more than we expected in 2 hours, and had a nice amount of time allocated to tamping, frothing, machine handling and latte art. Overall we are really satisfied with the session and will not hesitate to recommend this class to anyone who wants to be introduced to latte art, directly in a cafe! (p.s. Location is perfect, right beside central station)

Latte Art Class for Beginners review by Nicolle Loh - Sydney

Ted Chick Jun 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Jenny was fabulous and very patient even after having worked a full day shift. She was very attentive and very detailed covering A-Z. They still ran the class for me even though some of other students had deferred last minute.

Dajin Hwang Jun 2019

teacher was nice and kind, he showed us how to handle things and explained why in detail.

Carina Jun 2019

I had a great afternoon at Haven, and I would definitely recommend the Latte Art Course to everyone who wants to learn how to froth milk and how to create patterns with it.

Christopher Luu May 2019

Had an amazing time with the wife learning all things coffee with the lovely Jenny from Haven Specialty Coffee. Loved the knowledge and skills taught to us. From the reasons behind the types of cups to the intricacies of coffee beans and milk temperature. By the end of the class we were able to froth milk, pour consistently and we're even able to create a heart, an onion heart and a Rosetta latte art

Coffee class review by Christopher Luu - Sydney

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