Hawaiian Spirituality Class: Living Pa'a Series

This month: The Sacred Teaching of PONO

2 x 4 hours 15 mins Class size 1 to 15 (public classes), 10 to 20 label $50 or 4 payments of $12.50 Afterpay

Your teacher, SOHAD - School of Spirituality, Healing and Development is COVID-19 aware

This means that this teacher won't run a class if they've had flu symptoms in the last 14 days, and will adhere to relevant state restrictions (e.g. on maximum number of students per class)

See additional precautions taken by your teacher   

We ask Participants to self-assess: you must let us know before attending if you have any Symptoms or work/been exposed to a high risk environment. We are registed with the NSW Government as a Covid-safe business.

Our Workshop Location is owned by NSW Scouts who have given us their assurance that the Venue will be cleaned as required and we do our own cleaning before we start the class. We've everything you need to make your time with us a healthy experience. We've modified some activities on our lesson plan and you'll always be given the choice as to the level and way you participate. Most of the resources you'll be using are your own notebooks and pens. You're bringing your own lunch, snacks and drinks - so no problem there. A lot of the time we'll be outside in Nature, so we won't be cooped up inside. And, if you want to bring your own personal hygience items - go right ahead. We're all helping each other at this time. Aloha x

PA'A is a state of being - feeling awakened, free of troubles and without separation. When you feel there's a more true way than the way you're experiencing life - that's the pull of PA'A. It is a state of unconditional love we call Aloha. A sense of grace that you long to be touched by and to spread in the world around you. We start PA'A but the complexities of life cause us to forget. PA'A is our pathway to return.

In this beginner-friendly workshop, we take you step-by-step into the teachings of 50 plus generations that show you how to be PA'A. In each Workshop we learn about a different Teaching to help you stay on the "spiritual path".

You will learn by fully participating in this half-day workshop, as we explore the layers of the Sacred Teaching and how to put it into place in your life. We help you to identify some "mastery measures" so you can track how you're going day to day, and troubleshoot with you.

By studying the Traditional Hawaiian Teachings, you also study yourself and your true nature. The Teachings show you how to be peaceful, happy, resourceful & fulfilled without letting your past experiences influence your thoughts - which results in unhealthy behaviours, self-image, relationships, conflict and general unhappiness. They give you a "go to" process for living a full, integrated life, and give you a framework from which you can approach and solve life's problems, deal with diffiicult people, and become more resilient. And, of course, underpinning it all is a deeply reverant way of expressing your spirituality. If you want a better relationship with yourself, others, to heal your past and reset your future - this is the Workshop for you.

During the class, you will:
- Participate in the Opening Protocol Ceremony
- Learn a chant to connect with the Ancestors to use at home
- Learn about PONO - which doesn't translate well in English but is about how you live from deep within, consciously in right balance & relationship with other things, places, people and the cosmos. It helps us to maintain a state of spiritual alignment and way of being and tells us the deeper layers of what takes us out of PONO. The Ancestors have taken this Teaching for this particular workshop in an interesting direction!

There's also an online learning group and an optional online follow-up class too. If you long for a spiritual retreat and nourishment but can't get the time away or just need some time out for yourself, our Immersion Workshops feel just like a retreat! The Morning Teaching is carried over into the Afternoon Session: Hula Essence where you'll learn Hawaiian Hula Dancing. It's Social and fun whilst still keeping to our Traditional Protocols - check it out too and make a day of it. We'd love to see you in our class and help you to fill your life with love, happiness and unwavering connection with the Ancestors.

Knowledge Required
None - we are starting from the very beginning. We'll help you build your knowledge step by step, layer by layer and we promise you'll leave with what you need to know.
What you'll get
Access to our online learning group
An optional online follow-up class for you to ask your questions post-workshop
Course notes with take home activities to help you put your learning into practice
What to bring
An open heart, a willingness to experience different ideas, a desire to meet like-minded people and share in the experience of communal learning.

Dress appropriately for the season as we'll also be outside in nature's living classroom.
Session repeats

After the first session, subsequent sessions can be arranged with the teacher, at a time that suits you.

Suitable for

This class is suitable for individuals and couples as well as for a birthday, hens party, team building activity, corporate event, bucks party or Christmas party.


Frenchs Forest Scout Hall Bantry Bay

Your teacher

For 50+ Generations we have lived these Spiritual Teachings and shared them from Generation to Generation. Now, it's possible for you to learn them too!

In a world of continual, lightning fast movement, it's reassuring to know these teachings from our Ancestors of Halawa Valley Molokai, are timeless and as relevant today, in whichever country we take them to, as they ever were.

Julia is the Chief Guide and Co-creator of SOHAD - School of Spirituality, Healing & Development. The "school" is founded on our Lineage Teachings with direct guidance by the Ancestors. Our bona fides are easy to trace and verify - Anakala Pilipo, 48th Generation, is recognised as a Living Treasure of Hawaii and Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Kalainia Kamani Aki, 50th Generation and Julia's direct life-long teacher, lives and teaches from his home, our Spiritual Home, on Molokai.

SOHAD isn't about running workshops and other training events. It's about Community Building and the Preservation of the Teachings. SOHAD has a huge Mission and you become part of it when you do a workshop, take a course or come on Retreat - after on-costs, your fees go to our Projects. Every Project is about preserving the Teachings and injecting them back into daily community life so they continue to be shared with each Generation whether Hawaiian or Non-Hawaiian. It's a way to keep them safe and pure - untainted from any distortion of modern interpretations, half-learned understanding, or sharing just for profit - and contributing to better, healthier Global Communities that remember their sacredness. Our Kupuna (Elders) say that Hawaii's gift to the world is Aloha - unconditional love. We would love to pass on and share the Aloha of our Kupuna with you.

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