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Hazuki Knife specialises in the sharpening of knives and tools. We don't just sharpen the cutting edge. We take a holistic approach to improve the cutting performance from a perspective of what types of foods or materials the knife will cut. We sharpen mainly by freehand with Japanese natural and synthetic waterstones, which we believe is the best way for many applications. We at Hazuki Knife enjoy the art, therapeutic and meditative aspects of waterstone sharpening.

Nari is originally from Osaka, Japan and the founder of Hazuki Knife. He is a member of Japan Houchou Togi Association (Kitchen Knife Sharpening Association) where he continuously develops his expertise and is passionate about passing on his valuable knowledge and skills to his students. We aim to give people a moment of joy and fulfilment through sharpening and using sharp, quality knives and tools.




Kate Poole Jun 2024

The class was an excellent balance between theory and practice. Nari had an engaging style and clearly deep knowledge which he was able to share simply and clearly. I would recommend this course to anyone who is tired of having blunt knives in their kitchen

Teacher's response

Thank you for your valuable feedback, Kate.

You successfully sharpened all five knives that you brought with you within about 1.5 hour, which is actually very impressive for beginners. You got a good control of sharpening angle and speed. Well done and congratulations on your new skill!

James Bowles Mar 2024

Excellent course with excellent instruction - it was great to think about the theory as well as the practice.
Highly recommended.

Teacher's response

Thank you for your valuable feedback, James.

Once you sharpened your first knife which was successful, you started to get a hang of it very quickly and sharpened a couple of more to very sharp, so well done. After sharpening a couple of more knives at home, you will become a lot more confident about what you are doing.

Congratulations on your new lifelong skill.

Merric Foley Mar 2024

I stumbled on Hazuki Knife just by Googling "knife sharpening in Sydney". I'm glad I found it! The course covers a lot of ground, from theory to practice, but Nari is a knowledgeable teacher and easily explains everything. Everything goes at a good pace, and my knives are now sharper than when I bought them!

Would definitely recommend.

Teacher's response

Hi Merric, Thank you for your valuable feedback. At the beginning, I saw you took a good amount of time to absorb the idea and feel of it. Once you finished the first one successfully, you got the hang of it and sharpened three knives of your own from very dull to very sharp knives.

Congratulations on your new lifelong skill.

Zandro Zaragoza Feb 2024

Instructor Excellence: Nari, the instructor, shines with his kindness and evident passion for knife sharpening. His expertise is unmatched, demonstrating masterful skill in this art.
Personalized Training: Nari's sharp observational skills allow him to identify and address each student's unique challenges, offering tailored solutions.
Practical Results: Under Nari's guidance, I transformed an old, blunt knife into the sharpest one in my kitchen—a testament to the workshop's effectiveness.
Engaging Experience: The session was not only incredibly educational but also really fun.
Strong Recommendation: For anyone passionate about knife care, Hazuki Knife Workshop is an unmissable experience.

Overall, Hazuki Knife Workshop is an outstanding choice for enhancing your knife sharpening skills, led by the knowledgeable and passionate Nari.

Teacher's response

Thank you for your valuable feedback and taking time to leave your comment, Zandro.

You and your partner were both keen to learn, so I am glad that you gained the knowledge and skills from me and enjoyed the class.

You both successfully sharpened at least a couple of practice knives in the class and I am happy to hear that you sharpened your own knives to very sharp at home too.

Feel free to contact me if you ever get any trouble with sharpening.

Congratulations on your new lifelong skills.

Gary Bourke Feb 2024

Today was very informative. Nari is a patient teacher who takes the time to ensure everyone is feeling comfortable with each step. I would happily recommend this class.

Teacher's response

Thank you for your valuable feedback, Gary.

I am glad that you enjoyed the class. You sharpened your knives successfully with good speed. One of the knives you sharpened was quite thick behind the edge, so it took a bit longer than the others as I told you in the class. I was going to say, you may want to thin i a little or to get it done by me. It would let you sharpen a lot quicker. Let me know if you want me to do it any time.

Lan Wei Jan 2024

Nari was a wonderful teacher and taught us all sorts of great stuff about metal types, different bevels, and what a difference sharpening to 1000 grain makes versus 8000 grain and what each might be used for! The practical demonstration was very interesting and helpful and we loved seeing the difference it made to our knives. We are definitely more confident now on doing this at home.

Knife Sharpening Class review by Lan Wei - Sydney

Teacher's response

Thank you for your valuable feedback, Lan.

You two did a great job sharpening different profiles of knives including cleavers. Cleavers can be tricky to hold at the sharpening angle and sharpen for beginners because of their heftiness, but you manage it well. I am glad that the information I gave you was valuable for you. You got the idea of it and hang of it already, so you are good to sharpen knives by yourselves.

Congratulations on your new skills.

Alistair Orchard Jan 2024

Fantastic experience with someone who clearly knows metals and how to extract the best from them. There is far more to learn than simply rubbing your knife up and down a stone; the angle and grit for your knife and intended purpose are all factors. Excellent class.

Knife Sharpening Class review by Alistair Orchard - Sydney

Teacher's response

Thank you for your valuable feedback, Alistair.

I am glad that the knowledge I have given you were useful and valuable for you. Once you got the knowledge, sharpening is not that difficult unlike many believe it is. You picked up the skills quickly and seemed very happy with outcome.

Congratulations on your new skills.

Craig Burrell Jan 2024

Great instruction, knowledge and practical. i came away with sharp knifes and ability to keep them sharp. A thoroughly worthwhile and enjoyable morning.

Teacher's response

Thank you for your valuable feedback, Craig.

You got the idea and picked up the skills quickly. I am very happy that you enjoyed the class.

Congratulations on your new skills.

Robert McConnell Jan 2024

Nari is certainly a subject matter expert and has organised his instruction in a very logical fashion. The background in differing knives, the recommendations for the materials needed in knife sharpening, and the steps required to perform sharpening and maintenance were well explained. The practical portion of the course was equally well done. I especially appreciate Nari's patience and diligence to ensure each of his students took home the necessary skills. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this course to others interested in truly learning to skill of knife sharpening.

Teacher's response

Thank you for your valuable feedback, Rob.

In the class I noticed that holding the knife at a consistant sharpening angle is a bit of a challenge for you at the begining, but you overcame your challenge after receiving my advice from me. Every student has different sharpening challenges and I am there for them in the class to identify and solve them. You sharpend at least a couple of knives by yourself in the class. Good job, Rob.

Congratulations on your new skill.

Matilda Halliday Jan 2024

Nari was very good at both explaining the technical aspects of knife sharpening and teaching the practical aspects. The equipment was exactly what we needed and I now hope to have much sharper knives!

Teacher's response

Thank you for your feedback. I saw you quickly picked up the technique after your first knife that you successfully sharpened. Have fun cutting up food with your sharp knives.

Melanie Davies Jan 2024

Nari’s class is excellent. Starting with some theory on knife sharpening gives a great insight into the difference between stainless and carbon steel knives. You also get a good understanding of the different types of sharpening techniques that are used.
Moving to the practice side of the class Nari clearly demonstrates the method used to hand sharpen, with plenty of opportunities for questions. He gives lots of one on one time as well to make sure you have got the technique, including how to get the right angle for your knives, depending on the type and style you are sharpening.
Overall, I highly recommend this class if you wish to learn how to sharpen your kitchen knives, western or Japanese style. A very enjoyable morning learning some new skills.


Teacher's response

Thank you for your valuable feedback, Craig.

You picked up the technique very quickly and did a very good job sharpening a few knives. You held the angle very well and your technique was smooth too probably because you had attempted sharpening before. Sharpening on fine grit stones can get less forgiving for beginners but you managed to sharpen on one successfully. Congratulations on your new skill!.

Justin Delaney Jan 2024

Great class and instructor. Finished course with sharper knives and the know how to finish the rest!

Teacher's response

Thank you for your feedback, Justin. I am glad that you enjoyed the class and gained the new skill.

Sangmin Lee Jan 2024

It was really great class.
My friends and I really enjoyed the lecture and were able to put into practice our deep knowledge about knife sharpening. If you are a chef, this is a course I recommend you take.

Teacher's response

Thank you for your feedback, Lee. It was my pleasure to upskill professional chefs like you guys. Please spread the word for me amongst your chef friends.

Kimbily Ora Jan 2024

So glad I booked this course instead of messing around learning from YouTube.

Nari did a great job of explaining the technique and provided good feedback as we practices to correct mistakes in our technique.

My knives came out razor sharp. I’ve just made large meal and felt the blade starting to lose its edge and was able to get the edge back in 30 seconds thanks to my newly learnings skill! Highly recommend this course.

Teacher's response

I am very happy that you are enjoying your new skill you learnt in my class. Touch up skill is very useful, isn't it.

You sharpen a small petty knife which is usually tricky to hold the angle, but you did it, so great job

Jonathan Santos Jan 2024

As soon as you walk in the venue @Japanesetools.com.au I immediately felt the traditional vibe that you think you’re actually at Japan. I knew that time I was gonna learn something special. Nari was very good in directing us on what we’re supposed to do and how to improve this new honed skill. The technique that was taught today was simple easy and efficient in sharpening to attain a sharp edge on a knife that was blunted completely and intentionally with 140grit diamond plate. Well worth every cent. Highly recommended

Teacher's response

Thank you for your valuable feedback. You quickly picked up the idea and techniques and tried using some fine grit stones that are less forgiving for beginners, but you managed to sharpen the knives successfully. I see you tried your newly earnt skill on your own knives at home straight away and you nailed it! Great job Jonathan.

Taeseong Lee Jan 2024

Super nice class! It was perfect about theory and practical. While I took the class, I could learn a lot of things and the teacher taught me so well and also taught me in detail what parts to pix. It is worth way more than the cost.

Teacher's response

Thank you for your valuable feedback, Lee. As you are a professional chef in a highly recognised restaurant and already had some experience in sharpening, I taught you advanced knowledge and techniques as well as Japanese single bevel knife sharpening as much as I could. You picked up the idea and techniques very quickly. I am glad what you learnt in my class are still beneficial for chefs like you.

Julia Murray Dec 2023

The class is a great mix of theory and practice which will leave you with the skills to sharpen knives, whether you are an absolute first timer or have previously spent some time sharpening. Nari is a passionate teacher with abundant knowledge that he shares generously with his students. I hear there might also be an advanced class in the pipeline - can't wait!

Teacher's response

Thank you for your valuable feedback, Julia. I am glad that you enjoyed the class. I hope it added new aspects to your knife sharpening journey.

Cara Dowling Oct 2023

Fantastic class. Highly recommended. Nari was a great teacher - I learned a lot. I had been putting of sharpening at home because I was worried about damaging my nice knives - this gave me a lot of confidence. Perfect amount of time too - I didn’t feel rushed and I managed to get a bunch of my knives sharpened. Thanks Nari!

Teacher's response

Thank you for your valuable feedback, Cara. Once you finished your first knife, which went successfully, you got a pretty good idea of sharpening and sharpened more knives than an average student can do in one and half hour. You sharpened them all very well with only a small help and tips, so well done, Cara!

Calvin Sep 2023

Very valuable experience and knowledge you gain from it is amazing.
Nari's teaching structure is really good, giving you the concepts and hands on experience for knives you'll typically use in the kitchen.

After attending the session, have more confidence in myself in sharpening my Japanese knives.

Key take out, blunt knives are dangerous in the kitchen however extremely sharp knives may not work either. The sharpness is to be fit for purpose.

Teacher's response

Hi Calvin,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. I saw you sharpened your first knife slowly but steadily under my instruction, then you got the idea and good confidence, and sharpend the second one very well with good speed by yourself. Well done, Calvin. Let me know if you ever get any problems with sharpening by yourself at home.

Ross Fairleigh Sep 2023

An epic and life changing event.
A character filled wooden venue with the wonderful aroma of wood working.
The tutor has extraordinary teaching qualitys delivered gently with charm, wit, humility and impressive technical skill mastery.
I work as a professional chef.
My knives have never been so incredibly sharp, thankyou for changing the colour of my work day.

Teacher's response

Hi Ross,

Thank you for your wonderful review. I believe that those timber buckets, workbench, sharpening stones and water create a relaxing effect on us. It may be because it is the most primitive way. You probably found the free hand knife sharpening on whetstones quite meditative too.

You sharpend three knives successfully, even a one that has quite a pronoucned curve. I gave tips over your shoulder and you corrected and sharpened it well, so well done. Let me know if you have any questions about knives and sharpening.

Thank you,


Jason Sep 2023

I have spent many years sharpening knives with limited success and much frustration. Fortunately today I met Nari who showed me the proper way to sharpen different types of knives, including scissors so that they cut beautifully. I can honestly say that I came to the workshop lacking confidence on how to successfully sharpen a knife and left confident that I now have the tools and knowledge to sharpen knives in future so that they do what they are designed to do, cut and not skate on the surface.
Nari is an excellent teacher, patient and explains the technique thoroughly and effectively. The equipment was very effective and although daunting at first, became quite easy to use after some practise. For what I learned in 3 hours, I think the course is excellent value for money. After today, I will never ever touch an electric sharpener again and will make sure I continue to refine my technique.
It was very helpful understanding the theory at the start with different types of knives and the sharpening angles. The theory as well as the practical application and real time feedback was brilliant. I could not be any happier with the course.
I left the studio in Surry Hills much more confident. Thank you Sensei Nari for your patience, encouragement and inspiration.

Teacher's response

Hi Jason,

Thank you for your wonderful feedback. I am glad that you found the knife sharpening workshop very helpful and that it gave you the confidence and knowledge. I also appreciate your recognition of the value for money that the class offers. I always try my best to make sure every student become able to start sharpening successfully by themselves from the day of the class, so I am pleased to hear it was worth the money and time for you too. Please do not hesitate to reachout if you need any assistance in sharpening knives.

Thank you,


Mitchell Cowley Sep 2023

Nari is an incredibly knowledgeable man who is patient and willing to pass on everything he knows. I could not recommend him enough to teach people how to sharpen knives.

Teacher's response

Thank you for your review. You picked up the skill very quickly and sharpened a few knives very well. You have good speed of sharpening too. I wish you success in your professional career.

Michaela Maag Sep 2023

The class with Nari was amazing! I learnt so much theoretical and practical knowledge and can sharpen my knives now myself. Highly recommend the course for any chef or home cook. Also, Nari took the time to explain everything and got sure I understand it as well.

Knife Sharpening Class review by Michaela Maag - Sydney

Teacher's response

Thank you for your review, Michaela. You did well sharpening more than a couple of knives successfully You are one of few students who sharpened a bread knife too. So well done! Once you sharpen a couple of more knives by yourself, you will get more confidence, efficient and faster. Let me know if you ever have a trouble sharpening knives.

Jason Liue Aug 2023

10/10 would highly recommend Nari's classes! Whether you're just starting out on your sharpening journey or are a sharpening/knife enthusiast with a bit of experience under your belt.

If you have a bit of experience, I would most definitely recommend a private class, which he will tailor to your specific sharpening needs.

He is very passionate about sharpening and has an incredible wealth of knowledge to share. He will hone your technique and provide you with protocols to ensure that your sharpening is systematic and efficient. He will show you that you do not need a huge armamentarium to get the job done. Other skills such as basic knife thinning are also taught.

If you're a Japanese knife nerd who has no one to share your passion with, he's more than happy to indulge you in conversation about steel types, edge geometries and profiles if you wish. He will also not judge the amount of knives you have bought.

Don't put up with blunt knives. I can't recommend Nari's class enough.

I would also highly recommend his sharpening and repair services!

Teacher's response

Thank you for your awesome review, Jsaon. You have been sharpening on good whetstones by yourself for a while, had a good idea of knife sharpening and sharpen reasonably well. I observed how you sharpen and pointed out things you can improve. You quickly picked up and your move was very smooth towards the end of the class. With the techniques and knowledge I taught you in the class, I saw you definitely got a strong confidence of what you are doing and sharpen a lot more efficiently than before. Well done, Jason.

John Stuban Aug 2023

Was a great experience and Nari really knows his stuff - he spent a lot of time helping me improve my technique which was really appreciated. Excellent course for first timers and for those that have already tried their hand at sharpening. The only change I would make is that for people who already know their knives the theory side could be much shorter but hard to do if you have a mix of participants with different levels of experience

Teacher's response

Thank you for your feedback. You did well sharpening to a fine grit stone. Your move was very smooth and you got good speed as you were not a beginner. The class was designed mainly for beginners and also for people who would like to build a good foundation of the basics and hone the skills. As I worked out you had some background already, I went a lot faster than usual on the theory part, so that we are on the same page and you had a plenty of time to do practical with me. Evan a lot of experienced people don't know stuff like what toothy and polished edges are for and how significant thinning is. It is very hard to know what you already know in the limited time. The class is about 3 hrs as I told you and prepared for 3.5 hr, sometime goes to 4hr as required. You sharpend three knives successfully and left in 2.5 hr. You could stay longer to hone your techniques with me if you wanted. Let me know if you have particular techniques you would like to work on. I am happy to teach you.

Daniel Nicholls Aug 2023

I’ve done Japanese knife sharpening classes before, but this was far better. The key thing is, it’s a small class. Mine only had two other people so you get a personalized attention. He goes into the theory and then you get hands on with Nari-sensei’s watching and guiding you. The whet stones were much better quality than my other class and you got much more time actually sharpening. I was able to sharpen three of my own knives and still had time to sharpen another if I had wanted to. I had questions about single bevel knives and another student had questions about repairing rusted/bent knives and Nari spent time talking through and giving advice even though it wasn’t supposed to be covered.

Teacher's response

Thank you for your feedback, Daniel. You got the most out of the class. I wish my class were available for you when you started learning, so you only had to take one class with me. You did well sharpening three knives in about an hour. Well done.

Hans Gyen Aug 2023

Nari was thorough and clearly explained the fundamentals of knife sharpening. Well worth it. Thnx

Teacher's response

Thank you for your feedback, Hans. You did well sharpening your carving knife that has a pronouced curve. Well done.

Colin Player Aug 2023

Great day lots of information corrected lot of my mistakes,after tending the class in the show room to that showroom (Japanese tools) I might even take up the woodworking side thanks a lot Ross

Teacher's response

Thank you for your review comment. Since you know the basic of knife sharpening and idea of sharpening now, you will definitely enjoy sharpening woodworking tools and making stuff out of timber. Well done, Ross.

Kristi Delasia Aug 2023

A great class! Nari was very knowledgeable and attentive. He was quick to help even when i was having the slightest bit of issue. He made sure we got the technique right and did so with so much care. Overall a wonderful experience! You'll learn a skill that would last a lifetime.

Teacher's response

Thank you for your awesome feedback, Kristi! You sharpened two knives and also finished on a fine grit successfully. Your sharpening speed was very good, not too slow or not too fast. Well done

Jonathan Dingley Jul 2023

Nari was very polite and patient. He took the time to explain everything in great detail. The theory was very interesting as was the hands on. I can confidently say that I have the skills to sharpen my knives instead of paying others to do it for me. Neri ensured that I was confident throughout each section and did not move on until I was comfortable. Would highly recommend that everyone complete this course with Nari.

Teacher's response

Thank you for your great review, Jono. I saw you felt for a burr and visually checked the grind you made every set of strokes like I told you. You tried to make corrections after feedbacks. It is really a good way to improve the skills. You sharpened your two own knives. You are good to continue at home by your self. Well done, Jono.

Harmonnia Junus Jul 2023

Amazing class - Nari was very detailed, with a theory and practical component to the class. Strong recommend.

Teacher's response

Thank you for your feedback. As you probably appreciate from the class that the knowledge on the theory part is a lot more important than skills to start with. You got the idea and sharpened your knives very well, so well done.

Edward Re Jul 2023

The teacher is very knowledgeable. The course notes are very thorough, detailing about knives, stones and honing steels. The teacher skips or goes into the details as much as you like or you can skip the technical stuff if not interested.
The teacher gives good attention to the individuals to be sure they understand and do what's needed. The result is one (or two) very sharp knives. A highlight was slicing through paper.
After this course, I went home and sharpened my other three knives to a good paper slicing standard.

Teacher's response

Thank you for your great review, Ted. I am very happy to hear that you are using the valuable knowledge and skills straight after the class. Enjoy cooking.

Brad Widdup Jul 2023

Fantastic one on one class, started with theory first then onto practical, I was guided the whole way and left the class confident with a lot more practice I will be able to sharpen my knife properly myself.

Teacher's response

Thank you for your great review, Brad! You can definitely sharpen your own knives at home now. You can pass the valuable knowledge and skills down in your family.

David Nickoll Jul 2023

Had a great one on one class with Nari. Very informative, thorough and clear class. Nari teaches with a relaxed style and imparts his knowledge and expert skills easily.
I recommend this class to anyone wanting to know the art of sharpening.

Teacher's response

Thank you for your great review, David. I am glad that you enjoyed learning the art of sharpening. You even sharpened one of the trickiest knives, so well done!

Geof Stubbs Jul 2023

Very thorough and comprehensive course with both theory and practice. Great explanations of not only what to do but the underlying reasons why you do these things.
A wonderful introduction to knife sharpening and the techniques that time will enhance. Highly recommended.

Teacher's response

Thank you, Geof, for your positive feedback! I am happy to hear that you found my knife sharpening class thorough and comprehensive with a great balance of theory and practice. I appreciate your recommendation. Let me know if you have any questions about knives and sharpening.

Garth Clayton Jun 2023

The class was great and gave me the confidence and techniques to start looking after my knives. I also liked that it covered the underlying principles as well.

Paul Fulton Jun 2023

Lots to learn.
Amazing how many facts I had wrong or reversed .
Quite cerebral overall.

George Quinn Jun 2023

Top class!
Information provided, background and skill training on knife sharpening was excellent.
Excellent instructor who works in the business of sharpening things. Thanks

Sergei Rioumin Apr 2023

For a change, I decided to learn to do something completely different, off the trodden path but still practical. The Japanese knife sharpening technique proved to be an ideal match. The course included both theoretical and practical parts. The first opened my eyes to why, the second to how. Both have exceeded my expectations. I managed to sharpen two Japanese knives I brought from home under the instructor's guidance to the state of a samurai's katana (so that you can cut a hair floating in the air, you know – just kidding, but it can effortlessly cut a piece of paper suspended in the air all right). Now I am confident to do a good job at home using the acquired skill. And yes, I bought the necessary equipment to do so: nothing you can buy in the hardware shop can do the job as efficiently as Japanese utensils. All in all, an enjoyable experience and a valuable skill you can impress friends with.

Shane McNamara Apr 2023

Attended class at JTA. Theory component of workshop was very informative with good powerpoint presentation, making it easy to understand different knife types, materials and sharpening techniques. Practical component was easy for me to get a grasp of with Nori's excellent instruction. Nori has a pleasing and friendly manner making you feel comfortable and providing a good environment for learning. 10/10

Dainis Dakternieks Mar 2023

Prepared excellent theory overview prior practical session. Small group size perfect to enable teacher to give attention to each student. Overall an excellent workshop experience.

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