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Healthy & Quick Kombucha

Healthy & Quick Kombucha

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Whether it was home made Kombucha, Yoghurt, Kefir or Sauerkraut, we used to make them all at home. Some years later I went back to making these health enhancing goodies myself.

As KOMBUCHA caught up in the mainstream, friends urged me to teach them how to make it. I started this initiative and since then I empower people to make their own home made organic Kombucha. As with anything that one does for a long time, I streamlined the process of making healthy organic Kombucha. Now I teach a quick and simple process, which is still as effective and tasty as it's long alternative.

PS. Please check for available dates and if none suits you, contact me. We can organize a private workshop at mutually suitable date and time.





Ben Bayada Jan 2024

Excellent balance of theory and practice and a very friendly instructor. Easy to follow and very much gained from the workshop!

Jason Kyngdon Jan 2024

Hana was a great teacher and really enjoyed explaining the history and process of making kombucha. She provided a whole bunch of different examples and inspired me to create something of my own. I'm really looking forward to seeing what can be done. Thanks again Hana!

David Richens Jul 2023

Great and informative class. Hanna knew her stuff and showed us how simple it was to make home made kombucca. Had a variety of tasty flavours to try which was a bonus. We were given a starter kit to take home with a scoby. Have already started making my first batch.

David Vernon Jul 2023

Teacher and Venue were both superb. Thoroughly explained the processes of making kombucha in thoery using a slide show and then also a hands on version with all materials used being being handed over as gift before leaving. Extremely informative. Also a tasting session using original and flavoured varieties of home made kombucha. Very friendly and welcoming environment. Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of attending.
Thankyou so much.

Teleah Verheggen Feb 2022

Fabulous class with Hana. Great set up and so knowledgeable. She was great answering my questions and ensuring I could make it on my own. Highly recommend.

Ricky Sia Dec 2021

Very informative and educational workshop. Very keen to try & make kombucha as soon as I get home !

Brenda Munns Sep 2021

A lovely relaxed class. Hanna was excellent. She went through the process in a very easy to follow way in a lovely home class room set up.
We also were given a scoby and everything to start our own Kombucha’s which I have been busy doing and enjoying my own Kombucha. Totally recommend

Pickling and Fermentation class review by Brenda Munns - Brisbane

Sharron Derlagen Jul 2021

Interesting and Very enjoyable class. Can’t wait to make my own Kombucha. Thank you.

Robyn Hannam Jul 2021

Great learning experience . Teacher provided everything to taste and take home and was fun to be in a friendly group after so much civid shut down. Looking forward to starting making my own .

Carmel Woodrow Feb 2021

We had a great time.
Learnt a lot about Kombucha and are well on our way to creating and experimenting

Jackie Lynch Jan 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Very worthwhile course to do. Hana was lovely and very informative. She had several different flavours of kombucha to try. You leave with a wonderful bag containing everything you need to make your own first batch.

Organic Kombucha Making Workshop review by Jackie Lynch - Brisbane

Georgina Oner Jan 2021

Great class, very interesting and I’m looking forward to trying out my own kombucha at home!

Pierre Britte Oct 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Thank you for this interesting lesson about Kombucha.
We have received everything to start our own.

James Everden Oct 2020

The class was great, presented in a professional setting with everything (and more) that we needed. Hana was knowledgeable and friendly. Very happy with theory, demonstration and our takeaway starter kit.

Jana Prasek Sep 2020

Hana has presented the material in a friendly manner, easy to understand. Her venue was suitable and pleasant. We all have enjoyed the workshop filled with a lot of useful information while tasting beautiful differently flavoured kombucha. Thank you!

Stephanie Host Sep 2020

Perfect, in fact better than Perfect.
Hana's professionalism, presentation and venue cannot be faulted.
10 out of 10.

We learnt so much and were super impressed with the starter kit that Hana provided and taste test of so many different variations (mulberry, raspberry, clove and cardamom plus so many more innovations) speaks for itself. Hana well and truly exceeded our expectations.

Jana, Stéphanie and Eric.

Vincent Pomerleau Aug 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great environment and teacher. I walked away with the tools, knowledge and confidence to make my first batch of Kombucha.

Kate Sweeney Aug 2020

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Friendly relaxed lesson, very informative. Willing to answer all questions.

You leave the session with all of the materials needed to make yourself some kombucha.

Karen Hea Mar 2020

This workshop was absolutely fabulous- interesting, well organized and comprehensive. Hana was friendly and generously provided each participant with both the knowledge and equipment to make kombucha at home. The experience was enhanced by the lovely venue.

Kay Hays Jan 2020

This was a great class - all you wanted to know about kombucha and from practicing practitioner. The take home kit is excellent.

Cath Healy Jan 2020

A most informative session.
I thoroughly enjoyed the one-on-one interaction and absolutely look forward to making my first batch of kombucha

Organic Kombucha Making Workshop review by Cath Healy - Brisbane

Katie Tyson Jan 2020

Teacher was great, venue was great, materials were excellent, we learnt how to make kombucha including flavoured and fizzy kombucha

Nick Colson Nov 2019

Extremely passionate teacher with some great beverages to taste.I was very impressed with the teachers delivery and organisation. I would say that she is lives her work. We also were provided with a great range of take-home options to make our own Kombucha.

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