The culture of Japan is one of the oldest, most fascinating and profound. One of its creative outlets is Ikebana, which is the Japanese art of flower arranging. A multifaceted art, Ikebana is a sacred and resplendent practice, allowing one to incorporate their own style, with no limit on creativity.

Ikebana can be translated as ‘bringing flowers to life’. The philosophy is that through specific floral arranging techniques, flowers can gain a beauty that they could not have achieved in a natural garden, and hence, reach a higher potential and ‘come alive’.

Channel your inner florist with Setsuko Yanagisawa, who boasts no less than thirteen years of experience in the floral industry, specialising in Ikebana. Broaden your knowledge of different flowers and shrubs in Setsuko’s Flower Arrangement workshop, as she walks you through designs that have evolved across centuries. Learn how to fasten and position flowers, branches and leaves in her Glebe floristry shop, to create a myriad of simple yet beautiful arrangements to adorn your home or office with.

Workshops in Ikebana enable team building, promoting collaboration to create creative flower arrangements. They are also ideal for any group event, such as a hens night or special occasion. Let's arrange flowers!

Ikebana workshops

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