Introductory Kintsugi Workshop

Learn the Japanese method of repairing pottery with gold.

Art Kintsugi Sydney

Art Kintsugi Sydney

5.0 (3)

4 hours 1 to 8 label $90 - $100 ($100 per person when you book for 1 student, $90 pp for 2+ students)

Kintsugi - the golden ceramic restoration - is the century-old Japanese art of repairing broken or cracked pottery with Japanese lacquer (Urushi) and powdered gold, silver, or platinum, giving a new life to when otherwise items would be thrown away. In the recent years this craftsmanship has been regarded as an important traditional art to influence on Modern art around the world.

At this workshop you will learn what we call Modern Kintsugi, which follows the principal and method of traditional Kintsugi using alternative materials which are less allergic and enable us to complete the whole process within the class.

We will start from joining the broken pieces together, reconstruct missing fragments, paint over and seal the cracks with Urushi lacquer and finishing with golden sprinkle over the lacquer surface. I will prepare the ceramics to work on.

Kintsugi express Wabi-Sabi philosophy, an embracing of imperfection and inner beauty, whilst appreciating artifact’s history and personal memories. Instead of disguising the damages to bring them to the original state, Kintsugi emphasise them by decorating with gold, object’s life does not simply end, Japanese mentality of “Mottai nai” (don’t waste).

Kintsugi art dates back to the 14th century when Tea ceremony began to spread in Japan to repair the precious tea sets. The technique has developed and changed since. It is said that archaeologist claimed there are evidences of earthenware during Jomon period (14,000 – 300 BCE) in Japan were repaired using the lacquer.

Please note that some of the materials we use are synthetic, therefore the items can not be used as dinnerware with food directly onto them.

This class is not suitable if you are pregnant.

Knowledge Required

Must be over 18 years old. No previous experience, no painting skill required.

What you'll get

A completed kintsugi art work.

What to bring

Cloth that can get dusty. Eye glasses (if you use them for detailed work)

Suitable for

This class is ideal for individuals and couples as well as for a hens party, baby shower, birthday, special occasion, team building activity, corporate event, bucks party or Christmas party.


Monster Mouse Studios, 9 Gerald Street, Marrickville NSW

Your teacher
Art Kintsugi Sydney
Art Kintsugi Sydney

Kintsugi teachers

5.0 (3)

Yoko Kawada
Designer/maker of homeware products including tile art of SQUARE+ROUND Basin, MONO Tray and collaboration work of Kintsugi with international artists and artisan.
I studied interior design in London late 1990 and established solo trade business as Yoko Kawada in 2016.
My design is influenced by multiple countries I have been in the past searching materials and creative process both in traditional way and with technology.
I started to practice Kintsugi a few years ago in Japan to incorporate its unique nature of the Japanese traditional craft into my design.
I run Kintsugi workshops to share the joy of learning this Japanese craft full of surprises and contradictions.

Chizuru is a Japanese visual artist living in Sydney since 2016 and graduated from Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts at TAFE in 2018.
"I have been involved in creativity almost half of my life mainly from pottery and painting on ceramics, and I received several ceramic art and printmaking awards in Japan.
Recently, I am painting and drawing based on Australian and Japanese culture.
My passion is to introduce Japanese art, craft and culture through the workshops."


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