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Join us on an adventure at a mosaic art workshop to create your own colourful and unique traditional Turkish mosaic lamp!

Traditional Turkish mosaic lamps have a long history and originated 5000 years ago. The mosaic lamps are made by hand, characterised by metals and glass with plaster too!

Each Turkish mosaic lamp is special and unique. There are variable mosaic lampshades and different designs, which can easily be customised. You will never be able to find two equal ones.

Our workshops are sponsored by Istanbul Grand Bazaar.





Donna McGregor Jul 2024

My sisters and I did the mosaic lamp workshop with Andy and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Andy has a great personality and he guided us through the whole process with his humour and he made us apple tea. I’d definitely recommend this workshop.

Wendy Eddy Jul 2024

The teacher was very helpful and sat with us most of the time to answer any questions. I made a lamp which turned out great and definitely worth the price

Sharon Turner Jul 2024

Andy is an excellent teacher and provides great advice to each participant. Class was very therapeutic and enjoyable. It was nice to be creative and have something useful at the end.
Loved spending time with my sisters in this way!

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Sharon Turner - Brisbane

Charlotte Solomon Jul 2024

Friendly instructor who was very helpful and attentive. Fun atmosphere and really happy with the experience.

Kelley Whitty Jul 2024

My sister and I did the class for our birthday. The teacher was lovely and very helpful. We made a beautiful Turkish lamp and everything was provided. We could choose our payterns and colours. We do have to go back to pick it up in 5 days after it is grouted which I didn't know about. It was a great morning activity and was great value.

Nell Park Jul 2024

Took my mum out to make some lamps together and it was a lovely smooth session! We booked on a weekday so it was only the two of us but I preferred the quietness.

Keep in mind after you make it, they provide the grout for you but you can decide to take it home and grout the lamp or let them do it for you (at an extra cost and waiting period).

We decided to do it at home and it was pretty simple to do!

Overall had a lovely time!

Thank you to the instructor!

Lani Menzies Jul 2024

Had a lovely morning with my teenage son making the table lamp mosaic. Teacher was kind and helpful. Definitely recommend

Courtney Macdonald Jun 2024

I had a wonderful time. The class was beginner friendly and everything I needed was supplied for me. The teacher was lovely, patient and encouraging. I loved my lamp and can't wait to see it lit up in my home.

Abhi Raghavan Jun 2024

Fun experience for all ages and really rewarding. This workshop had great teaching, definitely want come again!

Janet Du Plessis May 2024

A birthday gift for my daughter. Our teacher was excellent, knowledgeable and instructive, kind and caring. Lovely venue, great materials. Real value for money. Loved being surrounded by Turkish artefacts, the Turkish coffee and apple tea.

Geordie Smith May 2024

Took my mum as a mother's day present and greatly enjoyed the class. Our teacher was extremely friendly and helpful, answering any questions we had at letting us work at our own pace. The venue was amazing, setting a perfect environment for the class and the apple tea is definitely worth a try!! A huge varieties of colours and shapes of materials were provided, giving endless possibilities for the design of our lamps.

Wendy Bruce May 2024

My friend and I both had gift vouchers we used for the class. Throughly enjoyed the whole experience. Our teacher Phyllis was very experienced and walked us through everything step by step. The coffee and Turkish delight was an unexpected treat and she had a fun joke with us too. Would definitely recommend!!

Ciara Karger May 2024

Class teacher was amazing and so patient. She exceeded all expectations. Looking forward to further classes.

Claire Kelly May 2024

The teacher was attentive and gave lots of great ideas. Plenty of materials to work with. Very enjoyable experience.

Alexandra Buchanan May 2024

Turkish lamp classes are always fun and a great way to relax. The finished product is stunning!

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Alexandra Buchanan - Brisbane

Andrea Hunter May 2024

This was a fun but relaxing class. Andy was very helpful and a kind teacher. The hardest part about the class way choosing a pattern and then the colours. I would recommend taking this class.

Melody Williams May 2024

I had a fabulous time the teacher was a delight, unfortunately I need to do more classes to get it right. I’m happy with my light though thanks ????

Sue Cosgrove May 2024

I completed this class with a friend and it was great. We were helped so much by Hale and she was so kind and patient with us. Enjoyed the session immensely and will be back to make more lamps.

Julien Seibel Apr 2024

We had the best afternoon. So much fun. I would thoroughly recommend this class.

Sharon Hulme Apr 2024

Teacher Phillis was awesome she explained everything & showed my client & demonstrated each and every step of the lamp-making brilliantly. I look forward to seeing her with my other clients. Thank you
Sharon & Beth

Mosaic Lamp Making Class review by Sharon Hulme - Brisbane

Oktober Lexi Blue Apr 2024

Phyllis was amazing, patient and extremely knowledgeable. Went for the experience and it was worth it.Will definitely be returning Outstanding! Highly recommend, cheaper than therapy!

Mosaic Lamp Making Class review by Oktober Lexi Blue - Brisbane

Sue Hadfield Apr 2024

We had a wonderful day our host for the day Hale was wonderful and made our experience sooo enjoyable. We didnt know what to expect but Hale made us feel very comfortable and guided us through making the lamps. Make sure you try the turkish tea and coffee its amazing. Our only suggestion would be if you wear glasses for reading or fine work don't forget to take them. Thank you Hale for a wonderful day, we will be back

Anthea Moen Mar 2024

Great teacher.
Lots of fun to create
Loved the variety of colours/options that were available

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class review by Anthea Moen - Sydney

Cindy Maree Irons Mar 2024

Lovely class, teacher was very outgoing, and also very knowledgeable and patient.would recommend a class anytime

Jana Lepojevic Mar 2024

Had a great class with my mum and sister. The teacher was very warm and friendly, the space was beautiful, good tunes and loved the tea and coffee

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Jana Lepojevic - Sydney

Priyanka Chitnis Mar 2024

All good. Something different.
Helpful teacher. Heaps of lamps around to look at design ideas. Convenient location

Tia Hancock Mar 2024

Went for a birthday gift and it was great. It was a really immersive experience with Turkish tea and Turkish delights. There were plenty of materials and lots of inspiration.

Sandy Anderson Feb 2024

Decided to shout my sister to the Mosaic Turkish Lamp making class at The Istanbul Grand Bazaar, Carindale on her last visit with me as we have both been to Turkey some years ago and loved it. The enjoyment and ease of the class was incredible, as was our wonderful, wonderful Turkish instructor. She was very patient with us as we were a bit slow and particular but nothing was a problem and we never felt rushed. The addition of authentic Turkish coffee, tea and Turkish delight refreshments was fantastic. The whole day was a fabulous experience and we were so well looked after by our host. We walked away with beautiful lamps all packed up for our trip home. I would highly this class at Carindale to anyone. It will not disappoint and is really good value for money.

Kristy Jones Feb 2024

Loved this! Teachers were great - so enjoyable. Teachers didn't rush us and were were given everything we needed (including lovely Turkish coffee and apple tea!)

Amy Doyle Feb 2024

Really fun class. The teacher is very helpful and knowledgeable and the lamps we made are gorgeous

Caitlin Matthews Feb 2024

The teacher was very lovely and helpful. I had an amazing time with my friend making the lamp

Anna Levy Feb 2024

A really fun experience with a beautiful result. Phylis was lovely and very helpful. Highly recommend!

Amy Prentis Feb 2024

Ela was amazing with helping us craft our masterpiece Turkish Lamps. They looked amazing and was a great suprise for my friends 50th celebration.

Alice Galvan Jan 2024

The teacher was really patient with great creative ideas. I highly recommend this art class. It was really enjoyable.

Siren Watcher Jan 2024

Was very chill, enjoyable time. Awesome way to make something with exactly the right colours to match your décor :).

Alexandra Buchanan Jan 2024

The workshop was a wonderful experience, it was very well set up with many patterns and colour options. The instructor was very helpful and good company offering tea and coffee breaks while we sat making out lamps. I am incredibly happy with the results.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Alexandra Buchanan - Brisbane

Katrina Smith Jan 2024

The teacher was trying to convince me it would take too long to do the pattern I chose. I stuck to my guns and said I wanted to do this pattern. No problems with getting it done on time for me. I'm a fast learner. Some issues with little instruction and classmates doing the wrong thing. Overall it was great.

Josephine Cornwall Jan 2024

Such a fun and relaxing experience! An amazing selection of beautiful materials and a really encouraging class. My partner and I both walked away with things we were proud of. Absolutely recommend!

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Making Class review by Josephine Cornwall - Sydney

Lachlan Farrow Jan 2024

Fun and easy workshop with plenty of shapes and colours of tiles to choose from. Teacher was very friendly and helpful, would come again.

Rizza Salinas Jan 2024

We had Ela for our class and she was very lovely and sweet. She gave us suggestions and advise so we would have better results. It was a nice and relaxing atmosphere.

Carol Carr Jan 2024

Teacher was super helpful and supportive. Lots of ideas, materials, time and fun! Loved the class - thank you!

Annette van Echten Jan 2024

We loved to have the opportunity to do something we've never done before and have all the materials provided for you.
It was fun and relaxing and the teacher gave all the help that was needed.

Shelley Wheeler Dec 2023

Fun craft that was run at the same pace as our skill. Would do again.

Anonymised ClassBento student Dec 2023

I had a wonderful morning creating my very own mosaic candleholder! Irem is a very kind, patient and funny teacher, I appreciated her guidance and creative suggestions, and she was quick to help when I made an error in my pattern! The Turkish coffee was lovely as well. I would love to come back and try another design soon.

Laura Griffin Dec 2023

I had a great time making a mosaic swan lamp. Irem was very helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to learn and create their own mosaic. Thank you so much to Irem for her help and advice.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Laura Griffin - Brisbane

Natalya de Pooter Dec 2023

The teacher was lovely and very helpful. We had a very enjoyable time and would recommend to others

Catharine Donald Dec 2023

The teacher was awesome - very friendly and helpful. It was a lot of fun! Very yum turkish delight too.

Peta Harvey Dec 2023

We enjoyed the friendly and relaxed atmosphere along with detailed instruction and encouragement from the teacher

Lisa Seychell Dec 2023

This is the second time I’ve been to this workshop. The first was with friends recently, this one was with my two (20 something y/o) daughters. They loved it and are really happy with the results. It’s surprisingly easy and the final product is so pretty. You get a basic lesson at the beginning of the session and by the end of the 2 hours, you’re finished, and the Turkish apple tea is a nice little bonus. I used this class as a Christmas activity/gift. I highly recommend this class.

Mosaic Lamp Making Class review by Lisa Seychell - Brisbane

Debbie O'Connor Dec 2023

Our teacher was great. She assist all my team with their designs and offered suggestions. If we ever needed her she was straight over in between serving customers.

Jeanette Cornell Dec 2023

Absolutely loved it. Phyllis was amazing and very helpful. She was very patient and provided clear instructions as well as demonstrated how to do the lamps.

Caitlin Koski Dec 2023

My partner and I had a great time and we absolutely love our lamps! There were so many colours and patterns and they were happy to help if you wanted to try something different :)

Lisa Seychell Dec 2023

Easy to follow instructions, great advice on colour suggestions, you go home with a gorgeous piece of decor, and did I mention the delicious Turkish apple tea refreshment. A fab afternoon was had by all 4 of us. Highly recommended.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Lisa Seychell - Brisbane

Sharon Barclay Dec 2023

Our teacher was very patient & knowledgeable. There is no rush with the class & everyone gets personalised tutelage. The lamps are ready a few days later allowing for drying time assembly & plastering. Highly recommend.

Mosaic Lamp Making Class review by Sharon Barclay - Brisbane

Beverly Shamon Nov 2023

I had my first class of this type of craft at North Sydney today to make a tall table lamp. It was a wonderful morning in an exquisite room full of exotic treasures that give a truly fabulous experience. The teacher was as helpful as possible all through the process, explaining and showing how to go through every step. The outcome is a beautiful lamp and memory of an experience I will always treasure. I have yet to apply the 'grout' which I expect to do tomorrow. Everything is supplied and the apple tea gives an even nicer time. Give yourself and your friends a real treat. You are likely to also love it!

Julie Finnegan Nov 2023

I really enjoyed this class. The teacher gave us good ideas, and was really helpful if you needed advice, but otherwise let us do our own thing without hovering too much.

Ashlee Merucci Nov 2023

An amazing experience with a lovely instructor. Would definitely recommend to friends and family. Thanks!

Mosaic Lamp Making Class review by Ashlee Merucci - Brisbane

Tara Jennings Nov 2023

Wonderful experience! The instructor was so lovely and helpful. Will be back again in the future!

Marion Fair Nov 2023

The teacher was attentive and experienced in mosaic lamp making. He made the class fun .

Shadi Essam Nov 2023

My mum and sister and I booked a class and we had the best time. Our teacher Hana was so lovely and amazing in giving us tips and inspo.
We made the most beautiful lamps we surprised ourselves at how amazing they turned out.
Will definitely recommend this class to everyone

Laura Sacchetta Nov 2023

It was a great experience. The teacher was very good and personable. I loved how I could choose my own colour scheme to fit the room the lamp was going to be placed.

Naomi Kent Nov 2023

It was my second time there and I want to go again it is so much fun. Teacher was very nice and there are so many colours to pick from. Also the apple tea is to die for.

Waveny Holland Nov 2023

This was a good experience that I recommend.
The teacher was helpful giving clear instructions. All materials were supplied and participants were able to customise their lamps to make them truly unique.

Laura Andrikis Nov 2023

My friend and I did this class together for her 18th birthday present and it was fantastic. We are both creative people and this was the perfect thing. We did the table lamp ($89) which was just the right size. The teacher was fantastic she was so knowledgeable and helped us out every step of the way. It was a great venue, easy to find, although we recommend catching the train in as parking is very expensive. You really get your moneys worth with this class, as you get your take home lamp, the stand, the topper, a light bulb, gout and instructional videos on how to finish off your lamp. Just something to note, the lamps need 6-8 hours to dry and you do the final step of grouting them at home, so make sure you have the time available after your session to do that. We loved the Apple tea, definitely recommend giving it a try it’s delicious.

Cool lamp
Immersive experience
Free beverages
Great for a date or with friends
Can stay longer than the 2 hours if needed

Very expensive parking
Need to have time 6-8 hours after the lamp making to grout

Hope this helps!

Tina Faber Nov 2023

Really fun morning! All the resources were great and lovely surroundings with very helpful staff

Kim Bodle Nov 2023

Enjoyed the workshop, the instructor was very friendly.
Located in Westfield so very easy to access.

Mosaic Lamp Making Class review by Kim Bodle - Brisbane

Stephanie Josephine Fett Nov 2023

Really enjoyed making the lamp but the teacher was really distracted and disengaged. She told us a few things at the beginning then just hung out on her phone on the other side of the room. When we asked her a question she’d come back and be helpful for a bit, but then she’d disappear again. We weren’t really taught anything, just left to our own devices. If you’d prefer a more hands on teaching situation l I wouldn’t go to the Macquarie park one, but if you are happy to do your own thing and just want the materials and some patterns - you’d be fine.

Isobel Fraser Oct 2023

Great value and vibes

Real enjoy the class and had fun and engaging teacher #fun

Jordie Rose Oct 2023

Absolutely loved it! The apple tea was amazing also. Highly recommend this class for anyone!

Kim Sarling Oct 2023

Wonderful class! Had an amazingly relaxing time. The tea and Turkish Delight were amazing, as was the instructor.

Lisa Collette Oct 2023

Omg, what an amazing day! Teacher was so very kind and knowledgeable, helped at every step! Highly recommend this beautiful experience ❤️

Emma Langdon Oct 2023

This was a great experience. Teacher was fantastic, so many options and overall would definitely recommend.

Anna Ha Oct 2023

Ridvan is very friendly. The atmosphere is great and everything inside the shop are so pretty and colourful. We enjoy the workshop with pretty lamp to take home.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Anna Ha - Sydney

Hannah Cooper Oct 2023

Fun and creative workshop! Great service. Authentic Turkish experience. Flexible, attentive and friendly teacher. Relaxing and rewarding. Thanks so much!

Monica Sep 2023

Second time going to this class - another great experience. We had Filiz as our teacher and was a super calm/experienced hand helping us with our lamps. All materials provided, grouting for an additional 15 - very worth it. Lots of inspiration in store to get you started. 10/10 will go again

Mosaic Lamp Making Class review by Monica - Brisbane

Evelyn Taylor Sep 2023

Thank you! we were welcomed to this amazing store with absolute beautiful lamps and bowls just the place for any type of interior items you can think of in every colour.

We were at table with another Mother and Daughter , and we shown how and what to do to get our patterns for our Tea lamps, or as I did the next size being an electic lamp.
when we were ready for the next step she was there at the ready. Myself and Amy had a great time just Chilling out. Evelyn

Anna Bo Sep 2023

Went with a group of girlfriends and had fantastic time creating an amazing Turkish lamp. Our teacher was very considerate and allowed extra time for us to finish it off. The Turkish tea was amazing and it was really an enjoyable therapeutic day to get your creativity on.

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Making Class review by Anna Bo - Sydney

Praveena Pasupati Sep 2023

We really enjoyed decorating our candle holders. Our teacher was very helpful and gave clear instructions. It was a very pleasant way to spend our Saturday afternoon.

Cheryl Ingram Sep 2023

The class was conveniently held in Greenwood Plaza North Sydney in the beautiful Istanbul Grand Bazaar store. In today's class I learnt how to create a mosaic candle holder. So many glorious colours of glass pieces and beads to chose from. The class was great fun and enabled individuality to shine through. Going off script is half the fun - it's about giving things a go. A very big thanks to our very patient and helpful instructor Hannah!

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Cheryl Ingram - Sydney

Fran Cane Sep 2023

Lovely way to spend the morning, being creative and catching up with a friend. Everything we needed was provided and we have very clear instructions. Lovely to sit amongst the lamps while making your own

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class review by Fran Cane - Sydney

Peta Henderson Aug 2023

We had an amazing time at our class. The venue was fantastic and our teacher was wonderful. Will be recommending to all our friends.

Lynley Webb Aug 2023

The whole experience from start to finish was fantastic. The teachers were patient and very helpful. We went for a birthday celebration/activity. I can't wait to book and come again.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Lynley Webb - Sydney

Ann Carey Aug 2023

It was very nice experience. That's why I bought it again as a gift for relatives who came to visit us.

Corina Petrescu Aug 2023

I went with my family for this class and all of us loved it. The teacher was very kind and lovely, although not a very good English speaker we didn't have a problem with this.
Lamp making is easy and fun, and we left home with good quality lamps including the electrical fittings.
The place is located next to Service NSW. For some reason it doesn't appear on the shopping centre's map although it's a beautiful shop.

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Making Class review by Corina Petrescu - Sydney

Anonymised ClassBento student Aug 2023

good vibes and calming atmosphere. teacher was nice and kept checking up on us. lots of variety with the colours and shapes of the tiles. good experience would definitely recommend!

Mosaic Lamp Making Class review by Anonymised ClassBento student - Brisbane

Avril Macrae Aug 2023

Had a fun time making a Turkish lamp and sipping apple tea at the Macquarie centre - teacher was helpful and friendly and am very happy with the lamp that I made - so happy that I am booking in again

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Making Class review by Avril Macrae - Sydney

Nicole Murray Aug 2023

A well set up venue with a lovely welcoming teacher.
Great selection of glass to make design from.

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class review by Nicole Murray - Sydney

Helen Aug 2023

Great class. Very supportive instructor. Lots to choose from and very accommodating to our needs.

Mosaic Lamp Making Class review by Helen - Brisbane

Matilde Vera Aug 2023

The class was so enjoyable and really take the time and elements to make look nice. She was so pleasant to talk to and guide us.
To improve probably add a little map of the shopping center what entrance is best for parking and to get in easy.

Louise Woolmore Aug 2023

It didn't feel like we were in a store once we were sat down and fiddling with all the mosiac pieces.
I loved it.

We were provided a small tea and small coconut style lollie during the session.

Tim Atkinson Aug 2023

Great, friendly and helpful teacher.
Ideal and accessible venue.
Quality and great materials provided.
Great fun making good price lamb.

Mosaic Lamp Making Class review by Tim Atkinson - Brisbane

Naomi Ho Aug 2023

Great time, great teacher, great coffee/tea/sweet! Would do it again. Thank you Naomi

Mosaic Lamp Making Class review by Naomi Ho - Brisbane

Nalini Shandil Aug 2023

Venue was great, we were surrounded by so much inspiration. The teacher was learned, helpful and so encouraging

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Nalini Shandil - Brisbane

Cindy Li Aug 2023

Great class! I had a fun time and my lamp turned our great. The tea and coffee was great also.

Ayva Janicska-Hogan Aug 2023

Ayva enjoyed this class, she said that it was a great experience and enjoyed her time.

Gabriela Brun Jul 2023

Great fun and relaxing activity. Ridvan was a wonderful teacher and the venue was nice. Highly recommended!

Julia Marsh Jul 2023

Loved it - teacher was so helpful- I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it. But I did Yea was good too

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Julia Marsh - Brisbane

Gemma Webster Jul 2023

We were lucky enough to be the only 2 people for the 10am session on a Saturday at Chermside! We were really looking forward to a relaxing and mindful experience and this mosaic workshop absolutely delivered. Our teacher was very welcoming and assisted us when needed. The apple tea offered was also devine! A wonderful experience for everyone.

Mosaic Lamp Making Class review by Gemma Webster - Brisbane

Jessica Christie Jul 2023

Really fun class and very helpful teacher! Lots of options for designs and colours, definitely recommend

Kate Chandler Jul 2023

Everything about this class was fabulous including the teacher. My sister and I had so much fun!

Anissa Lee Jul 2023

My sister and I really enjoyed the workshop and our teacher Okhan was lovely and very patient LOL. Even though we decided to do the same design and colours our lamps are still different - the beauty of making your own handmade.

Jenny Stevenson Jul 2023

My teacher was very helpful patient and approachable. The venue was very convenient. The materials were excellent. The course was good value for money. My friend and I had a wonderful time. We can not wait to do another class.
Keep up the good work

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Jenny Stevenson - Brisbane

Wendy Raverty Jul 2023

The teacher was very patient. Even though there were 11 people in the class, he was still able to give us individual attention. The venue was open and airy.

Karen Schefe Jul 2023

Had a fabulous time making our lamps! Plenty of material supplied & choice of colours were much more than expected. Our teacher was lovely, very friendly, knowledgeable & helpful. Will definitely do it again .

Mosaic Lamp Making Class review by Karen Schefe - Brisbane

Kyla Tustin Jul 2023

We had the wonderful and fun experience creating our Turkish lamps today and the apple tea was an additional treat. The set up within the shop was so beautiful and made designing our lamps so much easier. Our teacher was full of so much enthusiasm and joy as well as helping simple and easy tips to design our lamp of choice. I’ll definitely be recommending this workshop to others. Thank you so much

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class review by Kyla Tustin - Sydney

Rebecca Birch Jul 2023

The teacher was pleasant and helpful. I liked the venue with all the finished pieces for sale as inspiration. Materials were plentiful. I loved my finished product. Three hours was a good amount of time to complete.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Rebecca Birch - Brisbane

Ophelia Pinto Jul 2023

We went to the Grand Bazaar,Istanbul in Greenwood Plaza, North Sydney. Hanna was our teacher and was absolutely fantastic. So helpful, kind, gentle and really artistic. She had amazing ideas and was really helpful with suggestions since we were novices.

Kaleesi Ottaway Jun 2023

Wonderful service, had a lovely time creating our lamps. So very helpful and caring and would highly recommend her.

Belinda Waite-Pullan Jun 2023

Class was awesome! Teacher was helpful and insightful - selection and freedom of choice was great - tea was amazing. Highly recommend

Tasneem Jahan Jun 2023

It was such a great experience. The teacher was nice and friendly. Highly recommended. Loved it!

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class review by Tasneem Jahan - Sydney

Amber Gameiro Jun 2023

Okan was such a lovely instructor and gracious host! It was a great experience and time away from my busy household to do something creative and beautiful . The space was set up really well and was colourful and inspiring. I really enjoyed learning something new!

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Amber Gameiro - Brisbane

Roshma Mathew Jun 2023

hi the grouting was charged prior to the class but it was not done during the class , the grouting powder was given to us , which I think was not fair to us .

Rachel Chong Jun 2023

Brought 3 kids to the workshop. The teacher was patient, helpful, professional and passionate. We had great fun. Love the various product options.
Great for kid’s birthday party.

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class review by Rachel Chong - Sydney

Leonie Webster Jun 2023

Work area looked amazing and my teacher was very kind, supportive, encouraging and patient. She guided me through each step and the end product was a beautiful table lamp.

Sophie Hunter Jun 2023

very pleasant and support young women great apple tea will recommend to friends thank you

Ranjini Reddy Jun 2023

I have been wanting to attend a mosaic class for a while, so for my birthday I spend a lovely time making a mosaic candle holder. Bushra was friendly, helpful and welcoming, enjoyed our chats while sipping on turkish apple tea. Yummy Location was great esp with 3 hour free parking. I would definitely do it again :)

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Making Class review by Ranjini Reddy - Sydney

Suzy Green May 2023

Great fun and great value for money! The teacher showed us carefully what to do and highly encouraged us to follow our own vision and ideas. Thanks for a lovely morning!

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Suzy Green - Brisbane

Jordan Daly May 2023

Hana was a delightful teacher for this class, guiding us through every step of the way. The venue was a funky shop in Greenwood, and the instructions on how to find it were appreciated. All the necessary materials were provided.

Charlotte Gourlay May 2023

Teacher was wonderful
Very friendly and helpful
Very attentive and goog with checking in to see how you were doing

Jodi Lynelle May 2023

This was my first crafty type class and I absolutely loved it! I would definitely recommend it.

Janet Major May 2023

Teacher very helpful. Small class meant each participant received plenty of attention- yet still allowed us to make our own choices.
Great variety of coloured tiles- nothing was in short supply!
This was my second class- so I finished 1 hour early. A very enjoyable afternoon.

Simone Kiem May 2023

I loved this class. It was so much fun!
The spacing was a little tight as it was the weekend after mother's day, so the classes were full and a little bit warm, but it was still really enjoyable.
A large selection of coloured tiles for us to choose from and a selection of designs were laid out for everyone to go off.
The teacher was lovely and always happy to help.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Simone Kiem - Brisbane

Rachel Shannon-Hooper May 2023

We took our 12 year old daughters to the mosaic lamp making class. We all had a lovely time creating beautiful candle holders & lamps. The teacher was kind & patient. She took her time explaining each step of the process. It's a great class to do with your kids and with friends.

Amber Harvey May 2023

The teacher was kind, lovely, helpful and patient, and it was a really fun experience in the most beautiful setting! Make sure you try the Apple Tea; I ended up buying a whole tin after my first sip. Am planning to do this workshop again with another group of friends.

Colleen Blums May 2023

Very enjoyable 2 hours.
Our teacher was very helpful - offering great tips on technique and demonstrating lots of pattern ideas.

Dale Forster May 2023

The class was so much fun, we had a lot of help and endless options to design our own lamp. The teacher was very helpful and patient with us. Highly recommend coming back.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Dale Forster - Brisbane

Jess Rowe May 2023

Our teacher was so knowledgeable and made our class so enjoyable and fun. Thank you!

Tahnia Miller May 2023

The workshop was so much fun, I enjoyed ever moment! The teacher was so helpful and made everyone feel comfortable and ready to go.
She explained everything so well and always happy to lend a hand to make our lamps better. I would highly recommend this course

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Tahnia Miller - Brisbane

Katrina Lawson May 2023

So many options and colours to choose from, had a great time. Fun and enjoyable.

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class review by Katrina Lawson - Sydney

Tracey Simcock May 2023

Loved this class! Teacher was very helpful and gave us great pointers on how to begin the process and gave suggestions on how best to do the designs. Plenty of choices for the beads and tiles in different colours and styles. Great little workshop! Can’t wait to do it again!

Mosaic Lamp Making Class review by Tracey Simcock - Brisbane

Jordan Waugh May 2023

It’s fun, relaxing and overall a fantastic environment and the teacher was very knowledgeable and sweet. Will be returning

Julianne Ryals Apr 2023

Teacher did a fabulous job working with us to ensure we were happy with the end product. We had a delicious cup of Turkish coffee and Turkish delight then as we were finishing a cup of apple tea. We had a great time and I will certainly encourage others to come along

Luzette Demont Apr 2023

Great creative fun & good bonding session. Nice friendly environment. In shopping mall & conveniently near train station.

Monica Cavarzan Apr 2023

The teacher was extremely helpful and experienced, the venue was great. Would definitely recommend and be doing this again!

X Su Apr 2023

Fun and interesting Class, great for team building! Room is a bit small for 7 people, but overall a great experience.

Kerry Simko Apr 2023

She was a wonderful teacher and gave us all the time we needed. The end product is amazing

Anthea Jones Apr 2023

The workshop takes places within the shop, but you feel absolutely transported and inspired inside. Our teacher was very attentive and offered individual guidance and feedback throughout the workshop. She also kept you on task and made sure you wouldn't run out of time. The materials were excellent and a great variety of glass and beads to create your won unique design. Morning tea was also supplied - Turkish coffee, apple tea and Turkish delight. I was pleasantly surprised that once our lamp shade was grouted, it would then be assembled into a complete lamp! So creating your own lamp was cheaper than purchasing ones from the shop in some instances. This was a great way to spend the morning - although the class did run a little over time.

Mosaic Lamp Making Class review by Anthea Jones - Brisbane

Lara Sacks Apr 2023

Great teacher and fun day! Thank you for the experience would recommend to all ages

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Lara Sacks - Sydney

Naomi Kent Mar 2023

Took my 11yr old niece for her birthday and we had an amazing time. The teacher was very friendly and helpful, they had a huge selection of tiles and beads and also served a delicious Turkish apples tea. Parking was close and very cheap. Will definitely be back

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Naomi Kent - Sydney

Sathyavathi Subburaj Mar 2023

Most recommended session for anyone looking to learn this art technique ❤️

First of all the teacher was very friendly and courteous. She addresses all the queries from the workshop participants very patiently. You will definitely enjoy the session and it was like the time went very fast with the session.

Much recommend session for art lovers !

Thank you again for conducting a wonderful session

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class review by Sathyavathi Subburaj - Sydney

Gloria Wu Mar 2023

Teacher was amazing - so patient, so friendly and so helpful. The class is a good size and the resources are plentiful. I really enjoyed the class. The teacher let us do our creative thing on our lamps but is always ready to help.

Gunita Mistere Mar 2023

it was great experience and lamps turn out very beautiful . Nice way to spend time with friends or family

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Gunita Mistere - Brisbane

Tara Witney Mar 2023

Great help and support, nothing was too much. Heaps of fun! Looking forward to picking up my lamp

Sandra Mar 2023

Such a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! Teacher was incredibly helpful and accommodating with wonderful hospitality. Highly recommend this to everyone. Would actually be a perfect way to celebrate a baby shower, birthday, or hens afternoon.

Roseanne Kanowski Mar 2023

This was such a fun afternoon! The teacher was so funny and helpful, and encouraging! The turkish tea and delight was delicious. The location was cozy, but very inspiring. Something I could and will have a go at again.

Helene Cooper Mar 2023

Very friendly, good instruction quality products that location was close to the train station and parking station and was Easter easily accessible

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class review by Helene Cooper - Sydney

Sandy Stewart Feb 2023

Phylis was a great teacher my granddaughter and myself had an amazing class the lamps we made are beautiful

Emily Dando Feb 2023

Busra was so sweet and such a kind and patient teacher! We had so much fun making the mosaique lamp, and she gave us such great company while we did it. Cannot recommend this more. Thank you

Robyn Delorie Feb 2023

Our teacher was patient and helpful.
The venue/shop was beautifully presented and the perfect atmosphere.
We had a very enjoyable time makung our mosaic candle holders

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Robyn Delorie - Sydney

Glenda Fouche Feb 2023

Went for a birthday celebration with 2 friends and had a great morning. Instructor was friendly & helpful. Lots of concentration & fun. Would highly recommend.

Rosa Lam Jan 2023

Very friendly and helpful teacher who gave me excellent advice in colour matching and designs.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Rosa Lam - Sydney

Nina Mitchell Jan 2023

I loved this class. The teacher was patient and informative. The end product was beautiful.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Nina Mitchell - Brisbane

Hannah Jan 2023

It was good fun, very relaxing instructor was great. Got to try Turkish coffee and tea. You could choose any pattern I made my own and she was fine with it and even helped. You can also pick whatever colours you want.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Hannah  - Brisbane

Wendy Thomas Jan 2023

Great class at Chermside, highly recommended, teacher was fantastic. Lots of fun for all ages, the Apple tea and Turkish coffee provided was a really nice touch as well. Thank you

Priyanka Eruvatt Jan 2023

It was a fantastic class. The teacher was patient and provided ongoing suggestions through the class. There were many options to choose from but you can also be innovative.

Jenni Hall Jan 2023

Enjoyable class with lots of patient guidance from the instructor. We love our completed lamps!

Justine Blinco Jan 2023

Teacher was so helpful and happy. We had a great time and enjoyed creating a mosaic lamp, drinking Turkish coffee and apple tea and eating delicious Turkish delights.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Justine Blinco - Brisbane

Micaela Jan 2023

Fantastic class and teacher!
It was such a fun experience and the Turkish coffee, apple tea and Turkish delight was a lovely addition to the class. It was great to create and design a unique lamp.

Fiona Cheng Dec 2022

We had a great time. Great activity to spent some time with kids. Highly recommended Thank you.

Kym Cairns Nov 2022

Our host was really lovely. She has very helpful and the hospitality with the coffee and tea was wonderful.
My daughter and I really enjoyed the workshop and will recommend to others.

Victoria Renolds Oct 2022

Great workshop, easier than first thought. Wonderful instruction and mesmerising venue. Happy with the result

Kenneth Lee Jan 2022

Insufficient guidance on the grouting/platering process if you were to do it yourself. Showing a 1:45 minute video to do the grouting yourself is insufficient guidance to troubleshoot if there were issues. The grouting process takes at least half a day to dry as I subsequently learnt from another source, and not 10 minutes as suggested by your instagram video.

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