Japanese Calligraphy

Japanese Calligraphy

Japanese Calligraphy

Japanese calligraphy or Shodo is one the most popular fine arts of Japan. Shodo artists wield bamboo brush and ink onto rice paper to create beautiful written script, transferring harmony and beauty.  The parity of simple and graceful is embodied in calligraphy, echoing one of the main principles of Japanese aesthetics ‘wabi sabi’, meaning transience and imperfection. The beginning, direction, form and ending of lines, the balance between elements are important in Japanese calligraphy, including even an empty space. The hieroglyphs are harmonious, proportional and balanced.

Improve your concentration whilst rejuvenating with Ren, a master in Shodo calligraphy in a Shodo Japanese Calligraphy workshop. Ren’s work has been recognised by the Japanese Foreign Ministry, gaining the esteemed title of national property of Japan for his work ‘Furusato’ which now lives at the Japanese Embassy in Canberra, as well as having various works exhibited internationally.

Learn how to make different types of sumi ink to kick-start your calligraphy career, wield your calligraphy brush or 'fude' against a special type of Japanese paper called ‘hanshi’. Memorise Japanese characters, express your words and emotions through brush stroke pressure, rhythm and tone.

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