Japanese Cooking Class for Beginners

Master delicious, healthy and traditional Japanese in a hands-on, fun workshop

2.5 hours Class size 1 to 20 (public classes), 10 to 24

label $149 - $169 ($169 per guest when you book for 1 guest, $149 for 2+ guests)

Learn the fundamentals of healthy and easy Japanese cooking, in this fun and informative hands-on workshop.

Follow detailed demonstrations by celebrated chef Yoshiko Takeuchi, who has had over twenty years experience and has frequented some of Sydney's top kitchens, authored two cookbooks and worked on shows like The Biggest Loser.

Some examples include:

  • An understanding of basic Japanese seasonings
  • How to balance each meal
  • How to cook authentic rice
  • How to make vegetarian dashi stock
  • Miso soup (using homemade dashi/powdered dashi)
  • How to cook teriyaki
  • Making goma ae (Japanese style very traditional salad) in two ways
  • Cooking perfect tempura served with dipping sauce
  • Basic knife skills

Also, all of Yoshiko's classes (except the "Japanese Cooking Class (Advanced)") are suitable for vegans.

Please note:
  • Reservations may be transferred to another available class if more than 30 days’ notice is given.
  • If you cannot make it to your reserved class, you are welcome to send someone in your place.
  • Cancellations are not refundable.
  • Booking is essential and is subject to availability.

Save $40 when you book with a friend
Add-on available for this class
  • Rental Apron ($8)
You can add these when you book (optional).
Knowledge required
No knowledge required.
What you'll get
  • Hands-on cooking class with ingredients including authentic high-quality Japanese foods.
  • Full sit-down lunch including drinks (alkaline mineral water and organic ceremonial grade Matcha)
  • Digital recipe provided
What to bring
Please bring an apron and wear closed shoes. For those without one, aprons are available to rent for $8. Everything else will be provided.

O'Uchi - 80 Clarence St, Sydney NSW

This venue is a short walk from Wynyard station (300m).

Japanese Cooking Class for Beginners location
Your teacher
Yoshiko Takeuchi
Yoshiko Takeuchi
(Cooking with Yoshiko)

Passionate chef, and author of 2 Japanese health-food cookbooks

4.8 (200)
Instagram followers13k

I am a passionate and experienced chef, and have turned this passion into creating vegan and vegetarian recipes with a Japanese twist, which will help you stay young, beautiful and healthy. Take control of your relationship with food and learn to love healthy recipes! I want all my students to be glowing with confidence, energy, and healthy beauty. Just give it a try!

I've worked with world famous chefs like Tetsuya Wakuda (Tetsuya's restaurant) and was a professional chef for over 10 years, and have been teaching cooking for more than 20 years. My mission is to promote a healthy and enriching lifestyle for all my students. I would love to share my passion and knowledge with you.

Verified reviews

We only show reviews from customers who have paid for and attended this class

Quinn Ritchie Dec 2023

Yoshiko had such a great energy and made the class a lot of fun. The venue was kind of cramped because the class was overbooked for some reason but they made it work. We all got to help out with preparing and plating up the meal. Yoshiko shared a tonne of tips and knowledge about Japanese cooking. The only negative is that there were so much content it was hard to keep up and I'm sure I've forgotten a lot of what was shared

Simon Debnam Dec 2023

Great host, very engaging class. The cooking session was informative, fun and hands on. The food was great, we had an amazing time.

Anne Pitchers Jul 2023

Amazing class. Well paced. Appreciated Yoshiko sharing her knowledge on the best ingredients. Lots of interaction with the group. Beautiful food.

Mathilda Lock Jun 2023

Learnt a lot from this class and developed my knowledge of Japanese health and cooking. Great chefs!

Dawdy Brown Jun 2023

Oiva makes the class fun and packs a lot into the 2 1/2 hours. You learn about the ingredients and best natural products to use. They are also available to buy along with her excellent vegan recipe book at the end of the lesson. It was hands on and great for a beginner like me to learn some of the basic techniques. Thanks Oiva

John Botella Apr 2023

Yoshiko made this experience a blast! Learnt too much to remember, but the basics prompted a terrific start to my favourite Japanese food, great Food and Fantastic people.

Rosemary Anderson Apr 2023

I loved this class. However, I think the venue was not ideal. It was dark ( and very atmospheric but it was not always possible to see what Yoshiko was doing. Also there were so many things going on that I could not process everything.It may have been easier if things were prepped so that we could concentrate on the so many valuable and interesting things Yoshiko was saying and doing.This is not to be lazy but I think this would work out better. Yoshiko is really experienced and it shows.

Thomas Zagami Mar 2023

My parents did this course today and love it. Would recommend to others, thank you

Ollie Hartcher Mar 2023

Great venue and great atmosphere of working together to learn resulted in a tasty lunch.

Neil Timson Feb 2023

The staff were great, the information was great

The venue was too small

Unlike every other cooking class I’ve done, we were not able to cook everything. The dish(es) we’re done by the chef by demonstration OR split between different people meaning each person/group did not have the experience of cooking or being involved in the cooking process. I walked away with only being involved in a very small part

Consider at a minimum allowing each table to prepare/cook ALL parts of the dish

Patrick Ward Feb 2023

Yoshiko is very energetic and welcoming, the recipes were delicious, it was an excellent afternoon out.

Iwona Erickson Feb 2023

This class was a present for my husband's birthday because we're all lovers of Japanese cuisine. When I purchased it I thought it was going to be a more hands-on experience where you actually learn how to prepare each dish yourself, turns out most of the class was a demonstration. My husband enjoyed learning about new spices used in the Japanese kitchen and consuming all the prepared delicacies.

Elizabeth Pronger Jan 2023

Yoshiko was a fantastic teacher and full of enthusiasm. We had a great time, and the food was delicious too. Can’t wait to try the recipes out at home!

Emma Watts Jan 2023

We really enjoyed the experience and Yoshiko was very personable and knowledgeable. We liked the fact you could buy some of the ingredients at the end of the class and that we were provided with lots of tips for buying the ingredients at stores.

Yue Wong Jan 2023

Very lively and easy to follow receipts. Would like to join again. Thank you very much.

Oliver Watts Jan 2023

Great fun and tasty. Would recommend to friends. Very educational day of cooking and eating.

Petra Mueller Jan 2023

The cooking class was excellent!
Very easy to follow and comprehensive. Yoshiko is super professional and very funny!
We learnt heaps about the best ingredients and how to prepare the food.
Will def be making at home!

Jane Cleverley Dec 2022

Loved it, fast paced, extraordinary teacher, light hearted, learnt a lot. Bought alotxxx thank youxxx

Michelle Papa Dec 2022

Yushiko was wonderful and knowledgeable . She made learning easy and enjoyable. The food created was amazing

Cooking class review by Michelle Papa - Sydney

Roxana Heriseanu Oct 2022

The teacher was great, the food quality was amazing, the taste amazing too. We learned a lot and will come back for more!

Cooking class review by Roxana Heriseanu - Sydney

Jacqueline Yates Oct 2022

A very fun and engaging class. I love getting the insights into what people in Japan do at home.

Ciaran Magee Oct 2022

Yoshiko was a wonderful and energetic teacher and cook, and the food we made was delicious. The kitchen felt a little cluttered, but never to the point where we were crowded.

Catherine Adams Aug 2022

Great introduction to some key basics of Japanese cooking. The lesson was very informative, and covered a lot in a very short period of time. Lovely, experienced and knowledgeable teacher who made sure we were all involved, got hands on experience and had fun too. All equipment and food provided and we enjoyed eating all the beautiful dishes that we'd prepared at the end. Highly recommended.

Natalija Berjanovic Aug 2022

I wanted to do this class for a long time and loved that it’s finally available in my neighbourhood. Yosiko made class real fun and I learned not just how to cook few Japanese dishes but also how to buy proper ingredients. What we cooked was really taste and look forward to learning some more in another class

Cooking class review by Natalija Berjanovic - Sydney

Yuen-Wei Chew Aug 2022

Great beginners class covering some delicious dishes which we were able to eat at the end of the class.

Monique Stone Aug 2022

It was so much fun. I went to learn the basics about the ingredients and cooking and was very impressed.

Naota Suzuki Aug 2022

Yoshiko-san is very good at teaching. She knows how to attract attentions for 2 hours. She’s a great instructor!

Andtew Elston Aug 2022

Yoshiko was awesome, personality, presentation and passion were incredible. We learnt so much on techniques, choosing best ingredients it was - we were so glad we went.

Cathy Brennan Aug 2022

Fast paced, informative, passionate teacher. Kept us engaged and involved the whole time. We learnt a lot.

Jannine Brookes Aug 2022

A great cooking class that was also very entertaining! Really enjoyed the hands on component and tasting the fruits of our labour!

Siobhan O'Malley Jul 2022

Had a wonderful time in our beginner class. Absolutely loved Yoshiko’s teaching style and learning so much about Japanese food and ingredients. We learnt so much and the food was delicious!

Nicole Moon Jul 2022

We really enjoyed learning about how to get the most nutrients and flavour from traditional Japanese food and Yoshiko’s fun and energetic style of teaching made it a great experience.

Aniela Gokiert Apr 2022

Fun quirky teacher and small class. Tasty Japanese dishes that were easy to make together!

Mim Stacey Apr 2022

Yoshiko was so fun. I really enjoyed taking this class. It was delicious and I will definitely make these at home.

Jean-Baptiste Lanfrey Apr 2022

Very enthusiastic and entertaining while teaching basic skills that can easily be re-applied at home.
Great time spent with Yoshiko and her team.

Jennifer Mulveny Apr 2022

Fantastic would definitely take another class. Entertaining and informative. Yoshiko is humorous which makes it fun!

Julieta Simpson Feb 2022

Yoshiko makes the class very engaging and fun. I got there with zero knowledge about how to cook a Japanese dish and finished the class with the necessary knowledge to make four different dishes! The venue is perfect for the class. I would absolutely recommend this class!

Gabrielle Pelletier Mar 2021

Great class, I learned so many wonderful tips and techniques. Yoshiko is a font of knowledge.

Lloyd Griffiths Feb 2021

great experience. teacher made the cooking class a lot of fun with her bubbly personality

Eddie Slattery Feb 2021

Was a great treat to do as a couple, we love Japanese food and was a fun experience, Yoshiko was a great fun teacher. Highly recommend will be booking more classes.

Cooking class review by Eddie Slattery - Sydney

Mia Ferreira Feb 2021

All measures were in place for an absolutely Covid safe, very well organised and smooth running two hour session packed with information, demonstration and preparation of six very tasty dishes which we got to savour at the end. The recipes for each dish will allow us to practice at home. A good introductory course to Japanese cooking.

Misa Huynh Feb 2021

I love everything about this class. There is so much to learn as we are only beginners in Japanese cooking and Yoshiko is very knowledgeable. The food tastes amazing too Will come back again for Ramen class

Adele Querol Nov 2020

I highly recommend this Japanese Cooking Class (beginner)! The class breaks down some really useful basics - like how to cook rice properly, and how to make your own teriyaki sauce :) Yoshiko is a great instructor, creating a relaxed environment for learning as well as making cooking fun! If you're sitting on the fence about giving something like this a try, I am here to tell you - go for it! You won't have any regrets.

Peta Walton Nov 2020

Yoshiko is the most energetic teacher I’ve ever had! Time flew and I learned lots from her expertise. She really puts you at ease so even though I was initially embarrassed to be involved, I got in there and had heaps of fun!

Minca Mellen Oct 2020

I really enjoyed the class, it was the first time I had done any Japanese cooking and I found that the instructions were clear and the class was well structured and easy to do. The food was delicious and the instructor provided many helpful tips and tricks for how to cook everything properly and authentically. The class also provided insight into more traditional Japanese ingredients and what to avoid in stores when cooking Japanese food at home. I would definitely recommend this class especially to those who enjoy cooking but don’t have experience in cooking Japanese cuisine or just want something new to try out when cooking at home.

James Ford Oct 2020

Yoshiko was a great teacher, along with showing us great meals, she provided very valuable advice on how to recreate the meals at home as well as giving us interesting history on Japanese cooking. Would recommend to all.

Natasha Kahn Oct 2020

Excellent class. Yoshika was very knowledgeable and very funny. I learnt a lot today.
Looking forward to trying another class. Food was delicious!

Megan Casey Oct 2020

Highly enjoyed the food selected and the vibrant energy of the teacher ! Great class and would recommended

Wendy Dreyfus Mar 2020

Fun informative class. Engaging teacher. Good class participation. Everything needed supplied. Good notes. Yummy meal !

Abigail Goldberg Mar 2020

Yoshiko was FABULOUS, the venue was light and bright and we loved what we learned! Everything was delightful and delicious.

Amber Ma Mar 2020

Teacher is great. Learned a lot.
One criticism would be that there's a little bit too much information in a short amount of time, which makes it hard to remember everything.

Libby Ellis Mar 2020

Thank you Yoshiko. This was a fun class and it was great to learn a couple of really good foundations. Just knowing how to do rice via absorption method was great! The second foundation I took away was dashi stock. And lastly, I learned that boiling certain things ruins them and this is where I have been going wrong with miso soup! The food was delicious. Yoshiko was fun. I think this class could benefit from 30 minutes more. Sometimes the information came so quickly, that I missed it which is a shame.

Christine Al-Thifairy Feb 2020

This class was my birthday gift. It was the best gift. Vegan cooking is the best.

Amy Lowry Feb 2020

What a Fun energetic teacher ! My daughter and I attended as a gift for her 11th birthday and it was great fun . We learnt a lot and then enjoyed a delicious lunch !

Cooking class review by Amy Lowry - Sydney

Daphne Mahfuz Nov 2019

Loved doing this class! Great teacher, very engaging and hands on. Would definitely recommend for those interested in learning more about Japanese cuisine :)

Katie Thomson Apr 2019

Very enjoyable class! Learnt so much about Japanese cooking and flavours. Would highly recommend, perfect for beginners.

Eunice Jeong Feb 2019

Yoshiko was very knowledgeable and engaging! My husband and I really enjoyed the course. There’s no free parking if you’re on a morning class so park at Westfield- it’s cheaper than street parking.

Gail Simon Jun 2018

Yoshiko was an excellent teacher.
The venue was good, clean and intimate for class.
Materials used were good clean and professional.
The class was worth the money.
I learnt a lot about digestive health which is the reason I attended.
Yoshiko class was very informative and I intend to do Class 2.

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More about this class

The Japanese have the longest life expectancy in the world, and the lowest obesity rates. Their diet is a contributor to this. 

Traditional Japanese diets are very healthy. The cuisine makes use of a wide variety of vegetables (including seaweed, which is low in calories but high in minerals), seafood (lower in calories compared to meat, and full of good fat), and fermented products like miso (which helps to ensure healthy functioning of our digestive systems). Yoshiko's cooking classes are an enjoyable and easy introduction to Japanese cooking. Learn about all the classic ingredients, and how best to prepare and serve them, in ways that are both traditional but also relevant to our modern lives.

You'll leave these short courses with practical new skills, a great memory, and of course a satisfied tummy.

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