Kaye Hui

Kaye Hui
KSNK cosmetics

KSNK cosmetics

Kaye Hui, candle making teacher
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Welcome! I’m Kaye: founder of KSNK cosmetics. A lot of people have asked me why I started making soap and how I make it into a small business.

My boyfriend suffered from eczema about 10 years ago. It has been really hard for him as many medical skin products had slowly damaged his skin and caused it to be more sensitive than before.

It was then we decided to experiment with different natural oils by varying combinations and concentrations to treat his skin accordingly.

Our friends and family fell in love with our natural creations and eventually we set up KSNK to provide a variety of natural soap and skincare products to everyone.





Soap Making class

Really enjoyed soap making course.. Kaye is lovely, she supplied everything and is very knowledgeable. A very positive experience.

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