Keroshin Govender

Keroshin Govender

Private Art Classes in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs

Keroshin Govender, painting teacher
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Have you or your child ever been keen to try your hand at fine art? Or are you painting but want to expand your practice to include other techniques? My classes help explore techniques and abstract theory, without restricting the creativity or style of the student. These classes are not aimed at experienced commercial artists and attempts are made to keep them as fun as they are educational.

Each series of classes is tailored to the student, and topics covered will depend on interests and skill level e.g. a beginner student may stick to drawing with pencils and painting with acrylic with less theory.

Topics can include:


• Oil/Acrylic theory

• Colour theory

• Practical painting techniques

• Use of different brushes, mediums, surfaces


• Various drawing styles (gestural/contour)

• Various still life subjects (drawing from life)

• Drawing from photos (grid technique)

• Pencils/charcoal/ink/pastel/etc

Classes are operated out of my comfortable home studio in Woollahra. Times are 1 - 2 hours per session.

Classes available from 5:30pm Mon - Fri, and some weekends.


$55 per hour + material costs

About me:

Visual Arts Specialist with Bachelors Degree from the College of Fine Arts (now UNSW Art and Design), Paddington. I specialise in Oil and Acrylic Paintings, but have experimented with a range of new media tools, and various drawing techniques. For examples of my work, please have a look at my website:

I have not trained as a teacher but have extensive experience as a practicing artist, only taking a few students at any given period.




For Private Art Lessons

By (attended on 2 Dec 2018)

Great guidance and advice. Keroshin was also very friendly and knowledgeable. I have already organised another class with him.

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