Nola Evangelou Dec 2023

The class was wonderful
Our teacher, Hitsumi, was so informative and very patient at every stage of the process. Her knowledge allowed me to understand the history and the importance of kintsugi over the past 500 years, but also the spiritual importance it allows people to have. Thank you, Hitsumi! I would love to learn and do more in the future! Arigato!

Pottery class review by Nola Evangelou - Melbourne

Claire Williams Dec 2023

Absolutely fantastic class. Super informative and super fun. I learnt so much and the teacher was amazing amd knowledgeable. Great location, well priced. Everything was provided, including a lovely afternoon tea ????
Highly recommend this course whether you have no experience or even want to expand your knowledge and talents. Highlight of my weekend ❤️

Keenan Consul Dec 2023

Teacher was very helpful and patient with everyone, felt like time flew by as it was very enjoyable class.

Catherine O'Kane Dec 2023

Jun was a warm, kind and very good teacher. I really enjoyed the kintsugi workshop. The class was well paced, and I am very pleased with the plate that we repaired using this method. I would defiantly recommend their classes to others!

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Catherine O'Kane - Melbourne

Maggie Murphy Dec 2023

Absolutely loved this class! The instructions were easy to follow and understandable. The instructors were so kind and patient, helping everyone who needed it with a smile on their faces. I love my plate and am excited to make more by myself, as the instructions and materials needed were all explained so well! Highly recommend to anyone considering!

Janet Gomes Dec 2023

Beautiful instructor and very helpful. Most enjoyable morning. Enjoyed the history of Kintsugi. Thank you

Nan Jordan Dec 2023

We had a positive experience. Clear and easy to follow instructions. Our instructor was very patient and available to assist and give helpful feedback. Overall nice and relaxing environment. We enjoyed ourselves and will recommend this to our friends

Juliet Goodchild Dec 2023

Perfectly planned class with all material supplied and good attention to detail needed by a beginner. Background to the art explained well. The importance of less is more well explained

Anne Faichney Dec 2023

Good directions
Though car park doors closed

Clear instructions

I liked the history shared

Equipment provided and a pack to buy at the end so able to begin process without trying to source materials.

Dominic Witkop Dec 2023

My partner and I had a wonderful time. A very welcoming environment. Not only did we learn kintsugi but we got a crash course in its history and philosophy. The whole experience was enjoyable and the Japanese tea with Matcha flavoured Kit Kat provided by Noriko was delicious. Noriko was an excellent sensei and I highly recommend the class.

Pottery class review by Dominic Witkop - Sydney

Sarah Jones Dec 2023

Wonderfully patient teacher and I'm so grateful we were taught a brief background about Kintsugi as it was a perfect setting for trying it out.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Sarah Jones - Melbourne

Kerry McGlashan Dec 2023

Very interesting history, all the materials were provided, great teachings by Noriko, she was so lovely.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Kerry McGlashan - Sydney

Phillip Quin Dec 2023

Teacher was great. Class was relaxing and instructions clear with help when we needed it, and interesting facts. A very pleasant experience.

Carolyn Holmes Dec 2023

had a great time. the teacher was very knowledgeable and friendly, everything we needed was at our finger tips. The time passed very quickly, and we all took home our plate which looked great! would recommend this class .

Carol Annis-Brown Dec 2023

Jin is an excellent teacher and his class was well presented and all equipment was provided and each step was explained in detail and he was very supportive and helpful in guiding us through each step. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and hope to join him next year for another class.

Anne Henne Dec 2023

Such a lovely and relaxing activity ti do .Jun was very nice and encouraging. I enjoyed learning some of the skill.
I was very relaxed with the group.
I recommend for people to try this course.

Hazel Morris Dec 2023

Really insightful into the art, but also history and culture. A very peaceful atmosphere learning a new skill from a very experienced tutor

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Hazel Morris - Sydney

Teresa Chan Dec 2023

Jun was an excellent teacher. I had a fantastic time, learning a new skill. Highly recommended.

Pottery class review by Teresa Chan - Sydney

Aneta Walkowska-Smith Nov 2023

Absolutely loved everything about it! Learned so much not only about Kintsugi but about Japan in general. Thank you!

Liz Lobb Nov 2023

This was a fabulous lesson. The teacher Jun was so patient and meticulous. A true craftsman and Master of Kintsugi. The process was step by step and you are guided through each step to create a beautiful piece. I love the philosophy behind it as well and it reminds me of Leonard Cohen's song - "there is a crack in everything - that's how the light gets in". A truly meditative experience and I would recommend it for all.

Pottery class review by Liz Lobb - Sydney

Nikita Bhula Nov 2023

My partner and I recently attended this short course, after finding it online. We had a lovely afternoon in a calm environment, learning about this new skill. Our teacher was Miyoko - she was friendly and kind, well informed. We loved the experience! THANK YOU to Miyoko for such a lovely, well guided experience.

Aryan Chawla Nov 2023

Jun-san was very friendly and passionate about the craft. He took his time to explain the history behind kintsugi, teach us more about the symbolism behind it and was very helpful when we were repairing the plate. Well worth the visit to learn a new skill

Pottery class review by Aryan Chawla - Sydney

Faye Hopkins Nov 2023

Jun is a very concise, and experienced teacher, teaching slowly, in steps, which is easy to follow, along with the history behind Kintsugi. I loved this.

Ann Fox Nov 2023

Hitomi was a brilliant teacher. Very attentive and explained the process and history of kintsugi very well. All materials were provided, set up and ready to go. You can buy a kit to do kintsugi repairs at home but the teacher also advised where you could buy materials and different options. She gave great suggestions on how to repair a personal item at home. I would definitely recommend this workshop.

Tim Barbarino Nov 2023

Jun-san’s Kintsugi class was amazing! His teaching style is gentle and easy to follow.

I highly recommend to anyone seeking to learn a unique art form. It’s not just about fixing ceramics. It’s also about finding beauty in the broken, and emerging stronger. ????????

Pottery class review by Tim Barbarino - Sydney

Julie Wood Nov 2023

Thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and learning about the history of Kintsugi. Teacher was very patient and knowledgeable. Great central location and relaxing atmosphere.

Joanne Shambler Nov 2023

An excellent experience. Juno is a wonderful teacher and made the class both enjoyable and a great learning activity.

Emm-Jane Day Nov 2023

Had a wonderful kintsugi lesson this morning. The teacher was very patient, explained things very well and gave me some great tips for places I can get to tools so I can practice at home. We had a lovely chat about the history of Kintsugi and Japan. I highly recommend this class to all. If you are thinking about making a booking, do.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Emm-Jane Day - Sydney

Vamsi Srinivasan Nov 2023

Miyoko had a calming presence and was a great teacher and very knowledgeable.

We learnt a lot and had so much fun. She’s a superstar

Mathew Hrycyk Nov 2023

The teacher was great. And very helpful. And very kind. To show me new skills. In this fantastic Japanese creative making class. I highly recommend that people experience a new way of design. This was a whole new experience of new culture creativity.

Louise Harper Nov 2023

Miyoko our teacher was warm, welcoming and very knowledgeable.
The venue was centrally located, currently being renovated
The materials were provided, and they were excellent
The Kintsugi class was excellent value for money and included all tools and equipment required as well as my amazing repaired plate!
Today's class was the beginners level of Kintsugi, we were given a brief background and then step by step instructions with written information and more importantly Miyoko guided and instructed each of the participants on an individual level.
I loved the whole experience, loved it

Deborah Walsh Nov 2023

Teacher was awesome, loved the class, easy steps to follow. Totally enjoyed it. We also had green tea and green tea kitkats

Pottery class review by Deborah Walsh - Sydney

Natalia Torres Negreira Nov 2023

It was such a lovely class. It went at a good pace, all materials were provided and Jun our instructor was very clear, funny, skilled and friendly. You immediately felt relaxed and comfortable. I now feel like i am able to apply the modern kintsugi technique in my studio with a few broken plates ive been waiting to mend.
Great class, thank you!

Pottery class review by Natalia Torres Negreira - Sydney

Bvn Architecture Nov 2023

We arranged a Kintsugi class for 15 people in our workplace as a social event. It was very popular and a few months later we brought Jun & Hitomi back for a second class for another 12 people! Participants very much enjoyed the event which was very informative and fun. I personally found the class to be very rewarding. Hitomi and Jun are very organised and easy to deal with. Thank you!

Sharon Lee Nov 2023

Friendly, skilled, patient, managed time well. That's
it. 1 have no more words. Thank you.

Terry Nguyen Nov 2023

Miyoko was lovely and knowledgeable teacher for the kintsugi class.

I appreciate the fact that she paid attention to all of us attending and guided us where necessary.

The classroom was a bit small but granted, they are in the process of moving locations.

Would definitely recommend this.

Johana Funayama Nov 2023

I’m so happy to find this traditional Kintsugi class in Sydney. The teacher, Jun San , is very patient . He is not only teaching the skill of kitsugi but also, explains deeply about the history and the philosophy of kinstugi.

Caroline Hillsdon Nov 2023

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, and so rare these days to spend time being thoughtful and creative. It's a therapeutic practice and was taught in an engaging and joyful manner. Thank you.

Janet Bellinger Nov 2023

The teacher was lovely and entertaining. All materials were provided. Lovely green tea and a snack in the middle. I liked his feedback and encouragement if students apologised for their errors "there are no sorries in Kintsugi". Wonderful morning and I am very proud of my new broken plate.

Kintsugi Workshop for Beginners review by Janet Bellinger - Brisbane

Charmaine Lee Nov 2023

Loved doing the course with my hubby/best friend, and with Jun and Hitomi who were awesome teachers. They were friendly, funny, and really helpful throughout the whole class. It was a very relaxed atmosphere, we had lovely tea and Japanese snacks, and you take home your own bit of kintsugi. What more could you ask for. Lovely Saturday morning ????

Deborah Selleck Nov 2023

I really enjoyed the class and the authenticity and history of kintsugi.
I would definitely recommend it.

Kintsugi Workshop for Beginners review by Deborah Selleck - Brisbane

Nathan Daley Nov 2023

My partner and I had a wonderful experience in Kintsugi class for beginners and even with my complete lack of craft skills I came away with a beautiful plate. In this modern world of unrealistic expectations of perfection, the philosophy of Kintsugi is a balm to the soul.

Thank you.

Tony Shenadar Nov 2023

The teachers were AMAZING They were part of the magic of the day.
Everything about the class exceeded my expectation.
I am booking in for another class with them, to refresh.
Highly recommend it on many levels.

Leisa Turner Nov 2023

Really enjoyed this class. Great instruction on technique and very informative historical discussion about Kintsugi.

Pottery class review by Leisa Turner - Brisbane

Jennene Burge Nov 2023

Jun san provided us with very easy step by step guidance and instructions for this technique. Understanding the history of the craft also added an extra dimension to learning. I was very happy to have completed this beginner class and will look for opportunities to increase my skills with practice.

Kintsugi Workshop for Beginners review by Jennene Burge - Brisbane

Melek Fahey Nov 2023

Hitomi-san is a very thorough and lovely teacher, very patient shares her incredible experience with us. Highly recommend 5⭐️

Pottery class review by Melek Fahey - Brisbane

Katrina Lewry Nov 2023

Jun was an amazing teacher, sharing history behind the process as well as very clearly explaining the techniques and tools used,

Would definitely do his workshop again!

Kintsugi Workshop for Beginners review by Katrina Lewry - Brisbane

Bianca Goold Nov 2023

Fantastic class, thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend to everyone! Teacher was insightful and engaging. And the end result is rewarding!

Junko Tsuji Nov 2023

Hitomi is an excellent teacher! She instructed us on the processe step by step, and told us "imperfection is good thing"
I've done this course first time but the result was so satisfactorily!
Thank you for such a fun class!

Pottery class review by Junko Tsuji - Brisbane

Emma Thean Nov 2023

Jun San hosted a fantastic and engaging class. We not only learnt the art of Kintsugi, but also the history and philosophy of it. A great class for beginners as Jun showed us step by step with clear instructions. The green tea and snacks were also a nice bonus! :)

Kintsugi Workshop for Beginners review by Emma Thean - Brisbane
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