Kintsugi Ceramic Repair Course (Sydney)

Repair your favourite ceramics

2 hours Class size 1 on 1 (public classes), 1 to 3 label $120

Your teacher, Kintsugi Australia is COVID-19 aware

This means that this teacher won't run a class if they've had flu symptoms in the last 14 days, and will adhere to relevant state restrictions (e.g. on maximum number of students per class)

See additional precautions taken by your teacher   

We provide washed and tumble dried apron and cotton groves, disposable groves for each students. We also use sanitizer to clean tables, chairs and door knobs. The sanitizers are also available for students.

In this course, suitable for beginners, you will repair your own broken ceramics using traditional methods or modern method.

This is the first class in a ceramic repair course.

At this first session, your teacher will decide how many lessons in total your object will need to be repaired, It depends on the size of the ceramics, the number of debris and the repair method.

During the class your teacher will assist you and give you advice to beautifully repair your ceramics, giving them a second chance.

This class is held in a relaxed setting and kept intentionally small for a one-on-one learning experience. Learn more about the wonderful art of Kintsugi, enjoy a mindful activity, discover the beauty of imperfection and the importance of reusing to contribute to a sustainable planet.

The cost of this class covers the first session of this course.
All of materials/equipment are included except gold powder, so you need to purchase it at the class. The cost is vary depend on the grade of powder ($3 /per gram 〜)

You will need more than one lesson to repair your item.
Additional sessions and fees will be determined in the first class.

From the second lesson onwards the cost of a class is $44 per hour. Each lesson has up to 2 hours.
As a guideline, if a small plate broken into three pieces and is repaired with the modern method it will take between one or two sessions. Repair with the traditional method requires four to five lessons.

Aside from this class, this teacher also has the following coming up:

Knowledge Required
Suitable for beginners.
What to bring
Own broken ceramic pieces.

235 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW

Your teacher
Kintsugi Australia
Kintsugi Australia

Knowledge of Kinstugi from 5 masters

5.0 (266)

Jun moved from Tokyo, Japan to Sydney, Australia in the mid 80', but it was much later until he fell in love with the art of Kinstugi in the mid 2010's where he returned to Japan to pursue more knowledge in the art of Kinstugi.

Since 2015 he has learnt the art from five different masters of the art in Japan. He has now come back to Sydney Australia to teach everyone of all ages wishing to learn and develop their skills in Kinstugi.

He founded Kintsugi Australia in 2018 to spread the knowledge and beauty of kintsugi to Aussies and the world.

Jun was featured on SBS Facebook

Jun’s Kintsugi was featured on the Spanish official site of the interior and design magazine ELLE DECOR!

An article about Jun & Kintsugi by SBS.

Jun was featured on ABC NEWS
Kintsugi teaches that broken is still beautiful — and it can transform how we see ourselves

Jun is a lecturer at the Sydney Community College Kintsugi class.

Jun visited and studied many Zen Gardens in Japan. And he enjoys the minizen garden every day.

Our Teachers
She is Jun ‘s wife.she learned Kintsugi from Jun. She has a Kintsugi Accessory Class .
Hitomi is a naturopath and healing expert, and has visited many Zen Gardens for research.

She is the first Jun’s student. She learned Kintsugi from 2017 in a Jun’s class. Her knowledge and technique are splendid now. Her Kintsugi is delicate very beautifully.
She knows a lot about Japanese history and Zen Garden.
The teaching is popular with students.

She learned Kintsugi from Jun. She is familiar with Japanese history and Zen Garden.Her teaching is very kind.

Masano was born in Kyoto, the home of Zen Garden. She has been familiar with Zen Garden since childhood.

Verified reviews

Janet Gibson • Sep 2020

I broke a precious Spode dish and, rather than try and have it repaired by hiding the fracture, a friend told me about Kintsugi. I decided on Jun because he had so many great reviews on the web. I have just had my first (private) class with him in the traditional method and loved it. What gracious people he and his wife Hitomi are. The studio is small but Covid safe. Jun is a natural teacher: he paced the class very well with step by step instructions and just the right amount of help from him balanced by doing it by myself. The whole 2 hour experience felt like a meditation class becuase of the calming approach taken by Jun and the underpinning Kintsugi philosophy (which he takes time to explain in the class) - that it is in the imperfect that we find perfection. So rushing is antithetic to that philosophy. Taking my time and working slowly; lovely music playing in the background; a break with a cup of green tea and a green tea Kit Kat. What a wonderful experience. My dish has reached the first stage and is now resting in its humidity and temapertaure controlled spot in the studio. I'm back in a week to do more. Can't wait!

Yumiko Maehashi • Aug 2020

Jun was through in explaining the process and options up front. You get to work in a very relaxed and friendly environment. I really enjoyed the first session and am looking forward to the 2nd task next week!

Rachel Arthur • Jun 2020

This was my second class and I enjoyed it just as much as the first! Jun and his wife are so encouraging and positive and it’s a pleasure to be taught by them.

Melissa Williams • Feb 2020

Wonderful to repair an old family piece of ceramic using an ancient craft. I love the philosophy behind kintsugi. The class has a calm, gentle, focussed energy and the time just flies. I loved this class!
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